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February 09, 2012

When Things Got Real Special In Llanview (or Outer Space, or the Wild West...)

Time for another One Life to Live poll as we all adjust to life without Llanview (and trust me, a poll on how we're all coping is impending) as many of us wait for a few OLTL-ers to visit General Hospital in what will likely be a fruitless attempt to pretend our show isn't gone.

This time our trip down memory lane will take us the "special" episodes or storylines, where there was more than just a big sweeps event, there was actually something different from our typical reality. Sometimes our characters had crazy dreams that took them into alternate worlds where everyone turned into everyone else or where a surreal episode of another soap took place around them. Other times they traveled through space and time or to bizarre cities inside Llantano Mountain. Sometimes the gang broke out into song and dance, and sometimes they visited their lost loved ones in Heaven, Hell, or some strange version of Purgatory. And other times the storylines moved along as usual but something exciting was going on behind the scenes.

As usual, I just threw out the first ones that came to mind and surely forgot a few major temporary paradigm shifts, so be sure to pick "Other" and write-in your picks in the comments section! You can only submit once, but in that submission you can vote for as many of your favorites as you want. Then take to the comments to talk about how crazy-awesome your favorite crazy-special episode or storyline was.


I forgot about Grey Gardens! Oops.

What was Trading Places?

Does The Week leading up to Megan's death when she had al these visitors that took her through the history of the show count?

oltlgirl, you've got to check it out! All the cast members switched roles. (I think the conceit was that Rae was having dream.) It was hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTHqaupn2VY

I wouldn't rate the 2010 musical as a favourite, but I swooned when Brody sang "Keep on Loving You". Does that count?

Live week was spectacular. The week after it aired, OLTL won its only Best Show Emmy.

KDP was AMAZING that week and I'm still pissed she didn't get an Emmy.

Trading Places was great, too. As was the Frat Row dream because the way Melissa Archer breathlessly played Breanna still cracks me up.

Live Week! How scary and fun it must have been that week for the actors? And KDP was insane! I too am still pissed she wasn't even nominated for that week. I can't think of too many actresses who could have done that.

I have a special fondness for the trading places episodes simply because RH doing Viki and ES doing Todd was simply awesome.

I realize I'm in the tiny minority, but I really enjoyed Bo and Rex's time travel, where Bo became Asa. The ONLY time I've ever been able to stand Rex is when he was with Bo, and that's because Bo is *awesome*.

I really enjoyed Bo getting a different view of his father. Asa's death gutted him, he was so heartbroken, to me it seemed that going back in time healed some of that hurt, and gave him some insight on Asa as a young man.

And I loved the characters inhabiting other roles. Nigel was particularly and Gigi was hilarious. I really enjoyed the entire interlude. It was the last time I enjoyed Rex or Gigi.

P.S. Roxy's dream was the best, because every damn part of it was hilarious. David with his shifting accent and hysterical overacting, Todd's mulleted surfer dude, John & Natalie's cheerfully vacant sibling/lovers, and of course, Viki and Clint's servants. Gilda and Hilda! I damn near died laughing.

Trading Spaces! Just for RH as Niki boogying to the music in a miniskirt! ES nailing Todd's swagger wearing his leather jackt and a goatee. And the topper of Starr being Rae. Not to mention Rae after waking trying to tell Viki what had happened: "I was in a really strange place!" V: "Port Charles?" I was in tears from laughing.

Babes behind Bars! Wow. OLTL had a lot of "special" episodes that were simply outstanding. The week that OLTL was live was totally awesome!

I voted for the Trading Places episode because of Erika/Roger, JDP/FH and Linda Dano/Kristen Alderson.

Live Week 2002 was a close 2nd - KDP was AWESOME!!!

Roxy's Fraternity Row Dream would be 3rd.

I still miss OLTL :(

I loved the Fraternity Row dream cuz it was just so fun. . . I loved LIVE week mostly because I was continually amazed by KDP that week. Cannot believe she never won an emmy.

Come on guys, ETERNA all the way for its unabashed campiness!! i mean, they had special outfits to boot!!!

Other than Eterna, I loved the trading places for its hilarity (more funnier than the Fraternity Row episode), and I love the Live Week, specifically Blair finding out the truth behind TBL. She was phenomenal and I am still upset that KDP was robbed of an emmy!

Grey Gardens, Frat Row dream! Still really miss the show, guess I will check out GH when Todd and them come on. When is that anyway?

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they had people flying to london, to seattle, to wherever jarad died....

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