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January 25, 2012

In Praise of Llanview's Scoundrel Population

Next poll! This time, we're voting on our favorite One Life to Live baddies. Not all of them have to be full-on black-hat, mustache-twirling villains... but at least in the neighborhood. And by "favorite," it can mean anything from a villain you loved to hate, a villain you loved to hate as long as he/she was in small doses, a villain you knew was bad but you couldn't help but root for despite yourself, or a villain you despised and who got under your skin so much that you knew the actor was just killing it.

And again, the choices I've offered are just off the top of my head and are in no way meant to be comprehensive, so use the comments section for your write-ins and, of course, to talk about why your villain was the baddest of the bad-ass baddies. Once you've submitted your vote, the system won't allow you to vote again, so remember to pick all your favorites the first time!



Are RJ Gannon and Lindsay Rappaport on page 2? Or are they Undercover Heroes?

It's very hard for me to vote against Todd, but I have to go with Randall James.

Great list! The only ones you left off that I would've included are Talbot Huddleston and the deliciously evil Dr. Ivan Kipling (played by the awesome Jack Betts).

Come on Todd Manning of course (even if i think of him more as grey but we can't forget all the BS he did..at least it was interesting) and i have a soft spot for young David Vickers..well the one-note villians never did it for me, i prefer complex characters, even in soaps and you forgot Marty Saybroke in her early days, she was a little 'soap bitch'..ha.

Yeah, it has to be Todd. But runner up with RJ, Carlo and Alex.

Quite a few established baddies on the list, but I have to give the rising star award to Hannah O'Connor. If there were a couple more years left on OLTL, she would have been fi-yah.

Oooh, Jennifer, that's a good one, I did find Hannah to be tons of evil fun! And really enjoyed seeing her again a couple weeks ago. Somehow she slipped my mind, I guess just because she's still sort of an up-and-comer! Meghann Fahy was awesome.

I have to say, my real favorite villain of all time was Tori. I don't know if she counts since she was one of Vicki's "alters", but seeing her mess around with Dorian and her glee at sabotaging "The Banner" were fantastic.

Plus I think she gave Erika one of her best scenes ever:


I always thought Dr. Ivan Kipling was the scariest, creepiest one as he reminded me of the horror film star Boris Karloff. He was just pure evil, and I loved it!

I had to write in Zack Rosen

Zack Rosen was a great one, Kim. In a way he was almost scarier than Todd at that time because he was so jovial and benign on the outside, and never had a shred of remorse for what he'd done.

My votes had to go to Mitch Laurence and Allison Perkins.

Roscoe Born always crackled as the crazy yet charismatic Mitch, whether he was delivering a sinister sermon or digging up a hilarious corpse or leaping out of a casket. He was the ultimate umbrella villain for the whole canvas, his ability to get into characters’ heads much scarier than any gun-totting thug.

And my love for cray cray A. Perks the Baby Snatcher goes back to my first entry into OLTL, the introduction of Natalie. That’s why I was so thrilled Kyle and Fish got to interact with her back in 2010. Barbara Garrick was a delightfully, entertainingly over-the-top hoot. And with Mitch dead (for now) and Allison all self-actualized, I wonder if she was poised to become the soap’s new ubervillainess on Prospect Park.

As for who wasn’t listed, what about Irene Manning, struggling single mother-turned-rogue CIA agent overlord?

Dr. Ivan Kippling!

Gabrielle "Funky Cold" Medina. She was destructive, foolish, self-serving and incredibly fun to watch.

Marco Dane was at the top of my list of favorite villain. Carlo Hesser and original recipe Todd were on my list as well. But Asa was missing. When he first showed up in Llanview, Asa was pretty villainous. As was original recipe Blair. Anyone remember her! Without a doubt, I think that was one of the most unusual casting replacements, although I like KDP.

@Nancy, I forgot about Ivan Kipling. Just shudder thinking about him!!

Lindsay Rappaport. Not your typical over the top baddie, but she created havoc all over llanview...


Dorian Lord!! Why isnt she an option?

As much as I dig OG Todd Manning I picked Roscoe Born's Mitch Laurence. Just crazy cakes man lol! He is the one who messed w/ my beloved Todd but hey RB is fantastic~

I liked Mitch in very small doses, but he was always a bit OTT for me. My favorite was probably Marco. He was did sleaze sooooo well. And Olympia Buchanan gets my honorable mention. Anyone else remember when she came to Asa's masquerade, whacked Sam over the head, and took her place as Titania? It was nice to see "Nicole Bonnard" slowly revealed as nutso!

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