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February 27, 2012

I'll Forgive You, Patrick, I Will!

I'm assuming that final line of today's show was Patrick asking for forgiveness from Robin -- perhaps because he intends to deliberately "lose" Jason during surgery. Now, even with new showrunners, we all know there's absolutely zero chance Jason won't pull through, but I still just wanted to put it out there in the universe that I for one would be totally willing to forgive Patrick if he went through with it. In case that helps at all.

In fact, I'm in an awfully forgiving mood today for a few reasons:

1. They decided to finally give Helena her fangs back!


Considering the history, having Helena pop in a couple times a year for Luke to flirt with her has hardly been compelling storytelling. A real threat? A real non-mob-related-or-freak-accident threat? I'll take it!

2. Helena getting her fangs back meant this happened:


Cassandra/Irina is dead dead dead! Damn, they came right in, gave her a silly and totally hilariously implausible backstory, and dispensed of her lickety-split. I love it! Is that mean? And then Ethan bawled and cried over her, which was also fun since he's known her like a month. Because true love, y'all.



It gave us the gift of that hilarity, about which I cannot complain.

3. Mac was a character on the show again today and not in an incompetent-police-chief-on-the-sidelines capacity.


No, for serious! He had more than one scene! About his personal connections! I'm confused but excited.

4. This protruding tree root (or rock or dirty chunk of ice or whatever they meant for this painted piece of styrofoam to be) exists:


Seriously, they kept featuring it in establishing shots. And then... major payoff! Starr took a hilarious tumble after tripping on it and literally bounced when she hit the ground.




A good time was had by all.

5. There were myriad ways in which the events of each storyline today related to the other storylines. I mean, what? There were, like, interwoven components of the afternoon television program! I am disoriented but in a happy way.

On the other hand, there are a handful of things I'm not feeling very forgiving about at all.

1. They had Mac anoint Spinelli as the one to tell Maxie about Robin's death. I strongly dislike. That is not okay. Not even a little. (That said, if they keep going down the ActingLikeAHumanBeing Road they've sent Spinelli down on his last few appearances, this could help further that very worthy agenda.)

2. Clearly they're going in a "Oh no Matt has a drinking problem just like Noah!" direction, which really bums me out because DrunkMatt is AwesomeMatt and I love him.


I'd hate it if DrunkMatt were supposed to be all dramatic and worrisome. Also, didn't we just ditch an annoying drinking problem story? I'm ready to put that subject matter in storage for a while till it cycles back around in a reasonable amount of time.

3. A miracle did not occur and Kimberly McCullough's reappearance does not mean she and Robin are sticking around. Robin's still really gone. For now. (Sad moments appearing to Jason and to Patrick and then vanishing like that. Guh.)

I'm off to find out what Angelina Jolie's Right Leg is up to! Pressing concerns, y'all.


Can someone explain to me why SPINELLI is the only person, not of Robin's family, that seems truly hurt by her death?? I don't like Spinelli AT ALL but damn it, I was so touched at the compassion he showed Mac and the hurt on his face spoke volumes. YAY!!! Cassandra is dead. Too bad Ethan isn't. I loved when Luke said "of my 3 kids you are the most like me". HAHAHAHAHA! 10.00 bucks says Holly comes in and says Ethan is really Robert's. I hope to heck not, but I can see that happening just because he said that.

I COMPLETELY thought Patrick was asking forgiveness because he plans on intentionally screwing with Jason's already screwed up brain. Would serve Sam right. As pissed as I am with Sam, when Monica told her Marrucci should do the surgery and she kept pushing for Patrick, I have to say that was kind of Patrick's own fault. Sam asked him in the beginning to just give the medicine to another surgeon and they could do it. Patrick said he was THE ONLY ONE who could do it. I think Sam would have been okay with someone else doing it if Patrick had not said that. Still wished he kicked her in the stomach though.

Confession: whether he's drunk or sober, with Lucky's departure, Matt is one of the only reasons I watch this show anymore. Sober Matt might not be as amusing but I'm down with anything that gives him more screentime. No, correction: anything that gives him more screentime excluding Maxie (UGH. don't get me started on that. Jen Linley is very talented but Maxie as a character has become insufferable). Starr surviving the accident and giving Anthony what-for, only to be foiled by tree root (falling unconscious almost immediately thereafter) made me laugh, I'm not going to lie. But I like the energy she brings to the show and I even like the possible Michael/Starr dynamic. Seriously, the writers hopefully realize that Michael is not an Anti-Hero. He is not sonney, and he should be written as the upstanding Matthew Crawley of GH (dorky downton abbey reference. Could you ladies consider reviewing Downton Abbey that in your recaps? Seriously, it's all sorts of soapy amusement, awesome costuming included, and I'm going through Downton Abbey withdraw!)

