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February 02, 2012

These People Are Just...Terrible At Their Jobs

Because I am an eternal pessimist, I knew--I just knew with absolute certainty, almost like a psychic vision, although such things happen with such regrettable certainty when it comes to General Hospital that it's less "psychic vision" and more "painful life experience"--that Robin's exit storyline would be torpedoed by a spectacular lack of caring on the part of the powers-that-be and that the best we could hope for was a handful of phenomenally performed scenes between Robin and her loved ones sandwiched in between Cassandra and Ethan talking vacantly and Olivia being obnoxious in the guise of "keeping it real".

But I didn't think that asking for two full minutes between Robin and her Uncle Mac was a greedy and excessive wish. Apparently, though, it was. All this relationship merited was 46 seconds of screentime. Yes, I timed it, because I am an overly invested freak, but REALLY, 46 SECONDS. That is a slap in the damn face to anyone who loves the Scorpio family, and General Hospital history and the adjective "soapy".

Patrick: No, stop it. We are not putting our life on hold. You did that already when, for weeks, you didn't tell me that your viral load is unstable because you didn't feel --
Mac: Or anyone else, for that matter.
Robin: Uncle Mac.
Mac: What is going on?
Robin: I just -- I-I had a scare.
Mac: About your viral load?
Robin: Yes.
Mac: What happened?
Robin: I'm on a new protocol now, and we have every reason to believe that it's going to work.
Mac: The night I found you on the bridge, the anniversary of stone's death -- you knew, right? You didn't say anything.
Robin: I know. I'm sorry. I -- you know, after everything I went through with Stone, I just got panicked.
Mac: "Went through." Robin, exactly -- "went through." That's what people do when they love each other. I would have been there. I should have been.
Robin: I know, it's -- it's my fault. I'm sorry. It's okay.

That's IT. Any scene between Robin and Mac at this point should have me sobbing to the point of wheezing, not sitting there impatiently waiting for followup scenes that never came.

To put it in perspective, these are things that the General Hospital powers-that-be consider more compelling than Robin and Mac sharing an emotional, moving scene:

  • Sonny and Kate arguing about I cannot even tell you what, because I could not hear any of their dialogue over the scenes of my laughter, because holy hell, that was some of the worst acting ever put on film. When an over-actor meets an actor criminally unprepared to film his scenes, it's like something out of my nightmares, or a particularly bad high school performance of Grease.
  • Menopause humor! Isn't it hilarious that Alexis is going through menopause and didn't know it? And isn't even more hilarious and not at all gross that it led to a frank discussion of Sonny's sperm? HAHAHA, I hate my life.
  • A character who has been on the show for about a minute taunting a character who has been around for a while, but who is so uninteresting and useless that I always think of him as being brand new, about the secret (and, I'm assuming, boring) events of their past that happened offscreen.

This effing show.



You totally echoed how I felt today, Mallory. It was awful. 30 seconds of Mac/Robin in what should have been a pivotal scenes. Wolf did the same thing with the pregnancy story. We never got to see Robin tell Mac on screen that she was pregnant. I also don't get why we are getting fluffy Scrubs scenes right now? Where are all the poignant scenes of them talking about what will happen if Robin doesn't make it. Where is Patrick's struggle? I just don't get the entire story and I'm sad that Carlivati won't get to write for them.

Mallory -- You can imagine my upset when I sat through an episode of this shit because the synopsis listed (via my cable service) 'Robin and Mac share an intimate conversation.' Seriously? I sat and FFWD and sat and then it occurred and it was insultingly brief. Why does this show hate its viewers? We've done nothing but devote our time and effort. This show makes me sick. At least, there was no Jason, Sam or Luke.

OMG when Diane said "even the mighty warriors of Sonny Corinthos can not impregnate you" I fell on the floor laughing my ass off. That was THE best line of the day. I didn't even watch any of the rest of it. Not even Patrick and Robin because I read a recap earlier and knew it amounted to like 2 minutes of screen time. If I was going to look at this crap at least I was going to laugh and Alexis and Diane did that for me today.

