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February 08, 2012

The Attack of the Overactors

I'm not sure why, exactly, the General Hospital actors have decided to go for broke in terms of over-the-top drama, but go for broke they have--lately it's been all "Eyes bugging out of heads" and "Sneers that require the movement of, literally, every single facial muscle" and "WAAAAAAILS! of EMOOOTION". It's entirely possible that they feel like they need to do something, anything in order to breathe life into a job that requires them to repeat the same lines of dialogue for months at a time. It's also entirely possible, and maybe even probable, that some of these people are just not very good at their jobs. But my favorite theory is that everybody has been watching Bruce Weitz intently and jealously, as he tossed chairs and primal screamed and contorted his face like he was Claymation, biding their time until they had the chance to inject such crazy into routine conversation.

They took their chances this week and ran with them!

Sonny: NO, I could NOT talk to you earlier. Look....it doesn't matter, it was BAD...[...]timing..Okay, tell your guy to stay om him. LISTEN TO ME [Licks lips for an extended period of time]--don't worry about THAT, because I got a PRETTY GOOD IDEA how to deal with him.

Shawn: Move on with your life.
Carly: That's what I'm trying to do!
Shawn: Then sign the divorce papers and move on with your life once and for all.
Carly: [Contorts her face into a sneer so terrifying that her next line of dialogue may well have been "I want to disembowel you and dance on your grave"]

Steve: [Physically attacks a vending machine while screaming unintelligibly]

Steve, winded like he ran a marathon and RAGEY: UGH. I did EVERYTHING I could to SAVE him and give him his LIFE BACK. But you know, after a point, it's OUT OF MY HANDS. At least that's what I TELL myself.

So what has everyone so up in arms? Well, Sonny is angry...I could probably end the sentence there, couldn't I? Sonny is always angry. This time about Jax...ish?

Carly, meanwhile, had the wind knocked out of her when Kate (gleefully! I've been lukewarm to cold on the recast of Kate, likely because I am a Megan Ward mega-fan and have been having a prolonged tantrum about the choice to recast, but Kelly Sullivan has been perfect in all of her scenes with Carly, I have to admit) informed her that Jax gave her his share of the Metro Court making them the worst (and by that I mean BEST, because an antagonistic Kate and a hate-filled Carly are like music to my ears) business partners of all time. She raged at Kate, she raged at Shawn, she whined a lot and eventually angrily gave Kate an ultimatum about filling Sonny in about the truth behind this business deal and can I interrupt myself for a second? The way that characters discuss how controlling and prone to anger Sonny is is seriously creepy when you consider that he's the show's leading man.

Kate: An opportunity presented itself.
Olivia: In the form of Jasper Jax? A man who chased Sonny out of town, trying to kill him? [Say what? --Ed.]
Kate: That's all over now.
Olivia: Oh, no, it's not, Connie. You know Sonny doesn't give up on stuff. Oh, god, you haven't even told Sonny you saw Jax yet.
Kate: I haven't had the time.
Olivia: Because you know how he's going to react! He's going to think you betrayed him with Jax, just like Brenda did.

Like, Olivia is filled with terror on behalf of her cousin that she barely even likes. That's how prone to flying completely off the handle Sonny is. So romantic!

And Steve...well, he's mad about nearly losing an innocent patient and naturally, this led to a long (so long) and vague  (SO VAGUE) conversation with Maggie about the illegal thing that they did in Memphis. Someone died! And maybe they should have turned themselves in? But then they wouldn't be able to be doctorly and life-saving. It went on for years--the conversation, I mean, not the events of the illegal thing they won't talk about except to talk about it incessantly. There aren't even words to describe how uninterested I am in this story, or how angry I am that it has taken precedence over things like, I don't know, ROBIN'S EXIT STORYLINE.

Watching this show is often exhausting, seriously.