I still can't get over the fact that Starr seemed more concerned about Cole than Hope. Hell she didn't even try to reach back there and take her out of the car seat! Was anybody else cracking up at the fact that even though Anthony decided not to help Starr he still made time to tell her to blame SONNY CORINTHOS! lol

Not only do I forgive Patrick for what he might do I am in the process of creating a false identity for him and little Emma to use in their quick escape just in case he decides to go through with it! O' what the hell am I talking about Nana Anna and grandpa Robert would have that covered in a blink of an eye. But they can use mines as a back up just in case theirs fall through. *To Patrick meet me in Detroit by the Joe Louis Fist at midnight in 48 hours. I answer by the name of Dgirl27 I have all your new information and can get you across the Canada boarder without a problem*

According to Kristen Alderson's twitter she actually really did fall and still has scars from it. Today's show was so good. I loved it. Ghost Robin made me sad. The one thing I hate though is That John J York only get's screen time when someone Mac loves dies. Not fair to someone so talented.

Downton Abbey! Woo Hoo!

Awww, little Starr fell down and cracked her head!

One of the things that I totally loved about RC's stint on OLTL was how he able to weave in and out his story lines.

Is there anyone who can disagree with Teethan today, when he screamed at Helena, as she was pointing the gun at him - "JUST GET IT OVER WITH!"

Finally, he's said something many of us can agree with. I'm glad RC and FV are clearing the decks a bit.

Starr is still Starr, annoying screech and all. But I don't care. She's the reason that Blair and Todd are coming to town and that's enough for me.

I've been watching GH since OLTL went off the air, and I have to say, there are more and more reasons to stay with the show. Of course, it helps that this was a day without Sonny, and there was only a little Sonny propping.

Frankly, I don't think there is a way to make Spinelli a salvagable character. How about making him an organ donor?? That would work!

I'm pretty sure that was Garin Wolf's backstory for Cassandra, cause I remember hearing that she was possibly Helena's daughter in December or so. Seems they just came right in, revealed it all in one day and then killed her. All in all, a wise decision.

"And then Ethan bawled and cried over her, which was also fun since he's known her like a month."

Now, now! It was more like *two* whole months (I believe they first kissed/interacted for more than a second was right before New Years.)

OLTL was so good. Man, I miss OLTL but Louise this recap and the screencaps help. I must save the images of Starr Manning falling and busting her ass. Flailing and all. I'm guessing Cole has no chance of surviving (and after Angel Luna determined he had more life to live...well, atleast more deserving than Robert Ford.) I wish Cole (played this very good actor) were not sacrificed for Starr (played by a human). GH should be treating the death of Dr. Robin Scorpio. I cannot imagine Hope dying after Jake was killed a year ago. Was Hope played by the same little actress from OLTL?

The funny thing is, I thought I'd be more invested in watching GH now that the ole OLTL team is there but I'm not. So many unlikeable characters, flat acting and poor story. I'll just tune in when Blair and Todd hit town on Friday (I think.)

The fallout from Robin's death has been, well par for the course with GH. From Sam being literally the most obnoxious vulture on the planet to Sonny grieving for one minute and then rushing off to kill AZ, I can't even. It makes me long for Brenda's reaction because I think she may have cared. I am sure Sonny couldn't have taken a few minutes to make that call because someone else needs to be murdered, but c'mon y'all, my fave female friendship on GH off all time and she won't be at the funeral and doesn't even get a mention. I am going with Frisco, Felicia, and Brenda don't go to the memorial because none of them will by notified that Robin's dead.

And she died for JASON. Someone who never, ever will die!! But I have fun late nineties memories of J&R (pre-Cottage hell) that make me feel slightly better about this.

And can someone give Patrick a hug instead of bemoaning the fact that he won't save Jason six seconds after his wife died (side eye Michael, Sam, Monica, and I assume shortly Carly)

On another note, Crazy!Kate is my new favorite character! Bloody wedding dress complete with veil and redlipstick wandering aimlessly on the Docks is pure gold.

That trip and fall really should be a gif somewhere. It was hilarious!

Prediction: Cole will be as "dead" as Robin is, which is to say "for now."

Another prediction: Matt saw who killed Lisa (WE DON'T CARE!!!) in his drunken stupor.

I read that Kim McCullough felt the Robin exit story was rushed as well and that there should have been more build-up to it. If the show devoted an entire hour to Luke's intervention, I would have hoped for a powerful one-hour show devoted to her "death" (still refusing not to use quotes).

I also read that at least for now FV is not planning any cast changes that weren't already in the works (like Irina/Cassandra). What a relief she's gone. I'm still hoping Delores (aka Mulva as she's hilariously known on another board...Seinfeld fans will know) is sent packing too.

