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December 05, 2011

How's The View From That High Horse, Luke?

First things first: Luke is--and I take no great pleasure in typing the following words, because it is exactly what Tony Geary, Garin Wolf, Bob Guza and all of the other people employed by General Hospital who are operating under the erroneous notion that "flawed, layered character" is the same as "amoral piece of human garbage" want us to think, because we are ignorant fools who need to be challenged--an absolutely loathsome person, on basically every single level.

Secondly: did anybody else feel a very real urge to stand up and applaud every time Rebecca Herbst was onscreen today? She was amazing. She was furious and she was gutted and the way her face lit up when Lucky said he got a message from Jake? I could not take my eyes off of her and if the Daytime Emmys mattered, even a little, I'd start campaining for a supporting actress nod for her.

Thirdly: this has nothing to do with the following post, but I wanted to mention it because there is a chance that I will never spend another second on this blog talking about Ethan and the lady living in the Wyndemere attic because it is ABSURD and HORRIBLE and also? BORING. Whoever thought it would be entertaining to watch Nathan Parsons slur some charming (I think that's what they were going for, anyway), marble-mouthed garbage at a woman with literally no facial expression should probably have their brain donated to science.

Anyway, Luke. Being terrible, horrible, no good, very bad. 

It was SO profoundly cathartic to watch Elizabeth--portrayed by the abovementioned amahzing Rebecca Herbst--lay into Luke for his various crimes against her family and for being pretty horrendous on a human level, but...what's the word I'm looking for? Oh, right: the most hate of any hate, ever.

Elizabeth: Family's never been high on your priority list has it, Luke? So why, all of a sudden, did you come over and see Aiden? Hoping to find absolution? Taking comfort in knowing you didn't kill Lucky's real son?
Lucky: Jake was my son as much as Aiden.
Elizabeth: Jake wasn't your blood and neither is Cameron. Pretty much explains why your father's never taken an interest in them, but Aiden's different. He's got your smile and your mother's eyes. God help us when we find out what he inherited from your dad.
Lucky: This is not helping, okay?
Luke: No, this is good. Let her speak. The last time we talked, you were blaming yourself. You were asking my forgiveness because you didn't keep a closer eye on Jake. It turned my stomach, Elizabeth, to hear that misplaced forgiveness. This is better. This is healthy.
Lucky: Dad, this is not the time for your twisted philosophical dissertations.
Luke: I don't want or deserve your forgiveness, Elizabeth. I will never ask anything of you. I don't expect anything. I don't want anything. But it's very good that you've finally taken the bullseye off your own back and put it here where it belongs.

SERIOUSLY? What sanctimonious bullshit this is. What a man Luke is--so centered and at peace with himself. It's so nice that he is allowing Elizabeth to be angry with him. I am sure she is just THRILLED that Luke is PROUD of her rage!

Elizabeth: Am I supposed to be impressed that nothing can break through that wall you've built around you? Not guilt, not regret, certainly not the death of my son.
Luke: If that's what you need to believe.

Holy condescending hell, can you believe that he said that? Elizabeth should be able to say whatever she wants to say to him--as loudly and as often as she wants to--and he should just take it. He should just sit there silently and listen to her. He should stare at her smugly and throw around cocky, above-it-all phrases like "If that's what you need to believe" and "we'll be able to get past this". No, really, he said that. Did your head explode? Is there brain matter on your ceiling?

Elizabeth: Damn you, Luke! Just take responsibility!
Luke: I don't know what you expect me to do that I demonstrate the I take full responsibility for Jake's death. I do! I never denied it. I've never tried to escape culpability, but you don't see it that way. And I take no pleasure in arguing with you. I just hope that someday we'll be able to get past this.
Elizabeth: And then what? You want me to just welcome you back into Aiden's life? Well, I promise you that is never going to happen.


Luke: My point is that I'm sober. Let's move forward.
Lucky: Is this your idea of moving forward, Dad? Elizabeth almost drowned. Aiden's been sick. Jake is still on her mind all the time. She's on emotion overload. All you did here was push her past her breaking point.
Luke: And you were there to catch her.
Lucky: Would you have liked it better if I just let her fall?
Luke: You keep doing this, Lucky, she's going to rely on you. She's going to depend on you again. She's going to expect you to be there. Because you're the man you are, you will be there and before you know it, you'll be playing house all over again. Don't make the mistake I made with your mother. You're too smart for that.
Lucky: What was the mistake, Dad? Was it falling in love or letting it go?



