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March 29, 2012

Funny Feelings

Of course the funniest feeling I had while watching yesterday's episode of General Hospital was actually not a feeling at all, but rather a lack of feeling. When I looked at Michael's face, I did not feel the need to punch it. It's not that he did anything special (or much of anything at all) but it was noteworthy nonetheless in that he did nothing infuriating. Like even a little bit. It's been a while. A long while. Possibly never? (I'd say he didn't infuriate me when he was a baby but, alas, I'd be lying. Does that make me a bad person? Finding a fictional baby infuriating?)

There were other funny feelings, too. Spinelli had some "wacky" scenes, and Mac acted exasperated by him -- par for the course kind of stuff, right? Well, normally such scenes make my eyes roll so far back in my head that I can see the nape of my own neck, but this time I was actually a little amused. The first reason I was amused was that it's fun to see a soapy catfight between men instead of women for once.


The second reason I was amused is that Matt is just freakin' hilarious. I reallylove Jason Cook in comedy mode (yay, Drunk Lamp-Admiring Matt!), and the way Matt kept saying, "Seriously?" to Spinelli made me a happy camper. An easily-pleased camper, but a happy one nonetheless.

Another funny feeling I had was not feeling the urge to take a giant sponge full of makeup remover to Maxie's face.


What's this? A woman who's been sleeping in a jail cell and her makeup isn't perfect and intact? What's next, a hospital patient without a perfect manicure? Jason waking up from surgery without a black t-shirt? (I kid, that's clearly asking too much!)


On the other hand, I do feel the need to put her in a different outfit. The fake jewel detailing on the top of that dress would totally be confiscated in jail anyway -- that's like thirty-five weapons right there!

Another funny feeling arose in me when Sam actually made a stellar point about how good it would be for her and Jason and their child if Sonny were in prison.


"We'd be free." You would! So would we all! Sam, you have so much dirt on him, go ahead and turn him in! Okay, I know she can't do that without implicating Jason (and alienating him as well, but who cares, he's Jason), but it's a nice little fantasy. Is she actually starting to see the light? Might she realize that raising a baby in the mob is, you know, like a bad idea? As evidenced by every single thing that has ever happened to Sonny's children ever?

I also really enjoyed her line to John: "When I tell you to stay clear of Jason, I'm lookin' out for you too." Half veiled threat, half actual concern. I'm loving the scenes between Sam and John and hope that this somehow evolves into an unlikely alliance, despite the fact that he's positioned as an enemy of her husband.


Her husband who, by the way, is currently showing Sonny a photo of Natalie and Liam (OH EM GEE LIAM AND NAT!!!), explaining that they are John's vulnerable spot and the best leverage they can use against him. Oh, such honorable mobsters, aren't our heroes? What's their plan, threaten a police officer's wife(?) and baby? Charming. That Jason, he's a keeper. Let's all have a big fight on the internet about which woman should be lucky enough to stay with him forever and ever! (Oh, we've been doing that for a decade already? My bad.)

Another funny feeling I keep having is happinesswhen John McBain is on my screen. He irked me no end on OLTL (though he had his moments, and I definitely came around during the last few months of the show in a big way), but I just adore him here. Maybe it's because he's positioned as an adversary for Sonny and Jason without being written as a one-note court jester about it (I'm lookin' at you, Ronnie).

I'm not, however, having any funny feelings about Starr. This is the mode I least enjoy her in, and I can't say I'm happy to see her back in Port Charles at her most haughty and indignant.

BecausecoleandhopearedeadWhy is she sneering at John? Oh, because he suggested she should be with her family right now. This really pissed her off, and she grimaced and snarled something about Cole and Hope being dead and did John think she could forget that? Can I answer her question? Uh, no? Because that's what he was just talking about, Starr?

I feel traitorous complaining about a OLTL character when I'm still mourning its loss but I always enjoyed her more in a role of support than this type of featured heroine-on-a-mission business. I have a feeling I'm going to have a Starr Visage on my face during much of her time on GH. Then again if she makes me hate Michael less, she does win some points.

But all is well from my viewing perspective anyway, still. And why? Because Anna!