I keep telling myself that right now we're seeing the transition between JFP/GW and FV/RC and that FV/RC had the idea to bring Mac in at all and that by the time they got that ready to record, that's all KMc was able to do. This may make me an RC fangirl or a hopeless optimist, but I really want to believe that RC is doing everything he can to respect the history of GH while the former regime screwed it all up. And by March, things will be okay.

I was watching the YouTube video interviews KMc has posted (which, if you haven't seen them yet, they're fantastic) and was extremely surprised to see everyone complimenting MB and saying what a great actor and acting coach he is. Clearly none of the actors actually watch the show!

I'm relatively new to GH, and I love these columns! And this one is just about as perfect as it can be.

Since I have a serious hate on for Kate - the actress stinks almost as much as this over-the-top character does, that description of her and Sonny was just about perfect.

And I'm hoping that Ron C. and his team will be able to write some humor for GH that will do justice to the show and characters, as I think they managed to do for OLTL so very well. I really do like Alexis (and for some reason have, I think, an instant loathing for Diane - talk about over-the-top), but the hot flash scenes were played so heavy-handed that all that was missing was a laugh track. It couldn't have been any real surprise to Alexis. And Diane's sex chatter was just.....off-putting. Yep, I don't like her either.

But...but what about Jason? How will Robin's exit affect JASON?!?! Will no one think of Jason?

*throws javelin through TV*

I think they should just change the name of General Hospital to the last line of this column.

Don't insult high school productions of Grease! If you're really going to describe this load manure from Sonny and DeadtomeKate, then you should properly compare that steaming stench to a what it was: a cut rate freshman class for charity fundraising version of Grease 2, done the night before Spring Break. Meaning nobody did sh@t to prepare and nobody cared about anything about the show.

Honestly. I watched today's show in 2 minutes on my dvr. It just looked like crap. And so it appears that my eyes weren't deceiving me.

Mallory, when does the FV/RC stuff start airing? I though I heard sometime in February, but when for sure?

I thought the Diane/Alexis scenes were the only enjoyable ones of the day.

I did think Alexis and Diane concluding that, yes, Sonny's sperm COULD impregnate a menopausal woman was funny. Everything else? Ugh.

Lisa, I'm with you - I read a blurb somewhere that "Robin's exit deeply affects Jason," and I am so afraid it's going to be all about Jason and not about Patrick, Mac, Maxie, her PARENTS, etc. I know they have a history but the fact that some kind of publicity preview mentioned Jason and only Jason strikes fear in my heart!

So much time is being wasted on newbie characters and events that happen off-screen. If the show is on borrowed time, I really hope RC is able to bring back the heart and soul of GH before it ends, and not waste the viewers' time with stripper stalkers and a woman who lives in tunnels and the sorta creepy doctor who follows her all around town in his trenchcoat.

At this point, I hate Garin more than I hate Guza for the way he's treating Robin's exit.

And if you thought the 40+ second reveal was bad, here's a comparison to Labine's reveal. OMG!

I'm glad I checked out of GH a while back, because Mac Scorpio has been one of my favorite characters since the moment he showed up and punched his brother in the face. Mac should have been an integral part of this from day 1.

I think we only got 46 seconds of Mac/Robin is because the rest was cut. RC admitted that he made changes to some storylines so maybe they cut the Mac/Robin's scenes because that scene wasn't going along with what RC wanted. The reason I say that is because if you notice on Tuesday/Wednesday's eppies...Mac has a very fresh hair cut when he's talking to Spin on Tuesday and Alexis on Wednesday. However on Thursday, he's back to original haircut. And yes I know they block tape, but for some reason I feel that the Tuesday and Wednesday Mac scenes were inserted to take the place of something else. What, I don't know, but the fact that those scenes might have been inserted to cover up something else that was cut could also lead you to believe that some of Mac/Robin's convo was cut because it contained content that didn't coincide with RC's changes he made to the storyline.

