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December 14, 2011

The Thing About Dash Dunning

Today's One Life to Live introduced us to Dash Dunning, the soap-within-a-soap Fraternity Row's counterpart to Todd Manning. When Destiny talked about Matthew waking up to learn that she was carrying his child....

Roxy: You know, at least your daddy didn't, you know, try to go after him and kill him or anything like that. Like Dash Dunning did with his daughter's boyfriend after they did the deed? (Sounds familiar. --Ed.)

Nigel: Which was the first clue that Moon's real father (Moon! Teehee. --Ed.) wasn't the real Dash Dunning. Her real father never would have committed such violence. (Okay, as a counterpart to Todd, that's a bit of a stretch! --Ed.)

Speaking of our own "Dash Dunning," today was a Todd/Starr day! Those are the very best days of all. This is the stuff most of us have been dying to see since his return. But I have to ask: why is it that the one front page mock-up that Todd would have enlarged, mounted on posterboard, and displayed on an easel in his office at The Sun would be Jack's "Scar Leaves Starr Holding the Bag" headline that was intended to hurt Todd and Starr?


A strange choice, right?

Starr gave her father a little good advice about pursuing Blair (who he'd like to "foist"), namely to chill out for five seconds so he doesn't blow it. Later in the episode, Todd picked up the phone to call his beloved and we were shown this glorious little treat:


If I'm not mistaken, the little note next to Blair's photo on his desk (aww!) is an underlined note he's written to remind himself, "Call hit man." That is... amazing.

Téa got a little nasty with her bestie Blair, telling Blair to "shut up" and that she doesn't know what she's talking about, as if the truth about what's going on is something that Téa just intuited and Blair's just too dumb and insensitive to notice -- while, in fact, Téa would be just as none-the-wiser as Blair had John not decided to let Téa in on his suspicions. Hey Téa! If someone just told this to Blair like they did you, she'd know it, too! Téa also seems to be under the impression that Dani would feel a lot better than she currently does if she knew her Uncle Tomas didn't really kill Victor. I'm so sure! "Dani, great news! Your Uncle Tomas didn't murder Victor, your father did and then he abducted him and held him hostage and made him fake-confess!" That'll make her feel way better, but everyone on this show from the writers on down to the characters seems to think that Todd's biological parentage of Dani is the least relevant thing to happen since Paige Miller was written off. (Wait, no! Baz being written off may have been less relevant, if it's possible! I loved that Starr simply referred to him today as Tomas' "stupid son.")


Wardrobe also decided to persist again today in their determination to dress Natalie in the least-flattering outfits available. 


I mean, what is so hard about dressing Melissa Archer? The woman has slammin' hot body with curves in all the right places. Is it that they're so used to only dressing stick figures? I cannot figure it out.

Todd's little ensemble, on the other hand, was slightly more fashion-forward.


I'm just still curious where he absorbed this sense of current trendy hair and sartorial style while locked away being tortured every day for eight years. Were a lot of the rogue CIA operants super-metrosexual?


Oh yeah, David maybe fathered a child in high school. Any guesses who it might turn out to be? The character would have to be around twenty-five, right? Is Aubrey that young? Do we even have other options at this point? (Of course, all we know is that he impregnated someone in high school, we don't yet have confirmation that the pregnancy was carried to term.)


Today's Memory Lane installment is two-fold. 


Obviously I was going to go here eventually. Karen telling the truth on the witness stand was one of the seminal moments of really not just One Life to Live, but soaps in general. Not to mention the great Judith Light's career!

But the other part of it is that while these episodes aired in the late 70s, the scenes re-aired in that awesome 90s show "A Daytime to Remember," which was on every day (oh, for the days that even a soaps flashback show was enough to keep on the air even if just for a little while!) in which people introduced clips from classic soap episodes (Reba MacIntyre does it adorably in this one).

I wish they'd release that series on DVD! 