First, I adore you Louise. I remember how wonderful you were as OLTL marched towards it's finale. You were crazy supportive to us commenters even as you experienced the same grief. I was a mess (and still mourn OLTL) but you made a real difference, so thank you.

As a longtime, HUGE, OLTL viewer, I wish I could find some joy in Kristen Alderson's performances or in the character of Starr Manning but I haven't been able to since 1997. Starr's introduction to GH was horrible and Cole/Hope being killed off to make way for a "Starr-X'ed Lovers"-redux with Michael does her no favors. Starr's been thrust at GH viewers in a heavy, dramatic story and I don't think KA has the chops plus this audience had no reason to care about Starr before watching her mourn her losses. Starr should have been integrated in the canvas, perhaps, as a student at PCU. IMO, being romantically paired off with Michael doesn't help as he's human Ambien (he is super-cute though.) RC really did KA (and the audience) a disservice on this. Hopefully, it can be repaired if she stays beyond the 13 weeks in her longterm contract. Also, why the hell is her hair SO blonde? Her hair gets blonder as Micahel's hair gets redder. It's strange.

On the otherhand, McBain is splendidly carrying the baton of OLTL-awesomeness into GH! This is the McBain that I enjoyed the final year of OLTL and he has actually gotten more charming. Port Charles is a fit for him unlike The Mannings.

And in more Llanview to Port Charles news: I am assuming Jason showing Natalie's picture means we'll be seeing Melissa Archer by May sweeps. If true, I hope it's an episode or two and just to wrap up her loose ends with John, so he's single. John and Sam have more chemistry in him offering her gum than Jason and Sam in any "lovey-dovey" moment.

Jason Morgan has always been this way when with Sam, no different. Jason is more palatable with Liz because they have chemistry and heart. Liz is also a more realized character, so she stands up against Jason whereas Sam still doesn't have much of a character. I think the problem Sam fans are having is that Jason has been Sam's only option and now McBain has stepped onto the scene and she has a potentially viable romantic pairing. Even as a non-Sam fan, I see Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton have "it." I say it's a soap and it should pair couples based on chemistry. I think any claim that Jason is "douchier" now is just an excuse to justify that McBain/McCall are already preferred to JaSam.

This is already a long post but have to say: Loved Jen Lilley's performance. She is SO much better as the stripped-down, more subtle Maxie. She looked beautiful. And the combination of Anthony and Maxie is incredibly watchable. I don't care for Anthony but there is no denying that Bruce Weitz is a great actor and draws better performances out of his scene partners.

I had little patience for Spinelli and Matt's pissing contest. Ugh. I watched because of Mac, Alexis, and their good one-liners, but those scenes were annoying. Spinelli and Matt are so dense to think that they know Maxie better than Mac? Seriously? Spinelli and Matt have back-slid after being tolerable during Robin's funeral. I wish Spinelli would have slugged "Maxie's boyfriend" just because I wanted to so badly from my couch. Then the rolling around on the desk happened. Double ugh. I must have missed the vaudeville music and Groucho Marx shuffle by.

And there is NO reason Anna would be "giving Patrick and Emma space" at this crucial time or for her to share living space with Luke. Silly plot point.

soapbaby, thank you so much for the kind words! I'm so glad you felt supported. We were definitely all in it together at the end of OLTL. Ouch.

(And I'm totally right there with you on the Starr stuff.)

I didn't even look at yesterdays show after reading a recap of it. I have no desire to watch Matt and Spinelli act like the children they are. HOWEVER, I was all WTH when Anna moved in Luke. :/ Why is she not staying Patrick exactly?? I mean really? If RC plans on trying to hook up Anna and Luke, I may just have to jump ship on that one.

Louise, I second everything soapbaby says! You have been a guiding light - no pun intended, through it all. And soapbaby, as always, what you say is just right on.

Anna really is stupendous. FH is such a great actor. And what a pleasure it was to see her interact with Tracy. I'm loving McBain too, which is a real surprise. And disliking Starr even more, if possible. Maybe if someone duct-taped her mouth.... but I'm dreaming.

And I liked Sam actually aknowledging that Jason's "business" is dangerous, in more ways than one. I wish she hadn't apologized for bringing it up, but at least she did that. And I definitely loved her shoving Sonny aside when she exited the apartment.

