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January 21, 2012

Can't Let Go, No No No

All right, forget my whole attempt at dignity and letting go gracefully. This is not a strength of mine (really, ask any of my friends). So now I'll periodically let us have some fun and games. Let's start with a simple poll!

This one is about your favorite episode ever of One Life to Live. This does not count "very special" episodes (e.g., Trading Places, Fraternity Row, Live Week, etc.)... another day for that!

Vote for as many as you want (I know I couldn't pick just one) and add new ones in the comments! And also take to the comments to talk about why!

  • Tina and the Iguazu Falls
  • The Vicker Man premiere
  • Other (tell us in the comments!)
  • We meet Viki's OTHER alters (besides Niki)
  • Billy Douglas comes out
  • Dorian "confesses" to killing Mitch
  • Karen on the witness stand
  • The KAD trial's conclusion
  • Asa's wives at his fake funeral
  • Bo and Nora's first wedding
  • "Todd's" execution
  • The series finale
  • Dorian and Viki trapped... well, there were a lot of those!
  • Jake returns and Megan dies in his arms
  • Sarah interrupts Bo and Cassie's wedding
  • Tina interrupts Cord and Kate's wedding
  • Blair and Todd's gold balloon wedding
  • The penultimate episode (Viki's soap opera speech)
  • Viki and Clint's second wedding


It's weird if you had asked me at the time I don't think Gold Balloon Wedding would have stood out for me. T&B were my fav soap couple at the time but I had other couples that I loved who fell apart as T&B seemed to but as time went by you saw how much that wedding meant to both, Todd and Blair,and when they reunited in 2000(?) it made it more special and then after 8 years of "VicTodd" trashing Blair and T&B's relationship, RH showed up and once again, that wedding's importance showed in T&B's relationship. So that is why it's my penultimate episode cause it means as much to my fav couple as they mean to me.

Just the mention of Jake and Megan sends me barreling into an epic fangirl spiral of all night You Tube clips and attempts at keeping my hysterical sobbing/squealing at a dull roar as not to wake up my five year old as I'm sure he already thinks I'm nuts and doesn't need anymore trauma in his life. That being said, everyone has their OLTL couple and they were it for me. Love this place.

I chose the one that made me laugh: Asa's wives @ his fake funeral. Another lmao favorite that I didn't see on the list was the infamous "Hell No" wedding that T&B had.

I ended up voting for other because, since I came to OLTL later than most of the other choices, they don't feel like my era of OLTL, you know? Though I did love Asa's wives at his fake funeral and Karen on the witness stand.

Other choices I would nominate would be Mitch popping out of the casket at Jared's funeral, Nora catching Clint in bed with Kim and the resulting confrontation, Kyle and Fish's first time, and the Stacy-Kim-Fish-Kyle fight (aka Hos vs. Mos).

To me, Karen on the witness stand is the best episode on any soap EVER. The sheer power of JL's performance still gives me goosebumps.

I think I voted for all of them and now reading the comments I want to second the "Hell No" wedding just because when Todd and Blair host an event for the entire town all hell always breaks loose.

Can we have a poll next for greatest storylines? Because with soaps since stories stretch months and months it's hard to pinpoint a single episode for them. Plus, with OLTL off the air I've taken to YouTube and would love a little reminder on what keywords I should be searching for.

I blithely coasted through the last few weeks of OLTL thinking "this isn't going to be as hard to say goodbye as I thought it would be!" Then I watched the penultimate episode and it was like the floodgates opened - I sobbed and sobbed. These funny, flawed people weren't going to be a part of my life any more. Unlike the strangely beautiful people of Pt. Charles and Pine Valley, the people of Llaniew looked like real people. 1 PM is still a very strange time for me, how can the Buchanans and the Lords and the Mannings be gone? I will watch Maury or TLC or just turn the tv off before I would watch The Show That Shall Not Be Named which occupies the 1pm time slot on ABC.

