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November 02, 2011

I Hereby Declare November 2nd as Tina Clayton Lord Roberts Day!

Tina reigned supreme today. It was her episode, from beginning to end. From the beginning, when she read Clint the riot act for coming down so hard on her for, quite frankly, having no more sketchy a personal track record than his own. Somehow when other characters unload on Clint, it just comes across as holier-than-thou sanctimony based on nothing but its own self-righteousness, but coming from Tina in her lighter "but how come you get to be a jerk then?" wide-eyed sincere curiosity, it is absolutely on point. To the middle, when upon learning Irene's entire estate had been left to her and she threw out a simple, "Well. That seems fair!" And finally to the end, when she turned right around and gave every last cent of the fortune she's spent her whole life dreaming of and fighting for right back to her brother Todd.

And so today is forever Tina Clayton Lord Roberts* Day!

This woman rules my heart.



And Todd was impressed.


And Viki was impressed.


And Cord was impressed.


Oh, how Cord was impressed.


I am done for, y'all.

*Shhhhh, let's not mention Rogan or Vickers in her list of last names!


Tina is so beyond AWESOME. I look forward to seeing her because she brings me so much joy. I loved her throughout the episode but my one critique is that her being willed the fortune would have been carried over a few episodes just so we would be sure to get more Tina and her wonderful sibling scenes with Viki and/or Todd. I would have enjoyed Tina's struggle with doing the right thing. Well, still enjoyed all things Tina and I will gladly sign a petition to ratify today as Tina Clayton Lord Roberts Day!

Also, I thought Nora/Destiny scenes were sweet and very welcome after not seeing Destiny for so long. I bet her pregnancy is showing already and why she was seated.

VIVA LA TINA! I just adore that woman. The moment with Todd where she touched him was beautiful. And Viki said she was proud of her! And that kiss! *contented sigh*

Tina stole my heart today. She ruled each of her scenes and I've become a fan of Andrea Evans.

Cord & Tina's reunion is the one thing I care about that the show isn't currently screwing up, so I was also pretty thrilled about today.

I'm just going to pretend that none of the rest of this ep even happened.

Loved it!!! The only thing that could have made it better was a Lord sibilings group hug.

Screechy voice, plastic wig and all, I love Tina. Always have loved that little gold digger. All hail the queen!

Tina looking almost affectionate when she tapped Todd on the nose... Todd rubbing his nose off a few seconds later... Clint and Viki's expressions as they watched Cord awesomely pull Tina into his arms... all good!

Just about good enough to balance out the stupid of the judge's ruling.

"All I've ever wanted is you" brought a tear to my cynical eye. It was such a genuine moment for a character who is often over the top. Fantastic ep.

Andrea Evans is so fabulous on OLTL. I just wish B & B knew hoe to do her character,Tawny, justice. And it isn't because I'm a longtime viewer of One Life, because I'm not. I didn't see Tina and Cord's romance back in the day, and only know her from her last appearance, when she left Natalie and Jared in that basement. I'm a new convert. And her personal battle with breast cancer makes her all the more impressive.

So happy they redeemed Tina! OK, it was a little fast, but still, this is the sweet girl I remember from her first days on the show as a teenager. She turned into a slut shortly thereafter, but she was a nice kid at first and NOT a ditz. I especially loved the sweet moment with Todd. This Lord sibling trio is such a powerhouse when the writers are on top of it!

P.S. If that's a wig, it's a damn good one. Looks like Tina's '80s hair to me! Maybe I'm just not that visual, but I don't see anything plastic or fake about her hair :)

Another Tina fan signing in! I missed a lot of that show, but I loved seeing her go down memory lane when she talked about the infamous wedding to Max, i.e., "I, Tina, take thee, CORD, ooops, I meant Max."

Good times.

watch this beautiful brazilian soap opera opening:


Ms. Evans is wearing a wig because she is recovering from breast cancer/radiation. She came back to the show while still being ill for her fans. What a class act!

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