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January 08, 2012

The Bold and the Beautiful: Week in Review

First, my apologies for being a terribly delinquent B&B blogger. As you may know, I also cover One Life to Live, which only has five episodes remaining of its 43-year-run, so you can imagine it is taking up most of my heart and most of my attention. Obsessively so. Plus I recently broke my foot, so I'm frequently in painkiller-induced haze. These are my excuses.

But really? What is there to say about The Bold & the Beautiful these days? I've struggled to come up with the words that would be appropriate for this train wreck of a worse-than-a-bad-telenovela on-location storyline that we've been subjected to over the past couple of weeks in the story that will apparently never end, and I've proven it over and over again without any doubt: there are no words. There just aren't. So indulge me for a moment in this wordless recap of the week's events, and those of you who didn't have the "pleasure" of witnessing it yourselves, I promise you: none of this is fake. This is what happened this week. For real.











(Here's the doctor who looked suspicious of everyone and essentially let Bill bribe him to falsify medical records and tell Liam that leaving Steffy would basically be tantamount to murder.)


And that basically sums it up. I cannot properly represent how 90% of the show was long, awkward pauses with badly executed "significant" looks, but trust me on that one.

Enough said. I'm going to go on a search to see if I can find some of the self-respect and dignity I lost while watching this.


It's such a shame that THIS is the soap that still gets nice location shoots. OLTL filmed in A PARK, but they get sandy beaches in Mexico (? Where are they supposed to be?)

Louise, I just read your comments on OLTL, so I guess you found your dignity & self respect. Guess a chandelier is a great cure-all.

Oh my, i was wondering what was happening on B&B! Where are they supposed to be? Why is Hope's face on a glass of muddy water? Those bulldozer jeeps completely confused me. What the what?! The Doc...lol. Thanks for the awesome caps & the catch-up, Louise! :)

They are in Mexico on holiday. I dont know how all of them managed to end up in the same place but Steffy was not pleased, she did everything to keep Liam and Hope from seeing each other and Bill was helpin her, she and Thomas continued their malicious plans and decided to get Hope drunk so that Thomas could take advantage of that and take Hope to bed.

So that was Thomas trying to get Hope drunk i think. Liam saw Hope and Thomas, Hope was drunk, Thomas took off on the ATV with a falling down drunk Hope on the back to get her away from Liam, Liam decided to chase them, Steffy decided to chase Liam on an ATV. Liam catched Hope and Thomas, took Hope away and gave her a kiss. Steffy on the other hand had an accident, too bad she is still alive...

Liam decided to dump Steffy but Bill bribed a doctor to tell everyone that Steffy's condition is serious to guilt Liam into staying with the tramp.

Well roughly thats it. If i am mistaken feel free to correct me. lol.

@Bourgeois Nerd, if I'm not mistaken they are set in Los Angeles.

Pinky, thanks for the update :) So Thomas is in on the plan to take a drunk Hope to bed? :(

To be fair, it's not as if Thomas spiked Hope's drink. She drank voluntarily and was somehow wasted off of two drinks. Thomas wouldn't be the first guy in the world to hope a little booze would loosen up the gal he's into (yet somehow it didn't occur to him -- Steffy had to set the whole thing up by having someone bring her free drinks, as if that were the difference-maker... as dastardly plans go, Steffy's really bad at them). Of course that was after proposing didn't work! (Hey Thomas, if a chick hasn't agreed to go on an official date with you yet, a proposal might be a tad premature.)

He knew Steffy was up to something. I dont know what would have happened if Liam hadnt seen them. Thomas doesnt know the meaning of the word "boundries" and something like this is right up at his alley. If i were Brooke, i would be very scared for my daughter.

Ahh, Thomas is such a mess. I agree with you, Pinky, that Thomas doesn't know boundaries. He had no issue kissing his own stepmother WHILE SHE WAS SLEEPING. I admit, I was the first to cheer for Hope & Thomas' chemistry, but I didn't want him to get all evilly with Steffy. I guess this is just a massive setup for the Liam & Hope love story that just won't die because they are destined to be together.

@Louise - I get that he's not the first guy to do that, but what really bothers me here is that he KNOWS that Hope wants to wait, and yet he's pushing it anyway. If he was some random guy (i.e. Oliver), then I would get it, but he is her sorta brother so it just feels so much meaner, y'know? As icky as Liam has become, at least he never tried to get her to into bed through booze (did he?!?!). AGAIN, not saying men don't do that, but doing that when you already know that there's no way the girl isn't gonna regret it later is just wrong. (I guess he's hoping he's gonna be so spectacular in bed that Hope will never want to leave his bed. Much like Brooke Ridge's ;)

The horror that is Ridge and Taylor as parents. But what was i expecting?

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