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November 21, 2011

What's Grosser Than Gross?

What is grosser than gross?

I'd say it's enduring months of storyline in which Hope broods over Liam (who warrants no woman's interest at this point; he is wishy-washy slime, which means he will undoubtedly be battled over by women until this series gasps its final breath), occasionally kisses him, but mostly sits around with Oliver (who's really into her) complaining and wisting over Liam and then exchanging spit with him. Because apparently mooning over some other guy is enough to make any man fall in love with a woman on the spot, and why would any man be bothered by being the rebound makeout session (especially when he knows he's never going to get the rebound sex!)?

Wait, I digress. The thing that's grosser than gross is enduring all of that and coming out the other end, triumphant that you made it through unscathed, and then being shown the same storyline again.


Except this time in the pathetic Oliver role of a dude who lavishes Hope with inexplicable praise and falls madly in love with her while she pines for Liam, it's her half-brother*.

(Okay, the show's trying to screw up my asterisk system by having Hope say that she and Thomas are not related, so it seems they're muddying up whether or not Ridge actually did adopt Hope. Because if he did, they are most certainly related -- in fact, that's the whole point of adoption. It makes people related who aren't already by blood. But now the implication seems to be more that he adopted her "in spirit" rather than legally [even an actual Deacon mention the other day!], which makes this storyline less hilariously icky and more just an total effing repeat of what we saw in the spring and early summer. Great.)

End it! End it now! Can't she go mental and trap Liam in a gondola or something? That would be so much more fun.

And don't even get me started on Steffy's "proving" that she's going to be a good wife to Liam by being a domestic servile sex kitten. She cooks and cleans and apparently no longer goes to work so she can stay home and serve him. She dresses in "sexy" housewife aprons and gives him back rubs, and what does he do for her? Accepts it. And occasionally goes over and kisses Hope. Great catch.

This is making me really thankful for the presence of Pam.

*Paternal Adoptive Half Brother.


I caught an episode of B&B last week in which Ridge confronts Hope and Liam about how inappropriate it is to be having a "closed door conversation" as Liam is married to Steffy. Hope calls Ridge "dad" and that kinda sealed the incestuous quality of the Hope/Thomas pairing for me. Worst is, I think Hope and Thomas have tons more chemistry than Hope/Liam! Oh, B&B! Any way, I like Kimberly Matula (Hope) and think she would rock a bat-shit crazy turn. Scott Clifton (Liam), who is a proven talent, languishes in the pathetic role.

Louise please write more often!

You are right Bellboy is trying to make us forgot Sparky and Hope are raised together. So Hope now mentions that loving her mother doesnt make Rapist her dad after years calling the creep "dad". Bell is so obvious as usual.

I wont even thouch the absurdity and the incredible hypocricy of Ridge-of all people- preaching to Hope!

I fell sorry for Oliver. He is an angel compared to Lame or Sparky.

This show is perverse. The pairing of Hope and Thomas is twisted on so many levels, I don't know where to begin.

If the writers had penned Brooke as following through on dumping Ridge at the altar in 2003 and had her marrying Nick, then this pairing might work, as for the first five years of Hope's life, Ridge was her mother's FORMER spouse. But no, they have her reuniting with this raping bozo and making Hope and Thomas step-siblings. I have two step-siblings and even though we do not have the same DNA, they are family, period.

And Ridge needs to be quiet with his moralizing about respecting marriages. He wrecked his father's marriage to Brooke, his brother's marriage to Caroline, and he stalked Brooke before and during her marriage to Nick.

Oh man, so Liam is the nuRidge? I'm going to be sick to my stomach. I've NEVER understood why these women throw themselves at this cheesy loser and now we get part deux with Dillon Q.? Ack.

as icky as it is, Hope & Thomas look fantastic together, and I hope that the chemistry between the actors is enough to make them the OTP instead of Liam/Hope because they lack chemistry and Liam is such a loser. Go Hope/Thomas!! Anyone who's offended by Hope/Thomas has no business watching B&B; it's always been incestuous.

I am offended by Hope and Thomas and no BB wasnt always incestuous.

The problem is not only them being related, Thomas being a little perverted scum makes the whole mess more nauseating then it already is.

I have been taking a break from soaps, so when I glanced at this post, my first thought was, "OMG, they SORASed Hope and Liam and now they're MAKING OUT." My second thought? "But they're RELATED!"

Then I realized this was a post about B&B and not OLTL. Although judging by what I see here (I'm not a B&B viewer), the "related" part still applies. Ick. Nast.

