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February 28, 2012

The Rare and the Missing

Gosh, who are all these new cast members on B&B?





Okay, seriously, I'm not even lying when I say I'd basically forgotten Marcus and Amber are on this show. Probably because their names aren't Liam or Steffy or Hope, nor do their lives revolve around those three people. So you can see where I'd be confused. In fact, I don't think they've ever had a long conversation about Hope's virginity, which is the theme and premise and setting of The Bold & the Beautiful as far as I can tell, so it's certainly peculiar to have them showing up here. I never thought I'd be thrilled to see Amber, but I was! And somehow she's more fresh-faced and dressed down, which I liked (although her look when she went to Steffy's was... off). Also, flashbacks!


Awww, wee Jacob Young before he started intensely squinting all the time, rockin' the 90s hair!


Young love! I'm glad they're capitalizing on having that era's Rick back by dusting off these old clips. What can I say? I'm a flashback nerd. But not for, you know, last week or last month. And please oh please we do not need any more flashback montages of Hope/Liam or Steffy/Liam. Please?

And who's this newbie?


I realize we likely won't see him again, but this was so awkward! Where do they get these kids? He looked frightened to make eye contact with her. MUST NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT VIRGIN PRINCESS ROLE MODEL.

And Steffy Steffy Steffy....


This is such the status quo for her. The glass of something, the lingerie, the sultry glances, the candles, the animal-print bedspread, the cringe-worthy "hot" statements... she literally could not be cheesier. Which, checking out Rick's 90s hair above, possibly makes them perfectly matched (and the fact that he is both her uncle [since adoption makes Ridge his half-brother whether they like it or not] and her step-brother [the latter may need an asterisk as it's not clear that Ridge and Brooke ever remarried after the boinkberry divorce] makes it extra-Velveeta). On the other hand, Bill is obscenely cheesy himself and seems to think that Steffy is the greatest woman who ever lived. These people are a riot. (Which is not a request for more of them. Let's see the rest of the cast, please! Please? Please!) 



You don't want any flashbacks to THE GONDOLA, Louise?

At least Steffy's hair is finally looking good!

Hey, I know where they got the blonde boy from, he's one of those kids from Village of the Damned.

Ha! MelP, I think you've got it exactly!

Louise, did you end up finding the no-period-ever pill? What brand is it?

Ewww.... Ambarf...

film is nice.

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