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November 29, 2011

If It Weren't So Good, It Would Be So Bad

While I actually do find Rick Powers as portrayed by Austin Peck to be a fairly amusing character, there's pretty much no story on One Life to Live right now that makes me more embarrassed for the show than the storyline he's in with the brothers/sisters/boyfriends/girlfriends quad of Starr, Dani, James, and Nate. (No, I haven't forgotten that we have two-women-with-Gigi's-face storyline still floating around out there unresolved.) There's few clichéd storylines that stick in my craw more than the whole "young star to be has to stand up for her/his integrity against sleazy producer" and, frankly, I just don't believe the OLTL writing staff to be this unsophisticated (despite some of the more unfortunate plots we've been subjected to over the years). When you're writing a plotline that has been featured in an episode of The Brady Bunch, Leave It to Beaver, Step by Step, Family Matters, Growing Pains, Boy Meets World, Saved By the Bell, and Full House, you need to stop yourself instead of surrendering to the guilelessness. In fact, a simple rule of thumb would be, as you put pen to paper (or fingertip to keyboard), ask yourself: "Have Jessie Spano, Mike Seaver, or Urkel dealt with this problem in the same way?" and if the answer is "yes," "sort of," or "I may have missed that episode, but probably," then stop it. Just stop it. During Cole's drug addiction, they managed to resist the temptation of having him sing-yell, "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so... scared!" Could they not have employed the same self-control here?


I have not enjoyed this not-quite-as-good-as-a-student-written-middle-school-play situation, and I would very much like it to just go away, please.


On the other hand, as is so often the case with OLTL, the offerings are balanced with some full-on fabulousness. As much as I loved Todd's return and his first few months back on the show, lately he's rarely shared a screen with any of the scene partners we're all champing at the bit to see him work with. If we weren't gearing up for the end, it wouldn't be a problem because it's not as if he's had bad scene partners. But alas, we are gearing up for the end, so it's been great to see him in the last couple of days back in scenes with Viki and with Blair (now can we get Starr out of her dud of a story and back in scenes with Dad? Or could Dani even have a conversation with him? I'm not dying for this, but Victor was a whole lot more interested in knowing his long-lost daughter than Todd is.).

And today? My oh my, we even got flashbacks. Todd reminded Blair of that time they took trays from Rodi's and went sledding; it was one of their very first outings together as friends.


And the two of them both remembered it so fondly and had such wonderful chemistry in their too-brief scenes.



And thinking back on their "Most Pathetic" contest and how well they teamed up together for revenge schemes back in the day (and what an aphrodisiac that was for them!), I'm really hoping Tomas is currently up to something wildly dastardly and nefarious that they're lying to us about so that Blair and Todd can team up against him and then go home and get it on all nervously and hotly while New Year's Eve fireworks explode in the background (yeah, yeah, I know their classic fireworks lovin' scene was a Fourth of July fireworks situation, but we have to work with the time we have here!). Or she could offer him the very same gift she gave him on their first Christmas in each others' lives and...

What was I talking about? I've lost my train of thought.

Oh! And he chided her adorably for her forehead worry line and took that opportunity to touch her.


And then she "got all Southern" about it! (The six-week countdown clock is ticking away and I can't stand it I can't stand it I can't stand it!) (I mean just kidding, I'm totes cool either way, I mean you know no biggie if these two don't reunite by the end, I'll handle it JUST FINE. Just fine. I won't then spend like eight straight days with no food or sleep watching weird TnB fan video montages on YouTube set to songs I hate and weeping incessantly thinking about what was and what could have been no I won't do that why would I do that, it's crazy!) (See? I'm fine either way.)

Oh dear. I've lost my train of thought again. Point is, I'm ready for some red herrings to be revealed as such. 

I gotta go find some chocolate, y'all. 


The worst thing about the entire "Starr should be a STAR!" story line is that Starr just isn't that good of a singer/performer. She's cute and talented, but that is it. Oh WAIT. The truly worst thing about this story line is the fact that Starr NEVER signed a contract, has a VERY wealthy family and has the BEST LAWYER in the world who never loses a case as her aunt/stepmom and she's never ONCE brought this whole contract mess up with either her mother, father or aunt. Why is she even bothering? Call Aunt/Stempmom Tea and be done with the whole Rick mess. It's completely ludicrous.