Holy COW. I have not watched yet today.

I will say, and again I haven't seen it so maybe the way the lines were delivered would change my perception of this, that this actually doesn't sound THAT bad to me.

I mean, what is Luke supposed to say, really? It sounds to me like he was fully putting the blame on himself and telling Elizabeth that she was right to be angry with him. And maybe he should have just kept his mouth shut, but if you've ever had someone yell at you (and who hasn't?) you know that it's really, really hard to just stand there and not say ANYTHING when someone is ranting at you.

On paper, I'm not really seeing the problem here. You say that he was smug and condescending, and maybe the way Tony Geary delivered those lines made them sound that way, but on paper all I'm seeing is that he told her that she's right to be angry with him, and she shouldn't blame herself, and he takes full responsibility for killing Jake. And that HE HOPES that someday they'll be able to get past it, which is not the same thing as saying that they WILL, or that she's wrong for being angry with him, or whatever. It's just saying that he hopes one day she'll be able to forgive him (although... doesn't that contradict him saying he doesn't want her forgiveness? whatever). I have no problem with him saying any of that.

But, again. I haven't actually watched the scenes yet, so I guess maybe I'll understand better after I do?

HORRIFIC. General Hospital is stomach-turning. I hate The Spencers and Luke the most. I have tuned out months ago now as the show has somehow gotten worse under the current headwriter. I love Elizabeth but seeing her months-late anger toward Luke now would do nothing for me. Luke has never been held culpable for Jake's death, no investigation, no trials, no sentecncing, np prison for vehicular homicide while under the influence of alcohol (I do not have a law degree but pretty what Luke committed was a crime.) Now his saving of Aiden "vindicates" him of killing Jake. I hate these writers. Luke cannot be redeemed. I also hate that Lucky's abandonment of his children to go chase ghosts has been whitewashed as his "psychic" connection with Aiden saved the child. Ugh.

And what's with the subtle disparaging of Liz to Lucky? How is that appropriate or necessary or accurate? Liz is not needy nor a victim although The Spencers have victimized her.

I wanted GH canceled months ago. Hopefully, the new showrunners will be able to salvage the show and write a satisfying finale (since it's obvious ABC has gotten out of the soap game.)

I definitely thought that Tony Geary played up the self righteous--that's just my opinion, of course, but the smug paired with the writing just worked my last nerve (and my nerves are already seriously frayed by this show. And I have a headache, so the rage, it comes).

I have never loved Elizabeth more than I did today. And Lucky was great right up until he told her he couldn't handle being with her and their kids. But it was hard to focus on what he was saying because I kept thinking about how desperately I want to give him a haircut and shave off that ridiculous facial hair. I have no words for Luke. He's just.... GAAAAHHHHHH

I watched the Liz, Luke and Lucky scenes on YT and wanted to put a bullet in Luke's head and save RC and FV the time in sending TG off to retirement.

Liz was on fire today! I hate seeing Liz begging Lucky to be a family with her and the boys since she did the EXACT same thing with Jason and it royally sucked then as it does now. Also, I hated with a passion Guza giving Liz another freaking baby to carry around since she's been doing it for the last seven years!

I'm somewhere between you and Luanna - I don't think he SAID anything appropriate per se but it would have just been better for him to just be quiet. And it was intensely satisfying for her to mention that he's NEVER shown an interest in her kids before and he never showed up to a party or even Jake's memorial. And it's really insulting of him to claim Aiden as his grandson when he never did for Jake and Cam and still isn't doing that for Cam now. Now, if they wanted to have a Luke and CAM scene that might give Luke a teensy eensy bit of redemption.

also, you watched the Ethan scenes? Kudos to you! I couldn't do it. There was no way those scenes weren't going to be stupid/cheesy/boring. (Still can't believe they thought Ethina was worse than a 'story' where Ethan talks with a painting. A painting!)

The problem I've had with Luke - well, since about 1996 - is that he is one of those people in life (and we all know them in reality too) who uses 'being real' and 'being true to himself' as an excuse to be a shit to others around him whenever he feels like it. It's a pathetic excuse to have no responsibilities, to not have to care about anyone else's feelings, to not have to have a standard of behavior by which to live by. It's the excuse of an adult to be a bratty, self centered five year old.

