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January 24, 2012

Get It, Katie!

I have to confess that I've had a hard time getting my heart into writing about other shows after the loss of One Life to Live, but alas, life goes on. The Bold & the Beautiful hasn't exactly been making it easier, what with more of the tedious Steffy/Liam/Hope "triangle" that somehow involves everyone in town, random instant declarations of love from Nick to Donna (?), and... I'm not even sure what to think about the bizarre cross-promotion with Let's Make a Deal.



Then there's Katie.

Heather Tom has just been tearing it up the past few episodes. Katie knew something sounded just a little too perfect when she heard that Steffy magically turned up with a life-threatening condition right around the very second Liam told Bill of his intentions to leave Steffy and go back to Hope. She did some good digging and discovered that, indeed, Bill had faked the MRI results and paid off a bunch of people so that Liam wouldn't leave Steffy. Because really, when you're a swell guy who wants nothing but the best for your son, the best course of action is generally to make a young woman and her loved ones think she's facing imminent death. Class act, that Bill Spencer. What a catch, right?

And speaking of which, I've really been struggling to understand why Katie doesn't just unceremoniously dump his ass, and yesterday they did me the solid of making some effort to explain her thinking behind it.

Katie: This is why you need me, Bill. This is why you rely on me. Because you need me to prevent this. And because I'm the only person who really knows you and is still fool enough to love you. I'm the only one your money hasn't sucked the soul out of.

Bill: Except for having to deal with a couple of my somewhat challenging character traits, I don't think you find it all that much of a burden being Mrs. Dollar Bill Spencer, do you. [Oh my lord what an ass. --Ed.]

Katie: I'm sure that's what other people think. Mousy Katie Logan, rescued by marriage from insignificance. But we know differently, don't we. Because you came to me to be rescued. You chose me because you knew you were drowning and you knew I wouldn't let you. And I'm going to keep that promise, Bill. I'm going to play that part. All the lies, they're gonna stop. Today.

Now. Do I love it? I do not. Of course it would be wonderful if television were filled with strong women who always make the healthiest choices and... oh wait, no it wouldn't, because that would be boring as hell. So while I'd like to see Katie put a stiletto in her crap-ass husband's face, I also buy this completely. I may even be able to relate to it a little (No, not the part with the gobs of money or the part where I'd ever give a second glance to a man who actually refers to himself in the third person and includes a dollar bill, but the part where one might foolishly think oneself uniquely suited for someone else because they see and know their dark side better than anyone else. Oops.).

And how well did that work? Well, here's how well:



"I am Caveman $Bill Spencer, you just Woman!"

And off she went, locked in the attic to be prevented from telling the truth. Locked in the attic! I'm not even joking, y'all!

And even though it's appalling and he's a first-rate neanderthal in every way, this is so much more fun to watch than the nonsense with the youngsters. I'd much rather watch the grownups play. Romeo & Juliet is not considered a masterpiece because it's such a beautiful love story (ha!) between two idiot kids, it's a great play because of the rest of it and how they deal with what the idiots are up to. Hope and Liam are certainly no love story for the ages (despite Scott Clifton's considerable talents), and if I have to see another montage of the exact same love-y scenesbetween them one more time, I may hurl. And I still fail to see why this is a story about whether Liam should be married to Steffy or to Hope. How about nobody?! How in the world are any of these three people ready for marriage?! Chill out for half a second. Date! You're like nineteen!

Rant and rave over. And a big fat thanks to Heather Tom for making this show watchable after a series of dismal episodes, not to mention the improved writing over the last couple of days...


Oh Please, whilst I absolutely love the actress Heather Tom her character Katie is moody whiney & deciteful shrew like Brooke!

She had no problem sleeping with Nick when he was engaged to her niece Bridget she had no problem telling bridget that she was pregnant with nicks baby when bridget & him were married AFTER she married them!

She knows that Bill loves Steffy he was going to leave the heartbreak kid for Steffy untill she had a heart attack & the logan sisters stood around begging him not to leave her as it would kill her!

How ironic that because it's not a Hogan, Brooke tells Liam to leave Steffy cause he's in love with Dope, even though it 'could potentionally' kill Steffy but Dope is Liams 'Destiny so it's ok!!!

Load of crap logans always have to win on B&B GRR

Bill dump heartbreak kid & go get the woman you truly love Steffy like you should of done last AUGUST!

