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February 21, 2012

And Now, We Count Some Chickens Before They Hatch

Well, the day finally arrived.


Today's air episode was the first with Ron Carlivati as official Head Writer. And we all know what this means. General Hospital viewers the world over are morally obligated to pass judgment immediately on Carlivati's material and make a snap decision about the future of the show and the predicted quality of everything Port Charles that he touches from this point on. Ready?

Okay, in all seriousness, I'm trying really hard to just chill and take it episode by episode. No one can possibly envy the crapfest he inherited: a beloved character who grew up on the show is being killed off, we're in the middle of yet another "OH MY GAH WILL JASON LIVE?!" storyline of which the audience already knows the outcome, we just got the most predictable "somebody is appalled by Sonny and then he proves what a martyred hero he really is" one-two punch, and... well, and Kate.




(Hey Kate! Is a brain a foot, or is a brain not a foot? I'm just asking.)


I love how Tracy, Anthony, and the bus boy are all just politely watching the floor show. (To be fair, I really would love it if Kate were the one who shot Sonny.)

Speaking of Tracy and Anthony, I sure do wish he weren't evil and horrible and a serial killer (but that's par for the course with romantic leads on this show) and blackmailing her into marriage because the peanut gallery over at that table full of empty champagne glasses was pretty excellent.


I know that's what I'd be doing if I lived in Port Charles and ever left the house.

One stamp that the Valentini/Carlivati line-up left one One Life to Live during their tenure there had to do with the smaller nuances and the minor moments. Broadly the show was a bit sloppier than GH, but we could generally expect to find more nuanced small touches rather than a perfectly polished but too-slick big picture (Carly's wet hair today was so specific and did actual storytelling that wasn't in the dialogue). Were there some awkward moments while Patrick tried to break into the lab? Yes. Did it even make any sense that everyone in the hospital heard an explosion and an alarm was going off and yet he was still by himself in the hallway? No, it didn't. But Patrick got his big moment, and we got ours ("dead" Robin was under a tarp -- not that it even matters, because we can even watch someone choke on their own blood and die right in front of us on screen and that still doesn't mean they're dead on Frank and Ron's watch), and I'm pretty psyched to see the follow-up to today's final moment in which Patrick was about to tell Anna about her daughter's "death." 



Jason Thompson's ugly cry gets me every time, I'm telling you.


And I have a nervous feeling Finola Hughes might kill me tomorrow.

Overly precocious Molly has annoyed me for years and I did not enjoy TJ's introduction, but I have to say I'm enjoying this storyline with them so far. Krys Meyer is shaping up to be quite the competent young actor, bringing much more to the scenes that the generic "teen with an attitude" intro he got lends itself to. I'm cautiously optimistic about where this teen story might go, as long as they can promise me that destination won't involve a musical. (Plus, getting busted for a booze-laden party when one's parents are out is an adolescent rite of passage near and dear to my own heart.)

Alas, in the midst of promising details and material, we had the status quo at its worst:


Do they just use stock footage for these images at this point? They'd have to, right? I'm sure Valentini's thought about it, it'd save some budget.

And of course, as we all knew would happen the second Dante told Sonny that he was dead to him, they're closer than ever now and ain't it so sweet. We were subjected to this eye-roll fodder today...


Dante: I know, uh, you went after Johnny to protect me. 

Sonny: But not the way you wanted to be protected.

Dante: [Smiling. No seriously, smiling.] I see, uh, it sounds like you finally heard me. Maybe we got a chance after all.

Sonny: Does that mean you're gonna let me give you that money, then?

Dante: Hell no! [At this point they're both laughing because, you know, this is hysterical! They're already able to look back and laugh on all the good blood-soaked times.]

Sonny: I didn't think so. 

Dante: But, uh, thank you. For saving my life. 

And then Sonny put his arm around Dante and Dante helped his poor, shot daddy out of the elevator. I think we're supposed to be touched by this? If by "touched," they meant the kind of touched where I need to upchuck my lunch because GH has now erased one of the only pieces of joy I have (Dante's disdain for Sonny and his way of life), then I'm deeply touched. How adorable that Dante is going to cover for Sonny's latest crime.

So in conclusion, Ron Carlivati is unarguably a huge failure as the new Head Writer of GH. I kid, I kid! I'm feeling optimism in some areas and disappointment in others, but of course it's far too soon for either. And admittedly I'm giddy about the new promo because if nothing else, it promises that some new life will be breathed into the show.