Luke's always been a bit of a cad, but we watched him strive to be a better man, AND succeed. He was never going to be a prince, but he had standards, he had rules to live by, he was transformed through the love of his wife and family. And then ... Nikolas arrived and it all changed. Luke and Lucky couldn't accept him and they fueled each other's bad behavior on and it has never been the same. Coincidentally, 1996 was the year Guza first head wrote the show, and it's when Tony Geary started promoting this idea of Luke being a pretty despicable human being and how much he enjoyed playing him now.

Each year has gotten worse and worse and worse and it's brought us to this. A man who pretty much blames his family for reigning him in even though the only child he ever had much time for was Lucky, blames his wife for trying to change him even though he was the one who pursued her back in the day, blames having a house and roots and a community for ruining his life - even though the life he seems to want is one filled with no responsibilities, no emotional ties, and seen through the 24/7 haze of alcohol.

I say, grow up Luke. Stop being a child, stop playing at being a teen ager, and grow up. Because a sixty something year old man playing at being a free as a bird teen ager is not cool, or inspiring or something to envy - it's just sad and pathetic. And that is what Luke has become over the years. Desperately sad and pathetic.

Just every, single, wonderful, thing MIKE said. Just THAT.

I loved Elizabeth today. She was on fire until the last segment with Lucky. I'm sorry, but GW went on and on about honoring history, so what crack pipe is he smoking where he acts like Elizabeth can't let go of Lucky and she needs Lucky so much and can't stand on her own. When she was married to Ric, Lucky wasn't even a thought. When she was with Jason, getting back with Lucky wasn't on her mind. When it comes to Cameron's conception and birth, Lucky wasn't even a thought, so why all of a sudden does GW write her as if she's the one that's never been able to let go of Lucky when the viewers have seen her do it so many times. This is what bugs me so much. The constant back and forth that the writers are writing Elizabeth all to make Lucky look good and so enlightened because it sure isn't for the character of Elizabeth's benefit. It's ridic to force feed us that Lucky is the one that's able to let go while Elizabeth is this needy woman that can't let him go when once again she's let him go so many times in the past.

The last segment today is so why I am happy that GW got demoted, JFP and Frons got let go and here is to hoping that when FV and RC takes over I can get an Elizabeth that is strong like she was and stays consistent because you get whiplash from eppy to eppy with the Elizabeth that GW is writing now. One minute she realizes that her and Lucky will never work, the next she's begging Lucky for them to be a family, then they write her fantasizing about a 'what if' with Jason, then she's back to wanting Lucky, then she's realizing that her and Lucky will never work out. It's just ridic. It's like the writers just decided amongst themselves to write her the way they want to, damn what another writer has wrote her saying or doing the day before.

Soapbaby and Mike...kudos to all you said about Lucky and Luke.

ITA I did want to cheer! Becky was awesome; FINALLY Liz got to have a realistic reaction to Luke. I thought the scenes were fabulous. I always come off feeling that rather then feeling real remorse or guilt that Luke mostly is just fed up that he has to deal with anything to do with Jakes death almost as though he is the injured one. UGH. The last few years have totally leached all the humanity out of him.

The Wyndemere story is just a mess; its supposed to be gothic and spooky and it is neither; unfortunately I didn't see even a glimmer of chemistry between NP and the actress playing the LIW.

The Robin stuff is going to kill me I know.

Again though Becky Herbst was marvelous yesterday she made me want to clap and then made me tear up. Kudo's to her!

I used to be a fan of Luke. When it was obvious that he was a loyal friend (Robert, Sonny) and a loving father and husband *with flaws*

But TPTB and the actor seemed to think we needed some schooling in How To Play an ****hole like a Pro... and I went along for that ride because I've said and done Wrong Stuff too..until... but as of the intervention, it morphed too far for me into how to play a Hateful Father Like a Pro. It's one annoying disrespect of history for him to treat Laura like some fragile 'mistake,' but an entire second level to make him into the father who thought the best move possible was telling his son that running over his grandson was 'liberating,' who doesn't seem to register that Lulu is lost, and he's the main reason...didn't even react much to her putting herself in the position of being a pimp's employee at a brothel. And Ethan...Ethan will get some lecture in three months if we ever see Luke again, about "See Dodge? You actually wanted a father too much. I'm outta here."

I hate present-day Luke, I'm disgusted by him. I hope he's one of the characters to die soon. And Liz/Becky was right-on-the-money yesterday.

