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November 21, 2011

Farewell to the Pairing of the Year

It'll help if you play this as you scroll down. Slowly!

Sparrow House - When I Am Gone

I am so sad there won't be any more Brody and Liam moments!



How cute was Liam with that pacifier just looking so tranquil while Daddy's pointing a gun at Other Daddy?


I will miss Brody as Liam's father. I really will. (Crazy Eyes and all!)











And that was pretty much that. I'm a little prone to tears in response to One Life to Live these days since they filmed their last episode last Friday (more on that below), but damn, Mark Lawson really gave the performance of his tenure as Brody today while saying goodbye to Liam. As much as we got tons of the Crazy Eyes during this storyline, one thing he never failed to sell me on was that he really, truly loved that little boy. And that little boy loved him! 

I suppose this story really isn't over. They're not actually going to let Brody just get away with it, so perhaps he's going to melt down further or perhaps they'll check him back into St. Anne's. But at this point, this went so much better than I could have anticipated. John and Natalie said all the right things today -- especially Natalie. 

Natalie: I can't judge you, Brody. I, uh, I've been in your shoes. When I got the paternity results that said you were Liam's father, I didn't tell anyone. Not you, not Jessica, and not John. Because I thought if I told John the truth, I would lose him. So like you, I justified it and I convinced myself that I was protecting you and Jessica and that I was protecting John, and that all the lies, that they were just, uh, that they were just out of love. But in reality I was, I was really only protecting myself, because I didn't want to lose what I had and I didn't trust that we could get past it. I mean Brody, you -- you are a terrific guy. You're a wonderful father, you know? You've just been hurt. We can get past this. I'm serious, I know we can.

Loved it. And it probably wasn't the time to mention it, but she did go all Crazy Eyes at the time, too, (awesomely) holding Marty at gunpoint (in her wedding dress and boots), so I believe we can take her at her word that she understands what the desperation can do (as in, this wasn't just telling him what she thought he wanted to hear just to get him to hand Liam over). I couldn't help but hope she would say that she hadn't planned to bar him from contact with Liam or anything, but I suppose it's beside the point now. At the end of the day, these concluding(?) scenes to this chapter of the saga were really beautifully done and, thankfully, done showing respect to Brody's character.


In other news, Josh Kelly (Cutter) still rocks, Alex Olanov is still on our screens and that can never be a bad thing, Blair couldn't actually tell Starr that she loves Tomas more than she loves Todd (because she doesn't!), Téa and Dani talked about Téa being pregnant and how much Jack sucks, and Todd is working on showing Tomas who's boss.

And sometime around 2:00AM on Friday night (or rather Saturday morning), while the OLTL cast and crew may well still have been enjoying their wrap party, I took advantage of being a few blocks away from the studio and walked over to the river to take a last look on its last day of use for OLTL. 


I have no exciting stories since it was the middle of the night, but I did say a proper goodbye. And that's about all my fingers can possibly type about it right now.


Louise, what a lovely thing to to do, to take that last walk over....I really hate that word right now, "last", I mean.

You could have picked me up off the floor after that last scene when Brody ended up giving Liam over to John. His lament about losing every family he tries to have, well, it had me with something wet in my eye. Not sure what those are.....I know what they are.

Mark Lawson is a good actor. I hope he goes on to bigger and better things.

As for me, I'm going to miss Brody and what could have been.

The scene was well written, and John and Natalie were excellent as well. There was real artistry at work, with all three actors today. And the writing for them was just about perfect.

I too, have been pleasantly surprised by the tenderness Brody has been treated with so far. So happy that the kidnapping is over as well as the paternity s/l. Still hate how Brody was left without a family of his own while lesser men and women get there 'happy endings.' I just don't get it.

Love seeing Alex but still couldn't care about Cutter and Stigi. Aubrey actually makes Rex a little more bearable because Terri Conn is such a fine actress. Also, I care so little about Todd's story and I love Todd but he's been wasted with Ghost Irene, Baker, Louie, Jack and Tomas. With the time left could we just get Todd with Blair? I sorta liked the Tea/Dani scenes and Blair/Starr scenes.

Louise, what do you think of Rex and Aubrey?

I'm so glad they showed Brody some grace. He was the best pocket soldier ever. *sniff*

I don't have the long-time history with OLTL, having watched only sporadically until I decided that GH was unwatchable a couple of years ago and I needed something to fill my soap quota (I just really like having AN soap, what can I say?). I say that as a preface to saying that I don't think I've ever shed a tear over OLTL -- not out of coolness, but rather a lack of attachment -- until today. The Brody scenes were amazing and not at all the direction in which I thought this was going. Of course, it's not over yes, but it's nice to see someone on a soap remember their own misdeeds months later, and to show compassion because of them. And the actor who played Brody was just heart-wrenching. Definitely a pleasant surprise. For the moment, at least

I'm still wishing Vimal switched the wrong test results & then Marty re-switched them back to the correct daddy.

As for Blair, this is a rerun of the game she played with Todd before: get mad at or hurt by Todd, decides she needs to do something to get away from him, so this time she did Tomas (sorry, couldn't resist). IMHO, they're a fractured fairy tail that needs a happy ending.

Brody needs to be a daddy. If there isn't the indication that he will get the family he wants/deserves by the end of the show, I will be pissed.

I cried.
I cried, not only for BRODY & LIAM, not only for OLTL & The End Of Soaps, but for everything that has happened in "real life" during this storyline.
Seriously, this story seems to have begun 3-5 years ago, & during that time people have come & gone, jobs have come & gone; life has changed.

I deeply appreciate that OLTL is allowing this to resolve with no "villain".
Let's hold hands & face The End together.

I cried because Brody deserved to be either Liam or Ryder's father and not those two clowns Ford and John.

Alex should be in Llanview whipping it up with Bo/Nora/Clint and Viki.

I admit that I cried. A lot. Brody has been my favourite new character on OLTL in years and I just wanted to see him happy. I love that he left with some dignity but I am not holding my breath that that won't change. He is just such a good guy and believably so. Some of my tears were for my beloved show, too... and some were for the lost storyline potential of Brody being father to both Ryder and Liam (it could still happen, right? Right? I'll live in my fantasy world with that possibility...).

I was just so happy that Brody didn't end up under the bus, that everyone is compassionate toward him, and today (please oh please) Jess went to visit him. I hope to God they put those two back together with Brody as loving stepdad to Ryder. Mark Lawson really showed his acting chops too. When he said "I keep trying," I just started bawling cuz I totally get that! It was one bright spot in an otherwise dreadful s/l. Thank you, writers, for doing right by Brody.

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