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November 21, 2011

And Soon There Will Be None...

We've known each other for a while, right? So it shouldn't surprise you at all that this news has made led me to, among other things, do my best Blanche Devereaux impression and say loudly, and to no one: I'm devastated. Just devastated.

Kimberly McCullough is leaving General Hospital early next year:

It’s true: GH’s Kimberly McCullough (Robin) is exiting Port Charles, but will air into the early months of 2012. “Kimberly McCullough has decided to pursue her dream of directing full-time, so she has decided to leave GENERAL HOSPITAL as storyline dictates,” says a show spokesperson. “Expect a poignant and must watch storyline for Robin and Patrick.”

Does "poignant and must watch" mean "DEAD"? It probably does, doesn't it? I mean, this IS GH, and Robin IS a female legacy character and this writing staff IS creatively bankrupt so I am envisioning a mafia hit gone wrong and the last person she sees is Jason. I am pre-enraged, folks!

But also? I am really and truly sad. I've grown up watching Robin, who is a true legacy character and who played a huge role in some of the most iconic stories in daytime history. And I certainly don't begrudge Kimberly McCullough the opportunity to do what will make her happy (and I think we can all say that General Hospital makes no one happy) and I wish her nothing but the best, but...Port Charles seriously won't be the same without her.

And meanwhile, my Things on General Hospital That Don't Make Me RAGE list just keeps getting shorter and shorter. Scrubs, even with the shoddy writing they often received (when they received any writing, that is; they were almost always on the backburner, even on the spinoff that was ostensibly a starring vehicle for them. Good lord, why can't I forget about General Hospital: Night Shift?!), was one of the most reliably enjoyable parts of the show for me for YEARS and now I'm losing that. Emma better stick around and be adorable, or else Cameron's going to be the sole item on that list!


When is there ever going to be GOOD news about soaps again? Is this just how it's going to be from now on? I can't take it!

Mallory, I wholeheartedly agree with your take on Robin/KMc - I've been watching GH since the Robin/Stone storyline reeled me in and Robin was always one of my most favorite characters. To say that Robin and Patrick were marginalized is almost an understatement - they weren't even front and center in stories that were supposedly about them!

While I have finally managed to erase any and all memories of the car wreck that was Night Shift season 1, I will say that season 2, despite being super duper cheesy and having the production value of a college level film class, did have some really solid writing.

Despite my love for the character of Robin and the pairing of Scrubs, I haven't watched or even felt the urge to watch GH in ages. While it is depressing that KMc, being one of the only bright spots on this show, is leaving, I find it hard to imagine GH itself continuing for much longer. Not because all these people are leaving but because the writing is pretty much on the wall - Brian Frons has illustrated he has no loyalty to these soaps and I'm betting GH's days are as numbered as Sonny's next marriage.

One more thing about the character of Robin - back in the day, she managed something truly unthinkable - she even made Sonny likable. It was such a good, character driven show back then. With what the show has now become, it's almost better that she's off the canvas (though I really hope they don't kill her off).

Sad to see Kimberly go, but she's better off jumping off this sinking ship.

I am in mourning. Serious mourning.

On the plus side, I think Robin Scorpio Drake was the last remaining shred of nostalgia that was keeping me watching this show, so I can cut the cord at last.

Such fond memories of being in middle school, reading Robin's Diary while sitting in a corner of the now defunct Barnes and Noble in Lincoln Center.

I really hope they don't kill off Robin. They need her to come back and be all adorable to help wrap up the show when it's canceled in... any minute now.

How is it that GH is the show that survives on TV instead of OLTL? Seriously?

OK, she and Lucky Spencer are recruited into the WSB where they have to go and solve all the mysteries together around the globe. Liz and Patrick stay behind (like Felicia did when Frisco left) and maybe eventually can have a romance but then when Lucky and Robin come back every year for Christmas it is all weird and tense (and is that a romantic spark between Lucky and Robin?).

More fodder for GH in my head, which is much better than onscreen GH.

