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November 30, 2011

I'm All Cried Out And This Story Has Only Just Started

It's times like this that make me wish that Kimberly McCullough was not the absurdly talented, consummate professional that she is, because if she'd just check out of this story (you know, the way that the writers certainly will once they get bored of it. "A groundbreaking, iconic character? Snooze. What's Spinelli up to?!") and put in a merely competent performance, I probably wouldn't burst into tears at every single word she says and probably wouldn't spend the next few months with puffy, bloodshot eyes and a broken heart.

But no! She has to be fantastic and heartbreaking and there is seriously no way I am going to be able to make it through her exit because seriously, seriously, seriously, my heart hurts already.


Mac: So I'm not old. I just need to get a life?
Robin: That would be nice. It would be nice to see that before I die.


Robin, dealing with something mysterious and terrifying, went to her bridge to discuss her issues with Stone and I'm not spoiled but...they're going there, aren't they? They're going to kill her off and have it be gut-wrenching and horrible and then Jason will brood some more because God knows we haven't see enough depressed Jason lately and then the story will abruptly shift to another mob war and then Robin will be mentioned once in a while, usually by Mac, until they stop trotting Mac out for even the briefest of cameos. I mean, right? Because Kimberly McCullough IS leaving and General Hospital DOES hate having characters leave Port Charles alive and Robin DOES seem like she's coming to terms with her inevitable death (although it also seems like she's completely resigned to it. Shouldn't Robin be more of a fighter? Or has Maggie stolen all of the town's feistiness? She races kids around the hospital in wheelchairs, guys, she is cah-razy! And haha, she called Robin a battle axe to Patrick--what a meet-cute that was, amirite? Where was I? Oh, right, Robin. That seems like the kind of attitude one would have after months of grappling with impending doom, not after a few days and at the start of a story. But expecting actual pacing from this writing staff is a lost cause).

I think I just sprained something jumping to conclusions, but this is GH, so going with the most predictable of all outcomes seems like the safest bet. Anyway! Back to Robin and her uncanny ability to make me weep.

Robin: I hear you, Stone, even if it's always in my head. I know that you wouldn't want me to be this way, especially know. I just...I don't know if I'm as strong as you were. I don't know if I can do this.

Robin: Maybe I could scatter the rose petals and watch them float away and think of them floating towards you. I don't know. I just thought it was something you would like. Something that would have made you smile. Brenda and Sonny got married, but you probably know that. You were probably watching. Unfortunately, they didn't make it. It's a shame, but sometimes love just isn't enough.

It's a testament to her acting talent that I was sniffling too loudly to interject a snide remark, like "Unfortunately, they didn't make it. It's a shame, but on the bright side, it only took Sonny thirty seconds before he started smarming on his rebound girl" and that I didn't want to ruin the moment--or my reputation as a normal person who doesn't heckle my television--by screaming "SONNY SUUUUUCKS!"

Then Mac came to make sure she was okay, and offered to let her grieve alone, but she asked him to stay and I just...I love this relationship so much, you guys. I always have. I don't know what I am going to do with myself when John J. York has to react to Robin's exit, be it to the afterlife or not, because I know it is going to be great. Assuming that he gets to have a reaction, I mean.

Mac: If Stone's death taught me anything, it's that life isn't fair.
Robin: You mean because I contracted the virus?
Mac: No. I made my peace with that a long time ago. It's just the disease itself. I can't get a handle on it.
Robin: It's a tough one.
Mac: I just want to make it better for you.
Robin: You do. You make it better everyday.

There's just one thing...

When the conversation inevitably turned to Lisa because of course it did, we can't have nice moments go unsullied, Robin got to make one of those dramatic "I'm confessing to murder...or am I?" statements and Mac's response puzzled me.

Robin: I was only defending myself.
Mac: What did you say?
Robin: It was self defense.
Mac: Robin, be extremely careful what you say to me.
Robin: I just meant that after everything Lisa has done, not just to me and Patrick, but to Maxie and Spinelli, and Steve and Elizabeth, I mean, God knows who else. Whoever killed her was doing it in self defense, even after the fact.
Mac: That's not the definition of self defense.