So let's hear it! How many of you were watching the first time Karen Wolek's famous scenes aired? How many of you caught them for the first time back in the nineties on "A Daytime to Remember"? Old tapes? Dug them up on YouTube? Any of you brand new to them? (They're airing the full episode on a SoapNet marathon on New Year's Day! It's the 10AM episode, so make sure to set your DVRs so you won't miss it while sleeping off your hangovers. Not that any of you would be such barbarians!)


Really your curious about where Todd picked up his hair and sartorial style. This is the Todd who in the nineties stalked around in armani suits and had hair that any supermodel would envy. Todd may be a broken violent man but he always looks his best.

I saw that clip live during A daytime to remember :) Oh, how time has flown by! I was heartbroken at the time because one of MY soaps, Loving, was off the air. At that time, it was Loving at 12:30 pm for me, followed by Days at 1 pm, then capped with OLTL at 2 pm. By the way, I was like 12 years old at the time!! I don't know how i was watching these shows since I was in school lol! Now I watch OLTL on youtube (gave up on Days many years ago unfortunately and never went back). Once OLTL is gone, my soap obsession will be put to rest :(

waiting for wow, you're totally right about Todd in the 90's, I just think it's hilarious that he's kept up with fashion after almost a decade cut off from the world!

E.A., I was a big Loving fan. So sad when it was gone, but A Daytime to Remember kind of softened the blow a bit! (The City most decidedly did NOT!)

Well, Jack already had his front page thing of Starr enlargened and Todd probably is hoping that if/when Jack comes around, he'll be glad to see that Todd still has that hanging around and want to work at the Sun more.

I have to say it. RH was looking good today.

I dislike that everything Todd does now is overshadowed by his secrets but I do love more Manning time. I can't wait to see him continue to pursue Blair. It will all blow up but let me live in my RH/KDP bubble for a while, please. PLEASE, WRITERS! I beg you.

Once Blair and Todd got a hold of his trust fund, Blair apparently got Todd dressed up and lots of stylish clothes. Once he got rich, he stopped wearing a ponytail for the most part and let his 90s hair go all loose and flowing.

Presumably because he could afford conditioner.

I loved the look today and it made me thing that Todd somehow inherited Eli's clothes because the colors were brighter than Todd tended to go back in the day.

Plus... French cuffs. Purrrrr.

Anyway... Starr/Todd were wonderful. Todd writes with a typical guy chicken scratch. (Love his 'Call hit man' note next to Blair's picture... clearly putting it there will keep him from forgetting as I'm sure he spends a great deal of time gazing at that picture.) I also loved how he practiced his phone call to Blair.

Meanwhile, I rather enjoyed Blair and Dani. I kind of got a kick out of the whole 'Well, I didn't know Tomas that long so I'm not really attached' 'I've been let down by so many men I've lost count' exchange.

Good stuff. Good stuff.

Today's episode was good but yesterday's episode was EXCELLENT. I agree with LB, I love Todd (especially with Starr or Blair or Viki) but I hate how often the name, "Tomas" is mentioned. Over and over and over, ad nauseum. Same thing with Gigi. I am enjoying he show but the focus on lame characters has always bothered me and even more so as the show nears it's finale. Okay, I will stay positive. I loved Nora, Bo and Matthew. I adore David too but I'd trade him out for Dorian on my screen...positive, positive...Matthew is back and his rapport with David is great.

I agree with you that Karen Wolek's confession on the witness stand is one the greatest performances in soap history. OLTL has had some of the greatest performances in all of daytime from Erika Slezak's tour de force as Viki split into six (?) separate personalities (in '95) to Kassie DePaiva's immaculate performance during 2001's Live Week when Blair confronts Todd about selling away baby Jack to Trevor St. John setting the screen on fire as Todd received the lethal injection in 2006 (capped great performances throughout the death row s/l.)

Awww, I am going to miss OLTL SOOOO MUCH!!!

