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November 24, 2011

Happy (...?) Thanksgiving, All!


This will almost certainly go down in history as the most depressing Soapsgiving (yeah, I took it there and I'm not even embarrassed!) of all time, with a heartbreaking episode of One Life to Live--I teared up just reading Louise's recap--coming on the heels of the depressing, infuriating, awful news that OLTL and All My Children won't be going online after all and, after forty plus years, are dead, dead, dead.

But, on the plus side, at least none of us will have our holiday ruined by an angry hitman taking us hostage (emotionally, for once, not literally) and then having a rage meltdown*.


Thanks, Jason. Thank you for being horrible and for making an entire roomful of people--not to mention the viewers at home so, like, an additional three dozen of us!--uncomfortable beyond description. And thank YOU, writers, for making Sam's assault all about Jason and how it makes him feel (it makes him feel ANGRY. And he has every right to be angry, but if Sam was able to make smalltalk at the Quartermaines and try her best to put on a happy face, the table-flipping dick didn't need to table flip!).

*I mean, I don't know your lives, so I guess there is some possibility that such a thing might happen to you, based on the company you keep. I hope not, though.

For all of you celebrating Thanksgiving, enjoy the holiday and eat a lot of treats made with pumpkin. For our Canadian friends, enjoy holiday sales and fun television marathons. Check back over the weekend for a proper recap of this week in Port Charles (SPOILER: there will be a lot of cursing).


all I can say is I HATE this show. Only this crap fest would ruin thanksgiving by having an episode like this. And God forbid they make Sam's rape about idk SAM instead of hitman Jason and how it makes his ass feel! I understand his anger but you guys are right, Sam the VICTIM tried her best to make small talk with the Q's and his sorry ass couldn't keep his rage in check for like 1hr????? Man, as soon as Kimberly leaves this show so do I. I will miss seeing Jason Thompson and wish to God he would leave as well but besides scrubs I really didn't have any other reason to watch this crap. Anyways thanks again GH for ruining everything good like thanksgiving.

It's really a shame that Disney is hell-bent on killing this genre instead of selling the shows so they can be brought back to their former glory. This show was still good even a few years ago. Disney could license them forever and make a bundle, but they're scared their ratings will suck in comparison. But they won't do the shows right either! There's just no logic here. Thank you, Bob Iger, for being the soap Grinch.

And wow, what kind of sick f*** twists a rape s/l so the husband is the victim? These people seriously need HELP.

Agreed. Seriously depressing. And does anyone on the show know how to communicate? Michael told his mom that he and Abby would be with her for dinner, then dessert with the Quartermaines. So when Abby has to help someone move---on Thanksgiving---he goes by his mom's, and she's not even there with her catered dinner, she's at Kelly's. With one other person! Everyone at the Quartermaine's was being a bitch, and that includes Edward. Jason is being a baby, but to be honest, though, once Alice started singing, I probably would have thrown the table over, too. And then that stupid joke she made about how Jason wanted pizza instead? I hate them all.

@gjb The same show that showed Jason snickering when Jax was raped.

Bah. Sam should take her own advice that she gave to rape victim Emily and Michael. Sam told Emily to go screw Nik before another woman beat her to the punch and we all know that she hired Abby to take care of Mikey's little problem. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, Jason should go find Coleman and get him to screw his wife. Problem solved. Of course, Jason could also go to Sonny who likes to hire women to drug their men (Jax) and then have them arrested on assault charges. GH spends more time on sleaze while B&B spends more time on incest.

And that was probably the last Q Thanksgiving, assuming the Sept 2012 cancelation happens. Why does everyone on the show want to spend time with Jason so badly? He is THE WORST.

ITA Joanne. Even if Jason wasn't the worst, unless he is reacting confused and exasperated about someone else's craziness, he is the boring as well. Jason is just not a fun dude to hang out with.

The only silver lining in this cloud will be getting to see Brian Frons' new shows go down like the Hindenburg.

I still can't get past how fucking STUPID Jason and Sam are about this "possible rape." Because it is only POSSIBLE, so how can you be that pissed and sure it happened? Franco threw a shirt over the camera, and his MO is to screw with people's heads, so WHY oh WHY has there been no discussion that it's possible NOTHING HAPPENED? There wasn't a mark on her, and even if he wore a condom, I'm sorry, but I would KNOW if I woke up and someone had raped me or even had sex with me - unless I've slept with more men than a $5 hooker, which is possible with Sam. And if they're going to go with the "who's the daddy" storyline, then there was NO CONDOM, and she'd have to know if someone had sex with her. I'm not going to get graphic, but it would be OBVIOUS!

All that aside, Thanksgiving sucked like a Hoover in Port Charles. Thanks, Garin Wolf, for being as awful as Guza. I'm sure he was laughing his ass off on the throne he has at his house while gnawing nastily on a giant turkey leg. Just, thanks.

Uliis, you are so right, haha. He doesn't like to do anything, or ever talk about anything. Yawn. He wouldn't even play Wii on his honeymoon. Jason's appeal is beyond lost on me.

Rene, I agree. I still don't understand why they didn't go to the hospital afterwards, get checked out, take the morning-after pill, etc. And maybe even call the police!

You know, I put myself in the Q's shoes and replayed Jason ruining dinner. I had an awesome Thanksgiving with fabulous food and if Jason had done that to my family's meal, his ass would be beat be every hour on the hour.

I just can't believe (I really can, though) that this was the Thanksgiving epi. I did not enjoy it and seeing the Q's meal ruined after such a long time with no Turkey was infuriating.

Correction, I did enjoy Tracy pushing every, single one of Jason's buttons. That was pretty damn hilarious.

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