Which brings me to St. Sonny the Good and his sidekick, Blessed Jason of the Blank Look.

I get it. I know, because Port Charles tells me so, that Sonny loves Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Brown paper packages tied up with strings, I know those are a few of his favorite things.

And I know, because Port Charles tell me so, that Jason loves Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels, Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles, Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings, I know those are a few of Jason's favorite things.

And it's apparent that the Mob in Port Charles, in general, are all fans of Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, Snowflakes that stay on their nose and eyelashes, Silver white winters that melt into springs, that all Port Charles mobsters loves these favorite things.

I also see that when Sonny is unfairly accused of killing a man and his daughter, it makes him so sad, like When the dog bites, or When the bee stings, and that When he's feeling sad, he simply remembers his favorite things, and then he doesn't feel so bad.

Yup, I get it. A Peach of a fellow, a friend to all in need.

And people are so sure he hasn't killed a child because, why, exactly?? Has he killed one before and confessed to it and taken his punishment? Or is because his essential goodness just bleeds off him, like his spray tan?

Gah. Someone drop a house on this cretin and just get it over with.

Thanks for the affirmation boes!

I couldn't be bothered to watch any of Sonny's scenes. I don't hate Sonny but his scenes are redundant. Add Jason or Michael or Kate to the mix and it's...zzzz. Sam's turnabout is laughable because she only became involved with Jason after being pregnant by Sonny! Sonny is the reason JaSam happened so her willingness to throw Sonny under the bus and (il)logic that if Sonny went to prison, Jason would be free of the mob is beyond stupid. Jason would only inherit Sonny's role. Sam's stupidity is endless. She's off following a lead involving Franco while being pregnant and all by herself. Pfft.

Finola Hughes is a dynamo but really...moving in with Luke...giving Patrick/Emma space when Anna's been mainly bellied up at the bar. Had Anna been around, Patrick may not have called Elizabeth to come over after he received Robin's remains. Elizabeth has spent more time in the Scorpio-Drake home than Anna has. Such a silly plot point. Free Anna and Tracy from Luke!

I have no experience with OLTL, but I flove me some John McBain. The voice! The snark! The utter disdain for Sonny and Jason! I'm a fan.

I was not a viewer of OLTL, but I sure loved the additions of Blair, Todd & John McBain(what is it about that guy? Swoon). McBain & Sam do have A LOT of chemistry (I did not watch PC either). I agree with Louise & Soapbaby....McBain knowing that Sam was looking for gum before she said it - awesome! So, by no means am I a hater of the OLTL imports...I think for the most part they will improve GH! However...having said that....I'm not loving Starr either. I'm so sorry, I didn't want to say it out loud cause I feel bad...but watching her yesterday I found myself thinking about what a stellar casting director GH has...so many natural talents....then there is Starr. Hmmm...I really want to like her because I am actually one of the minority who liked Michael back when he was with Abby....before they destroyed his character. And I was hoping that Starr was going to make him fun to watch again. But I just find her an over actor.....I couldn't even get into the hospital stuff when she was grieving - it just wasn't believable to me. It just feels like she really hasn't got what it takes to pull off some of this stuff. She's a beautiful girl and I know that she was much loved on OLTL, so I'm going to keep an open mind about her for now. Maybe it's just the transition period. In the meantime....bring on John McBain! I even liked him & Carly. Seriously is there anyone that Laura Wright does not have chemistry with? The screen sizzles when she & Johnny are on! Patrick & Anna are still knocking it out of the park....it is ridiculous that she would not still be living with him & Emma though...don't like that part. I agree, I think JL is more beautiful without all of the makeup. I can't comment on the Connie/Kate fiasco because I just have no interest in that storyline & fast forward through it.

Lucy L, not every fan of OLTL liked Starr, at least not the grown-up one. You can count me among the ones who didn't, and who doesn't. The actor plays well, IMO, only in supporting scenes with adults like Todd and Blair. And I can't be the only one who wanted to smack the surly right off her face when she giving attitude to McBain yesterday.
She doesn't do high drama grief well at all. And we OLTL viewers saw her fail it the first time she thought Hope was dead. (Don't ask.) And I sure didn't want to see it again.

