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March 06, 2012

Did They Think My Heart Wasn't Broken Enough?


I mean between Maxie today and Todd and Blair and then Robert's anguish, I just... thank goodness we have some comic relief.


You know, I've heard a surprising number of people compare "Connie" to Rizzo from Grease which really was hilarious since I'd already been thinking Grease, but just not Rizzo (uh, who is obviously the best character in the play and the movie, especially in Stockard Channing form, and is way cooler than this chick). 

Faking-tough-and-sexy-Sandy at the end is more like it.

Anyway, apparently Connie is mad because Kate stuffed her away, thinking Connie was "too Brooklyn," which I have to assume means Connie was wearing ironic t-shirts and only eating at sustainable macrobiotic restaurants and riding a bike and trying to revive the No-Wave Movement and joining collectives? Maybe Kate just really liked gluten?

I'm sort of at a loss for words over the stupidity of Luke "saving" Robert by getting his hopes up about having another kid who isn't really his (which he's bound to discover), and Maxie (who I've mostly wanted to punch hard in the face for months) crushed me today. But I am who I am, so, you know, let's talk real super-quick about Blair and Todd.

Obviously they're not together, which makes sense considering the end of OLTL. Even if Blair did know that Victor isn't really dead (which she doesn't), she wouldn't have already forgiven him for covering the whole thing up, and kidnapping and framing Tomas. So I'm good with that -- it wouldn't make sense story-wise or character-wise that in just 5 or 6 weeks, all is forgiven and everything is grand again. But they sure were great together and made me 100% confident that there will be forgiveness and reunion. The moment they shared in grief over their granddaughter...


Can I get a hug too, y'all?

And as if that weren't enough...


Todd: Everything I have in my life that is positive; everything that I have in my life that I love... I have because I've loved you. Our son, our daughter, our granddaughter. (Pause. His voice breaking) I am sorry for your loss, Mrs. Manning. I am never going to stop trying to put us back together. 


She's trying so hard to stay strong! Oh they kill me. 

That's all I got, y'all, or we'd be here all night.


Well Todd came back and was true to Todd! All in a state of "you love me, I don't care what you say". I just wish they would FINALLY acknowledge that he didn't kill Victor. What would be the point of them even being around again (like KDP has said they might)if they don't bring some closure to that? Johnny and DID Connie was HILARIOUS. Brandon Barash and his WTFingF look the entire time was killing me. I couldn't stop laughing. It was great and the first time I haven't hit the fast forward button in 5 years. I have no words for the whole Luke/Robert thing other than Fa Reals?? :/ Robert would come off the bridge for Ethan but not Emma? And lying about Ethan was THE ONLY THING Luke could come up with? Yeah, that was one big whatever.

I liked Johnny's reaction to Kate/Connie. It entertained me. I found her more entertaining today than the usual Kate drivel too, but I'm not sure about the DID?? Is she faking it? Really suffering from it? What the heck?

The Robert/Luke ridiculousness has me shaking my head. So now, Luke thinks sending Robert after a fake son will help him grieve and get over his very real, very wonderful little girl's death? I don't get it.

I FF through Holly and Ethan.

Matt and Maxie were good today.


I was weeping when Blair was telling Todd that she had to tell Starr, and she was hanging onto him because her knees gave out . . .she was fantastic. My heart broke. Then the scene with Todd declaring his intent to keep working at fixing them. . .my broken heart leapt a little.

KDP and RH rocked it!

Louise, I think it's the accent that has most of us thinking Rizzo when Connie was after Johnny. But poor Johnny. Every crazy in PC seems to find him and show up at his door.

I had trouble buying Robert as suicidal and ready to end it all. I'm so confused with Holly continuously changing her story that I've been waiting for Helena to return with a DNA test...where in the world did she go?

ANOTHER THING I have a problem with is Maxie realizing she accidently caused the gas leak. That was a BIG WTF moment for me. Maxie didn't even realize she did that when it actually happened and now I'm supposed to believe she "remembered" it? Yeah, not feeling that revelation either.

I think Connie's more Michelle Pfeiffer in "Grease 2". She needs a cooooool rider!

I also enjoyed that Todd's list of things in his life that he loves didn't include the Widow Delgado (who you know is smugging it up back in Llanview) or her screechy spawn.

But Blair back with Tomas? Oh BLAIR!

Cawnie tawkin like dis to Jawny is pure comic gold. Period.

Blair and Todd doin' what they do best angst. I could've watched them the entire show.

I started watching early last week. GH is surprisingly watchable. I think it helps to not be so invested so that I let Ron do his dirty work. People I am invested in: the Mannings. I sort of loved today (well except the part about Tomas. Really? Him?); it's was my Todd and Blair at their best. At an impasse. I can't believe the words that came out of Todd's mouth. I died; it was so soapy.

Everything I love I have because I loved you. Who says that? Todd Manning does, I guess.

KDP was superb.

I've never liked Kate, no matter who played her. She was phony and pretentious and ashamed of where she came from and her family. She was all about her career until she fell in bed with her "great love" Sonny again and was willing to risk it all for him?? Then he almost gets her killed twice and she goes back when she knows she's obviously replaceable to him. Yeah, I never found her strong or awesome. MW did have awesome hair, though. And I never bought this actress as Kate. Now, Connie? I am digging her. She's funny, tougher, trashes Olivia (who I also don't like) and she's almost self aware. Plus, this actress is much better playing Connie. Johnny was the perfect character for Connie to out herself to. He knows how to handle the crazy and as much as he can be a rogue, he's still a gentleman. His reactions were a perfect mix of "is this a joke?" mixed with "she's actually kinda cool" and "Kate is so not well." I found them shockingly entertaining together.