Thanks for this column! It must have been a godsend for the writers when they decided to make Sonny bipolar. At last, they must have thought, they had an excuse for the wierd, halting way he has of speaking, his staring off into space in the middle of s sentence, and his general air of "WTF AM I??"

And Mr. Webber was a real blast from the past. I haven't seen such painful overacting, such insistent bad delivery since AMC went off the air and we no longer had Ryass Lavery on screen. I'm hoping that Mr. Webber has a toy monkey filled with toxic gas in his future, just like Ryass did. It can only help.

And Olivia is creeping me out. She sticks her nose in everyones business with the same annoying condescension that Kwak used to do in Pine Valley. If Olivia has a recipe for raccoon ragu, then hands down, she's a Carey, just from the Italian branch of the family.

You have to admire Carly's facial expressions. No-one's been able to pull anything like that off since Gumby went off the air.

Mallory -- What's most ridiculous in the Steve/Maggie/Memphis-story (well, outside of the acting) is that when Robin was COS, Steve went behind her back and hired Maggie as a doctor at GH. From her first day at GH, Steve has shown nothing but disdain for Maggie. She grates on his nerves (and mine) with her constant yammering about Memphis and a secret for months now. He knew who she was and hired her anyway. Why would he create this situation???!!! Argh. General Hospital sucks.

Oh yeah, Mac boned Diane. Seriously.

"Oh yeah, Mac boned Diane. Seriously."

Pardon? Mac did what with who? WTH would Mac bone Diane?

Every day I tune in for a couple of minutes, praying for those magic words:

"Not written by Garin Wolf"

Soon. Dear god, let it be soon.

Yep. According to Diane, she and Mac were carnal. I hope she's telling a lie to mess with Alexis. I pray she's lying.

I think Mac is straight so there's no way he would sleep with Diane. Also, he wouldn't do any cross-species dating.

^^ Ron -- I'm dead. Died of laugh attack.

Thank you.

The ghost of Soapbaby.

"Yep. According to Diane, she and Mac were carnal. I hope she's telling a lie to mess with Alexis. I pray she's lying."

Ew. This is definitely a case of "pics or it didn't happen". And no retcon allowed.

Wow, different strokes, I guess. I'd much rather see Mac and Diane than Mac and Alexis. First, I want Alexis to have someone more dynamic, and I'd prefer she not be in a romance that's a one-way ticket to the back burner. Secondly, at this point Mac and Diane are both, in my opinion, tertiary characters. I don't want to see a lot of either, but I like it when they show up periodically to support their friends and family. It would be nice to know they are having a relationship off screen. I'd much rather see Diane with Mac than Max, and she could spice up Mac's life considerably. Meanwhile, hopefully RC will free Alexis from the hilarity of menopause and give her a decent storyline.

HAHAHA! It's funny because Diane looks like a man! Or a lesbian! Which is a different species! (What--I can't even...) I mean, what straight man could possibly be attracted to this?

Anne, ITA that Mac needs a more dynamic partner to keep him interesting in a relationship. And I'd much rather see him and Diane that ever hear another word about her bedroom gymnastics with effing Max.

As one who actually likes the possibility of Mac and Alexis, and only would like Mac and Diane for the ability to bust out some Mellencamp, I'm still not seeing Diane as mannish or asexual in any way. If not wearing skirts makes you a lesbian, I have been totally sleeping with the wrong gender.

Scott Reeves couldn't even fake breathing like he ran in a marathon right.. what was up with that?

I thought Ron's remark about Diane was funny. I used to like Diane but she has become SO campy and over-the-top, a caricature of the oversexed cougar with no depth. That's not how Diane used to be. She was 'theatrical' but had moments of soul and depth. No more. I sort of view Diane like a drag queen performer = exaggerated in every way. It never occurred to me that she actually looked like a man or a lesbian.

I think the idea of Diane and Mac having drunken sex is gross and would be the result of uninspired writing and not an attempt to develop sexual or romantic chemistry. Silly plot point.

Setting aside the fact that we disagree over our views of Diane, how does a drag queen performer = cross-species dating?