I think she's on OLTL mainly because she appealed - or TPTB thought she did - to a younger demographic. OLTL generally did pretty well in that area.

I'm hoping that when Todd comes to town, and hopefully Blair, that the actor will at least tone it down being around other actors she's comfortable with.

Please leave Starr alone. She's doing the best yelling that she can now that she no longer shares scenes with sister DaniYellA!...lol

Hmmmm. So, Sam is trying to push Sonny out of her life with Jason? Why? This is the same woman that used armed men to threaten Liz and Cake because she wanted them to see how dangerous Jason's life is and now she's wanting to kick Sonny out of their lives? Ugh. What a biotch!

Here's hoping that Matt, Spinelli and Maxie are out the door real soon!

I am so tired of Jason's brain injuries that lead to absolutely nothing story wise. How refreshing would it have been if Jason Q was the one that woke up and he spent months kicking Sam, Carly, and Sonny out of his life as he has flashes of the previous seventeen years as Jason Morgan? We get tons of story where Jason tries to come to terms with his actions as Jason Morgan.

I've enjoyed Matt a lot for the past few months. He makes me laugh and JC is really good at comedy. I wish the writers would have gone with Liz&Matt instead of E&E or M&M/Spin.

I've actually turned GH back on to see Sam and John together again...loved them on Port Charles. I still ff thru any scene with sonny in it. And same goes for star...screeching much.

Cake? A smash-up name for two little boys, one of whom is dead? That seems pretty jovial for a dead toddler. JMO.

Never watched Port Charles, but was a old time viewer of OLTL (stopped watching when RH left and only started again when he came back), so I don't know much of McBain, but I always liked him in the snark role, and he has great chemistry with KM. SB has great chem with RH but in all honesty no one could top Jason/Robin chem from back in the day (and still today when in scenes with her SB seemed human).

Anyway, I'm really liking McBain, and though I usually dislike Sam, I liked her in her scenes with him.

I'll hold off on commenting on Starr cuz it's not the best story for her. She needs something lighthearted. . . maybe some vengeful tricks to get up to (ala Blair 1995). She was a great child actress. Loved little Starr. Maybe it was RH and KDP that made her seem so good? Anyway, I'll reserve judgement til I can see her do more (or try to do more) than abject sorrow and vengeful anger. That takes some great acting chops and so far I'm just not seeing it.

Haven't been hating Sonny so much. Still liking Bruce Weitz and loved LW's Carly telling Sonny she's not able to just trust that he didn't cause the accident.

Liked JL's portrayal in jail today. She looked somewhat appropriate as a totally wrecked mess of a person, in a shiny red dress. Now that she's arrested maybe we'll see jail garb? I'm sure Maxie can make it work. And hello, what's with all these extra cops working at the pcpd. Ronnie Domestico appeared yesterday, and was not a caricature, or a pain in the ass, but simply a cop, sharing cop hunches and ideas with another cop, and (inappropriately) the other cop's wife/police station file clerk. What's up with that?

Alright, too long now. Still enjoying watching. Still looking forward to the next day. Nice for a change.

I haven't been watching GH, but the mob were discussing Natalie and baby Liam? Being a JvD/Clint fan, that only made me wonder if Clint would hear of it and send Jason and Sonny to a Moroccan prison for even considering using his daughter and grandson as John's weakness.

I'm loving the addition of John McBain; Starr, however, I can do without. I was a OLTL fan of ole; loved Vicky, Bo, Nora, Dorian, Jessica, Christian and the gang. I stopped watching when I grew sick of Starr.

Sonny and Jason were discussing Liam and Natalie as John's weakness, because (and this is important) Sonny's enemies could use them to get John to take down Sonny. Jason said the problem with warning John that Liam and Natalie might be in danger from Sonny's enemies could backfire. That was the discussion. It was not about hurting either of them. Sonny explicitly said that Natalie and Liam had to be safe.

@ boes, one of the best laughs I've had all day. That is one of my favorite songs. Love the "Sound of Music." Now whenever I sing it, I'll start laughing hysterically and no one will understand why.