Familiar or fond of the visiting OLTL crew or not (and yes, I am clearly on record as fond, though this in no way eases the pain of the loss), we can at least all admit we need something new (not named Cassandra). Here's hoping it works!


Ok I totally squealed when John threatened Sonny. Does that make me a bad person?

I just want to say that promo is all kinds of awesome. Can't we have Todd and Blair stay? Please? And John?

I have long thought that Blair was what Carly should have been. I loved early Carly because I like a good soap schemer. Just like I loved Blair despite -- and for -- her scheming. They really weren't that different in the beginning. I have been trying to figure out where Carly went wrong, and I'm thinking it's the fact that she never seem to learns from her mistakes and her rare moments of self-awareness are too short-lived? The show painted her as a hero without earning it?
Anyway, I have to say, I kind of loved the image of Carly and Blair clicking glasses at the end of the promo. So much potential!

I think where Carly went wrong was was what happened to Sonny too. Lack of self-awareness and too much winning.

I laughed a lot during today's GH. I laughed during times when I was probably not supposed to be laughing. So there's that. I wasn't bored, though.

I wanted Blair to kick Carly's ass........for no reason other than she breathes. Not pleased about them apparently "bonding". DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE IDIOCY OF NO ONE COMING TO THE LAB BUT SAM. FA REAL YO? No Monica (you know THE CHIEF)?, No other lab employees? No security (other than the one dude who looked A LOT like Ginuwine)? NO OTHER HOSPITAL STAFF?? No, just SAM. What the EFFING EFF? Also, why couldn't a chair have been propped up on the lab door when Robin ran in to get the drug? Or Patrick hold the door for her? Or here's a better thought RECREATE THE FORMULA ROBIN AFTER THE DANGER HAD CLEARED. Most hospitals have more than one lab. Geesh! I don't usually cry over tv shows but damn it JT had me pretty doggone close. **sniff** I hope Kate is the one that shot Sonny. I want him to look stupid for blaming Johnny ONCE AGAIN with no proof just so he can have a reason to fire off his big gun. Sam/Jason/Spinelli/Olivia/Steve, no use for ANY of these characters so FF buttoned them. Can't stand Molly either. Can she be shipped off to boarding school with Morgan and come back 18 and a different actress?

Oh, and as far as John McBain. NEVER EVER liked that character EVER. I loved OLTL.....HATED him. It is my dream that he is really Caleb the Vampire and he comes to PC and thinks Sam is really Livie and he bites her on the neck and they both then turn into bats and fly away. LET ME HAVE MY DREAM.......PLEASE..........

I am excited for the Llanview refugees entering Port Charles. Only wish that Starr was not one of them. I feel that the character brings little to the table yet detracts quite a bit. Starr was frontburnered on OLTL to the detriment of the show and the character. I wish Kristen Alderson were joining GH for a short stint and the far more interesting actors/characters of Kassie DePaiva/Blair, Roger Howarth/Todd and Michael Easton/John (yep, I said it) joined the show for extended runs. KA confirmed a three-year contract whereas the other actors have not. Heck, I'd love to see Victor, Jr. and Tea for a short run to wrap their story.

Oh, I miss OLTL! My mind is racing wishing more Llanviewites would find themselves in Port Charles but I know that's not fair to GH fans. It's just that OLTL got so good in it's last year whereas GH has been as bad as watching The Ford Brothers on loop. obviously, the show's been pretty unbearable.

All in all, Ron Carviali is not a genius but he penned BRILLIANT moments for OLTL and a near-perfect final few weeks of that show. I pray GH improves!!!

P.S. As much as Sonny bothered me, I thought Maurice Benard was good in his scenes. Jason Thompson was incredible despite the horrendous telling of Robin's death for Jason (versus her family.) The actress portraying Kate was well...OVER-THE-TOP. Watching her was at once cringe-worthy and hilarious. I also thought Chad Duell overacted too and Michael is still a dick.

"and... well, and Kate."

That about sums it up.

Glad I didn't watch the Sonny/Dante scenes, just reading it makes me queasy. Although to be fair to RC, this time last year Dante being Sonny's best man, comforting him when Brenda's limo blew up, and attending his birthparty, so the last couple of months were only a sweet reprieve.