It was an insult to see such not even a full minute of Robin and Mac and for what? More Steve/Maggie/Olivia (btw is there a plan for all this fainting she's doing???), Carly, Johnny moping, and Sonny and Kate whatevering???

Thank you for mentioning the acting in those Sonny/Kate b/c WOW...I had to rewind it b/c I couldn't understand why Kate was having a fit on the bed and yeah. I just remember cringing a lot.

The thing is, I WOULD be interested in Jason's reaction to Robin's illness -- they were VERY important to each other -- if EVERY STORY ON THIS SHOW DIDN'T REVOLVE AROUND JASON. For once it's a story in which he should be involved, but because this show cannot understand the idea of moderation when it comes to Jason, they've made me not interested in him at all. (See also, Sonny.)

Oh, also, I disapprove of shortchanging of Mac/Robin screentime. But you said that better than I can. Cheers!

kermiklein - I hope you're right. Still, I just feel GH despises it's audience and the treatment of Robin/Mac is just one more example. I hope RC can drastically improve the show...before it meets cancellation.

I saw comments from another site that Frons left on 1/31 which means he still had his stinky paws all over GH.

Hey! Break it down: Me No Pause.

Can we PLEASE have an hour of just Diane?

Ok, please don't hurt me, but in 1998 Jason and Robin were THE reason I watched General Hospital. With that confession finally out of my system, these days I can barely stand the sight of Jason and I live in a constant and absolute terror over how I fear Robin's departure will be handled. I can't even watch, I get most of my updates from the good people who not only write this blog, but comment also. Have I said how much I love this place? Without you, this show would suck. Ok, it already does suck, but thanks still. Anyhoo, back to You Tube (Steve and Kayla on the run! Squeeeeee!!).

Fv's editing started either weds or thurs and honestly i saw no difference from jfp's and rc had the chance to tweak robin's story a bit and did nothing

Maybe if people had stopped screaming at him WE ARE LEAVING ONCE KIMBERLY LEAVES maybe he would have fixed the story. Why fix something when folks have sworn to the high heavens, and to him, and to KMc, and to JT, that once she is gone they are gone. What would be the point?? I'M.JUST.SAYING..........

So that's really it isn't it? They're really going to kill Robin off aren't they? I just... can't. I can't with this show anymore.

RC's writing has not started yet. Soon, but not yet. As for Robin's storyline, he was asked and said that all he could do was finish out what had already been started. So it sounds like there are folks above him who want this played out the way Wolf started it. I will bet, though, that the storyline will get more time and be treated far more respectfully in his and Frank V.'s hands than it otherwise would have been.

Marie - I've seen that, but I haven't seen THAT many people say that. Besides, most of GH's audience isn't online and don't know for sure she's leaving like onliners are.

Whether RC could have fixed even slightly this mess that is Robin's story, I don't know. I can only hope it improves soon.

@uiiis if you were on Twitter when KMc first announced she was leaving you would have seen it plenty. Not to mention how many people were (and still are) telling JT that they are not watching him once she leaves. Those same people are still around, still saying they are leaving yet demanding that Carlivati "fix the story". You can't have it both ways. That's all I'm saying.

Marie - I think the headwriter's job is to put out a quality product. Robin's exit story is terrible right now, so I don't think it should be a matter of "fixing" Robin's exit to appease a specific set of fans, it should be a matter or writing a decent story. RC has pretty much already said he didn't like the direction of Robin's story. What type of headwriter would he be if he didn't make changes to the extent that he could (which hopefully he did) and let something play out onscreen that he thought was not any good?

I think people are missing my point. I WANT changes done to Robin's story. Trust me. What they are doing right now is GARBAGE. My initial response was to a post to one that said something along the lines of he could have made changes and didn't. My response is to those who say "WE'RE LEAVING" regardless of any changes but "MAKE CHANGES". My point to them is what difference does it make to you if you are putting out there that you are leaving?? What kind of incentive would that give the man to make changes? You can't tell him you are leaving no matter what he does, but at the same time demand he fix something you said you're not going to watch beyond a certain point anyway.

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