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February 09, 2012

The Tired and the Overplayed

I'm throwing out my white flag here, B&B. I give up, I give in. 

First of all, I wasn't quite sure I got all the words right, but something very close to this line of dialogue was actually spoken today:

Steffy: Hope's a station wagon. I'm a 1200cc twin-pipe crotch-rocket ready to burn rubber on that heart o' yours. How can you say no to that?


Oh my sweet mercy! How can you say no to that? Easily! It's terrifying! Who says that?!

I just cannot with this show anymore. I mean of course Steffy's not signing the annulment papers, it wouldn't be soapy if she did. It's just that they keep teasing other storylines, pretending like this shit is over or at least no longer the main event. But it is. And I've given up all hope that we'll ever see the end of it. Now all the soap buzz is that Hope/Liam/Steffy is going to be the hot triangle of the next generation ala Taylor/Ridge/Brooke because last week got good ratings. What? Didn't we all tune in last week to watch this effing triangle end?! And while Taylor/Ridge/Brooke was played out for a decade too long, it worked back in the day because both pairings had some real heat. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I can't find any appeal in either of these pairings. Not even a little bit. Liam changes his mind every five seconds and makes lifetime commitments on the turn of a dime, and both women think he shouldn't do that....except that Hope thinks it's okay to do if she benefits, and Steffy thinks it's okay to do if she benefits. And their freaking families are pathetically over-invested and I just want everyone involved to shut up about it, like, forever. This storyline has headlined the show non-stop since August and it's time to let it go. I'm never going to like every story going on a soap, but we stick with soaps anyway because they have more than one story! And I don't mean once a week. I mean every single solitary episode. It's time to hit the reset button. With all due respect to Scott Clifton who is a terrific actor, there's nothing about this that I want to watch. I can't be the only one.

Oh and to add insult to injury, this Hope for the Future crap is back, too. Hope continued to be a "role model" today by announcing in a press conference that she and Liam are back together and that she'll be marrying and sexing up her semi-step-sister's husband... tomorrow.


Way to be a role model! That's a very healthy example to set! (And doesn't Liam look like a gleeful groom-to-be? Hahaha.)

This storyline has made me hate every single involved character. They're all behaving abominably. Hope, Liam, Bill, Brooke, Ridge, Taylor, Steffy, Rick... I just can't look at any of them right now. They all come off as clinically insane. I have a really good idea for Liam and for the writers: Hey Liam, don't marry anyone right now, jackass!

So here I am, surrendering. Crying "Uncle!" Waving my white flag. Now PLEASE, Afternoon Television Program, please make it stop??!!

Okay. Time for me to take a chill pill, apparently.


Poor Scott Clifton. I loved him so much as Schuyler and I had heard his character was well-received when he first got to B&B. A shame he's being run into the ground.

'Hope's a station wagon. I'm a 1200cc twin-pipe crotch-rocket ready to burn rubber on that heart o' yours. How can you say no to that?'


That's all kind of awesome and I must go find the video right now!!!

@soapbaby.... Dude.... I don't even watch B&B and I need to witness this for myself....

Oh my hell. This is still on the air and OLTL is in its grave. Fantastic.

Well, you can't really complain about a soap with gondolas, crotch rockets and love berries. Oh my.

This show is becoming more painful by the day. I'm still mad at myself for daring to hope the Thorne-led rebellion would take place, because evidently not only can Ridge not lose, he can't even be challenged! Even The Great Victor Newman can be challenged! He can even appear to be losing for a while! How in hell does Ridge rate higher on the Soap Untouchables list than Victor Freaking Newman?

And when did B&B abandon the traditional M/W/F main story, T/Th secondary story format? The Triangle of Suck just can't happen every single day. It's not fair!

P.S. I miss the old days. Story A on M/W/F, story B on T/Th, developing story C and background/character scenes where they need to be. Back when the headwriter had an actual plan for story to naturally build from C to B to A, all the while mixing up the characters so new story ideas organically arose.

P.P.S. Can you tell that "soap headwriter back in the late 80s" was my dream job? Sigh.

OMG! She actually DOES say that:

Someone wrote that and this actress said that- out loud. I am giggling in a stunned, embarrassed way.

I love, absolutely loved Steffy standing her ground today because what she's asking for is not unreasonable. She's saying she's not standing in the way of Liam and Hope. That she will sign divorce papers. Not annullment papers because it will feel like their marriage didn't matter. That's all she's saying. All they have to do is give the woman some divorce papers.

Now I don't want her with Liam. He's too much of a punk bitch for me and I really can't picture anyone like Steffy wanting anyone like Liam because he's spineless and basically does what anyone tells him to do.

I have to say that I LMAO at Hope simply because she learned not one lesson about throwing out all of her and Liam's business to the media. And Brooke. Good grief, that poor baby acted like Steffy was standing in the way of HER marraige when she found out that Steffy didn't sign the annullment papers

This will go on and on and on and on and on and on and on....

Stef.. errrr sorry "1200cc twin-pipe crotch-rocket" will keep throwing herself at Liam.

So embarrassing. But again Steffy has no shame.

just watched it on youtube. thanks for the link, LL! I completely agree with you, Louise, that both Tridge and Bridge knew how to heat it up and were interesting. The only pair in the new-generation triangle that could bring the heat is Hope/Steffy.

On the up side, Hope is looking even prettier with her new hairdo, and Steffy's look is improving :)

Hi Ziyal :-) Hope you will have a great day.

This was seriously the actual dialogue???

OMG it was...


Are you giving up writing about B&B?

BL, I'll still be covering B&B! I'm a glutton for punishment, what can I say? (But I can't promise I won't do it with a chip on my shoulder.)

I was so glad to see this post. That line had me howling! I actually rewound it and played it back, just to ensure I wasn't having a stroke or something. Unreal.

Damn, I miss OLTL.

Louise, you are a brave woman :-)

This post is too true and too funny. "I'm a 1200cc twin-pipe crotch-rocket ready to burn rubber on that heart o' yours." rarely works with my hubby. I'm trying to watch this show now that our world (OLTL & AMC) has been taken from us. but they make it soooo hard. Can't somebody do something positive once and a while and enjoy it, finding it rewarding or something obviously as "corny" as these things seem to now be? Marrying off your sweetie to your son ain't doing it for me. Same for the JR redux....

I agree! This storyline has gone on for far too long. I just want Steffy to hurry up and divorce Liam so that she can go on with her life. Steffy deserves better than Liam. Let Liam hope for a future with Hope and end this storyline already!!!

i really feel for all of you who have lost your soap and have to tune into B&B for this. You think its JR Ewing? Wait until the Dynasty scene with 2 girls going at it with melted chocolate like joanna carrington.The writer is correct - this triangle needs to be broken UP. Liam wants to 'try' out Hope as Steffy interrupted them? Please, the only storyline that had anything going for it was Bill/Steffy and the take over of FC by Thorne and Taylor. Now we've got Rick - another of Brooke's kids - going for the gold ring instead of Thorne.vs Ridge. Its torture watching this show. I batch them now and ffwd through them.

Steffy is stalling and has said as much. She is hoping the time it takes for a divorce will help Liam "come to his senses" and chose her. (or his blueballs and her inevitable seduction scheme will win the day in her favor)

This triangle is stuck on stupid, and the parents are HORRIBLE role models and people. No wonder their offspring suck!

I am so sick of this. Just let Hope and Liam get married.

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