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December 01, 2011

"If Anyone Needs A New Attitude Around Here, It's Our Wives"

I am probably going to murder both Liam and Bill Spencer with a fork.

Seriously. Yesterday's episode actually gave us Liam, with a straight face, saying to his father, "If anyone needs a new attitude around here, it's our wives." And then the two of those dueling douchebags smugly smirked and exchanged knowing looks.



Because yeah, they're so above everything. They should just chuckle condescendingly at these silly women. It's not like Liam just married a woman Bill was fooling around with and about to leave his wife for two months ago. And it's not like Bill plotted behind the scenes to make sure Liam did marry her. And it's not like no woman should ever want to touch either one of them even with a hazmat suit and a long stick (gasp! I've made a cross-network daytime soap reference! Which Soaps In Depth magazine should I be reading!?).

Oh wait, it's exactly like all those things.


The sad thing was how terrific the earlier scenes between Bill and Katie were (and there I was wondering why we don't get the good, meaty stuff like that more often). And I get the appeal of Bill in theory. He's slick and sexy and frank and cool and all that. But he treats his wife like complete garbage, and it's hard to sit through. And Liam, don't even get me started. Liam has no right to smugly criticize anyone ever about anything for the rest of all eternity. Ever. He routinely made out with another woman while he was engaged. He was un-engaged for five minutes and got engaged to another woman. He married a woman and was making out with another one two days later. He married his father's mistress not even three months after that ended. Oh, and these two women he's been vacillating between? Half-sisters*. But it's the women who are silly and should be smugly mocked, right?


With a fork. A fork.

(*Paternal adoptive half-sisters)


I keep wondering what the show would do if Scott Clifton(Liam) puts back the weight he lost and looks like he did when he played Dillon Quartermaine. I still find it hard to buy this guy as a young romantic lead because I think the actor does comedy better. They should've kept his character as the computer geek he was when he first came on the show. It would've driven his macho, dapper Dad crazy because he wasn't a chip off the old block. But he became transformed into a butterfly in a matter of weeks after discovering his paternity. I'm frankly ready for Liam to idle a nice long while on the backburner because his character has been totally destroyed, but that ain't gonna happen any time soon. All I can do is hope for bad things to befall his character. Oh, yeah, he's married to duplicitous Steffy and he truly deserves her and whatever she does to him. Guess what that's going to be?

I'm sad that Scott Clifton is apparently stuck with a dud of a character and a storyline. I still miss Schuyler.


Why not a spoon, cousin? It'll hurt more.

Please don't forget about Douche Magnus Ridge, forcing Hope to congratulate Steffy and Liam's marriage during their thanksgiving dinner. After constantly telling Brooke to stay out what was happening between them.
Katie almost had a heart attack because she thought Bill was leaving her for Steffy, then he Hires Steffy to work at his office, forcing his wife to be around her everyday. Its effing insane!!!

Louise, can i share this article?

Of course!

I still miss Schuyler too, C. :(

Steffy and Hope aren't half sisters, Ridge never adopted Hope. They are step sisters. Those Spencer men are a trip, but somehow I still love Bill but hate his son.

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