I voted "Other" because my favorite storyline hands-down was The Escape from Mendorra. It was fun and adventurous and to watch Bo rescuing Sarah from Prince Raymond and marrying her in that disguise was just awesome. That, to me, was the Golden Age of OLTL and I will never forget them skiing down a mountain, Sarah still in her wedding dress and Megan dressed like a guard, to get to a limo and flee the country. It was truly one of the sweetest and most hilarious lines on the show.

Louise, don't ever leave us. I'm having a hard time knowing what to do with my spare time that I used to devote to OLTL (watching and reading commentaries like yours) :(

My favorites are all the episodes where Viki and Dorian got trapped somewhere. Always fun to watch those. I also like meeting Viki's alters.

No one mentioned the episodes of Todd terrorizing a blind Nora! Or when an amnesia-suffering Marty learned the truth about her "Todd".

The Hell NO is good too. Its hard to find that clip on youtube though, does anyone know of a link?

I'm shocked that Todd's execution is only at 12%. Then again, this is RH country. LOL

Gotta go with Todd's rape trial. Where Nora's guilt gets the best of her and in her closing arguments she tells the jury to convict him.

SaneN85, I'd guess it has more to do with Todd's execution being a Higley episode than anything else. Dark days indeed, though TSJ's phenomenal performance will always make that a highly noteworthy episode for me.

Loving the write-in votes! All great episodes. Brings back memories.

There will definitely be more polls... storylines, characters, couples, special episodes, etc. I ain't done with OLTL yet!

One that isn't mentioned in the list?

Asa and Alex's Cowboy/Egyptian wedding where she comes in on a barge, gets kidnapped by two gangsters dressed as nuns and all the Buchanan boys mount up on horseback to chase her down.

Nora had the unfortunate position of Maid of Honor and was dressed all Egyptian like, too, and once the wedding got underway, she passed Bo in her regalia and mouthed 'Help me!' to him.

I also remember when Jake and Megan reunited after the Charlotte debacle and they were at his cabin and it kept getting decorated for all the seasons and holidays they had missed (it was Lucky who was doing the decorating whenever Jake spirited her out of the cabin) and, oh, I loved them so much.

But Todd and Blair will always be IT for me. And one of my absolute favorites is the tale of Dorian and Blair teaming up to shanghai David out of Dorian's bank account... the double Marilyn Monroe's, Blair confessing all to Todd because she didn't want him to think she was doing him the dirty when they were just starting to get back together, Todd wanting in.. Blair and David at the Bayberry as he's trying to have sex with her and she is coming up with all sorts of ways to keep from doing it is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. "Look up there, it's the Big Dipper and oh!!" (as David presses himself against her ass) "there's the Little Dipper!"

E.A., ask & you shall receive. Todd and Blair hell no wedding:


1) The story line where Ellen Holly was aka Clara/Carla was passing for white.

2) When Clint (Clint Richie) was introduced to Viki by Joe Riley.

3) Anything with the fabulous Marco Dane in it!

4) Karen and Marco switch Catrina's alive baby with Jenny's dead baby.

5) The day that Tina Clayton arrived in Llanview!

6) The death of Sam Rapport and Bo finding out that he was Matthew's biolgocial father!

7)Kish and baby Sierra Mist. The day that Cris caught Kyle and Fish smacking tongue!

One (technically two) of my favorites was the 10,000th episode aka Asa's real funeral.

Kat and Jenny and the fight over baby Mary.

I was forced to vote for the penultimate episode just because it reminded me of how Serial Drama knows what penultimate means and TI(that used to be)IC don't. I LOVED the gold balloon wedding too.

I voted "Other" because my favorite storyline hands-down was The Escape from Mendorra. It was fun and adventurous for me!

I could never choose just one favorite episode but I've never forgotten Mario telling Edwina he was really Marco right before their wedding, and then their extremely private "wedding" several months later.

I also FLOVED Schuyler going all Mitch on MITCH!!! That was soooo ironically delicious - I hooted and hollered my ass off! Come to think of it, everyone going to heaven/hell in the last weeks was a lot of fun too.

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