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March 01, 2012

Weepville, Population: All Of Us

After one last enormous whimper, I thought I had pulled myself together enough to write about the continued aftermath of Robin's "death" (you will never take from me my quotation marks of delusion!)--for the better part of this week, I couldn't even hear the show over the sound of my sniffles, and when someone today said the name Robin, as in Gibb, I had to excuse myself, but I thought that today, I'd be able to write. Granted, I didn't think that I'd be able to write a lot, because it's so difficult to look at the computer screen through tears, but I thought I'd at least be able to do a few variations of "[ACTOR/ACTRESS'S NAME] was [SYNONYM FOR BRILLIANT] and it made me [SOME RIDICULOUS EXAMPLE OF ME BEING OVEREMOTIONAL]!" because, really, this cast is beyond amazing.

But this? THIS? It robbed me of words.


Robin: Hi!
Robert: Hi yourself. Who are you?
Robin: My name's Robin!

All I can type is the random gibberish that happened when I had to rest my head on my keyboard, which then short circuited from my tears. My whole face hurt, from the sadness and the sparks that flew...

The flashback to adorable, wee Robin was below the belt, but EVERYTHING has been so good this week--the performances have been stellar and so hard to watch, haven't they? It's all be SO real and SO painful. Jason Thompson, Rebecca Herbst, John J. York, Finola Hughes, Tristan Rogers (!!!)--it is criminal that they haven't all been major parts of GH in recent years, because they are all so amazingly talented.

Anna: There's no mistake. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Robert: No. Anna, it's our daughter.

Epiphany, after finding Patrick collapsing--literally, collapsing with grief, OMG, I am crying just thinking of it: Don't do anything or say anything. Just listen to me. Feels like quicksand, doesn't it? Pain so deep it sucks you right in. But you're going to find your way out. 
Patrick: I can't.
Epiphany: Yes, you can. You can't fall apart right now. Not when you've got that beautiful girl at home.
Patrick: Emma.
Epiphany: That's the one.
Patrick: She doesn't know. How do I...?
Epiphany: You just do it. You'll find the strength because Emma's going to need you right now. She's going to need you to look up to, to hold her hand and make her laugh.
Patrick: You want me to tell her jokes?
Epiphany: Yes, and I want you to sing and dance and wear silly hats when you play dress up. Do whatever it takes to keep her going because that's what's going to keep you going, too.
Patrick:  I can't breath, Epiphany. With Robin gone, I can't even get air.
Epiphany: Patrick, you're a good man with a lot of good left to do in this world. You can't let anything stop you [Here, her voice starts to crack and if I didn't lose it at the sight of Patrick falling down, I lost it here--Ed.], not even this.

Robert's conscience, appearing in the form of a ghostly Robin: Daddy, where were you? Where were you when I was burning up in the lab? You were my hero. You can save anyone. Why didn't you save me?
Robert: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Emma: Is Mommy home?
Patrick: Okay, come here. Oh my gosh, you're getting so big. I have to tell you something very important.
Emma: Okay Daddy.
Patrick: There was an accident at the hospital and Mommy got hurt.
Emma: Does she need a bandaid? She can have one of mine, with the princesses.
Elizabeth: Hi, sweet girl. Do you remember when Cameron got that fish for his birthday?
Emma: Yes.
Elizabeth: Remember? The one he named Tiger? Well, one day, Tiger didn't feel like swimming around his bowl anymore. He got sick, so we had to take him to the doctor and the doctor said they couldn't do anything for him, so he had to let Tiger go to heaven.
Patrick: That's where Mommy is right now.
Emma: When is she coming back?
Patrick: Baby, she's not going to come back. She's up there with the angels. She's going to be protecting you for the rest of your life, watching over you. She's always going to love you, no matter what.


Do you want to know how truly serious this is? I mean, how serious it is aside from my sadness-related hypochondria? I am too sad to even properly mock Sonny using Robin's death as an excuse to sex up Kate. THAT serious. Usually, viciously mocking Sonny is like a warm fuzzy blanket for me, but that's not even comforting me right now! I'm all defanged!


How Jason THompson could not control the crying as Liz was explaining the fish story was unbelievable ... if he does not win an Emmy for this ... then .. well ... I will be sooooooooooo angry. But of course .. it will goto Maurice for his pathetic crying over Robin.. right? I was anxiously awaiting your post regarding these scenes ... love !

Guh...Ghost!Robin asking Robert where he was, why he didn't rescue her from the lab was so heartwrenching.

Elizabeth: he had to let Tiger go to heaven.
Patrick: That's where Mommy is right now.
Emma: They *flushed* Mommy?

the performances after the aftermath of Robin's "death" have been beyond AMAZING. Jason has me in tears EVERY time I see him on screen the man is doing a beyond AMAZING job. He is so raw, emotional REAL and just...no words how wonderful his acting has been. I feel as if I'm watching a real life husband going through the grief of loosing his real life wife. It's so real and raw. He better get an Emmy for this. And everyone else, Finolah, Tristen, John, Becky they all have been amazing. But Roberts reaction to finding out besides Patrick's is the one that has really gotten to me. He looked like he hated himself for failing Robin. I don't like this show for the most part and I really will miss Kimberly and wish they hadn't "killed" Robin in such a rushed way but the acting from the aftermath of it all from the people who really LOVED Robin has been amazing.