Knowing what I know about Mac, namely that he is fiercely devoted to Robin, I can't imagine him ever being so Super Cop with her, tossing off legal definitions and police protocol. Like, the second she said it was self defense, he should have gone into overdrive trying to cover up the murder Robin allegedly committed. Sure, it would be "unethical", but that's what uncles for their beloved nieces! Not get strict about legal terminology!

I am incredibly nervous about this story, guys. I mean, selfishly, I am nervous for my own health, because I really do see devastation (and dehydration) in my future but I'm also nervous that the writers won't do this story justice. It's Robin Fucking Scorpio. Her legacy and the stories she's driven are SO important to the history of this show and her exit story deserves to be written with care and detail and passion, all things that these writers don't seem to have in them. And that is profoundly worrisome to me. I know the performances will be stellar; I just hope that the writers treat this with the respect it deserves.

Absolutely nothing else of note happened in Port Charles today: James Franco made me regret ever having had a crush on him with the skeevy video Franco made for Fat-Headed Joss; Coleman tried valiantly to give Johnny Zacchara the nickname JZ and I judged him, harshly, for it; Ethan and Lucky talked about being nomads; and Steve is an uberdick.

Olivia: I am not pregnant.
Steve: You're not.
Olivia: No. And if I was, you seriously think I'd keep that a secret from you?
Steve: It wouldn't be the first time you kept quiet about a baby.

He then followed that with "I'm not judging" but seriously, there was so much douchey judgment in that exchange that I wouldn't have minded a scene of Olivia baking manicotti and then choking him with it.



I haven't watched GH in months (self-preservation and boredom, mostly) but I love Robin and KMc so I tuned back in to see if the rumors were true and... OMG!

I don't think I'll be able to keep myself from watching this (at least on youtube) and, like you, I fear for my for my mental and physical health (dehydration is coming and it's going to be bad). Maybe we can come up with a Serial Drama support group because I fear this is going to be painful :(



Let me just say that Kimberly McCullough makes all the actors in her scenes look good.
Love Robin and Uncle Mac but not liking that Emma is being used to prop a loser doctor who speaks evil of Robin's mother. Did GH forget this is the same doctor that scared Emma and Robin on Halloween. Can't compare this idiot doctor with Robin's class. Patrick better not ever speak with her again. Lisa #2 shouldn't get to speak about Robin like that. Yeah there comes a time where I rather see GH cancelled than watch Robin die or be disrespected.

You're not jumping to conclusions at all. I'd say you've pretty much hit the nail on the head, unfortunately. They are going to kill off Robin (Little Robin...) and they are going to do it in the worst way possible. This is how bad GH has become.

I don't understand why GH doesn't go back to Johnny and Olivia. I wasn't a particular fan, but they actually worked. Steve's a jerk and they just keep throwing awful actress after awful actress at Johnny.

this show is toast! pick a fork in it ,it is so over! so long g.h.

I truly do not believe that Robin will be killed. I think that like JJ, KMc will get an open-ended exit and Robin will sink into an AIDS related coma. I think her remark about "dead to the world" yesterday and comparing it to a coma was prophetic. If this show can still do prophetic.

But there is real life documentation for months long AIDS related comas and recoveries, so I'm pinning my hopes on that.

For me, Robin's face when she heard Stone's voice saying the last words he said before he died sold the entire show for me. That and Patrick defending the woman he loves, to the new nutcase in town.

I only started rewatching because of KMc's impending departure and after today I think they're gonna kill her off...which hurts my heart so much.

This is all total speculation on my part but Robin made a comment today which might have been offhand...or foreshadowing (but does GH ever do foreshadowing well?). She said something to the effect of having been so distracted from her life by Lisa that my mind immediately went to Robin forgetting to take her HIV med's, the fact that her intern-attended wound still hurt (uh, infection??), and her obsession with death the last few days and...well. You see where I am coming from? But again, I haven't been watching for months and months so I could be way off base. All I know is that Robin would never willingly leave Patrick and definitely she'd never leave Emma. So, she's either gonna die or go to jail for Lisa's murder. I think it could go either way, though after today I think they're gonna go the death route. (or maybe, as someone before me said, a coma...better than death or jail...for the character. Right?).