I hate that Prospect Park announced that they wouldn't go forward with OLTL just one week after they stopped filming. So another case of J.R. in the secret wall room with a gun coming up only this time it will be Todd.

I put this in yesterday's thread but decided to bring it over:

OMG - more flashbacks today. This show is trying to kill me. Todd lies to Blair and I keep rooting him on.

I'm getting close to the point of not caring though if it gets me what I want, even if only temporarily. I know this will all just blow up. I love your idea though Louise - something to make Todd and Blair team up would be awesome.

It's criminal that RH and KDP haven't shared more scenes together. They're so natural togather.

In other news, I really love Rick. Don't hate me. I'd rather watch these stupid scenes than half of what's currently going on and that includes the murder mystery that never ends.

Taking away nothing from how surprisingly hilarious Rick has been lately, I totally agree that the Starr/Dani/Nate/James story is a disaster. Stick James and Nate on a slow floating barge to Siberia and get Starr and Dani back in scenes with people who matter.

Don't hit me, but I'm kinda ready for more of the Stagi storyline. Mainly because of Josh Kelly and because I hear Kim's gonna be back next week and because there's a chance for more Kish mentions.

Exactly -- I like Rick Powers as a character, he cracks me up. I just hate the storyline. A lot.

C, I think you've hit on precisely the reason I don't completely hate the Stagi story -- the presence of Cutter. (And the potential of Kim!) I won't hit you for that.

I used to like Starr and Dani, but when they're in scenes with any of the Fords, I just want to vomit. They used to be all tough and kickass, and now they're just... blehh. They have no personalities anymore, and I completely blame James and Nate for that. When Dani was with Matthew, she was nice. When Starr was with Cole and she had Langston and Markko, she was good (not as good as when she was little and threatening people with lizards, but it's not quite as socially acceptable for a sixteen-year-olds to do that)

The best teen storyline of all right now is Matthew, back from the dead. The rest, oh, so very much do NOT care. And that includes Rick. I might find him funny if the storyline wasn't so lame, or if he didn't share all his scenes with those Fudd losers, but then again, probably not.

But it's all okay, because I can FF through them, and have plenty of time left over for the A crowd: Vicki could read the phone book and I'd rewind to watch it again. Ditto with Tea and Blair and Todd. I don't have the history with this Todd that so many viewers do, but I like the guy a lot. I like Tomas too, but it's clear, very clear, that the chemistry is off the charts with Todd and Blair.

I hate that the Fudd's are still breathing air. Sigh. Big Daddy Ford was by far the best of the Ford family.

I'm in some sort of crazy Todd/Blair haze. My goodness, I cannot get enough. He's playing with her hair, she pulls back all suspicious but still keeps her lady parts all pressed against his man parts. He teases her about the wrinkle between her brows, she acts like she's going to kick his ass.

Their chemistry is ridiculous. It's better. How could it be better? They were amazing then. How can we possibly have so little time with them left? How do they manage to do this to me every damn time?

He wanted to take her sledding... he actually got a little choked up at that. He said that hers was the face he would be looking at for the rest of his life.

And Blair... she looked fucking luminous. How am I supposed to buy this alleged love for Tomas when she glows like a star whenever she's in Todd's presence? She gazed at him like he was the most magical thing in her life. He gazed at her as if all he needed was to look at her in order to keep his heart beating.

Todd and Blair Forever!

I don't care how much of a fangirl I sound like, that's what they do to me!

Oh Dandesun, we are most certainly on the same page with that!

And I don't do fanfiction, but the idea of losing them in five and a half weeks... I'm five seconds from writing a play for them and just following KdP and RH around town until they just relent and agree to star in the Blair and Todd play. (Okay, or a restraining order.)

I laughed when Rick tripped on Hope's stuffed bunny and got hurt! LOL!! I also tolerate the Stagi storyline because of not only Cutter, because of his relationship with Stagi, and his backstory making him more sympathetic as a character!

Louise, DO THE PLAY!! I promise we'll all kick in for bail if they do get that restraining order. Don't worry, they'll come to their senses and drop it and do the play. Just get Robin Strasser to do a walk on, okay?.

5 and a half weeks left.....how on EARTH can that be happening???

Yeah, I'm an attorney in training. I'll help defend against the restraining order. DO IT!