Hmm... sorry I think this is the first time I disagree with you. I do agree that REbecca Herbst was amazing, and too bad that JFP loves her boy toys and seems to loathe the incredible talented actresses that she has had in her employ... but for Liz to be doing a complete 180 on Luke is a writing mess!!! One second she was taking all the blame, telling Luke it wasn't his fault then she does a complete turn around and there has been NOTHING in the writing to explain why she has done such a turn around (outside of psychosis.. which is where I've heard in spoilers this is heading ...another lame trip to Shady Brook) (where all the most talented actresses characters go! UGH). I loved that they used Liz's character to finally say that Luke is a mess. Anyone who knows Luke for a long time KNOWS how important family is..was to him, and how NOTHING matters to him since he lost Laura. Those of us who are LONG term GH and L&L fans.. understand Luke... but hate the way he and mostly everyone else has been written for years. Lucky's comment to Luke finally addressed Luke's issues. Hopefully the new creative team understands how important he is to many of us.

Mike.. Luke is FOS... and Lucky knows it. Loved yesterday's scenes. Lucky has been letting his father pretend, because he knows as good as his mother that Luke erects walls around his heart when he can't deal and he just cut it all to hell with the one comment. Jonathan Jackson delivered that line with perfection... and Tony Geary's reaction was a hurtful touche to his son... ahh.. it really was a gift to us hard core Luke/Laura/Lucky fans. The fact that these actors have managed to keep it real for their characters under the ridicuous guza slaughter pen after all this time, that we are finally getting a glimmer of their real relationship...loving it...

... please we're all upset about Luke's pretention.. please if you can choke down the comic book mobsters with a heart of gold crap... Luke is hardly a serious offender! I just so hope the new regime can make ALL the characters HUMAN again!

@Luanna... I did watch and feel the exact same way that you do. I found nothing the matter with what Luke said to Elizabeth. I think he was being honest. I'm not saying that what she was saying wasn't true too.. but I know Luke well .... he said to Laura last he saw her that he does not do well with the ins and outs of emotional situations, that he operates from the gut. What was he supposed to do? I did not see arrogant at all. I saw detached... and I think that was the WHOLE point of the WHOLE scene. To show how detached this man has become. Someone who family meant EVERYTHING to (you just need to know about his relationship with Bobbi and Ruby, and Laura and Lucky..) and the contrast of that man; who LOVED Laura, and this man who f'd up and let love go! So happy they are finally addressing this issue with Luke.. and psyched that the scene played out with Jonathan Jackson and Elizabeth Herbst as their characters have the most history, and this conversation could ONLY impact Luke coming from them!

As so many of you have already hit on points that I would have made regarding yesterday's episode, I would like to address Luke's last line to Lucky about Liz needing him to rescue her. Total bullshit. Liz nearly drowned to her death. Not once did I hear her cry out for Lucky to come rescue her. When she was crying out for her son with fever, I didn't hear her say 'Jake, I will get Daddy to come rescue you.' Jason appeared at her room, but prior to his arrival, Liz wasn't begging for his help.

Liz has been through hell and back. When she first learned of Aiden's illness, she didn't ask for anyone to call Lucky and tell him to come home. When she faced Luke yesterday, she didn't ask Lucky's permission to speak her mind to Luke. Even when she fell to the ground, she didn't ask Lucky to catch her or pick her up. When she went to see Aiden upon learning he was in the hospital, was she crying out for Lucky along the way? Or Jason for that matter? So what the fuck is Luke talking about?

I watched Lucky intentionally burn a house down and not one single person yell at him about that. He layed on the floor for hours stairing at two pill, and no one warned Liz that maybe she should stay away from him cause he's so friggin needy and week. Lucky abandoned his kids, left the country without telling their mother where he was going or when he would be returning, yet Liz is the basket case? WTF???

I hated that Liz is being made to grovel to Lucky, especially when I consider that Lucky hasn't given Liz any type of emotional support in ages. It's okay for him to seek her out when he needs an ego stroke, but anytime she needs him, it's a crime? Sorry, not buying this swill.

Becky was amazing yesterday and it was wonder watching Liz discover her spine - even if the writers only allowed it to last for a couple of scenes. I imagine she will be written bat shit crazy over the next couple of weeks to facilitate Lucky having a reason to leave. I will miss JJ but damm, I hope these last few episodes featuring Lucky fly by quickly. Maybe then Liz will have a chance to move on in her life.