The whole "Robin runs into the lab and lets the door slam behind her" set-up was maddening to me. It doesn't make her look heroic...it makes her look suicidal or idiotic. It took her approximately 15 seconds to assume that no one was going to save her and that she was going to die.

Assuming this really is the end, the character (and actress) deserved more, in my opinion.

"A Brain is NOT A FOOT". I am so glad that this quote will live forever <3

"Ok I totally squealed when John threatened Sonny. Does that make me a bad person?"

No. No it definitely does not.

Enjoy it while you can though. Neither John nor Sonny are ever allowed to lose, so the conflict can't last. They'll have to end up on the same side so they can both win.

Jason Thompson killed me today. That man is the best crier in daytime and what I love about it is he cries like a man. Man am I going to miss Robin/Kimberly and of course Scrubs. I should not be this sad about a fictional character and couple, but I just am.

I have to admit that I am actually *thoroughly* enjoy Kate's scenes lately.

I came back to watch the show when Cartini got hired in December (and boy was it B-A-D in the interim), and until recently I could count on one finger the number of Kate scenes I watched.

But now that she's TOTALLY LOSING it in the most OTT and entertaining way possible? I watch. And I laugh. Because how can you not??

I just can't decide if the actress is that bad? or if whatever alter has taken over is the bad actress because she doesn't want to let on that she hates Sonny and has been trying to kill Dante.

Tracy needs to sit in the corner of ALL the scenes and offer commentary. Always.

I fear Anna scenes tomorrow, too. And Mac.

(p.s. I thought Mo was actually not horrible today, too. Is this what hell looks like?)

@Mary Beth I agree with you about Kate. And about Tracy. I was seriously dreading Kate's scenes but this is so hilariously awful that I am enjoying it. I am actually looking forward to the next thing zaaaaany Kate will do. Maybe she'll shoot Sonny and/or Dante? Maybe she'll go for Michael next?

Also, Tracy is awesome. But that is a fact of life.

They had me at "Time to make Sonny pay for what he's done" and that OLTL cop threatening Sonny. Not that I think it will last, but oh my god, they had me at hello.

In the preview I think Luke said so you totally played me. Was it to Holly? Is Ethan not a Spencer after all?

And it still doesn't make sense that Ewen stood up Elizabeth. While I"m happy to say bye to Cassandra, I was hoping they'd keep him around.

I was never a big John fan, but I think I might love him on GH. Seeing him tell Sonny's going after him - Yay! And they won't write him as completely incompetent or dopey!

.... but then I remembered that this is still GH - new writer or no -- and soon Sonny and John will be become friends or something because John can see that Sonny's "heart is in the right place" or something horrible.

Today reminded me of toxic balls. The explosion was so campy.

I'm going to admit that I was kind of laughing at Jason Thompson's acting when Patrick was trying to open the doors and when he did that funny semi-squat and shaking legs like he was trying pass a kidney stone when he saw Robin's body, but he redeemed himself at the end with that last scene with Finola.

Robin? Is totally not dead. We didn't see a body and an explosion is classic presumed death. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I really wanted someone to punch Sonny in the face.

This Molly story is making me cringe.

I'm torn about the promo. Love Todd & Blair but John bores me and Starr is annoying and I'm shuddering at the thought of being subjected to more of her terrible singing.

Any way we can get a link to "Carly's wet hair today was so specific and did actual storytelling that wasn't in the dialogue" please?


thanks for sharing !

Jane Elliott does more acting with facial expressions and no dialogue than some of her fellow actors do with shrieking, mumbling, looking constipated, or kicking over chairs and tables. She's fabulous.

The whole lab explosion was so lame, all that time the alarms are going off and NO ONE comes except SAM? The rescue personnel just sort of stroll casually up to the door? Where was Spinelli, Epiphany, Monica, anyone other than Sam and a security guard?

Now that I've had a chance to watch, I have to admit (heaven help me) that MB rocked today. Maybe because he had good material? And JT? I'm still crying.

As for the alarms, I can tell you when I worked at a store, we had the alarms go off several times (police and fire) and no one ever showed up and a lot of times, never even called. I agree that a hospital alarm should go direct to 911 and automatically call, especially when the dispatcher said "We're showing the alarm on the 10th floor."

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and it's been a LONG time since I said that about GH.

