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February 01, 2012

One Life to Love (or Really, THOUSANDS)

Time for another poll to ease the pain of our loss! I know this one's going to get me in big trouble because of some RIDICULOUS SUPER-AMAZING OBVIOUS couple that I didn't put in my list of fifty possibilities, but please keep in mind that this is just for fun and out of the literally thousands of possibilities, I decided to stop brainstorming at 50 and am not pretending that this is a list of the "top" 50 couples or anything. Because memory lane is fun, but my brain is tired. So use the comments to talk about why your favorite couples were your favorite couples or to write-in who your favorite unlisted couples were! (e.g., honestly my favorite pairing for Dorian was with Ray, but I didn't even list them because I didn't think of them as a "major" couple. But they were hot. And there are certainly major couples I completely forgot. I was trying to remember if the Gannon brothers ever had any really epic pairings, and it's kind of lame because even though I really loved Hank and Sheila, they weren't exactly a big story, were they? But if they were your favorite, write 'em in! Again, I stopped at fifty.)

Okay, that was enough disclaimers, right? Here goes! After the jump, register your votes (and you can vote for as many as you want) for your favorite Llanview pairings ever!



OK, some caveats:
• Jessica & Cristian (Erin Torpey and Yorlin Madera version - not the recasts)
• Dorian and Ray (I thought they were Dorian's best pairing too - and super hot together)
• original recipe Bo and Nora were super fun, but this latest go-round just left me cold
• I know there are more that I'm suddenly blanking out on...

Evangeline and Todd (TSJ) had immense chemistry and if you don't believe me just check the YT clips! Evangeline had combustible chemistry with all of her pairings and the no-go on Todd/Evangeline was an epic fail for the writers. That pair made me view TSJ as a viable romantic lead.

I think there should be the category "[Person] and anybody." For example: "Brody and anybody" or "Blair and anybody" or "Natalie and anybody" Cuz, you know there are people who just have so much sexy or charisma or whatever that they could make a pairing with a wood board work.

But then there'd be just more TOO MANY to choose from! Love the love on my old soap!

My additions for others

Dorian and Mel
Dorian and Herb
Jenny and David
Marco and Edwinna
Lindsay and RJ

I Loved Natalie and Jared. They brought the heat and they were a more believable pairing for me than Natalie and John.

Also they were funny together!

Dorian and Herb - thanks Deb Leigh, I had kind of forgotten about them!

And thanks Louise for the post today, for some reason I was missing "my" show more than usual today...

I also have to vote for Dorian and Herb. They were great together.

Have to join Pauline and add Jared and Nat(Sob)Jared was the only man who adored nat whether she was good or scheming..

but RHTodd and Blair were the supercouple of OLTL.

Yep, RHTodd and Blair, without doubt. . . .start to finish this pairing showed exactly what soapy soap love is all about, totally flawed, totally painfilled, totally angst ridden, totally sexy, totally HOT, and when they made it work for the very short periods when they did. . .utter beauty. These two actors (rh and kdp) had THE BEST chemistry... I can't think of a couple with more chemistry.

No contest for me. It's just weird to me that RH and KDP's chemistry only grew with time. Usually it's not the case.

Also loved Jared and Natalie, Tine and Cord, and Bo and Nora!

jake and Megan were my first OLTL couple. When he got back just in time for her to die, wow! I can still recite that whole scene. From Viki talking about their wedding, the music swelling as he came in and hugged her, then he started telling her than their wedding was the most perfect day ever. Wow!

Clint and Viki were the cornerstone couple. I never really had that much affection for CR's Clint and I never bought the JvD/ES chemistry, but I couldn't imagine the show ending without them together. IN fact, I can't believe that the final episode wasn't their wedding.

Bo and Nora was another couple that had to be together at the end of the show. And I think their power as a couple shows because of all the people who got teary eyed on his, "I love you, Red." in the finale.

Todd and Blair also have to go down as a classic couple. I guess I didn't watch during most of their story, so a lot of their stuff is lost on me, but from fan response and their reunion in the finale, it's obvious they were pretty important to the show.

How could I forget?
Dorian and Herb
Lindsay and RJ

I voted for: Max/Gabrielle (2nd all time Oltl fave couple)


Kelly/Joey (Nathan Fillion ONLY)

My favorite supercouple in the history of soaps Todd Manning and Blair Cramer.

I recall rushing home from junior high school to catch Todd Manning. He was must see tv. It didn't matter who he had scenes with he was just entertaining. Then one day he struck up a conversation on the park bench with Blair Daimler and I've been a fan ever since. It's AH-MAZ-ING that nearly two decades later KDP/RH's chemistry is even hotter.