Thank you Mallory and the commenters here. It is good to have a place to vent about the current state of GH. The Friday after Thanksgiving, SoapNet aired episodes featuring Lucky Spencer and the quality of the shows from '93-'99 were amazing. The Spencers were flawed but loving and honorable. Now, The Spencers reflect the current state of GH, morose, depressing, weak and unfocused.

Sorry, Mallory; I usually agree with you, but I don't get the rage here. Luke was kind of obnoxious, yes, but in a way that was true to his perspective at the moment - and you've gotta have some kind of conflict in the scene. And although Liz's words were emotionally satisfying in some ways, they were also kind of perplexing, given the turnabout in her attitude sus mentioned above.

I thought it was an excellent episode overall. Really good dialogue throughout the show showed different characters' points of view and actually advanced the plot. Sure, the LIW herself is kind of underwhelming, but the plot still has potential, and I found the episode as a whole one of the most satisfying I've seen in quite a while.

@Sus I completely agree about the 180 they had Liz do in regards to Luke. It made my head spin.


Liz had just found out that it was Luke that brought Aiden to the hospital and was rightfully upset since he DID run over a four year old and didn't stop. Yes, Liz was forgiving of Luke nine months ago after he ran over Jake, but the woman has been in the hospital for almost 1 1/2 months after all most drowning to find out that her sick baby was brought into the hospital by the same man that killed the baby's older half-brother. Lucky had plenty of time in Liz's hospital room to tell her what happened BEFORE Liz ran into Luke. Luke has never EVER spent time with Cam and Jake and this was before thinking that Jake was a biological Spencer until this time in 2008. Liz was right to point out that Luke suddenly decided to come see her boys when he has never done it in the past and only now since he had killed one of her boys.

I put part of the blame for the sloppy writing for Luke on AG since he's more than happy to tell fans to get over the fact that Luke is no longer the man that loved Laura or the family man from 1993-1996. Jeez. AG thought it was cool that Ethan was Luke's son, while I thought it was a slap in the face that he dissed all of the LnL fans from years ago who knew he never cheated on Lucky back then.

Never having been a big Luke fan (I would have picked Scotty myself), I was more than happy to get him off my TV screen.

Michael and Jason are taking turns throwing tantrums. I think I'm a sympathetic person, but I can't muster any feelings for Sam, Lulu or Sonny.

As for the lady in the wall, is she a cloned Helena? Another Laura offspring? And who's the dude who lives in the walls with her?

For me, the only truthful line out of Luke's mouth was that Elizabeth should be angry with him and not blame herself. Everything was pure horses#it. How lovely of it was Luke to allow Elizabeth to be upset with man who killed her son and has yet to be charged with a crime. Telling the mother of the child(your one time daughter in law) you drunkenly hit and left on the side of a road to die, that it was okay and truly healthy for her to be angry with him. Really show? And then have him say that he'll never ask or want her forgiveness? Please tell me that he went on to say that he wouldn't expect it from himself, much less from her. Please. I could've missed that part when my brain exploded from the rage. But he was just so damn smug saying it! FU Luke Spencer! Loved Elizabeth calling Luke out on his sudden need to see Aiden. He never considered or treated any of Elizabeth's kids as Spencers. Until he discovered that Aiden was Lucky's son. Then he wanted to see this kid? F*ck off old man. One last thing, how nice was it to see Monica finally give someone who actually deserved her anger a hard slap? I'm just surprised that she only slapped him. I would've pegged her for a punch to his gut or a knee to his groin type of gal.

Elizabeth finally has her moment to tell off her child's killer and nails it. Then her writing falls apart by having her be all weepy "But, but, Lucky, we're meant to be together!" in her room scenes with Lucky. I really am sick to death of seeing Elizabeth being so fricking enamored about LnL 2.0 and being all about Lucky. It just doesn't make sense for her to be stuck in this god awful holding pattern. After Lucky "died" she did manage to find love with Jason and later with Ric. God, I miss LiRic. Right now the show has her completely dependent on Lucky.