In any case, I wish for Kim has great success; It's just too bad we're losing yet another great talent. :(

Pffft. Robin will be dead by next Thursday. This is GH and we all know that Jake's organ's were harvested in 15 minutes, Josselyn was cancer free in two days, Sam's maybe she was or maybe she wasn't raped because jeez, a woman knows when she's had sex! Liz has been in the hospital for like the fourth time in two years for AT least a month! Aiden's ITP or is it IPT? was cured in one episode of the show and no one bothered to get the approval of either parent for the blood transfer from drunk off his butt Luke!

How am I supposed to watch this show, when just reading the recaps make me cry? How am I supposed to believe Robin is dying when we've been told for the last fifteen that her viral load is nearly non-detectable? More importantly, why do I still watch this watch this show? As a long time viewer of GH, I've been conditioned to expect and accept the nonsensical. It is a testament to the talent of Kimberly McCullough that I keep coming back for more. It took me three tries before I could even bring myself to read the recap. I so do not want to watch Robin die.

Any answers to the above questions would be greatly appreciated.

Oh geez louise. Patrick checked the doctor as soon as she said something bad about Robin. And he has to talk to her again because um, well, HE WORKS WITH HER. I swear Patrick can't talk to ANYONE that is female, even on a work level, without some getting up in arms about it. KMc and JT are going to turn whatever this crappy storyline is going to be into something great because they are great. Good for KMc for following her dreams and doing what is best for her. No matter how they write her out she is going to do great with it. I will miss her but the bottom line is that this is a TV SHOW and actors come and go. It will not impact my daily life one bit. GH is probably on the way out anyway.

If they're going to kill her off, and IF they can do it justice, I would much rather it be a realistic storyline like her illness claiming her than more random violence. I've not watched GH since July and I might have to turn back in for this. And I'm not even a Robin fan.

But I think on some level, for reality's sake, I knew Robin would never live to old age because of her illness...I mean, she could have developed a resistance to her drug protocol (people's bodies do stop reacting to meds after a point sometimes, she's had a lot of stress and as some one pointed out...she could have forgotten to take her meds.

But do I think they can do the story justice? No.

Thank you Cindy! Lisa stabbing her does not necessarily mean that is what may kill her (if they go there). Lisa stabbing her is probably just bringing whatever problem is going on with her body to the fore front. Stabbing a person in the arm is not going to bring on full blown AIDS. Robin was shot TWICE, burned in a fire and had a difficult childbirth and none of those progressed her disease so if TIIC try to act like a superficial stab wound could after all of that, then yeah, there will be no hope for this story.

This is such an appropriate sl since today, Dec. 1st, is World Aids Day. Last year this stupid show didn't even mention Robin's HIV status on World Aids Day. I'm also hoping Mac is front and center in Robin's decline and if it isn't too much to hope for, maybe Anna and Robert Scorpio can come back, too. I must be hitting the eggnog prematurely because this is GH, where Bobby not only didn't come back for her granddaughter's transplant, she wasn't even mentioned in the sl of Josslyn's illness. So I better not get my hopes up. I do hope if Robin dies, we see her spirit walk off hand-in-hand with Stone. Or would that be disrespectful to what she had with Patrick? KM probably assumes there won't be a GH to come back to in a year or two, so why not kill her character off for maximum impact. This will not be a very Merry Christmas for me, watching her fade away.

I'm done. Not watching Robin die. Haven't watched in two weeks and I don't miss it. Maybe I'll catch the last month when they wrap this crap fest up. KM is great and I wish her lots of luck. Me, I'm tired of heckling my tv (what a great way to put it).

I am finally, completely, done with GH. I haven't watched in months. I refuse to watch them kill off Robin (which they are going to, one way or another) and then have them throw Patrick into an immediate rebound romance with either a day player or Carly (I can see either happening). With JJ leaving the show as well, and Liz clearly entering into a back burner "romance" with Matt, there is nothing left for me. Nothing. I hate this show beyond imagining and I hope they put it out of its misery. Thanks, GH writers, for destroying everything I ever loved about this show. I wish Kimberly and JJ the best of luck.