I remember being in middle school and playing sick for an entire week to get to see this play out (I had an unnatural interest in prostitution courtesy of AMC's Donna Beck and was considering it as a career to meet and marry a cute doctor -- long story, don't ask).

When Karen took the stand, I was absolutely riveted and every time I see these clips I still get the chills (or chill bumps as Nancy Grace would call them).

I too would LOVE to have those episodes on DVD.

Louise, I have to disagree about something: Tea's blow-up wasn't because she thinks Blair is stupid, it's because she's frustrated that she can't tell her what John told her. She doesn't want Todd to worm his way back into Blair's affections on the back of his lies.

I know Tea doesn't really think Blair is stupid, but she was treating her that way. It irked me, darn it!

I saw the Karen scenes live with my siblings since we were supposed to have been outside playing...lol

Ugh. I am so tired of everyone pimping Gigi like she's the next best thing since slice bread.

I truly hate it when another actor takes over a popular soap character role and then the writers write the character "out of character" until the original actor returns to the role. Todd was written as a sociopath while TSJ was in the role and now he's being written "correctly" because RH is back on the show. IMO it's a disservice to both actors since writers should "write" for the character no matter which actor plays the role. Okay, that's enough from the rant section!...lol I feel the same way about JY and GV's versions of Lucky that were written as clueless chumps until JJ came back into
the role ten years later.

I think Tea was also frustrated that Blair was once again falling for Todd's line of BS.

Yeah, I like David, but would have preferred Dorian to be on the show until it ends.

So, David got a girl pregnant in high school? Ummm. Sure. I really wish OLTL had not changed David and Rexx's paternity.

I've only seen the Judith Light scenes on YouTube, so I'm extremely excited about seeing them on tv!

Yesterday was pretty stellar! I'm loving RH, and this is my first time seeing him. When I started OLTL, TSJ was in the role. I liked him too, for a while. But with RH back in the role, I'm loving Todd.

Yesterday, though, was the first time I wanted Blair to shut up. She just talked too much to Tea about Tomas and Todd, and for the first time, I though Blair was being pretty clueless and insensitive. I wasn't suprised Tea came down on her. I don't think Tea thinks Blair is stupid either, but I do think that yesterday, Blair had a bad case of motor mouth.

Also, I enjoyed Starr with Todd. Man, if he'd been around more, I might have liked Starr more. Whatever he has planned for Rick, I don't want to miss it.

I assumed Todd hired someone to pick out his fashion forward wardrobe. Why go to the effort of figuring it out when you can pay someone to catch you up instead? He couldn't waste any time looking his best for Blair.

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I remember Karen on the witness stand! It must have been summertime, because I saw it ON TV and I would have been in school when it was on normally. I remember Marco faking Tina porn and then the whole Mario story...GOD the show was so good back then!

OK, I love RH as Todd - I get why everyone wanted him back (I never saw much of original Todd and Blair, though I do vaguely remember some scenes, like him kicking Tea out of the penthouse when she tried to seduce him during their fake marriage). But I am finding his pursuit of Blair creepy. He's pretty much stalking the woman. He's up in her business every five minutes and so disingenuous about it. Makes me wonder, if Blair knows him so well, how is she not seeing that he has the total and complete hots for her??? Was he always like this with her?

Whoops, I was wrong, by the time Karen on the witness stand aired, I was being home schooled, so I got to see OLTL every day :)

I remember trying to tell my mother something during Karen's testimony and she told me to be QUIET NOW because she had to see what was going to happen. I remember saying "you can just watch the rerun" and her replying that soaps are never rerun. I think that was what started soaps as must-see TV for me. My mom loved One Life, my dad loved All My Children, and my sister & I were addicted to General Hospital.

Watching Karen's testimony now more than 30 years later is just as riveting as it was then. Wow!! Judith Light owned that screen. I agree with Dirk that scene especially when she finally confesses "I am a common hooker...that Marco Dane was my pimp" gives me chills. I really loved the character of Herb Callesen, but man I hated him that day. Epic!

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