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February 14, 2012

A Totally and Surprisingly Non-Horrible Valentine's Day

In Port Charles? What? What?!

Before anyone goes crazy on me, no, it wasn't a perfect and wonderful and romantic Valentine's Day episode of General Hospital, the soap about how much love sucks. But considering it is the soap about how much love sucks, it was not a half-bad showing. Maybe I'm just in a good mood because today is the day I'm allowed to eat all the chocolate I see without feeling guilty about it (right?) or because Cougar Town is finally back tonight (I've missed Big Carl so much!). But even if I weren't feeling generous already because of those little joys, GH basically earned a free pass from me today because seriously, they could have knighted town saint/hitman Jason on today's episode and it would have been okay with me because: 




Oh! Em! Gee! Anna's back! We knew she was coming, but that paled in comparison to actually having her there on the screen in a full episode. 1985 Louise is dancing a jig in stirrup pants. Duke/Anna 'shipping Louise is cutting out photos from magazines and pasting them on her wall and dreaming of her future groom and what color kilt he'll wear.

Also, how freaking hot does Finola Hughes look? She looks more gorgeous and bad-ass than she ever has!


Also, how freaking cute was she with Emma?


Meanwhile, we spent a little time with the show's three stable couples: Robin and Patrick, Lulu and Dante, and Sam and Jason (before I get eviscerated in the comments for that last one, I'm referring not to happy couples, but to couples who aren't perpetually on the brink of ending their relationship... believe me, I'm well-aware that Sam and Jason are always in the middle of some incredibly dreary or life-threatening situation). 


Dante and Lulu flirted and cuted and kissed and sneezed...


...while Robin and Patrick had an adorable family reunion but got called into work to deal with...


....Jason, who was handling less-than-cheerful medical news by trying to run away from the hospital and had to literally be chased down by his recently-maybe-raped pregnant wife rather than actually chill out and wait for information or treatment. Oh Jason, please be my valentine, what a charmer as always. And as any Valentine's Day episode should, it basically ended with Jason inviting his wife to bring what is possibly a DVD of her rape (bolded because STOP IT, SHOW) back to his hospital room so that they can sit and share the experience of watching it together. SO ROMANTIC, GH! Cupid sure visited that set!

But for once, it doesn't enrage me. BECAUSE ANNA. 


Funny thing to be good at, but JMB is a good fake sneezer, heh.

Usually I am indifferent to Jason, but dear Lord, him breaking up the Scrubs hour (I could have easily watched Anna and Scrubs shoot the shit for an hour) for a brain problem we know isn't gonna do shit to him was so frustrating.

Having Finola on this show immediately elevates the quality. She could read the phonebook for the entire hour it doesn't matter. I would like to know how Finola manages to reverse-age, because just damn. Now bring on my man Daddy-Scorpio, and show us some Robert/Anna shipper-love.

Great to see Anna again. And I may have to get out my Duke/Anna pics as well. Good to see a vet not written by Guza. It's been so long@

It was great to see Anna again. I really hope they find a way to bring Duke back because that would be the ultimate reunion for me. Duke fits into the whole mob vibe, I would love to see Duke and Anna bring Sonny down. I know dare to dream.

The actor that played Duke is over on DOOL.

Why is Sam dressed for summer?

I squealed with actual joy today when Robin opened the front door! SQUEALED, I SAY! Like I was a 12 year old girl going to the new hot boyband concert and in front row seats and backstand passes! Anna playing with her little girl's little girl? Priceless. All I need now is for Robert Fucking Scorpio to return to PC for a true Scorpio family reunion!

The only other plot that I even paid attention to was Liz/Matt/Maxie. Liz had to plead with Matt to just stay out of it for now--no use for anyone else to get burned. Matt immediately figures out what Maxie did and tells her off! Pretty nicely too! I still can't believe that she honestly thought that she would be able to turn up at that benefit and show off what Matt was missing out on. And that Matt would be soooooooooo sad about breaking up. Maxie has now become just plain stupid. I can actually say that I miss the Maxie that was so damn sweet and awesome with Cooper Barrett.


Anna Devane is back and just as fabulous as ever. How adorbs were the Anna/Emma scenes? They could have had Anna read the phone book the rest of the hour and I would've been thrilled. The Devane's/Scorpio- Drake's were the best part of today's show.

The rest of the show should've faded to black and it would have been a vast improvement.

oh the screencap, Louise, are pure perfection!! please keep it up!!!