Mallory, (or Louise if your reading this) what did you think of Holly telling Luke that she lied to Helena about Ethan being Robert's son so that she could save her son's hide?

This story arc has been beautifully written--and especially acted (for the most part). The performances by JT and the rest of Robin's family (and Sonja Eddy--and even BA) were so nuanced, especially when compared to the continued one-note KeMo. NuMaxie needs to learn to cry real tears though.

And at this stage, Matt should have been there by his brother's side. That's the only glaring omission I think.

I was just fine until Patrick tried to tell Emma, and that was when I lost it. I remember Robin's first appearance on the show and I am just gutted.

Between Patrick, Robert and Mac, I have been gutted all week. I am literally emotionally exhausted and may have to sleep for a weak to recover. Just reading your post made me start crying all over as I relived Patrick collapsing and Robert in the morgue.

Wonderfully said. The talent on display in this storyline has been superb - and devastating. Patrick hasn't faltered once, not once, in portraying that soul-eating sadness, that bewilderment at how on earth he can go on. Finola Hughes has conveyed, through, sometimes, little more than a glance, or a catch in the voice, or a look, the loss that Anna is just beginning to feel. And Tristan, and John York, they all bring that feeling of being on the edge of precipice and ready to go over. It makes the dreck almost disappear.

Almost disappear....it was criminal that on the same day, we have Crazy Kate actually making a whole lot of sense, at least at first, when she was talking to Sonny. That is, until the odor of melting spray-on tan and his daily bottle of Old Spice aftershave made her swoon into his tentacles. Nothing says BLECH like watching a squid make love.

She laid it out very concisely, why she didn't want to be with a guy who shot, or gets shot, on a more regular basis than AMC's Kwak Carey used to visit the Free Clinic. She made perfect sense. The only thing that didn't make sense is that this woman, in her lucid moments, would entertain for a second being with this witless, charmless, smarmy thug.

And Robin's death, all about Sonny. How could we forget that?

I pretty much agree with everything except for the inclusion of Elizabeth. I felt kind of cheated for that huge moment when Patrick finally told Emma about Robin. I felt that it needed to have been between only Patrick and Emma. Having Liz having to explain about Robin basically crushed that emotional beat for me.

Patrick has been trying to get to Emma since Robin died. But Sam stopped him. Than that stupid surgery. Then he finally gets home, and ding dong, Liz comes in. I'm so frustrated that someone else instead of Patrick had to tell Emma the news.

Completely disappointed.

I expected a lot of great acting from Tristan Rogers, Finola Hughes, and Jason Thompson through this storyline, but I was really pleasantly surprised to see the scene with Patrick and Epiphany. It's not just that she was really involved in their courtship years; I also enjoyed it because it's the first time in years that Sonja Eddy has been given material worth showing up for, and she was pitch-perfect. Why are we subjected to so much over-acting and just plain bad acting when there are such talented actors and actresses languishing on the sidelines???

Robin's "death" story line has been excellent.

As for Liz telling Emma the truth, at least she expressed her sorrow at Robin's death to Patrick while quickly realizing that he wasn't going to be able to deal with telling Emma about her mother. Liz could see that Patrick was drowning and stepped in to help a little girl undertand what happened to her mother. She could have easily called Patrick on the phone with her condolences and went about her day, but since they are neighbors, Liz went to her friend's house to offer face to face compassion in the wake of Robin's death.

Blech. I was so hoping that Ethan was not a Spencer because Guza and AG really did a number on the memories that fans had of a happy LnL marriage back in 1990's. Unless, Helena's DNA test comes back and it shows that Ethan really is a Scorpio.

Sonny is slicker than an oil slick looking to get laid and using Robin's death as a way to get into Kate's drawers. What a gross little man.

I loved Piph and Patty's convo at the hospital yesterday. Their interplay with each other was so spot on. I'm happy they chose Piph to be there for Patty. He just lost one of the most important person in his life. Who better to comfort him and offer him advice on how to survive without that person in their life then a person that also lost the most important person in her life when she lost Stan.

It's the same way I feel about the Elizabeth/Emma/Patty scenes today. I loved them. Who better to help Patty tell Emma about Robin's death then someone who has also had to tell a child about a death.

Robert seeing Robin through his conscience was heart-breaking with his guilt of his daughter's death having him imagine that his daughter is blaming him for her dying.

I think I could have done without Carly/Johnny today. I have to honestly say that I haven't missed them on my screen and I might be in the minority but I have to say that I just don't see the chem between them and I'm still confused why Carly would be attracted to Johnny based on the men she's had in the past.

I think I could have done without Sonny/Kate also. More BSC Kate...yea..her walking around in that dress for me is good times. Which brings me to this question? Why is these people not disturbed that this woman is carrying around a blood stained dress that she was shot in over three years ago?

