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February 20, 2012

Curse You, Technology!

Please imagine me shaking my fist at the sky, raging. "Damn you, wires and gadgets! Damn, you!" Because technology is not a friend of mine today. My DVR did not record what I take to be a pretty damn important episode of General Hospital today, I forgot to charge my phone (which I guess you could spin as being "my fault", but...no) and comments at Serial Drama are being all sorts of wonky.

Just to recap: even though all of our posts are saying that Comments are closed...we don't want them to be! We are not getting rid of our comments section. Hopefully, we'll be able to have our comments back up and running as quickly as possible so we can read your genius and hilarious thoughts. We apologize for the inconvenience and, as ever, blame Sonny Corinthos for all of it.

UPDATE: Comments are back up and running! So if you need to vent about what happened to Robin this week or need to get off your chest just HOW MUCH you HATE Sonny CORINTHOS (when I get to caps locking, sometimes I just can't stop myself), have at it!


Important? If by important you mean Jason is about to be inconvenienced, then yeah.
There really wasn't anything important today except Sam doing excellent caretaking for Jason...

What else matters anyway?
Wait. There was SONNY too. And Johnny. And Snarly. And Demon.


There was Robin.

Sane, yeah, I know, I am a Robin fan, being snarkyin that it should be all about her...and isn't.

Oh man. I watched the preview and it's killing me. I miss Blair so much but GH is so awful and I don't believe that RC is going to fix that. The very idea of my girl being involved in any way with Snarly is just gross. I don't want to watch that, I don't know if I can resist even a little more of Blair & Todd though.

God I hate ABCD for basically everything about this.

Anyone else think that Michael is poised to be the next Jason, Savior to All?

I think the cheese done slipped off Connie Falconeri's cracker.

The fact that Robin died so Jason might live is repulsive. But Jason Thompson was amazing today, just freakin' amazing.
I am grateful (and assume it is Ron C.'s intervention) that Michael is not so much a tool anymore.
I think Kate shot Sonny & I hope she goes away fast. Maybe Olivia can go with her to aid in her recovery. And please make LisaII (Maggie) disapperar as well.

@LoriK I have a slight issue......no wait, I have a HUGE issue with Blair and Carly being anything other than mortal enemies. Blair was the ONE PERSON who I knew would put Carly in her place and who could stand (literally) toe to toe with her. I can't comment on Robin's "death" right now. I am sad. :(

My only comment on Robin's death, and I know this was Garin's story, and not Ron's, but why the devil wouldn't he have used built in story (her HIV/AIDs) to tell us a story that meant something and not revolve it around saving Jason and having another stupid explosion?

We could have had Anna and Robert at her side, Mac too, saying their goodbyes. This was NOT a poignant story. It could have been, had they not went the action route.

The fact that Robin died so Jason might live is repulsive. But Jason Thompson was amazing today, just freakin' amazing.

Hi thank you for the theme, I have installed it on my WordPress, but it doesnt show in my site, its too heavy for site or I dont know whats the problem.

Thank you, Jeannie. Actually the toadfish's call is vaguely reminiscent of a cello...

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