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February 13, 2012

The Upside and the Downside

Let's just get the downside out of the way first because it's too depressing to end with it.

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record on this topic but, really, what am I supposed to do when EVERY FREAKING EPISODE is a broken record, rehashing the same crap and the same storyline over and over and over, ad nauseam. But oh my lord why are women fighting for the love of Liam Spencer, the waffling-est, most spineless douche in town? (And that's saying a lot in a town where Ridge Forrester lives.) 

So today we got yet another interrupted wedding in which Hope was shocked -- shocked! -- to learn that she doesn't get to marry her stepsister's husband the day after he dumped her stepsister, because said stepsister refuses to sign the annulment papers. Liam, on the other hand, hadn't had the balls to tell his "beloved" that this might even be an issue. Why? Because Brooke said not to. So he just sort of stood around like the spineless sad sack he is during this whole revelation.


Oh no! How on Earth could this have gone wrong??!!

So Hope ran off to go confront Steffy herself, and Liam started to run after her because for moment he had his own thought and his own agency. That... lasted approximately three and a half seconds.


Ridge, as everyone else has done every time Liam has almost had a thought and action of his own, went ahead and stopped him and explained to him what he really thinks, which is that Hope needs to confront Steffy.


Liam, as he has done every time anyone has told him anything, did what he was told because having his own thought, idea, and plan of action for three and a half seconds was really scary, y'all.

Sigh. Poor, poor, talented and awesome Scott Clifton. This is torture to watch. 

Now for the upside! Hope went over to confront Steffy and even though the arguments on both sides were pretty hilarious (Hope is right that Steffy tricked Liam into going through with marrying her -- but it might behoove Hope to give some serious thought to the fact that the marriage was Liam's idea, and it was an idea that he had less than ten minutes after Hope broke off their engagement, and yet this is the man she has to marry right this second) (speaking of which, if she needs to have sex with him today, she should just go have sex with him today and stop talking about her sex life to the media... call me crazy), it was a damn good time. And there was a moment there where I was really excited because they were clearly about to make out!


I mean, right?!

Alas, they decided instead to get into a little swatting brawl that included throwing chocolate at each other from the chocolate fountain that Thorne (Thorne! I miss him!) had sent over for Taylor.




Which was certainly a damn good time (and looked like it was probably a blast for the actresses), and I'm maybe a little bit still holding out hope that this'll lead to a chocolate-covered makeout session tomorrow. I mean, what, they're sort of stepsisters and all, but that didn't stop the potential Thomas/Hope union, did it? So what's stopping them? BECAUSE OH MY LORD OTHERWISE I AM SO BORED.


But no mention of the GONDOLA? Sad.

I WISH SO MUCH that Hope & Steffy would make out. That would bring much needed spice to this show, because every character on canvas will start talking about how WRONG it is for them to be together, but it might actually be FUN!

I can't believe they were trying to get married so soon even though the annulment hadn't been signed. Oh, Liam, you spineless piece of shit! I wish you would get into an accident, get amnesia, and forget ALL about Hope & Steffy, and they would be making out in grief over your accident and the national nightmare called Hope/Liam/Steffy would be over.

Thanks SO much for the screencaps, Louise! The chocolate fountain fight <3 <3

Ahhhh Steffy has a lot of nerve... How many times Brooke had been expected to annul her marriages so that she wouldnt stand in the way oh so great Tridge love and when she hesitated she was accused of being manipulative....

Like mother like daughter...

And Brooke... Hope... WTF are they thinking or are they thinking at all? Why would Brooke want her daughter with Lame and why would Hope want a douche who has her evil stepsister's scent on him? Ewwwwwww....

Should we bring up how desperately the dark haired girl needs a deep conditioning treatment? Or some egg whites or SOMETHING? Maybe she's expressing her pain by mis-treating hair?

Am I the only person who hurts at the first picture of her?

Steffy definitely needs an expert to take care of her hair. On the other hand, Hope has been looking super gorgeous in everything lately, and how much more awesome is her wedding dress in a wedding that will never happen versus Steffy's hideous wedding "dress"?!

Still LOVING the chocolate fountain. THANK YOU, B&B, THANK YOU! I must say that triangles on this show are *almost* worth it for the cat fights that ensue (*feeling like a terrible feminist right now*). ALMOST.

Nope. Everyone has been ragging on her hair for a while now. It's a travesty- very tragic- for a pretty girl to have such awful hair. Actually, most of the hair/makeup/wardrobe on this show has been extremely suspect (though HTom has been the exception, most days).

Steffy has some nerve, Hope needs to STHU and Liam needs to fall off a cliff.

I am too so tired of the Liam/Hope/Steffy triangle. Why would Hope want to be with a spineless, jackass like Liam. He ran to the altar at a drop of a hat with that "daddy sleeping slut" Steffy (sluts usually win for alittle while.) and never gave a real thought to why his supposedly "soulmate" Hope called off the wedding in the first place. Who does that??? And, by the way, when will silly Hope stop holding press conferences to tell the WORLD she and Liam's
personal business. Some things need to be sacred and telling the world when your virginity will end is not one of them. Liam does not want the world to know that he is still waiting on the "nookie". That's why "daddy sleeping slut" Steffy was able to move in on her man. Get a clue girl!!!! And by the way, when will Ridge and Taylor stop treating Steffy like she is SO fragile. She is a SLUT!!!! plain and simple(the old Brooke). Thats why Brooke is so hell bent on keeping Steffy out of her daughters life because she knows sluts. And Taylor, OMG what a hypocrit cause she easily forgot about her inappropriate relationship with her dead daughter Phoebe's boyfriend "super jackass" Rick Forrester. She's a joke and atleast Brooke is an honest slut whom own up to her trashy past. Yes indeed only in soap opera land.. STAY TUNED.

The actress who plays Steff, JMW is so.. masculine looking.

Hi thank you for the theme, I have installed it on my WordPress, but it doesnt show in my site, its too heavy for site or I dont know whats the problem.

This is an interesting tv drama and I myself is hooked into it. Just simple stories yet so interesting.

I might love this drama. I'm gonna watch it.

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