Oops just remembered another great couple for the write in campaign RJ and Lindsay.. They were hot and sweet not the word usually used to describe either RJ or Lindsay.. So much wasted oppurtunity.

Had to vote for Oliver and Kyle. I've never shipped a fiction couple the way I shipped Kish and it was better to have loved and lost them to have never loved them at all.

My write-in vote's for Clint and Kim. Jerry ver Dorn and Amanda Setton had some serious, surprising chemistry together and, had the show lived on, I think this pairing had a ton of soapy potential.

Maybe you need an OLTL most wasted opportunity couple poll. My vote? Natalie and Al.

Love me some T&B, but had to go with Dorian and Mel on this vote. I actually didn't mind Tina being paired with Cain or David either. And poor Andrew being in love with a dying Megan.

Honestly, who on earth votes for Jessie and her rapist?

I have to throw a vote for Dorian and Herb, as well as Marcie and Al.

Oh man, y'all. I can't believe I left off Nat/Jared and Dorian/Herb, two of my favorite couples! Clearly I need more coffee when I make these polls...

Natalie and Jared are my absolute favorite OLTL pairing - just the best ever, they loved each other for exactly who they were and became so happy together. His death was so heartbreaking, I was wishing for him to be the one in the bed at the show's end (despite the fact that I knew it would be TSJ).

Todd & Blair all the way. While there have been other couples I have loved (Nash/Tess/Jess, Bo/Nora, Kelly/Joey (NF only) I haven't loved them as much as I do T&B. They were loving, fun, passionate, dysfunctional, tragic....they were epic!!!

I can't think of any other couple that have hurt each other so much yet I still root for them to be together.

Todd/Blair. OTP level, yo.

Dorian/Joey. Cord/Tina (whom I had only seen this past year and who won me over).

'Maybe you need an OLTL most wasted opportunity couple poll. My vote? Natalie and Al.
Honestly, who on earth votes for Jessie and her rapist?'

I love your post so much and totally agree!


Marco and Jenny
Karen and Larry

Natalie and Jared. Herb and Dorian. Lindsay and RJ. DG's Kevin and me.

Oh and yeah, where's Viki and Sloan? (J/K, just making sure you're paying attention!)

Oh man, Todd and Blair are everything. They're iconic, epic, magic, fun, playful, angsty, painful, tragic, cruel, flawed, beautiful, sexy, passionate...I don't know if two people in the history of soaps have ever loved each other harder. That kind of chemistry and dynamic cannot be duplicated (as we were to find out, lol).

Let's see, I loved:

Natalie and Cristian

Dorian and Herb
Dorian and David
Dorian and Joey

DG's Kevin (only Kevin I liked) and HT's Kelly worked for me in a messed up way

Andrew and Cassie were a very believable couple and I liked how they worked at it

NF Joey and Kelly

Asa and Renee
Asa and Alex (Alex was just such a wild ride)

Max and Gabrielle
Max and Tina were fun even if we all knew where Tina's heart really was even before the wedding.

Tina and Cord, so classic.

I loved the hell outta RJ and wished he got better pairings. He and Lindsay were pretty great, though.

Bo and Nora were never a couple that I was overly invested in, but even as a kid I knew they belonged together and I'm so glad they made it to the end. They were really beautiful in the last episode.

I loved Jess and besides the character assassination they did on her over the years, looking over this list makes it so clear what a crappy romantic selection she had. LOL. I kinda liked Antonio and Jess but he was always so huffy and prone to histrionics that it got old fast. I think Brody was her best pairing.

Clint and Viki were a classic couple. I didn't care for CR very much, but I loved JvD and thought the show did right by honoring that couple's history.

Ford and Chandy will go down in my OLTL history book as a truly awesome yet tragic pair ;)

Loved Natalie and John from day one, when John first came to Llanview, met Natalie for the first time and said "You're Natalie?". That was all she wrote for me. You can tell they fell for each other instantly! Now that is how soul mates are made!

Liam and Princess David Vickers

LOL! I also would have voted for Ford & Chandy if they had been an option! :-)

You know what's so weird? T&B were not supposed to work. They were just supposed to be f-buddies and then gom on their merry ways. Even KDP thought Blair would eventually go back to Max (she stated on her web site that she didn't realize how much chemistry there was until she started watching youtube).

Of course, Roger was only supposed to be on for a short amount of time, too...

"gom on"? it was supposed to be go on. I HATE typing on a lap top!!!

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