THEN we can a true soap love a WTD storyline hahahahah

As much as I'd like to offer a comment about the relative merits of Kate and Steffy as characters, I'll stick to posting about Louise's most excellent post.

DD and HT have so much chemistry (going back to Y&R) that they can make even the most mundane or appalling storyline work. And they're doing it again. Yes, grown-ups in conflict are so much more fun to watch than barely- past adolescent angst. The smartest thing this sometimes unbearable show did was pair these two. They are brights in a field of dim. JMO.

Heather Tom is a phenomenal actress. Hopefully, she'll have the body of work to warrant her undeserved Emmy for last year. She just didn't have the story or scenes to warrant the win when Tricia Cast should have won. Either way, great actress. I prefer Don Diamont's Dollar Bill over Brad Carlton. She really shines in this role but can we get him a new wardrobe?! I just don't get his 'look' as a millionaire business tycoon.

Out of all the women on this show who NEED to be locked in an attic (let's face it, that's almost the entire female cast), they pick one of the two or three who do not?

I hope she slices, dices, trusses and spit-roasts him when she gets out.

Am I the only one that thinks Katie is dumb? She thinks that Bill wants Steffy and her solution is to break up Liam and Steffy so Liam can go back to Hope which will leave Steffy free for her husband, who really just stayed with her because she had a heart attack and her family guilted him.

I'm sick of Hope. I hate this character so much and I hate how B&B constantly write characters kissing her ass like she's the best thing walking. I was so WTF when they had her moaning and groaning about her problems to Beverly who lived on the streets and instead of Beverly saying 'bitch please, I wish that was the biggest problem I ever had in life', she's telling Hope who was the first out the gate accusing her of stealing the designs how much she admires her and looks up to her like so many other girls. It just so RME how much they kiss up to this character on this show when she's a trifling, wishy-washy character.

I still find it creepy to watch Brooke/Ridge after having sex and lying up in bed talking about their kids sex lives.

I can't wait till this Liam/Steffy/Hope/Bill/Katie thing is over because I want Steffy free. I don't get why they are writing Steffy so pitiful over a character like Liam who so pathetic that if Hope told him that she would get back with him if he killed himself, he probably would do it. After all he tried to eat a shoe because she told him too. I understand why Bill not wanting Liam and Hope together because Liam because her lapdog but Bill just needs to cut his losses and let his son realize that the illusion of Hope will not live up to the reality of Hope.

OMG, those screencaps! In the attic?!!!! I totally agree with you that the grownups are WAY more interesting to watch than the kids.

I'm sort of confused about why so many people think if Liam dumped Steffy she'd go back to Bill. He just tricked her and her family into thinking she was dying so he could control her. Won't she be furious at him? Or is she as pathetic about him as she is about Liam? Women should run at lightning speed away from both Bill and Liam.

Katie calling Bill "Quasimoto" yesterday was priceless. I enjoy the chemistry between HT and DD a lot but I can't see them staying together after this. I just don't want either of them mixing with the junior gang after this.

Louise, its because pathetic is her middle name. Her desperation defines who she is, this is the same twit who "fell in love" with Bill's son in a nano second.

Rapist... the last person on earth to talk about loyalty and trust. Shut your trap.

That being said... Go Katie! I love her taking no prisoners and Steffy so has it coming. Steffy Marone has deep
psychological problems and needs help ASAP and not from her joke of a shrink mother. Who cares if lame ass Steffy starts chasing crap-ass (thanks Louise), let her get him. Katie deserves better...

You dont mess with a Logan though. Just ask mommy dearest, Steffy.

But can Rapist, Taylor or their hot mess of a daughter get more stupid? What were they expecting exactly? Steffy who has the maturity level of a two year old, manipulates her way through Liam's life while her constipated parents enabling her to do whatever she wants. Liam is in love with another woman, you dont have to be a genius to guess the outcome. Hasnt Taylor learned anything from her failures? Not that she can see straight because of her mindless Brooke hate. Well enjoy Taylor cause your daughter is just like you :-)


Interesting.... If the spoilers come true, Stephanie JR will take responsibility in her life for the first time and turn her back on Bill, letting Liam go to the woman he loves. Of course everything will end up being Bill's fault while she is forgiven instantly.

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