But I'm hopeful that Liz is finally angry. Angry at people who deserve it. Luke killed her son and hasn't had to pay anything for it. Not an arrest, no trial, nothing. And she has her admittly childish hopes about Lucky getting his act together and ending up as one big happy family. She almost dies(twice) and then finds out that her baby is sick. Lucky comes home spouting off about dreams of hearing Jake warning about Aiden and they have the big heart to heart about being a real family again. They tell one another that they love each other. Liz gets her dreams in high gear. Then Lucky decides that they reuniting again would be a disaster waiting to happen. So yeah, Liz gets to be pissed with Lucky. I'm just hoping that one day Liz gets mad enough to finally to to the police and prosecutors and demand that Luke be charged with her son's death. Punishment for a hit and run which resulted in a toddler's death would be a new concept for the PC justice system.

I totally agree with your comments. Becky was a joy to watch. I hated, absolutely hated when she forgave Luke the jackass for running over Jake. So, I totally enjoyed her finally telling him off. AG should have retired years ago. Several years ago he sang "I did it my way." I thought that was the end for him and it should have been. I have never hated Luke as much as I hate him now. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to redeem his character. It was shitty writing for Guza to have him kill Jake and never pay for it. It is also disgusting that the town hitman, gave him a free pass on killing his son, yet now he's running around town trying to avenge the maybe rape of his wife. I also despise the character of Jason. Were it not for Becky, I would have tuned out years ago.

Where has THIS Elizabeth been? In a closet? Along with Awesome Writer? I would certainly believe it! We saw a glimpse of her after Jake died (slapping Jason when he tried to lay claim to HER son's organs for his slut of a friend who drags her own child across the world to chase after a psychopath), but then she APOLOGIZED to Luke for him running down her four-year-old, and I lost all hope.

Of course, I'm not naive enough to believe this will change much. Hell, we didn't even get to enjoy her for very long because the next thing we know, she's on her knees, begging Lucky to stay and help raise their children. It seems to me there were just as many accidents when they were together as when they were apart (The carnival episode, The Bus Accident, The multiple kidnappings, one of the million Hospital Crises, The Metro Court hostage crises, etc) so I have a hard time believing that simply being together will solve all of their problems. I believe he was an addict with and without her. He just doesn't want her around for the next time he "slips."--as she pointed out.

I loved her taunting him with his similarities to his father. She was right on the money! The best part: she didn't look guilty for saying it. I hope he feels like total shit for acting like Luke 2.0. Oh and TG can go off somewhere and rot for all of the Laura mentions (her being his downfall, being what was wrong with him all these years, not being the love of his life, for making him "grow up.")

All we've gotten since JJ's return is yelling at Elizabeth (but forgiving his slut of a brother since it's obvious Elizabeth is the BAD one...not like Nikolas has ever gone after a woman in a relationship before), feeling about two minutes of pain for a son he claims to have loved (I didn't see him throwing a fit when Jason laid claim to that little boy's organs), chase after his father (for reasons I still don't understand), and now, NOW he's getting Liz's hopes up?! It seems they're never going to let her stand on her own two feet AND be with a man she loves!

Remember when Elizabeth was seeing Jake everywhere? That should have been Luke! He should have started screaming aloud about how sorry he was, all the while having to listen to Jake repeatedly ask him WHY he killed him! How's that for justice? Jake's death was fucking liberating?! WHAT?! This show can take its attempt at redeeming a horrible character and shove it. I won't be used.

I guess it was just so much easier to show a grieving mother as a basket case! Only a crazy woman would be haunted by having to bury her own child! Is that right Show? Fuck you GW...you and all your promises about how you would be a better writer than Guza. Looks like the joke was on us. And that man had a ten-year-old shot in the head! Then spent the rest of the show talking about how that hurt HIS father the most!

Elizabeth needs to take her kids (what's left of them) and go to Italy. Her parents and siblings are all doctors. You're telling me they couldn't get her there? She could just as easily be a nurse there and probably make a lot more money, all the while supporting her children (as she always has) and finding herself again.

Don't even get me started on the possible rape storyline. For all the attacks this show has put us through (I'm still haunted by Emily and Elizabeth's the most...thank you for those horrifying, never-ending flashbacks), you would think they would realize that the guys aren't the victims (or is that why they had Michael raped? Of course, it was a joke when the same thing happened to Jax, wasn't it?)

Ethan can talk to however many ghosts he wants. He couldn't be any more boring if he tried. Like I want to see the ruination of Luke and Laura running around. Put him with Kristina, put him with Mia, put him in a moving vehicle and send him off the edge of a Wyndemere cliff. I couldn't care less.

Sorry for the long rant.

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