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January 24, 2012

More Favorites for Our Late, Lamented Show

Next poll! This one is kind of ridiculous because there are literally thousands of possibilities, so I just came up with about forty off the top of my head... so no one's allowed to yell at me in the comments for forgetting someone obvious! Comments are for your own write-in picks or talking about how very super-awesome all your favorite characters were. And vote for as many as you want (as I would have to, since there's no way I could narrow it down to one!).



I voted for Todd Manning but I need to make it clear it was RHTodd I was voting the Blair raping ,Evangeline lusting, Starr abusing, Kelly Kissing Rapemancing Marty, and paddling away from happiness with Tea person was never Todd in my mind. Interesting character but not Todd Manning.

Todd and Blair, baby! Separate and together. And, obvs, I mean the original Todd Manning, not Victor.

So many wonderful choices!

Of the ones listed, I chose Viki (our queen and mother), Clint (only known him as played by JvD, love the intensity he brought to every thing Clint did), Natalie (my sassy spitfire in the red funeral dress), Gabrielle Medina (loved her antics when she was married to Asa), Lindsay Rappaport (one of my favorite bad girls), Cris (liked him with Natalie, grew to love him during the summer of Kish and Cayla), and Roxy (Ilene Kristen brought the comic relief, but would also rock the dramatic moments the show gave her).

As for "others", I would nominate Kyle Lewis, Oliver Fish, Schuyler Joplin, Rachel Gannon (Daphnee Duplaix edition), and Kim Andrews. All fresh, diverse characters cut down too soon for more Rex.

Oooh, also, Princess David Vickers! And baby Liam! And Morris!

Oh crap, I forgot to vote for Chandy, the Ford slayer!

Ooh, C, the Chandelier is a GREAT write-in for favorite character! Certainly one of my favorites this year.

My favorites tended to be women: Blair, Dorian, Viki, Gabrielle, Megan and Tina...

And then Todd.

Aside from Viki, apparently I gravitated to the strong-willed bad girls who loved not wisely but too well. I suppose Megan kind of breaks that as well. But still, I'm actually happy that I loved such fierce women through the years.

And Todd.

No you people did not say add Chandy the chandelier. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's great. I went with Asa. There was no one like Asa. I missed Phil Carey's presense when he passed. Asa was shrewd, mean, and a dirty old man but he loved his boys. There was never any doubt about that.

I gotta go with muh sweet boo, Mitch Laurence and Marco Dane (I always like the bad boys)...

Oh Dirk Mancuso, I left those off because I'm planning a whole separate categories for those fun folks!

NATALIE. I miss that badass chick.

Write in for Luna Moody Holden

Viki. Original recipe Clint (Clint Richie)!

Carlo Hesser! Particularly back in the day. Loved how much he loved Renee.

Voted for several of these plus I would add: David Vickers, Allison Perkins, Marco Dane and of course little Sam Manning & his adorable glasses!

You could have an entire separate on poll on inanimate objects we loved (or hated) like the Bag-O-Blood, DNA Test, Sam's glasses, Morris.....

Sam Manning! SpiderSam SpiderSam! Does whatever a spider can!

"so no one's alowed to yell at me in the comments for forgetting someone obvious..."

Kevin is very sorry for causing your memory lapse...

oh la la Todd Manning hands down and i am a fierce feminist (for BOTH gender equal rights attention not the hypocritical, bully type..ha) and i did root for a rapist..so dysfunctional..LOL
Well only on a soap..or at least a fiction oh 'frak'(in a Battlestar Galactica style), i can't help it : the character was complex,interesting, entertaining, fascinating at times, add that the actors who played him were good..on soaps it is rare imo.

Minirth! You beat me to the Apologetic Kevin joke! :D

LOVED DG's Kevin. Voted for Viki, Dorian, Asa, Natalie and Blair.

Thanks for helping us with OLTL withdrawals, Louise.

Evangeline Williamson. She was awesome. Great character who had tons of chemistry with all of her scene partners (romantic and non-romantic.) Watching her clips now on YT an Renee Elise Goldsberry is so dynamic, graceful and beautiful.

I voted for RH's Todd Manning, no other character quite like him on Daytime ever and the actor had principles & stood by his guns, BRAVA!~

Love my Blair, Todd, Dorian, Vicki, Cassie, and Asa. Oh, how I miss Asa.
And RJ. You gotta love that smooth talkin, street smart, tall, dark and handsome bad boy. ;)

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