BTW, loved this line too: "St. Sonny the Good and his sidekick, Blessed Jason of the Blank Look."

Louise: I've been reading this FANTASTIC blog for about a year now. You are now my go-to for the best snarky GH commentary.

I love that you are so critical of Sonny and Jason, even though they're the characters that brought me to the show when I was a little girl and first saw them in the 90s. I love that you realize that no one loves Luke anymore, ever.

I love that you note editing techniques and details about the mise-en-scene. Not only are you critical about the characters on the show, you provide some great insight into how slight changes in production (camera angles, etc etc) improve the narrative.

Anyway, even if I didn't think you were mostly always right about mostly everything, the best thing about your blog is the loving tone in which you conduct your criticisms and occasional praises of GH. You've found a lovely balance.

Can we talk about how hysterical Bruce Weitz is? Please? Because pairing him with Maxie (both Kirsten Storms and Jen Lilley) and even Jane Elliot (despite the weird rape-blackmail storyline) really leads to the only comedic gold on the show as far as I'm concerned. I mean, if they're going to constantly put the spotlight on a mob boss, they might as well utilize Weitz' true acting skillz (quirky, dangerous, probably a little crazy) as opposed to Maurice Benard's tired attempts (your commentary on the long pauses in his speeches are... so dead on).

Anyway, thanks for the great work. Part of the joy of GH these days has come from being able to check out what you've got to say.

I totally agree, Louise, John McBain has been surprisingly likeable so far on GH. I haven't enjoy him so much since his mentorship days with Fish (btw, RC and FV, if you wanted to somehow bring Fish, Kyle and Sierra Rose to Port Charles, I wouldn't complain).

And I agree again, Starr is is bland heroine mode and that is the Starr is like the least and KA is doing a subpar job selling Starr's grief. And the forced pairing with Michael is eye rolling.

Pic of Natalie and super adorable Liam squee!

Louise...Add me to the list of readers that appreciate you and your commentary. I check every day to see if there's a new column and am always a little disappointed when there is not. But I'm being selfish. I know it's a lot of work to write for us and I just wanted to let you know that I also am your fan.

I could hardly believe the off-the charts chemistry between John McBain and Sam. It lead me to ask myself, "Natalie who?" Never really cared for their pairing on OLTL. Am more supportive of this natural pairing of two people who obviously ignite. But that's just me...

Boes - thanks for the explanation....now I don't feel so bad for not buying into Starr yet. From reading everyone's comments, it seems like there are several other people who could come over from OLTL who would be more of assets to the show. I just feel the canvas is kind of full of the young blond girls...Maxie, Lulu, Liz - I'm not too sure that we needed another. Maybe subconsciously I'm having trouble with her because I'm thinking now that they killed Abby to open up the door to Michael. I was one of the Abby/Michael fans...and thought the actress who played her was great. I know she was a newbie, but I found her a better actress than KA. Sorry if I'm offending anyone, it's just my opinion.

My two cents on the episode.

The police station scenes. A little comical. A little annoying simply because it's been going on way too long Spinelli's borderline obsesssion with Maxie. Yes, I understand why he doesn't want Maxie to take the fall for something that he thinks she didn't do, but the obsessive part of it really needs to go especially considering how she crapped on him a lot through their relationship. I wish they would find a happy medium of friendship between Elizabeth/Patrick and Carly/Jason. They are friends (i.e. Elizabeth/Patrick) where they were once lovers who helped each other through trying times but acknowledge betrayals happen between the two (i.e. Carly and Jason). I'm all for Spin helping Maxie but when he's throwing out things like "you're not the kind to manipulate situations", that's where I'm like, can we tone down obsessiveness so that Spin can at least realistically acknowledge the type of person Maxie is. I'm kind of happy that they wrote Matt calling him out on his behavior when it comes to Maxie.

I kindn of got interested in this Maxie storyline when they had Maxie/AZ in the cell across from each other having conversations. I do have to say that JL and BW play off each other very nicely.

