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March 27, 2012

The Silver and the Anniversary

Happy 25th Anniversary to The Bold & the Beautiful! As much as I rail on the show, I really am thrilled it's still here -- it's a bit of an anomaly as the only half-hour soap still standing, and the youngest extant soap by a country mile. And it's part of a dying genre that I happen to love, so I always root for life!

As for the Silver Anniversary episode itself, I sheepishly confess I got a little choked up. I think with the semi-PTSD I have from recently experiencing the ends of All My Children and especially One Life to Live, whenever soaps get extra sentimental and load up on the flashbacks and the score becomes a reworking of the show's theme song, well, I flash back to series finales and my heart can't take it. And although B&B hasn't been "my story" for much of its run, it's the only one that has the unique distinction of my having watched the very first episode at the very moment it first aired.

Of course there's no need to get maudlin about it since B&B is going strong and at no imminent risk of disappearing, so we can rest assured that we will watch Hope, Liam, and Steffy stare at each other awkwardly for years to come while their family members wring their hands in the background.

Yesterday, thankfully, we got a respite from the show's perpetual storyline. Sure, they threw in a scene or two that assured us that they hadn't forgotten that that's the only story they're telling (just in case anyone tuned in and got disoriented), but for the most part we blissfully got just memories and dewy-eyed gushing.

There are our guests of honor, dancing away!

Memories of some actual struggles of the family that probably had nothing to do with gondolas or boinkberries. Was anyone able to place this pre-Christmas scene? I coudn't remember the context. Help me out, long-timers!

Eric and Stephanie today, showing us how it's done.


The shots of the family photos definitely triggered my series-ending PTSD, but then I remembered that this isn't over because for some reason this show is an overseas hit!


A flashback to Baby Ridge and Baby Brooke, the very first moment they met. They're just so wee!

And here they are today. I don't know about y'all, but I would like Katherine Kelly Lang's personal trainer and dietician to move in with me. Or maybe I'll just take over ownership of that portrait in her attic, it might be easier.

We also got a reminder or two of what we're missing. Oddly enough, I'd practically forgotten that even Thomas exists -- after the Triangle of Doom became the Quad of Doom for two weeks and then fizzled, he fizzled right along with it. And since Pam got busted for stealing designs, we'd seen hide nor hair of her since yesterday.

And Felicia! Felicia is for some reason alive and well and available and not on the show ever, much to my bafflement.


Also, Taylor and Thorne are apparently still dating, which... isn't this a soap opera? Isn't this the "love in the afternoon" genre? Why are they not showing us this relationship? Why can't these two try to take over FC or something? Anything? And Taylor and Stephanie fawning over each other only reminded me of how much they squander opportunities -- Taylor was heartbroken after what Stephanie did to her with the whole boinkberry fiasco and they never actually bothered to show us the road to that friendship being repaired. Kind of like how Liam forgave Bill for no reason (or an offscreen reason) and Steffy forgave Bill for no reason (or an offscreen reason) and Katie forgave... I'm seeing a pattern here. Can they not show us these paths to mended fences? What are the stakes in any storyline when we know the big reveals and confrontations are only going to lead to one or two days of heated scenes, and then back to the status quo with absolutely no rebuilding? Gah!

Oh well. I'll stop my griping for a second for the special occasion. Congratulations to the cast and the crew and the whole team for making it to 25 -- that is no small achievement!


And as for the final moment...


I'm going to take that wink to the audience as Susan Flannery telling us, "Y'all know we were just kidding about today. It's back to the Steffy/Hope/Liam Show tomorrow!"


Dammit Louise, your recap and commentary nailed it. I have stated here before that I rarely watch a full episode of B&B but when I do I happen to enjoy it. I always had a sinking feeling that I would be terribly disappointed if I followed the show regularly. That being said, I LOVED the anniversary episode! And yes, PTSD from losing OLTL (and AMC, ATWT and GL) completely factored into why I enjoyed the episode so much. I loved the flashbacks and Stephanie/Brooke are such a supercouple! When Brooke stated to Stephanie that she loved her (in both the flashback and at the present-day party) I felt the sincerity. I was reminded of OLTL's Viki & Dorian and got further verklempt. Even after 25 years, B&B seems close to its core (in fact retelling the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle in Steffy/Liam/Hope and Bill's meddling in Liam's lovelife is reminiscent of Stephanie interfering in Ridge's lovelife) in its campiness.

Also, I would like to add that part of why I enjoy B&B is that I like seeing a soap opera that feels abundant. In the last few years soaps have looked so cheap to the point of distraction (DAYS) but not B&B. As superficial as it may sound, I like my soap characters to feel rich! Daytime soaps used to feel fancy!

That wink had me tearing up. It's stupid I know but it took me back to all those Daytime Emmy broadcasts when Flannery, Slezak or Zimmer (i.e., the Ladies Who Lunch) would win and they'd give cheeky winks to each other.

Dang, I miss daytime television in it's heyday so it was nice to see this.

Brooke & Stephanie *so* ARE the supercouple of B&B!! And because it's the same actresses who say the ILYs, it means *so* much more. This is how it's done, soaps, THIS!

I absolutely LOVE that B&B is an overseas success, and I think it is in part because, again as Soapbaby said, B&B characters FEEL rich. And you really can't get richer than a multi-million dollar fashion company! Or OIL (which is, IMO, the reason why Dynasty was also so popular abroad!). The other reason, IMO, is the lack of recasts of the core five; foreign audiences do not take kindly to recasts (as far as I know, European shows are less likely to recast--they often just write the character off and bring in a new one).

Bridge's first meeting <3 <3 Oh my babies <3

I ALWAYS love when Eric plays the piano :)

Louise, you are so right though about the lack of fence-mending. That is absolutely *so* annoying--I mean, that's supposed to (almost) be the best part, where you can add so much soapy melodrama with hugs and tears, and I find it so sad that we are missing out on that!

I *so* want KKL's portrait in the attic too!

The whole show would've been a 100% homerun if the Tiresome Trio of Hope/Liam/Steffy hadn't been included. But it was a mercifully brief appearance, just to remind us that it's back to SOP for the rest of time.I've given up hoping that Felicia will return or that Thorne will get a major sl. They can't mislead me anymore. I know the basket in which they've deposited their eggs: Steffy/Liam/Hope. And how much more inferior are these three than the originals? Did you see young Ridge(Ronn Moss) and Brooke(Katherine Kelly Lang? How much better looking were they to their current counterparts? Just sayin'...But maybe that's just me...

Oh how good this show used to be back then... RIP Bill Bell... Now its a disaster... Thanks to Brat Bell.

We are supposed to believe Brooke loves Rapist after everything he had done to her. Or she loves Steph after everything she had done to her. Stephanie Forrester should be in a jail cell not in her home playing happy family!

Of course i wont hold my breath for teflon Stephanie scolding teflon Taylor for "keeping it in the family"...

Here I am again, wishing I could "Like" every comment; except that bit about jail Stephanie, because Susan Flannery can do no wrong. d;-) Note to self: Must. Visit. Serial. Drama. More. Often.

"Or maybe I'll just take over ownership of that portrait in her attic, it might be easier." Thank you, Louise! I cracked up - can't express my delight in your and Mallory's educated humor. :)

J'aime l'anniversaire de l'intrigue! J'aime l'arrangement flashback, l'éternelle histoire du programme, nous sommes heureux de souvenirs et de larmes larmoiement seulement versé.

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