Man, the offscreen happenings at GH are as depressing as the onscreen happenings. Sad but not surprised. Best to Kimberly McCullough. She's a true gem and daytime television royalty. Admittedly, I can't shake this feeling that Robin's exit will involve her being ravaged by AIDS with a broken Patrick weeping by her bedside. It's the last thing I'd wish to see but I fear the writers' ideas on 'poignant.'

Dear GH, in the immortal words of Blanche Devereaux: I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, DROP DEAD.

Bye Kim. GH has been so bad for so long that you're kind of hoping that someone steps in and fires Frons. In my mind, Robin with her HIV and Liz as a teenage rape victim should have BOTH been young heroines for GH instead of the sleaze that we've seen over the last decade. Robin is a Scorpio and Liz is the granddaughter of Dr. Steve Hardy and their friendship, life and loves should have been driving story instead of the Carly's, Courtney's, Sam's, Lulu's etc...

word Mel "they weren't even front and center in stories that were supposedly about them!"

Yet another nail in the coffin that is ABC daytime. Best of luck to Kimberly in her new venture - it has to be better than what she was getting on GH.

Thank God for youtube - we can continue to watch the best that GH had to offer - in the 80's and 90's...

Well that's one less reason for me to watch GH, and there were very few left anyhow. Robin was one of my fave soap characters, and I'll always respect KMc as a person for having the guts to call out GH for firing Stuart Damon and Lexi Ainsworth.

I don't begrudge KMc leaving to pursue her dream, and she's probably smart to leave a sinking ship. But I will be pissed off if Robin is killed off. There are so many other ways to write off the character and the show is already so dark and depressing as it is. And I will be doubly pissed if they are killing her off to make it easier for Patrick to move on to another pairing, especially if Robin dies because of something Lisa did to her on the boat.

I grew up with Robin two years younger than me. A lot of my first soap opera memories have her in them (though I had the biggest crush on her dad)I started watching GH again for her wedding and though I haven't been a consistent viewer, I think I can say I've only kept up because of the Scorpios and now if Mac is the last of that clan, it won't be enough to keep me checking on it.

I want to say so long to my old friend GH, but I really think I did that the day of Robert and Anna's funeral in '92. So now I guess I get to say, good riddance.

Legacy female character exit on GH usually equals violent death. If they kill Robin, I am going to set things on fire.

I think the high points of GH in the 00s were the Scorpio-Drakes (when Rick Springfield returned) and the Cassidine Coven (I quit GH again when they fired Lexi). I started watching GH again right before The Train Sweeps Accident, when Kimberly McCollough returned as Robin and Laura Wright joined as Carly, so I got to see the entire Scorpio-Drake love story from the beginning. It was such a joy to see Robin with her parents again, and I'm glad I got to see that.

I will hope against hope that Robin is given a good exit story, and wish KMc all the best. But this is yet another nail in GH's coffin.

I loved the character Robin as a six-year-old, grieved with her as a sixteen-year-old faced mortality, dug deep to find courage with her to go on after Stone. Seriously cheered her on for telling the truth about Michael when she did because she alone spared us a shit-storm of how much worse things could've gotten sooner than it has.

Kimberly always brought the character to life and with humanity to the best of her ability regardless of the stupidity of the scripts written for her or how little screen-time she was given.

She has, as others have mentioned, shown great depth of personal character in support of cast-mates treated unfairly. What a class act she has been. I wish her nothing but the best. And regardless of what is likely to be an undignified and/or shoddily written exit for the character, I will always remember the precocious child and beautiful person the character was meant to be.

Only on GH can "legacy" be defined as back-burnered doormat beneath a slut's stilettos or a mobster's boots.

Stick a fork in her, she's done.

I watch maybe once a week, twice if I have nothing else to do. It really has sunk to a new low. I wish they would just cancel it. Enough already, it's just a waste of everyone's time and money. The only people worth keeping this charade going for are those who it employs, and I hope they are all busily looking for new employment right now.

So sad and pathetic.

"OK, she and Lucky Spencer are recruited into the WSB where they have to go and solve all the mysteries together around the globe. Liz and Patrick stay behind (like Felicia did when Frisco left) and maybe eventually can have a romance but then when Lucky and Robin come back every year for Christmas it is all weird and tense (and is that a romantic spark between Lucky and Robin?)."