I, too squeed when John said that to Sonny in the promo. But alas, like others have already said we know it can't last. Unless we hold out the silly hope that RC will actually have Sonny and Jason have several comeuppances (is that a word?). But to hold out such hope is to take a great fall. And we're not idiots, are we?

Maybe Blair is playing Carly. Maybe she can teach her how to really be a bitch that the audience roots for.

Yesterday was the first day I've watched GH in eons, and I did so b/c I heard my OLTL crew was coming this week and I picked the right day b/c the writers started their stint! I have to say I'm disgusted this is the way they decide to "kill off" (air quotes, they may leave the door open) the legacy character of Robin. I really think she deserves a well thought out, poignant story--maybe the HIV with respect to her history with Stone. This is quick and idiotic, JMO. That being said, I am so excited at the promo!!! I never loved nor hated John McBain but boy I'm lovin his little scene in that promo threatening to take Sonny down!! This should hopefully be good! Is it naive that I'm getting my hopes up? And Todd vs. Sonny...bring.it.on!!! Blair and Carly def should be interesting--maybe they'll be frenemies, like how she was with Tea? I'm finally excited to watch and I haven't been excited to watch GH in about 5 or 6 years LoL I'm probably being naive, but I'll bask in my naivete damn it! Still mourning the loss of my Llanview :(

I love Krazy Kate! With her foot stomping and her random high school curly hair.. I hope she secretly tries to kill Sonny for years. (I soo want her to be behind it.) It's what he deserves, frankly.

I liked today. Poor Molly, I felt for her. And I appreciate that Michael's becoming a useful person. So yay.


Oh -- I was completely unclear! I no longer like Carly. I was less thinking that I wanted them to be friends and more thinking that I want Carly to come up against a woman who is unlikely to be thrown under the bus for her. I mean, I would be okay with them being friends maybe if it distracted Carly from Sonny/Jason propping. But I don't know.

OMG, "a brain is not a foot" reference!!! Stay forever, awesome phrase. Kate doesn't top that (I doubt anything ever will), but oh em gee was she close. The intent was NOT for me to giggle, correct? Oh well, I guess I'll always have my memories of the formerly awesome Kate, with the formerly faboosh hair...

I just simply refuse to discuss Robin's death/"death?" b/c from the idea not being broached about trying to keep the door propped open, to Robin's immediate acceptance that this was it and that she didn't even take her scrub top off to try to soak up the chemical so it wouldn't hit the floor to no one actually going to investigate the explosion to Sam showing and able to get through all the chaos, this was just so stupid.

I will only say Jason Thompson was awesome and Patrick and Anna are going to completely drain my emotions.

Other things I loved: Natasha going IN on that TJ, Michael threatening to beat TJ up (this is probably the first time I could see Michael truly being an intimidating presence; he should just stick to children and not going up against adults b/c that makes me laugh), and Anthony and Tracy watching Kate's fit and Anthony looking all "...the hell???"

I could've done w/out Jason and Spinelli. What is the point of all this crap about Jason's mushed brain AGAIN, when we know he's not going to bite? Move it along, please.

I'm ready for my Mannings and McBain. I loved John threatening to take Sonny down, and I loved seeing Todd and Blair. I'll let the whole Carly thing go. While they are similar, I've always found Blair to be lovable and root-worthy esp. b/c she's been knocked down and lost so many times, while Carly is merely and albatross.

I just don't understand the lab scene. From start to finish.

So, if there is a gas leak in a lab, you get locked in to die? They don't have some kind of phone system or oxygen masks? Your only choice is to die? Really?

Why did it take 2.2 seconds to put out the fire and leave the scene? The firefighters pretty much just walked in and said, "Well, the fire's out, the woman is dead, here's her ring."

After the explosion, would there still not be toxic gas? Shouldn't they be evacuating people? Why would Sam put her unborn baby at risk to peak her head into the door?

If there was a phone next to the door, why didn't Patrick use it instead of running into the hall to get help the episode before?

I think I would have been happier with a car accident, even though we get at least one whodunnit wrecks a year.

Does anyone else see a parallel between the firefighters giving Patrick Robin's rings and when Anna found Duke's wedding ring in the ashes after the warehouse blew up, 25 years ago? (a ring that he left behind to "prove" that he had died in the fire). Do you think this is just a coincidence?

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