The Jason/Sam scenes and her supposedly acknowledging the danger. Yea, I'm not buying simply because she's talking about danger when she's about to hot foot herself on a plane to go into the unkwown where she has no idea what's waiting for her on a clue based off of Franco, a man that sets traps for people even though Jason is saying it can wait but she has to know information that really isn't even about her. It's a DVD video about Jason as a baby. How that pertains to her, considering she thinks Franco is dead, where she needs to go immediately to find the answers, rings a litle false to me. To me, it's not about the danger, it's more about her wanting Jason's eyes on her and her only because I have noticed in majority of her talks with Jason, it's about "alone time together" and how "it needs to be just them" and now with her throwing out about how they can be free if Sonny goes away, that's just one less person that is taking Jason's attention away from her.

I get that people like John, I'm just not feeling him at all. His arrogance and acting like he has some authority when he doesn't is just all kinds of laughable to me when he's talking to people especially when he's not even trying to work with Mac and trying to gain some kind of authority in Port Charles. I'm still not seeing this "off the charts" chemistry between John and Sam that other people are seeing but like I've said before, "different strokes for different folks".

I do have to say I was thrilled to have Starr off my screen and now she's back and the thrill is indeed gone.

Lucy L, Elizabeth isn't a blond.

Agree with everything said here. Confused about one thing -- why would Sonny's enemies need to use Natalie and Liam to get McBain to take down Sonny? Hello, he's already going after Sonny! Sonny's enemies will be sending McBain roses and champagne, not threats.

HOLY CRAP batman..I mean ROBIN IS NOW ALIVE.. what the hell?? On top of that people are getting off who are GUILTY and others in jail and they are not..what the what?? Anthony Z has everyone including Tracey Q Spencer Z under his spell and where the hell is JOHN MCB in this scenerio why isn't he on Z's trail as bad as Sonny? Oh yeah..Sonny and McB got history and Z don't. LORD help us, Kate doing Connie while she is still Kate.. What the.... WHAT??? GET me a doctor but don't check me into GH that place is crazy. IF ABC is so all fired heated up to CANCEL the damn show why bring in all these damn new characters in the first place. WRAP IT UP or KEEP IT ON THE AIR.. sheesh.. JMHO!!!

Re Liam and Natalie being used by Sonny's enemies. Sonny's fear is that his enemies would set up a threat to Liam and Natalie and make it look like Sonny did it-thus making John an even more formidable opponent. But it was spelled out on Thursday's show and the post that Louise wrote was the Wednesday show. I got ahead of myself.

Kermitklein - yes I realize that Liz is a brunette....I'm sorry I lumped her in with the young girls....obviously I shouldn't have used the term blond - (although she has had her hair highlighted quite light at different times over the years) I simply meant that I think the canvas is full of young-ish girls. I just want the writers to find good story lines for the ones that are already here.

@kermitklein: I completely agree on Sam. I don't buy the claim that Jason and Sonny are SO much worse now than before, justifying Sam's change of heart regarding a life in the mob. She is several months pregnant by her second mobster. She's seen the toll the mob life has taken on children, specifically, Michael. She knows the game. In fact, at one time she wanted to adopt a child with Jason. So what's with the questioning the lifestyle now and when McBain has shown up? Hmmm...

And I was confused by your assessment of the Maxie/Spinelli dynamic. I totally agree about Spinelli's obsession being ridiculous but I wouldn't want their dynamic to become more like Jason/Carly where Carly obsesses over Jason to the detriment of other relationships.

Soapbaby, that's why I said a medium between Elizabeth/Patrick who are just friends, not even a hint of romance in the air for them but are there for each other and Jason/Carly who were lovers, no longer lovers, have a friendship but Jason can see Carly's faults. Don't want the Maxie/Spin frienship completely like Jason/Carly friendship but they can't be completely like Elizabeth/Patrick because at one time they were in a relationship with each other. If that makes sense.

"He irked me no end on OLTL (though he had his moments, and I definitely came around during the last few months of the show in a big way)"

What made you come around in a big way? I remember those last few months as him standing around, looking bored (as always), while a million people told him he loved Natalie and had to be with her. He finally did so, almost reluctantly, and as an afterthought. He spent OLTL's last episodes ignoring Natalie and the baby he didn't want, and hovering over Tea.

I liked John until the show's last year. After that, never again.

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