Melissa, I was sad to learn that no matter how special I think my TiVo is, it can't get a season pass for the General Hospital airing in your head.

Though this news would make me sad if they truly go the worst case scenario and kill of Robin (they wouldn't dare, would they? oh, right...), as someone who has grown up with Kimberly McCullough -- and has ended up sharing more in common with the character of Robin than I ever thought possible as a teenager* -- the idea that KMc is doing what would make her happier feels like hearing that a good friend is finally that job that makes them crazy or leaving that boyfriend you think is beneath them. I can't help but wish her luck in all her future endeavors and feel like I should send a card or something, and though I've been described accurately as a crazy soap fan, I've never been THAT kind of crazy soap fan. And since I'm somebody who doesn't even watch the show anymore, I think this speaks volumes about her and what this show means -- or once meant -- to people.

* One day, I'll write something about just how important it is to have a character on daytime living day to day with HIV. But not today.

I wish Kim the best and hope to see more great things from her.

I'm not as upset that she's leaving (b/c I think the writing's been on the wall for a while) more so than I am terrified about what will happen to Robin. If the absolute worst happpens, I think GH will be done.

It will most certainly be sad to see one of the only characters left that I absolutely adore, but I will deal with Kim's departure well, if I know that Robin will continue to breathe.

All the best to Kimberly...cleaning toilets for a living has to be better than reciting the tripe that GH spews out day after day for an actress of her calibre. I applaud her for sticking to it this long.

I, like others, have no desire to see her die, and if that is the case, then I will turn the set off and watch test patterns before I'll ever put GH on again.

Especially if she's dying as a result of an infection she got on the boat thanks to Patrick's 10 minute hook up that ate two years worth of story that should have been their's.

Nor do I have the desire to watch Patrick try to move on while living with the guilt that his sex-on-a-sofa drugged quicky (never believed he wasn't drugged), was ultimately responsible for the death of his daughter's mother and the true love of his life.

So good luck to JT and KMc, and kudos to Kimberly for following her dream and jumping ship before it sinks into the abyss! Hoping JT will follow her lead.

I selfishly hope that Y&R will offer her something she can fit into her directing schedule, so we can see her and she can actually enjoy herself in front of the camera as much as she does behind one.

Kim joining Y&R would be awesome especially if she gets to act again with Tristan Rogers. Perhaps the rest of GH's cast should consider a move to Genoa City, or at least the ones that Frons and writers seem to have no respect for.

Thank goodness I can stop DVRing GH now.... Truth I have not watched since July-- Wolf is worse than Guza--damn that is tough to write and tougher to believe.

Wish Kimberly McCullough the best of luck for a long career in directing!

Scared that GH's idea of poignant is Robin's death. Really don't want to see that --- but I know KMC and Jason Thompson will be amazing with whatever junk GH gives them.

So, so sad.

Robin is my favorite, and has been for lo these many years.

Lucky is my second favorite (and ditto).

I wanted to be able to watch and enjoy GH for however long it has left. Looks like there won't be much reason left for me to bother.

If they kill Robin - an inspiration to the HIV positive everywhere - I won't just lack reasons to tune in. I'll have a reason to genuinely rage.

Sad indeed.

So if GH does "kill off" Robin (how truly sad-- everyone else gets to fake die on this show)-- anyway -- what a classic last episode
that would be-- Robin's funeral would be an epic way for GH to end. Felicia and Frisco with Georgie (I never believed she was killed by the lame Text message killer), Anna, Robert, Brenda, Jax, Nicolas, Noah jagger, Lainey, Lucky (is Lucky being killed off??) Laura, Scotty, Lucy, Kevin, Audrey, Bobbie, Ned. Lois.... who else am I missing?? that must attend the funeral. Ah--- who are we kidding GH wouldn't know how to write a poignant send off....

