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December 04, 2011

Songs In The Key Of DULL

After slogging through Friday's General Hospital (for, like, the fourth time, because I stopped paying attention during each of the first three attempts and I think I might have even fallen asleep once and I'm not just saying that to overstate the amount of dull that was packed into sixty or so minutes, give or take a few for commercials--including SO many commercials for The Revolution, with a voiceover by a ridiculously enthusiastic narrator who crows "This is like no other show on TV!" which I am taking as an admission that the narrator has never seen TV before. Maybe that's why there was such enthusiasm? "Hey, this box is TALKING!"--because it's impossible to overstate the amount of dull that we're dealing with right here), I have one wish and, surprisingly, that wish is not death. No, my wish is to learn more about the people who work at The Port Charles Times because it seems like there are some hilarious people on staff there.


There are layers upon layers of amusing here, from the headline to the spectacularly unflattering photos of the doctors turned murder suspects, who all look like drugged "BEFORE!" pictures in a weight loss supplement commercial.

The rest of the show wishes it could be as entertaining as that split second glimpse of a faux newspaper. Sure, they tried to inject some "You go, girl!" (you know that the General Hospital powers-that-be still say "You go, girl") with Monica slapping Luke and, I hope, setting Liz up to do the same on Monday and yes, they gave us some quality time with Aiden and his chubby cheeks

but such enjoyment was brief and overshadowed by the ridiculous-and-not-in-a-good-way story about people living in the walls at Wyndemere and Sonny and Kate having the same conversation that they've been having for WEEKS now, which I will paraphrase below, if you haven't already hastily exited this blog entry after seeing "Sonny", "Kate" and "conversation" in the same sentence because why subject yourself to that boring again, right? How much longer can this go on for?!

KATE: I know you do, Sonny. You have feelings. Do you know how it feels for me to watch you have feelings?!
KATE: Let's talk some more about this, Sonny. Let's talk about your life and how it made me feel.
KATE: I would never leave you alone, Sonny. I would never! Do you know how that would make me feel?

Maybe I shouldn't have asked that, because knowing these writers, they'll take it as a dare and Sonny and Kate will be talking about the past for the next six months...


So when Liz first found out that Luke was the one that killed Jake, she not only did not blame him, she FORGAVE him. She always, ALWAYS blamed herself. Now that he did WHAT LUCKY ASKED HIM TO DO and got her other son to the hospital and SAVED HIS LIFE she is angry about him bringing him. What the hell are the writers doing to her character?? And don't even get me started on the hypocrisy that is Monica. Yep this show is toast. It's obvious the writers don't even begin to care about continuity anymore.......not that they ever really did.

At least Monica had the ONE good line of the day..."Well, out of the three of us, I'm the only one who HASN'T had sex with Lisa Niles." The rest of Friday's show sucked.

Someone's living in the walls @ Wyndemere? So THAT's where JR ended up!!!

Mallory, I think you'd be more sympathetic to Sonny if you knew about his history. I don't know if you've ever heard, but Sonny had this stepfather, named Deke, who zzzzzzzzzzz..........

Women on GH are either sexy & brainless or smart & raging bitches (or totally insane). Except Alexis who is smart & has terrible taste in men. And this version of Lulu who is a brainless hypocritical bitch. (Did she forget her trip to the whorehouse to find her daddy?)

And yes to whomever mentioned the similarity in the new women cast (except the awful Delores--seriously if she is going to have a big part, she needs to be recast). The new doctor, new Kate and the woman in the wall could be sisters.

Mallory, do you think the change at the top means anything or is GH doomed next fall no matter what?

I really hope that RC can fix the writing for Liz since it sucks donkey balls. Well, the entire show is bad and that's since I can only bring myself to read recaps and those tend to mock the show which is so boring.

Oh, how NuSkate makes me long for the stories of the Balkan and fake Brante baby....That was actually more entertaining and realistic and for anyone that watched those stories you know that means a lot.


LUKE: Did you see me DRINK the scotch?
LUCKY: What is that supposed to mean? Are you trying to tell me you were just looking at it and didn't drink it? Cuz that's cray-cray, Pops. *conveniently forgets last month's lying-on-the-carpet-staring=at-a-pill-for-three-days*

*cringes* I have to admit, I do still use the phrase "You go, girl!"

But then again, I use all kinds of stupid lingo, like referring to fictional characters as "honey" or "sweetie" while addressing them in the second person (Ex: "Lucky, honey, you know I think you're awesome, but right now you're acting like a complete jerk. Also, you need a haircut.")

Anyway, enough about me! When are you guys going to comment on Frons and JFP and GW leaving, and Frank Valentini/Ron Carlivati taking over GH?



IA with Gwen about Lucky. Yeah, it's so not believable to sit and stare at booze and not drink it, but it's completely the norm to stare at pills all day long. Lucky, have a seat.

@Sanity: YES!

@Gwen: I thought the same thing!

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