Luke lying to Robert may not be the sensible course but it makes sense for Luke and Robert. For once, Luke is trying to think of someone else (I miss that Luke) and he was thinking on the fly. I actually have loved Luke and Robert's scenes. Robert makes Luke almost bearable again.

I'm really done with Dante/Sonny angst. Ugh.

Todd and Blair killed me today. They are so fabulous. KdP has been kicking ass since she arrived. I love Todd's laser focus on Blair and his family. Kassie was playing it so great today. She loves Todd, but she doesn't have to like it. Them fighting over the phone was so classic T&B. Loved it!!

@LB - I totally agree! Finally GH feels good and soapy!

You know, I still am having a hard time seeing Maxie as MAXIE - I haven't adjusted to the recast for some reason. BUT - that being said - when she does emotional scenes, she's GREAT. Her breakdown there at the end yesterday when she crumpled to the floor felt and sounded completely real and raw.

So, does anyone else think that Connie shot out Anthony's tires in an attempt to frame Sonny. Sonny is going to find out, feel guilty for breaking Kate, and try to take the blame. Then the truth will come out and everyone will think that Sonny is a selfless wonderfull man just taking care of his sick girlfriend.

Y'all said it so well.

I was amazed and delighted at the comic interplay of Connie and Johnnie. When she said to him "Are you scared of me?", and he said, "No...Yeah, a little" - perfection. The actress playing Kate/Connie has finally found something to do that is watchable. Thanks to whoever did that. It makes Sonny seem even more boring, creaky, so yesterday for "Connie".

I was very surprised at how good I thought the Matt/Maxie scenes were, although I too thought that Maxie remembering that she nudged the gas connection was a little farfetched, considering that she didn't notice it when it happened.

Todd and Blair - there are no words. And that scene were Blair broke down and melted into his arms.....it gets no better than this, anywhere, ever.

Of course, I'd love to see all the appropriate parties from Llanview to be at the hospital for Blair and Starr - Vicki, Tea, Dorian, Addie, etc., but I know that Blair and Todd will be standing in for all of them. And it is pretty freakin' great tv.

Good performances all around yesterday - Sonny and Dante excluded.

I think that we are supposed to believe that "Connie" was enough of an expert marksman to shoot out 2 tires on a speeding car with a 9mm when even the great Corinthos said it was almost impossible. Hmmmkay.

In the OLTL fanfic in my mind, Todd was merely brainwashed by his insane mother into thinking he killed Victor, and this eventually is revealed. Blair and the kids will forgive him, and the Mannings will be reunited. However, given the short stint on GH and no prospect (park) of getting OLTL back, the reveal on Victor's existence and whereabouts may never happen. This makes me sad.

And why is Johnny-boy having second thoughts about sleeping with an emotionally unbalanced woman? He hooked up with Carly even after the Lisa Niles experience.

@RR61, Dare I say it (SOMEONE HELP ME!!) but I think his interactions with Carly are what is making him hesitate and try to be a "better" than that person.

RR51, that's my fanfic for Blair and Todd, too. We KNOW he didn't do it - even if he has that memoroy - so Irene had to be mixed up in this somehow. I too amd angry that Todd, who ultimately was the most victimized, remains "hated" be everyone - for something he never did, and am afraid that it will never be cleared up. I had hoped that it would all be over and done off screen, but no such luck.

But Mr. Howarth and KDP certainly knocked it out of the park with their acting yesterday - as they so often have done. And it is a gift to at least get to see them as Todd and Blair for a few more episodes.

General Hospital has sucked me back in....probably just in time for the cancellation notice, but at least it will go out with some semblance of being a good show again.

I was trying to figure out what has been so jarring about Luke lately, and then I figured out that's he speaking like a human being again. If Guza had been writing Luke's reaction to Robin's death, it would have been all "Kids SUCK,Robert! Now you are FREE! Go bang a whore!".

Hot diggity dog DAMN! Roger Howarth has just been put on contract. With that move I am sucked back in to this show.


I have to admit that I did not watch OLTL. I do read the magazines & have knowledge of Todd & Blair and I have to say that their performances were spot on! What a fantastic addition to GH. Even though I'm a GH fan and know that inevitably some characters will have to be sacrificed to make room for the Mannings & company, I have to say that sacrificing Cassandra (really - who hired her?)and Maggie to usher in the likes of Todd & Blair - completely worth it!! Now lets send Kate, Olivia, Steve, Sean & TJ out of town & talk Nathan Parsons into staying as Ethan & somebody get their head out of their ass and re-hire Lexi as Kristina. Keep Johnny & Carly hooking up - they are smoking hot! Hopefully, the GH fans who are complaining about OLTL favs coming over will realize that these are talented actors who are a great addition to Port Charles! Welcome to the OLTL fans & new viewers!

Lucy, what a generous and rational reaction! Go Team-Keeping-Soaps-On-The-Air!

And yes, losing Cassandra/Irina and Maggie is win/win, no matter who comes in.

Thanks Louise!! Love your columns!

Has anyone seen this latest bit of good news (if there is such a thing as good news in the aftermath of Robin's "death" and Kim McK' s departure) regarding who else shows up to comfort Patrick?
Spoiler alert: http://www.tvline.com/2012/03/rick-springfield-returns-general-hospital-photo/

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