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December 02, 2011

And Starr Manning Breaks It Down For Mama

So I guess I should be talking about the big huge shocking Friday reveal today that Stagi is really Gigi, but I'm not going to talk about that since everyone already knew this the second they introduced Stagi (and frankly, it's pretty disappointing because I actually was enjoying the minor spark between Cutter/Stagi and Rex/Aubrey and have no desire to see those "couplings" revert to original form). Or I could talk about Starr's "exciting" legal troubles with Rick Powers, or the fascinating scenes in which Shane spelled out a story to Neela (a character we no longer have any need for -- and I know it's not the writers' fault since when they wrote this, they didn't know how near the end they really were) that we've been familiar with for ages, or how Todd was yet again in most of an episode opposite a character no one wants to see him in scenes with (his assistant Tracy) although thankfully he got five seconds with Téa (in my favorite Téa dress!) and Blair at the end, but that'll only get me grumpy.

So let's focus for a moment on Starr very briefly and succinctly breaking things down for Blair today.


Blair: You're mad at me because I picked [Tomas] over your father.
Starr: Really? Well, maybe I am. Maybe because Tomas is the one that dumped Dad in that prison. The reason why we lost him for eight years.

Starr: Fact -- Tomas is a liar, he has made a living out of it, Mom.

I mean of course this whole thing pisses me off because the point is that everyone exploring the possibility of Tomas' guilt today was all wrong, since he's in fact not guilty and Todd is the one who abducted him and set him up for Victor's murder. But really. I get that everyone can find justification to not spit nails at Tomas -- he did think he was serving his country, he was duped into doing what he did to Todd. But he still did it. Not holding him responsible for it as if he meant it maliciously makes sense to me from Todd's family's perspective, and when it comes to Tomas' sister and niece, he can remain family. Someone they love. But the Mannings? No way. Because one thing that's consistent over the years (particularly made evident by today's actions by Todd: he found out that Jack, who loathes him, set fire to The Banner offices and Todd's covering for him anyway since that's what Mannings do even when at odds with one another)? The Mannings are for the Mannings. That's it. Blair included. How many times has she covered for Todd over the years even when they wanted to kill each other? A lot, that's how many. A metric crap-ton.

So I get it. I get that Blair wants to be with someone who is open with his feelings for her, and she wants to be with a man she feels she can get stability from and all that. She wants something healthy, and Todd's never going to be that. But Tomas is not that man. I buy that she wouldn't be plotting revenge on him for what he "did" to Todd, but I don't think she could move past that and truly convince herself that she's in love with him. Not with her eyes wide open. And Starr tried to open her eyes today, but unfortunately this will all be reversed somehow by the truth of Todd's dastardly deeds coming out, which will somehow absolve Tomas of a reality he needs to learn to live with -- he was a pawn in Irene's game, but because of what he did, Blair is off the table as a romantic option for him. For fuck's sake.

And as for Blair, here's the bottom line: her courtship options right now are two duplicitous little devils. And Blair? Some advice? Pick the duplicitous little devil you know. Pick the duplicitous little devil you've loved your whole life. Pick the duplicitous little devil who is the other half of your soul. Open your eyes and do it. The clock is ticking!


So, uh, we got some big news today! Brian Frons is stepping down as president of ABC Daytime. It's too late to mean anything to OLTL and obviously AMC, and probably too late to mean anything for GH (which is about to be helmed by OLTL's Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati), but it'll be nice to have him out of our faces. 

Fronsie out!


Did I hear Gigi's loony, opera-fiend surgeon crowing that he had made "somebody-I-didn't-catch-name" look just like Erica Kane???

Yes, there have been two references to the Erica Kane look-a-like who took over Erica's life. And Dr. Fascinella was also mentioned on AMC when that story was front and center.

I'm sorry. I can't focus on this because word has been released that Brian Frons is leaving ABC Daytime in January.


Let's get this party started!!

I can't tell you how glad I was to finally hear some ppl (Starr and Shaun) be allowed to point out all the crap about Tomas that Show has been trying to sweep under the run or explain away. Yes, they will totes be wrong in the end, but I really enjoyed the moment.

I felt bad for Blair. She took how many months deciding if she could trust this guy (which is like decades in soap time) just so that as soon as she decides she can, he starts looking like the dude is another liar/betrayer/murderer that she got involved with. KDP is really playing Blair's cracks in her faith in Tomas even as she doesn't want to believe she chose wrong again. And let's face it, even if Tomas is innocent of Vic's non-murder, he's still guilty of a boat load of other shit and he's not her husband/soulmate so I'm totally rooting for Todd to get in there and be the shoulder for her to snuggle with from this time right up until the end...

Yes, Louise referenced and linked the Frons news in her post. Hope this means an easier ride for RC and FV at GH than they had at OLTL.

