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January 25, 2012

Two Episodes in One!

Y'all, this show seriously is getting more bipolar than Sonny Corinthos. Today's B&B was half embarrassing, treacly nonsense and half classic soapy feast!

A good lesson can be learned here. While the show is notorious for lightning-fast romances (and marriages!) and break-ups and more inter-familial partner swapping than the Westboro Baptist Church, that's not where speed is refreshing. Speed is refreshing when there's a major secret that someone learns and within three episodes, that someone has exposed that secret to all the relevant parties. 

After one short hilarious episode of being locked in the tower (of the very house of the two people Bill was trying to keep her from talking to), Katie came right out and exposed Bill's ruse in which he bribed doctors to pretend that Steffy was dying in order to keep Liam from leaving her and being with Hope. Bill did a lot of stonewalling when Liam and Steffy were begging him to confirm or deny, and he absurdly even tried to deny it at first, saying he'd locked his wife in the tower so she wouldn't... what, invent a silly story that could easily be disproved?


Anyway, obviously he eventually had to admit it and then the layers got fun. Katie is still convinced that Steffy was involved (she wasn't) and Liam is pretty sure that Steffy must have known (she didn't) and Bill made very little effort to try to exonerate Steffy. Steffy, meanwhile, was obviously shattered since she'd spent the last couple weeks thinking she was dying (as did her entire family), and Bill's scheming has now ruined any chance she may have had to fight for Liam (sure, wasn't going to work, but that's beside the point). Steffy's in a heck of a "girl who cried wolf" pickle right now since it only follows that Liam and Katie would think she was in on it, but that misunderstanding can pretty easily be proven if it even matters anymore. I have to say it's kind of delicious. Bill did all this because he wanted to keep Steffy close to him because he's still hot for her, and now even she hates him. And then she pointed out that Bill and Katie's marriage is probably over now, too, and neither of them could muster up much disagreement there. 


Fun, fun, soapy-ass stuff.

Alas, on the other side of town... other stuff happened. Hope droned on some more about how she was going to abandon her virgin-themed clothing line (someone in fashion is going to need to explain to me why a clothing model deciding her values are off means you should actually pull clothing from the racks and stop selling it because I mean, call me crazy, but when I pick out an outfit I'm generally not really giving one gazillionth of a shit about the sex life of that outfit's spokesmodel) (and I mean let's be honest, if we had to always personally reflect where our clothing came from we'd be doing a lot more freebasing and/or child exploitation, depending on our sartorial tastes) and Brooke showed up to be the latest of many to tell Hope that she's the most perfect young woman to ever have girl parts and how she's changed the world and ended war and poverty by her virtue alone because, again, everyone the world over wants to know what some fashion designer's stepdaughter does or does not do in the bedroom and builds their lives around it.

And then Brooke went on to explain that she doesn't want Hope to change for some man (okay, good advice there) and how Liam ending up with someone as awful as Steffy makes him the loser which... I mean yes, Steffy is awful, but isn't there a point at which you have to ease off insulting the daughter of the love of your life? A woman you actually had a hand in raising? I'm all for Brooke putting her own daughter before Ridge's daughter (especially since Ridge's daughter has a vendetta and is frequently scheming against her and hers), but retract the claws a bit and be a little bigger than the kiddie games, okay? These people are way too involved in the rivalries of their allegedly adult children. And then Brooke cried a little and it got really creepy because I think she means to make up for her own past sexual transgressions by putting a padlock on her daughter's hoo-ha. Make it stop!


But it did not stop, and it somehow magically turned Hope around and she decided she was going to embrace her values more than ever and move on and celebrate life and continue being Mother Teresa or some such, and then she went up on the roof to have MORE OF THE EXACT SAME HOPE/LIAM FLASHBACKS that we have been getting in daily doses for months now and then Liam showed up and they started making out while Brooke just stood there staring. 

All of that really happened. I'm not exaggerating here.

Now, I'm as glad as anyone to see (something near?) the end of the whole Steffy/Liam/Hope/Thomas saga, but I may need to file it under "be careful what you wish for" if it means a return to the tedious and saccharine pairing of Liam and Hope. And why would she take him back anyway? He made out with her sort-of-stepsister while they were engaged and then screwed and married her five seconds after Hope dumped him, and then right after he was married ran around chasing and kissing Hope instead of his actual wife! And so for the seven-hundredth time, I have to ask: why is this man a catch?

That's all I got. I imagine we'll have some more excellent fireworks tomorrow at the cliff house and some more sugary schmaltz over at Forrester Creations. At least half of it will be fun!


That man is a catch solely because he is portrayed by Scott Clifton. At least, that is why I can't hate Liam, no matter how scuzzy/nonsensical his actions. Forrester Creations obsession with Hope's virginity continues to be icky, although Brooke's seemingly wanting to be a vicarious virgin is a tad less uncomfortable than Ridge and Rick's interest in said subject.

So now that Liam and Hope are about to be reunited can they be backburned both individually and as a couple for at least a month or two. Can the adults on the show now go back to talking about adult things instead of continously talking about Hope's love life.

And yes, I am thrilled to death that Steffy is free from Liam. Maybe she can go back to being a true badass like she was before they tried to convince the viewers that she was soooo in love with Liam.

As for Bill, hated that he didn't speak up immediately to defend Steffy about not knowing about the MRI, but I can't be mad at him for wanting to keep Liam and Hope apart because he saw how his son basically did everything that Hope wanted him too. She called, he went running after her leaving all his responsibility at Spencer Publications behind. I still remember the eppy where Liam told Hope that if she wanted him to sever his relationship with Bill, he would do it because I was truly floored that he would disown his father for a POA that he still hasn't tapped and probably never will.