Off the top of my head, there was Rick & Phoebe and Ridge & Bridget. It might have not been incestuous in the early days because the Logan girls were only just meeting the Forresters. The writing was on the wall as soon as Brooke married Eric. It was inevitable for the pairings to become incestuous after they had their star character marry the father and his two sons. It's a soap, people! If B&B can rewrite Steffy to hate Brooke because she never raised them, then Hope & Thomas were not indeed raised together. To watch soaps, you have to suspend belief (ex. the magic berries!!), I find this storyline no different.

Thats what i said. BB was not always like that. It started with Rapist and his little princess.

Soaps means suspend belief not let the HW push crap down your throat.

But why Brooke marrying father and the brothers, or Taylor, or Bridget or Ridge, Thorne, Rick keeping it in the family means Hope will date her step brother?

Considering it's such a small cast that they couldn't find other people for Brooke to sleep with, AND considering Rick & Phoebe, Bridget & Ridge, it doesn't seem AT ALL much of a stretch for Hope to date Thomas. I don't mean to say that Hope was raised to date her stephalfbrother; I mean to say that as a viewer, this is a natural progression of the incestuousness of this show. TV is always trying something newer, better, more scandalous, so this is an incremental progression. I don't deny that it's terrible, but they just think it is so scandalous that people will watch more (I guess). I wouldn't at all be surprised if one of these days they actually DO have Thomas and Steffy go into a berry-like induced drunkeness only to wake up and wonder whether they actually had sex. Or maybe they'll have Steffy fall in love with her brother! (On a sidenote: I once watched a soap storyline where the couple everyone was rooting for ended up REALLY being brother and sister --separated at birth--. Not only did they sleep together (before they knew), but the girl got PREGNANT!!!! Then her brother/lover disappeared, she miscarried, and left the show a year later. And that wasn't even B&B!!!) PS I still think Hope & Thomas have awesome chemistry.

Well they found other people for Taylor to sleep with. She didnt even know them not that it mattered to her.

Basically Ziyal (btw its a pretty cool nick, what does it mean? lol) we are saying the same thing : It all comes down to Bellboy.

However i say we should be condemning him. He likes incest. He actually wants this and its has nothing to do with the small cast. He wasted a lot of great actors and actresses who gave life to characters who wasnt related to Horresters.

PS: Which soap was that?

^^ I agree with both ziyal and Pinky. So much talent has been and is currently wasted on B&B. It's a shame. I love Heather Tom and Scott Clifton but neither had the story to warrant their recent Emmy wins.

Pinky: are you referring to Ridge as 'Rapist'? If so, why?

P.S.: Passions?

Scott Clifton won recently? Maybe they were making up for when he got shafted as Sky over on OLTL. His breakdown into crazy was awesome - especially when he went off on MITCH LAWRENCE! Best smackdown ever!

Soapbaby, Pinky and I call Ridge rapist bacause that is what he is. He raped Caroline while she was married to Thorne and he raped Brooke while she was engaged to Nick.

The soap in question was foreign, and has ince canceled because, well, the couple everyone rooted for became brother and sister and they never got their happy ending :/ Ziyal is from Deep Space 9.

I agree that Bell is to blame but he's done it many times before and condemnation hardly bothers him. I have many issues with soaps these days (treatment of women, portrayal of minorities), but why I like B&B over the others is because it has kept its core characters, which is the reason that I tune in here and there. I like seeing the kids interact with their parents, and that's really the only reason I enjoy B&B more than other soaps where too many core characters are gone or show up once in a blue moon (I'm looking at you, GH!).

I thought the berry storyline was also terrible, but *shrug*, it's B&B. I remember an interview with KKL where she said she was disappointed at how her rape storyline was handled. She had brought the idea to the writers, hoping for a good s/l for Brooke, and instead she got what she got. It was handled well in the beginning, but she slept with Ridge far too quickly after her rape. So that's that. I would like many things in my soap to be different, but I don't have the time or energy to condemn B&B. If I don't like it I turn it off. All this talk of Hope/Thomas is probably raising ratings because people are curious what the hoohah is all about. And that's what Bell counts on, I guess, and it's what seems to work (ex. berry storyline). So yeah, I'm done. Bell got me this time!! I don't usually engage in such long diatribes about his writing choices.

OMG! I was thinking about Alexander Siddig all day. His face, i could see but for the life of me i couldnt remember his name. Saw him while checking out Deep Space 9! Thanks :-)

As for Bratley, normally i would say he is horrible and leave it at that, like i did with all the other soap writers cause they are all horrible especially GH and Days, but he is different. An incestuous creep.

I will be the first one to admit i am so uncomfortable with the crap he has gotten away with.

Soapbaby, as Gio said Ridge is a rapist. A one constantly gets away with everything.

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