Man, so often I agree with you Louise that I often don't bother to post because it would just be redundant! I love Blair but I find her so shrill these days. Her and Starr screaming at each either rivaled Tea and Danyella! As much as I love OLTL these days, I really zoned out much of the past two days. There are TOO many mentions of Tomas and he is so not worth the trouble. I was truly floored by Viki's statement to Clint that he didn't believe Tomas killed Victor. What? Tomas adds nothing to the canvas but subtracts by quite a bit. Ugh

Additionally, the Gigi/Cutter/Aubrey/Rex-thing PLUS Jack/Neela/Shane nearly put me into a coma. Dull, dull, dull.

LOVED the Tea/Sean scenes. The combo is ADORABLE!

I thought of you today, Louise when I saw the dress Tea was wearing ;)

As long as everyone remembers that Ted King signed for PP when OLTL was still a viable option to go online, then we can understand why everyone is propping him to almost Fo...(um, you know how I mean)-like proportions.

If they didn't want to keep Victor, why didn't they just bring Max back? We could've had fun watching him locking horns with Roxy. And cam you imaging watching Todd & Roxy teaming up to keep Max & Blair apart?

I still get a giggle when thinking about Max being married to Roxie and then factor in R.J!

Starr needs to shut her mouth and back off where Tomas is concerned since her steroid drug rage baby Daddy shot and killed an unarmed man. We all know that Blair makes bad choices in men and will continue down that road...lol

Yes, OLTL is propping Tomas since there were NO signs that RH was planning on signing on with PP and now it means, squat.

We just had the tale of two Todd's so why in the heck didn't OLTL just leave StacyGigiStacy in the closet? Yes, I get there are Rexx/Gigi fans, but it was so much more interesting with the roles reversed that had Rexx raising his son from now on. I sort of like Rexx with Aubrey and Cutter with StacyGigiStacy.

Starr is such an idiot. There was no reason on earth that she didn't ask Tea to read the music agreement that she and Baz signed with porn guy Rick.

Yeah! Brian Frons is gone and he so was kicked to the curb after doing Disney's dirty work in getting rid of our soaps! Boo Disney and Frons!

I hate how they're writing Blair. Real Blair would have have put a stop to this as soon as she knew of Tomas's involvement and picked some other dupe as her buffer against Todd. All her declarations that Tomas is a good man are annoying me because I sometimes think we're supposed to buy despite Starr's truthiness. Especially now with Todd setting him up.

But all the declarations in the world wouldn't stop me from rooting for Todd and Blair. So go on with your lying self Todd. Save Blair from herself.

Btw Louise did you see Kassie's long Facebook post where she mentioned watching old Todd and Blair clips for an hour and realizing for herself why people wanted these two together? I hope it means they do end up together but either way she offered to discuss the upcoming scenes.

I feel so differently than all of you, I wanted to punch the highlights out of Starr's hair today.

I hope that his firing came as a complete surprise. I hope that he felt secure in his job because he'd done their bidding. I hope they dismissed him with condescension. I hope he has recently invested his money because he felt his job was secure. I hope they told him they were bringing in someone new because business had changed, and he was just too old and out of touch to appeal to the desired demographic.

Most of all, I hope that when he protested that he'd done everything they'd asked of him, that they curtly told him, "It's only business".

I hope he's feeling betrayed.

Most of all, I hope he's hobbled by crippling gas pains.

This leaves such a bitter taste in my mouth. As you've all said, he did his job, he destroyed a television legacy and left utter destruction in his wake. The damage has been done, and he'll undoubtedly pop up somewhere else, with the incestuous inner circle hiring that the rodents of Hollywood seem to delight in. Maybe ABC thinks that this will somehow mollify the fans who have been betrayed by them and let down by PP. They can think again.

Disney and ABC can go rot.

@ Ladybug..
Starr DIDN'T sign the contract, Baz did and said he was signing on her behalf since half the songs were his. (which is totally not binding or legal) He also signed away future rights to "their" music. Starr didn't find out until later what Baz had done and THAT is when she should have told Blair, Todd and Tea.. which she still hasn't done. So stupid.

Frons didn't get fired. He resigned. I'm hoping that's just a front to hide his being fired for real. My hope for Frons is that he ends up like the Quartermaines. Ignored, treated like crap and most likely to be killed off.

Oh and it's my theory that Prospect Park was just fronting for ABC daytime since they were catching such hell for canceling such longstanding, popular shows. ABC is now all in the clear and it's all Prospect Park's fault for not finding the funding. Real coincidence that PP makes the announcement just days after final shooting at ABC. I think they were in collusion and this was just a set up to mollify the fans temporarily so ABC would stop taking so much shit.

Holly, I don't believe for a moment that he resigned. All the years I worked for toads in the business world, this is exactly what a firing looks, sounds and smells like. All that's different is the wording.

Like you,I hope he's treated as dismally as he has treated everyone else. I hope that his age is used against him the way he's used age against so many tremendous female actors. I feel okay giving him one of the titles Serial Drama gave to the fictional Ryan Lavery - Lord of the Douche.

Louise and Mallory,
I keep wondering about this blog when first OLTL, and eventually, GH goes off the air. Will you begin writing about Y & R and DOOL, or just pack it in? Or haven't you made any decisions yet? Then we'll not only have the soaps to miss, but this blog site as well. A pox on the Rodents Residence a.k.a. Disney.

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