And Dandesun, I'm so with you on everything you wrote. Today was lovely.

Today was awesome...as far as T&B go. And the continuation of Blair and John sharing screen time (love them). I love that when Blair told John to get his butt back on the force, he went and did just that. Even Tea stood back and let Blair handle John.

Todd and Blair...are just magically delicious. Nothing else compares. The flashbacks show their friendship and today showed that bond is still there beneath the crazy love/obsession/need they have goin' on. They light up like fireworks with each other. Blair even got her sass on today and Todd was choking up just sharing oxygen with her. Ugh. They kill me. They really do. They need to be on every day until the end. Is that so much to ask, Show?

On the Stigi mess, I hate it and I hate all the propping of Rex and Rex/Gigi on the show, BUT surprisingly enough I was loving Stigi and Cutter's chemistry. Who knew?? Especially since I don't even like Cutter, but together they were bearable. Too bad it's all just angst for the Rex/Gigi reunion. Hopefully that will be soon, so it can be over.

Todd and Vicki continue to delight as always.

I read Carolyn Hinsey's column in SOD that the Rick/Starr video sl is supposed to be a "clever way the show is addressing its shabby treatment from ABC via Rick's insistence on making a video of a song called "Jailbait" over Starr's much sweeter song "One Life to Live."...All those years of ABC forcing AMC and OLTL to go younger,hipper,hotter(get it? "Jailbait"?) didn't save them."

I understand OLTL intends to do a sl of Fraternity Row, Roxy's favorite daytime show, being cancelled and her efforts to try to save the show. And many characters turn out to be secret fans of the show. In light of the failure of both soaps to go online, I think this will be in very poor taste and kind of equivalent to kicking fans when they're down. But what else is new from the Mouse House, or Rats Residence, as I like to refer to Disney.

Linda, when the storylines were written and filmed they thought they were still going online and I believe it was meant as a meta-tribute to the fans. I hate the Starr storyline but I am really looking forward to the Fraternity Row story! I think it's such a sweet gesture of thanks to the audience.

ITA, Louise. It's a love note to the fans and their efforts. And a middle finger to the network and Disney.

I do think that Starr should remember her father is a "take no prisoners" kind of guy when anyone threatens his children and that Tea could have Rick's attorney for lunch. And Blair would just get John to arrest him. Problem solved. Write it.

The writers can write lines that Blair loves Tomas, but nothing in her actions supports it when Todd is in the room. I'm getting that happy ending if I have to write it myself.

KDP posted this on Facebook today:

"Thanks for all the posts. Y'all are crazy if you think I look the same... I'm sooooo much older. But I too loved the flash back and show. It's only going to get better."

It has to mean good news as a Todd and Blair fan, right?

Louise, that news about the Fraternity Row storyline sounds quite sweet to me too, and a nice shout out to the fans who have shown the show such vociferous support. And since the Rick storyline is really giving the middle finger to all the mismanagement over the years, I'll look at that in a different way too.

And when KDP says it is only going to get better, that just secures my seat in front of this show for every single last moment of it.

I,too, will look beneath the surface of the Rick sl and read it as a middle finger to TPTB. I can't believe there will be no more Todd and Blair, Vicki and Clint, Bo and Nora. Can't we Occupy Disney? Anyone?

More KDP tweeting - looks like she's on the Louise plan of watching TnB videos on YouTube.

KassieDePaiva Kassie DePaiva
I watched an hour of ole TnB last night. What a wonderful journey for those two... They will indeed be sorely missed.

I write this in anger and despondency. When this poor soap, OLTL, has finally gone through its agonizing death throes (yes, agonizing due to the shabby leadership of daytime production and writers who could not have done a worse job to OLTL's final days!!!)there will be nothing left for corporate Mickey Mouse et al. to do but find a way to kill GH. They will watch and wait, all the while doing their best to kill a time honored genre to replace it with ....no honor mediocrity?!?! The I Hate Jill Zarin blog had a hand in revealing and spotlighting and finally removing the vileness of that duplicitous reality 'star'. If the same thing had been done to expose the lecherous PTB at ABC/Dis.....shoulda, coulda, woulda....
That's how I'm feeling right now. Thanks for letting me vent.

Do it, Louise! Keep OLTL alive on the STAGE! Just please put in some Viki and Dorian stuff too so I can get my fix. :)

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