I don't know how I'll get through this, whatever happens, b/c everytime I see Robin now I burst into tears. I thought she and Mac would surely be the end of me, b/c those two...so much love.

On a lighter note-

Can we talk about the stripper dancing and gyrating in front of the jukebox the way she was for a minute b/c WTF? I felt so embarrassed for that girl. That was...no. What was she doing?

Oh, you KNOW that Robin's death will mainly be yet another vehicle for Jason to bring out his secret box of heartbreak and for Sonny to throw some more crystal. Far be it for GH to make Robin's impending death about, say, ROBIN, or her family, her husband, her child, Mac...
To say this show is made of suck is an insult to all things that are actually made of suck.

Maybe, just maybe, they won't get to her death until Ron Carlivati takes over. It might be meaningful if he finishes it out.

Robin/Kimberly are a HUGE part of GH history and I'm beyond fuckin pissed off that those ass holes called "writer's" are going there but....there gonna KILL Robin off. it makes NO SENSE and I thought Kimberly had in her contract that they couldn't give Robin full blown AIDS but like that damn show gives a crap! all I can say is I wish to God Jason Thompson was leaving with Kimberly cause I'm DONE with this show after Kimberly leaves. and I will be beyond PISSED off if those assholes do to a LEGENDARY character like Robin what I think there gonna do. I still am speechless that there going there. ughhh. the only thing I can hope for is if they are truly STUPID enough to not only put a slap on the face to a legendary character like Robin, a legendary fantastic actress like Kimberly and not to mention us Robin/Scrubs fans, all I can say is that I pray that GH gets CANCELED right after.

I have been thinking about this way too much for a fictional character on a tv show.. then I realize I have watched this character for 27 years! 27 years Robin Scorpio has been in my living room. I wish Kimberly McCullough nothing but the best.

I can't watch GH now-- who knows if Robin will be "killed" off with AIDS-- or sent to jail for Lisa's murder (a bit of irony the only person in Port Charles to go to jail for a crime is the police commissioner's niece). I know Kimberly and Jason will nail their scenes as Robin and Patrick but I can't watch. It is too sad -- an end of era--

I'm ok with losing legacy characters, like Robin, so long as we get new, dynamic characters, like Dolores Padilla. **stabs self with spork**

I would just like to say: SINCE WHEN is Bensonhurst a graffiti-ridden haven of empty brownstones?

Sonny's house looks more like it's in Bed-Suy.

Bed-Stuy, that is.

Joanne, don't forget about headless dude and lingerie lady! And Franco's sandal feet! They're awesome replacements for Robin as well!

Uliis, haha, I'll be more interested in the Wyndemere Squatters if we find out they've always been there, and even watched Nikolas kiss a pillow during his love affair with his tumor.

I am scared too! Based on the lack of subtlety by the GH writing team this week, I am getting a real bad feeling about how this is going to end and I don't like it. Not just because I don't want Robin Scorpio Drake die, but honestly, I don't believe for one second that the writers can do that story justice.

I quit watching about a year ago, and thought about tuning back in to see how Robin was written out, but I can't. I love KMc and the character way too much. They've already made her hard to take sometimes but Kimberly's cool personlity always managed to shine through and make her more bearable when she was being a shrew. With that character assassination already in mind, I too am worried sick about how much the current writing regime WILL screw this up, and I can't bear to watch it. I say this out of love for Jason Thompson, but I wish he was leaving too so Robin & Patrick could ride off (alive) into the sunset somewhere with Emma. JT is way too talented an actor for this crapfest of a show and needs to take a hint from KMc and get out before his character is torn to shreds. Or forgotten completely and put on the backburner.

And you KNOW Jason & Sonny are going to get all the focus of heartbreak over her death, more so than Mac will. God forbid they bring back her parents or Sean Donelly or any other characters that loved her throughout her life. You know they won't. No matter how they write her out, they will just screw it up royally. I've accepted that. She is from the Claire Labine days, so you know the current staff has it out for any legacy character. See: The Quartermaines, The Joneses', The Spencers, etc.

To think Natalia effing Livingston got a nice sendoff for her stupid character, can't even remember the name, just Emily's out-of-thin-air twin. So unfair.

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