When Cassandra kept shooting Helena and nothing happened I hoped it would be like a horror movie where you can't kill the monster and she'd just stand there laughing a diabolical laugh. I was kind of surprised the show had the guts to just pop Cassandra in the chest like that, but hey, whatever works to get rid of her!

I have to say most of yesterday's show held my interest the entire hour and I was actually disappointed when it was over.

I can't watch Gh yet I'll wait for T&B but honestly Starr you are a Manning/Cramer and your child is in danger, and you fall down and lie there.. Does just being near PC such the awesomeness out of your DNA cause either of your parents would have picked that car up by themselves to save their child. Not beg a stranger for help instead.

I think the Lady in White storyline has marred the character of Ethan for me, because I couldn't care less about the danger he was in. And not simply because I would have preferred to see the son of Luke and the granddaughter of Mikkos having a relationship - and the story potential written all over it.

The LiW romance was bad on so many levels - having Ethan chase after a mental patient who was being treated by her doctor, ignoring that her amnesia could be keeping her from a husband or boyfriend and sleeping with her regardless, and sleeping with someone who is supposed to look just like his sister.

Regardless of how fans feel about Ethina or Mayan, at least Kristina and Maya didn't look just like Lulu.

Luke Spencer and Starr Manning are two of my least favorite soap characters, so them both appearing in one episode did not bode well for me. I used to like them but over the last five years both characters have become insufferable.

Tony Geary's acting vacillates between very good and excruciatingly bad, but all the while it's completely self-indulgent, serving himself and not the story. TG approved and promoted Luke Spencer's trashing of Luke and Laura and revels in the "Emmy-baiting" scenes and barely registering when on screen and not on vacation. Just look at that screencap.

Starr Manning is a terribly overexposed character who never rises to the potential of being the child of Todd and Blair, two great characters. Her HEA on OLTL being jettisoned to be on GH is ridiculous. She's best as a supporting character to her parents' stories (not the other way around.)

The death of Dr. Robin Scorpio has been tertiary to the mob-nonsense, which included Sonny shot and drawing guns on people in their homes before getting into a high-speed car chase. Jason’s latest medical woe is tired because we all know he’s going to survive, yet Sam badgers Patrick about operating on him although Robin died in an explosion five minutes earlier.

Mac giving Spinelli the responsibility of telling Maxie that Robin is dead is insulting.

GH has a LONG to go.

Okay so Robin, before moving on to where ever and in spirit form visits JASON first. Gah.

I SCREAMED at my television when she appeared.. you go to Jason and NOT EMMA? WTF!!!! Then the brief arm pat for her husband as he goes into surgery, not to comfort him, but to give him strength to save St. Jason. I am still full of seething anger.

Starr Manning. Your car door works, you idiot. YOU got out just fine you stupid idiot. Why in hell didn't you crawl over that seat and rescue your baby before doing ANYTHING ELSE? She spent five minutes tugging on the door handle to get Cole out and barely even looked at Hope. Please stop this nonsense. My head hurts.

Fleur: "Could you ladies consider reviewing Downton Abbey that in your recaps?"

Not to exaggerate, but this would MAKE. MY. LIFE. I've immensely enjoyed Tom and Lorenzo's recaps and would love to see Downton Abbey get the Serial Drama treatment.

I'm having withdrawal right with you. The only thing keeping me going is the DA TWoP thread and the endlessly hilarious Tumblr, Telegrams from Downton. They are my enablers.

I'm hoping "Forgive me" means he'll do something to make Jason reboot like the original accident did. Fresh slate. *dreams*

While listening to Sam whine to Sonny about how she had to "practically beg" Patrick to save Jason minutes after his wife dad made me wish Helena would head to GH and put a bullet through Sam. What a self-centered, one-note bitch.

Sorry, in my anger I mistyped. I meant wife died.

Sam has done plenty awful things so far in her existence on screen, but to me, this is the last straw. Not that she was my favourite character or anything since the whole mess with Jake, but for someone who's supposed to be so "good" and know Jason so well and be so heroic, she was basically a whiny, self-absorbed, harping bitch. I hope Jason dumps her for it.

Watching Sonny and Sam commiserate at the hospital was a trifle nauseating. If housekeeping can't steam-clean those chairs, they should throw them out, since they must be oily after those two shed their crocidile tears.

So, according to Sonny, Jason is in "the business" just because he wants to be? Is that how it works? All you have to do is ask him and you're in? It had nothing to do with anything else? Gosh, that Sonny Corinthos is such a great guy, seeing that employment stays up in PC. What a load of bull.

Run, Sonny, run as fast as your reptile feet can take you. Find a rock and slither under it. Blair and Todd are coming to town. You are roadkill.

If Irena was Helena's daughter, that would make her birth sometime around 1985 - some time after Luke and Laura's wedding. It would have put Helena in her mid 50s. Should also point out that Mikkos was dead by then so how could Irena be a Cassadine? It makes no sense.

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