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February 01, 2012

One Life to Love (or Really, THOUSANDS)

Time for another poll to ease the pain of our loss! I know this one's going to get me in big trouble because of some RIDICULOUS SUPER-AMAZING OBVIOUS couple that I didn't put in my list of fifty possibilities, but please keep in mind that this is just for fun and out of the literally thousands of possibilities, I decided to stop brainstorming at 50 and am not pretending that this is a list of the "top" 50 couples or anything. Because memory lane is fun, but my brain is tired. So use the comments to talk about why your favorite couples were your favorite couples or to write-in who your favorite unlisted couples were! (e.g., honestly my favorite pairing for Dorian was with Ray, but I didn't even list them because I didn't think of them as a "major" couple. But they were hot. And there are certainly major couples I completely forgot. I was trying to remember if the Gannon brothers ever had any really epic pairings, and it's kind of lame because even though I really loved Hank and Sheila, they weren't exactly a big story, were they? But if they were your favorite, write 'em in! Again, I stopped at fifty.)

Okay, that was enough disclaimers, right? Here goes! After the jump, register your votes (and you can vote for as many as you want) for your favorite Llanview pairings ever!



Glad to see that every poll done on couples in the past 15 yrs of my experience online Todd and Blair are always a huge 1st with couple number 2 a distant second. There has never been a couple that was just so as others said epic. Mixing the bad boy rapist and the she devil is really what soap dreams are made of. I think someone once said that they were like pairing Heathcliff from weathering heights with Scarlett Ohara. Genius. I will say my second all time pairing was max and gabby from back in the day. They had the most heat of any couple on a purely sexual basis. Max was obsessed with her but would throw her away and seeing Gabrielle's desperation everytime he tossed her it was edge of your seat tv seeing what she was going to lash out and do next. They were the original custody battle duo before their was Todd and Blair's starr wars. MAx was Rhett Butler to Gabrielle's Scarlett thats why pairing him later with Luna destroyed Max. You dont pair Rhett Butler with Melanie !!! SHe should have been with an Ashley Wilkes type of character perhaps Cord??? Thanks for the poll missing the hell out of my soap

Dorian and Joey! YAY!!! My favorite OLTL pairing ever, and one of my favorite soap couples. Between Nathan Fillion's charm, and Robin Strasser's awesomeness, I was hooked.

It was the way Dorian called him "Joe" in that soft tender voice that got to me. (When he came back for Asa's funeral, and she called him Joe, I nearly cried.)

Oh, so many to choose from! Dorian/Herb is my all time favorite Dorian pairing. Always. But I also loved Dorian/David and Dorian/Joey. I loved so many of Max' pairings, too. Max/Tina, Max/Gabrielle, Max/Megan, and yes even Max/Luna. (Did NOT like Max/Blair. Ever.)

I loved me some Todd/Rebecca and some Blair/Cord... and then those two baddies met and... forget it. Todd and Blair. TODD and BLAIR.

Truly, the only pairing (film, tv, whatever) that exceeds Todd and Blair for me is Han/Leia. Todd and Blair somehow managed to be awesome despite (or because of) writing that seemed to actively want to ruin them forever.

And I still cannot believe how amazing they were this last time around. I expected chemistry because I don't think Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva know how to NOT generate chemistry but I was not expecting it to be better, hotter, sweeter... just upped to eleven, you know?

T&B 4-Eva! Yes! They reduce me to high school yearbook speak.

Oh come on, how could you leave out Rex and Gigi!!!?? They were the Best couple ever on OLTL!!!! The offscreen romance of Farah and JP showed thru in their scenes and made them so real!

John and Natalie hands down! John was no good without Natalie. They had as much fire as Todd and Blair IMHO!

Rex and gigi and Natalie and jared

I liked the relationship that was developing between Roxy and Nigel. I think that would have been fun to watch unfold.

Dorian and Herb
Dorian and Mel
Viki and Clint (CR)
Viki and Joe Riley
Maxx and Roxie were a hoot!
RJ and Lindsay
Jess and Cris (Yorlin Madera and Erin Torpey)
Bo and Delihah
Jared and Natalie

My FAVORITE couple in 2008 were John and Blair! My FAVORITE couple in 2011 were Blair and Tomas!

The couple that wasn't: Todd and Evangeline

Ewwwww! Jess and *that character we don't mention at 2%? Gross!

Of course RHTodd and Blair are #1

Adored Dorian and Mel.

Old school.. Marco and Edwina!

"You know what's so weird? T&B were not supposed to work. They were just supposed to be f-buddies and then gom on their merry ways. Even KDP thought Blair would eventually go back to Max (she stated on her web site that she didn't realize how much chemistry there was until she started watching youtube).”

I had read that they were just suppose to be a temporary couple and that the head writer had just put them together to see what would happen if two tricksters hooked up. The fact that they weren’t trying to have chemistry and be a supercouple makes it that much better. Their chemistry wasn’t forced at all and TPTB weren’t trying to shove them down the viewer’s throat. They were just naturally good together and fans loved them. They were really gorgeous this time around. TnB are a very happy accident:)

Natalie and Jared for me. The only Natalie pairing I ever liked. Chemistry. Heat. Humor.


Kevin & Rachel
Victor/Todd & Evangeline
Bo & Sarah

I couldn't choose, there are too many I remember fondly, and too many I don't know cuz I missed several years of OLTL. But I'm happy someone else remembers Marco and Edwina, because I really liked them too! And I Todd/Victor and Tea should get an honorable mention.

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