I'm reading your blogs L, but I still refuse to return to watching the crapfest that is GH until my OLTL-ers show, including writers and my TnB <3 *hearts and rainbows, etc*...Does anyone know when any of this is happening?? Great job on the blogs as always, thanks for the laugh on a dreary rainy day...and I'm glad I'm not the only one excited about the return of Cougar Town and Big Carl last night!

Read one report that TnB's first appearance will be on the 27th. KDP has said that she taped seven episodes, so enjoy while you can. And Sonny, if they show up because something you did hurt Starr, beware of Todd in protective Daddy bear mode. You may have faced mob bosses, but you've never faced Todd Manning.

KDP also said that if you like what you see there might be more. Personally, I like what I see and they haven't even aired yet! Yes, I LOVE KDP and RH. LOVE THEM. I don't care what they do on this show, I will love it and will hope for more. I adored the Scrubs scenes yesterday when Anna came back. Finola Hughes is fantastic. She and KMc are so great together that it is sad knowing what is coming. **sigh**. No words for the rest of it. Didn't even bother to watch. I even FF'd through Scrubs when they went to the hospital to help St. J and the amazingly, no uterus having, pregnant wife.

Oh, Louise, I'm delighted that you are an Anna/Anna and Duke shipper - this news makes me even happier about you now posting about GH! Anna will always be my favorite soap character, so I was thrilled to see her yesterday. Then today, I turned on Days of Our Lives and saw Ian Buchanan's dashingly handsome self. It was all I could to stop myself from yelling, "DUUUUKE! Quit menacing Carly 1.0 and come home! Anna and Robin need you!"

Okay . . . so I didn't really stop myself.

Remember, Kristen, that refusing to watch the show means fewer ratings and could mean the end of ALL ABC soaps - meaning you'll never see your OLTL'ers. Might be a good idea to at least DVR it even if you don't watch.

ANNA! AHHHHHH!!! It was awesome beyond awesome, and Finola Hughes is GORGEOUS.

I would have rather seen Casey the Alien return as well than have anymore whiny Sam and Jason and "Franco Franco Franco." Ugh.

So tomorrow is the first Carlivati episode?? DYING TO SEE IT!

DVR doesn't count unless you're a Nielsen home.

As it stands, I agree with Kristen. I am forever bitter about GH and how they fucked up my favorites and I laugh at their attempts to lure me in with bait. I am also someone who does not want the OLTL characters to stay in PC for a long time. I don't want them to be tainted. I'll watch the OLTL characters' scenes on YT.

Actually, no ratings count unless you're a Nielsen home, but I tend to think with all the communication going on between Dish, DirecTv, etc. back and forth between your unit and their company (software downloads, etc.) that numbers MAY be counted. I don't believe for a minute there isn't some way of gauging what we're all watching, even if they're not counting it specifically yet. So I hold out hope!

Also, watching on their web site or streaming via your phone DOES count (did an article on that), so you can also run it in the background on your computer, and it does count in viewership.

Thank God there's still some of us willing to try to keep at least ONE soap on the air that we love!

From what I understand they CAN gage what is watched via the DVR. That information is easily accesible to the networks from the cable companies. I think Nielsen is not as highly regarded as it use to be because of the current technologies.

Thanks Annie...and I say what I said as a former, very loyal GH viewer from at least back in the 90's...In fact I was hooked on GH before I knew anything of OLTL. However, the writers have taken the characters and show to such a dark place the past 5-10 years I've had no choice but to tune it out. And I hate to be the voice of negativity, but I've resigned to the thought that Katie Couric will probably still GH's slot as they are hinting at it. It's a shame but looks like inevitable truth as no other show could be saved in spite of valiant efforts :( But, on that note, my mother still gives GH ratings and keeps me in the loophole here and there :) I will try and watch when Carlivati and the OLTL cast-ers come to town...

on DVR within 24 hours counts. If you save them all up to watch on the weekend, not so much.

Can't bring myself to watch, but I love your posts. Bring on Robert. Woo Hoo! (and I don't like him with either Anna or Holly - man's gotta have had a life for the last 20 or so, bring on the new wife...)

Oh now, how appropriate, because the best V-day evah was when Anna tied Robert up to 'teach him a lesson'! I will always associate Valentine's Day with that moment. Something for every woman to strive for once in her life! *sniffle*

You are too cool! I do not suppose I've read similar things. So, I am glad to find this problem on some of the original ideas of the people.

it'a very good and romantic Valentine's day. it's cool.

There are a lot of people who love this series. The coming of Finola can add more viewers turning on their monitors.

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