I pretty much FF between the Brooke/Hope convo because I'm tired of hearing Brooke kiss Hope's behind and champion her about her decisions and what she means to all the young women in the world because I'm trying to picture how great of a role model can she really be considering she only has a high school diploma, she works for her 'family' company so it's not like she actually worked her way up from the bottom, and she doesn't even design the clothes that she's peddling. She's just wears the pretty clothes and walk down the runway. So I'm really trying to picture how many girls actually take her serious as a person that believes in making their own way in the world when really, she hasn't.

He disowned his father because his father was manipulating him and taking his choices away. Bill is an ass and reaped what he sowed; Steffy, too.

Why is Bill considered a catch? Gross!

Brooke's not a role model because "she only has a high school diploma"? How about the fact she's chased and married a man who had continually disrespected her over the years? Has always treated her as somehow "less"? How she hops from man to man to make up for the fact that Ridge is a flaky POS? What message does THAT send?

I only have a high school diploma but I'm now a Controller for a major company. I've done it through hard work and tenaciousness. I respect that as much as a college degree.

Back on the subject- I really wish the women of B&B would tell Ridge, Bill and Liam to suck it and then go grab Whip and Thorne for a par-tay.

steffy is finally looking awesome! thanks for the crying brooke cap, lol, she can literally cry a river! I actually like Hope, but ALL the kids need to be backburned ASAP! I still think that Bill & Steffy will hookup soon. After all, she'll be all alone, and who will comfort her? Oh, maybe Oliver? Is he still on?

One thing I don't get is, why was Hope considering giving up her values? She was planning on sleeping with Thomas or?

Brooke "only has a high school diploma"? Since when? Brooke went to college and she is a brilliant chemist. She started from the bottom. She is the best CEO FC ever had and she saved FC too many times to count.

Its true that there is a problem with this shows women not only Brooke.

However.... Boo hoo poor Steffy :-)

I have absolutely no idea why Bill or Liam is a catch but watching Steffy got what she deserved... Awesome! The expression on her face is priceless. Pathetic as usual...

Steffy is the creep who sent Hope drinks in order to get her drunk so that her equally creepy brother can prey on her. She knew exactly what Bill is capable of. She is a puppet in his game to control his son and she had no problem with it as long as she got what she wanted. She knew he tried to kill Amber and she didnt even blink an eye, in fact she was boasting about how Katie didnt get Bill but she did. Now she cries foul cause it came back to bite her in the ass? How convenient.

Brooke (and Hope) treated Steffy way nicer than she deserved and i am proud of Katie. Brooke raised Steffy allright, its Steffy who needs to remember that not Brooke. Brooke gave love to her stepdaughter only to get betrayal and hate in return.

If Bill still wants Steffy, he has a funny way of showing it. Literally placing the woman you "want" under your son and do everything to make sure she stays there? Ewwwwww.... He was more than ready to throw her under the bus to cover his own ass. I have a feeling though soon she will be in Bill's bed. Now that Katie doesnt want him...

Ziyal, Hope has Thomas' number... She decided that because she blamed herself for losing Liam. She regretted mixing her private life and business together, she tought she used her body as a prize and that it had gotten her nothing but a broken heart.

Well in Bratley's perverted world you "use your body as a prize" if you choose to remain a virgin...

Forgot to add... Brooke talked to her daughter and made her realize she should stick by her ideals.

Where is it written that anyone said Brooke only had a high school diploma? If you're referring to my comment, I was talking about Hope only has a high school diploma for education and I wasn't saying that as put down, I was stating this as part of the overall package (high school diploma, working at 'family' company, not designing her own designs, getting praise for work she really don't do) that they are trying to present Hope for to sale how she's an inspiration for so many girls. And I question how can she possibly be an inspiration when she's basically had everything handed to her whereas the average girl does not.

For instance, a week or two ago, they even had Beverly telling Hope while Hope was moaning and groaning about how bad her life was at this moment about how she looked up to Hope and Hope inspired her and I was like how. What about Hope could possibly inspire someone like Beverly? Between the two, who has the most inspirational story where the average girl will look up to them and say, yes anything is possible and I can still hold on to my values and beliefs.

Beverly, who grew up in the system, was kicked out the system, and only working with a high school diploma getting an internship at FC and working her way up the ladder while learning at the same time about fashion or Hope, who came from a wealthy family,working at the 'family' company who doesn't design her own designs and didn't work from the bottom up so she probably has no idea how the inner workings of the company that's below the top floor actually works.

And now Hope wants to dismantle a money-making product line which I'm wondering how she's going to be able to do that considering she's just the face of the product line and not really the designer of it because she got her heart broken. Does that make her a good business woman? Not at all which continues to show her immaturity. But yet, we are still stuck with listening to people ad nauseum telling her over and over again what a great woman she is instead of 'grow the hell up because people get their heart broken all the time and they live'. And its getting very, very old.

JW, is Dayzee still on the canvas? Now there was an inspiring young role model! :)

PS Thanks for the fill-in, Pinky.

PPS I still think Hope & Steffy should get together and dump all the boys because it is clear that Steffy's animosity towards Hope is rooted in the fact that she is in love with Hope :p C'mon, Bradley, mix it up a little!!

lol Ziyal. Oh the image :-)

kermitklein, of course Hope is immature at business. And lets face its not only Hope who had an "easy" job cause she is family. Hope is just a teen and she has got a lot to learn. Unlike Rapist who cancelled a line just because his "heart was broken". Or Stephanie tried to cancel Brooke's line because in her twisted mind Brooke was a "slut". Who can forget her trying to make Taylor "the face of Forrester". People tell her Hope is a great woman cause she is a great young woman.

Difficult to find on the subject of knowledgeable people, like to hear your inner voice, just like to know what you're talking! Oh!

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