I absolutely, 100% do NOT want them to kill off Robin. AT ALL. But I also don't want them getting rid of Patrick and Emma, or having Robin just abandon her family like Lucky's going to do to Cam and Aiden. I know the show would never go with an actually meaningful storyline, but I kind of hope Robin gets pregnant again. Then, at the hospital, she comes down with some disease and has to choose between her life and the baby's. She chooses the baby and she goes into a coma, but IS NOT DEAD. They could show Patrick at her bedside like they did with the blonde wig when Laura was in Shadybrooke. The baby is born HIV positive, and Patrick struggles with being a single father and frequently monologues to the baby about how he much he admires Robin for being so brave about her HIV when he's so terrified for their baby. He could have a storyline where he bonds with Maxie (PLATONICALLY) and she helps raise Emma and the baby...

But let's be realistic. Bets on how Robin will be killed off/unceremoniously sent off? My guesses are:
1. Spontaneous AIDS (even though her viral count was virtually undetectable a few months ago)
2. Car bomb (which Sonny tragically witnesses)
3. Goes off to go do some fancy medical research, ditching her family and proving that there is literally nothing in the world worse than a woman who actually cares about her career
4. Car accident (probably with Jason in one of the cars)
5. Dead Lisa shows up, kills Robin, then dies again
6. Mob shootout
7. Is still "in Port Charles," but we never actually see her
8. Randomly drops dead because the "writers" are too damn lazy to actually come up with a story

I'd love to see both Kimberly and JT over on the Y&R where they give all the actors decent stories that are well written.

But the airhogs and especially the Untouchables (that would be the cartoon mob boss Sonny, his hit man Jason, their skank Carly, and the drunk, Luke) can stay the hell away from Genoa City.

Honestly, I think Robin will finally tell Patrick she's dying on the first day of February Sleeps and be dead 3 weeks later. Her memorial service will consist of Sonny, Jason, Luke and Carly all speaking about her and how she changed their lives (Carly of course will blame her for ruining hers) and then as Patrick gets up to speak, Spinelli will dream that he is speaking at Maxie's funeral, and by the time Spinelli's dream is over, Patrick will have crumbled to the ground crying and his eulogy (and apology) to his wife will be over, without any viewer hearing a word.

Because after all, just like the ex-girlfriend cheating story was all about Lisa, Robin's funeral will be all about the mob.

"Because after all, just like the ex-girlfriend cheating story was all about Lisa, Robin's funeral will be all about the mob."

PattiCakes, you beat me to the punch.

Robin's death will be all about Jason and Sonny's pain.

Lock up the glassware. Mo needs a few more reels before this all ends.

Tell me again why this dreck gets more time on the air than OLTL?

Donna, WORD re OLTL vs. this crap.

Sigh! I have been a fan of Robin Scorpio for a long time and I have been extremely passionate about Scrubs since their first scene together. They are the only thing that I really love about GH anymore and I am going to miss both her and Robin/Patrick together on the show. However, I wish KMc all the best in her new endeavors and while maybe not as thrilling, I wish Jason all the best during this post-Scrubs era which should definitely be something new and different for him as an actor.

The only element to all this that really gives me pause (or maybe the better word is the shudders) is exactly how TPTB are going to "write" Robin's exit. Please be kind to the legacy of this character and couple. Pretty please with a cherry on top!

I am truly sad that Kimberly is leaving this show but I don't blame her. I started watching this show because of her and stone storyline and I continued to watch because of her and Jason as Scrubs. Scrubs despite the crappy ass writing they got for the most part, still managed to be the only enjoyable part of watching this crap shit show in the past few years. I wish her all the best and know she will do great things but selfishly I wish Jason would leave with her and that scrubs would ride off into the sunset but I know this is Gh and I know Jason is sadly not leaving and they most likely will kill Robin off which is beyond fucked up because she truly is a legendary character and Robin/Kimberly/fans deserve better but...it's Gh. anyways, I will miss scrubs, Kimberly/Robin, Emma, and Jason/Patrick cause after she leaves the show in whatever sick exit gh has in store for her I will also be leaving. Gh will truly have nothing else worth watching. NOTHING.

Well, at least I now know when I can stop watching this train wreck of a show. I do hope they make it one heck of a departure. Can it please have to do with GH history at least? Mr. Wu? Grant putnam? Faison? Dvx/WSB?

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