I didn't mean to start a minor firestorm here. I find Diane a terribly unfunny caricature, and on any other show, I'd say her portrayal was demeaning. But this is GH, where simply being female seems to be cause for terrible writing.

Neither statement was meant to be taken literally.

Okaaaaaaaaaaay... can someone please explain to me what a lesbian looks like? Because I keep meeting them, and I can't tell, so maybe that's Mac's problem right there. I mean, I have short hair and wear pants, and am viciously sarcastic and acerbic; so am I gay or am I Diane? Or both? (/sarcastic way of pointing out that saying someone looks gay is just dumb.)

Elizabeth? That pic you linked to? Dude, I'm a very straight woman and I want to bone her! Seriously, folks, I always enjoyed Max and Diane, but this is a soap, and all things must end. So if Diane moves on to Mac, more power to her. Although I'm betting it ends up being a fake out in an effort to get Alexis to admit she wants him. Or something.

Are we having a hat-wearing, drinking-heavily, eating lots of finger-foods party on the first day that is entirely written by Carlivatti? 'Cause I will call in sick to work for that.

Mallory, the Olivia stuff really is truly creepy. I always feel so bad for Lisa LoCicero because, I mean, WHAT is she supposed to be playing? Concern for Kate? Concern for Sonny? Olivia was the one who encouraged Kate to "be there" for Sonny in the first place, and half her lines sound like she's worried for Kate's relationship (or... safety) and the other half sound like she's offended that Kate would betray Sonny so. No wonder she flubbed that "Jax ran Sonny out of town" line, or whatever the hell that was supposed to be.

As for FakeKate/Carly being at odds, I'm forever made uncomfortable by any scenario that puts me squarely on Team Carly. Very uncomfortable indeed.

Just a few more days till Altman/Wolf scripts go away, right?

Getting back to Mallory's post - I am now even more irritated than I was before by the Kate recast, because I would really love to watch Megan Ward and Laura Wright forced into a Metro Court partnership. It's a good idea, for once, but Kelly Sullivan just is not Kate. I don't usually get this hung up on recasts, but I've realized that my affection for Kate was completely about my response to Megan Ward. It's a shame. And it's not Sullivan's fault, she's doing a reasonable job, she just seems all wrong for the part to me.

If I have to hear Maggie say Memphis one more time....

Can anyone tell me what's up with her mouth? She talks like she has a mouth full of marbles or something.

Louise, ITA. Poor Olivia/LLC gets the most whiplash writing ever. The only thing she should ever say about/to Sonny is "die and burn in hell." But instead she's his biggest cheerleader. Bizarre.

Vicki, I so agree with you about Maggie. I think that she just broadcasts a big toothy, too white smile over every creepy line she performs. She is just too creepy to me (that includes Ethan's new desire, as well) Maybe it's the over acting or the sneakiness in her persona (I guess that's a good thing?) I would love for her to be the crazy lover/assassin for Sonny who does not fall for his 'charms' (lmao) and really gets the job done so the women of PC can live happier lives for a change.

I just want to say, Sonny is not bipolar. He is the textbook definition of borderline personality disorder. Seriously, look it up and you'll see a picture of Sonny in mid tantrum.

Hate everyone involved in making Sonny some kind of face of mental health. Gack.

I seriously hope RC makes Sonny and Jason star in a musical.

@Queen B: The promise of Sonny and Jason in a musical -- or at least one of those hilariously self-aware "special" episodes -- would keep me with GH once the OLTL refugees leave. Please please please please please.

Where in the world is Robin's storyline???? Every. Single. Day. Without this storyline just underlines over and over and over and over again how much this show wastes quality actors, characters, history and potential for powerful moments and stories. Arg!!!!

who does overact on gh? seriously gh has the most average cast in soaps. sonnny,maggie, jason, ethan, cassandra, kristina, sam, alexis, carly, etc

all fall back on the laziest of acting technics

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