Sidenotes about yesterday's eppy: I hated that Elizabeth got notified by Lulu on the phone. I don't really like when shows write a person that barely spent time with someone to actually get to know them telling someone that did spend time with that person and really knew them about that person's death unless it's the cops coming to the front door. It irks me. I did however, like Elizabeth's reaction to it. The shock faced. Her slowly trying to process that Robin is dead and she's lost another person in her life. Very well done.

Now you know I had WTF moments too. Why did we have to see Ghost Robin put her arm back underneath the sheet? I was shocked and had to rewind to see if that's what really happened.

I had many for yesterday's eppy:

Why do we have to endure Olivia? She's so wishy-washy it kills me. When Kate is with Sonny, she's all "I don't think you can handle his life"..."do you think you can handle his life". When Kate breaks up with Sonny, it's "are you sure you're making the right decision"..."but Honey you love Sonny". No wonder Kate is sniffing perfume and her alter is coming out with having to deal with someone with Olivia who can drive you BSC.

I get it, actually I don't get it, but Mikey instant allegiance to Starr has me confused. Sonny does some horrible things. I'm not even going to justify some of the things he's done, but one thing I do know is that Sonny is the type of person that would not leave innocent people in danger. I don't recall Sonny leaving innocent in danger for somehow getting caught up in something he's done. So I'm wondering out of all things that Mikey has defended Sonny on, why is there now doubt over Sonny leaving Starr and her family hanging over the edge of a cliff especially when Mikey witnessed the perplexed look on Sonny's face when they were talking about Starr and her family.

I personally laughed at Sam telling Patty (who still made me smile with his "eat sh*t and die" looks) that he can't see it because of his anger but she's devastated that Robin is dead. I just wanted someone to pass her a note to tell her that if she has to tell someone that she's devastated and she has to blame someone's emotions on the reason that they don't see her devastation, it might be because she's not really devastated. And it's because of those scenes yesterday that I'm so happy that we finally got a break from seeing her today.

I'm so over the Wyndamere stuff except to say that I had to laugh at Ethan's outrage that Holly lied to him about his parentage and he's yelling about what kind of person is she to lie to him but yet we have had to endure him crying and moaning about this 'love of his life' who basically lied to him the entire time they were together by not telling him that she was Helena's daughter. But hey, she's dead, I'm happy, and hopefully this storyline will be over in its entirety by next week.

I love that Elizabeth told Emma. I loved that she was there for Patrick. I don't know what it's like to have to explain to a daughter that her mother wasn't coming home. But I'd like to think that it would incredibly difficult for the man who was still so very early on in the grieving process who doesn't have any of his own family dropping by - however Elizabeth does because Robin was one of her closest friends (maybe even her only female friend at this point). And I think I'm going to miss the super strong connection and rapport between Robin, Patrick and Elizabeth.

To me, they were why I still watched the show. They were connected to the actual "hospital" in General Hospital. And watching them react to Robin's "death" alongside the amazingness that is Anna, Mac and Robert's reaction to Robin's "death" has been nothing short of amazing. The only small criticism I guess I have is that I would have preferred to see Kirsten Storm's Maxie react to Robin's "death" than the NuMaxie (who did a good job) but just didn't have the emotional resonance that I I know Kirsten brought when Georgie died.

Sorry that my last post was so scattered, I too was destroyed by just the amazingness of the aftermath of Robin's "death." If only it weren't a B story and not the leading story. If it weren't for Anna, Robert, Mac, Patrick, Elizabeth, and to a lesser extent Ewen - GH would be totally miserable for me to watch. THANK YOU for posting this Mallory. I can't tell you how much I love reading your blogposts about soaps.

I had no problem with Elizabeth helping with Emma. Like others have said, she's gone through the death of a child and could help. If the old writers were here, it would be Sonny or Jason getting out of his bed to help Patrick tell Emma because they are so right and strong.

I would love if Nikolas and Lucky could come back for the funeral. Alas.

I liked that Elizabeth was there to help Patrick. She and Robin were best friends and she had been asked by Robin to be there for Patrick and Emma, even if it were for her disappearance with the HIV. It was obvious that Patrick was not prepared to tell Emma without falling apart, and it felt totally natural to me that Elizabeth stepped in.

Ugly tears just *reading* the dialogue again. This show is evil, I swear!

I liked that Liz helped him because she had to do this with her own kids in explaning Jake's death. I had no problem with the fish analogy at all. With a child as young as Emma is, you have to break down in a way that they would understand. Ultimately it was Patrick who told Emma that her Mommy had gone to Heaven. Liz just helped him do it. She was a friend to Robin and a friend to Patrick. I am not surprised that she showed up at the house. Of course there is an uproar because people are thinking they are about to pair Patrick with her, but you know what? That is not what I saw. I didn't see Liz ready to jump in and take Robin's place. I saw someone who lost one of her closest friends and knew the husband of that friend loved her beyond reason and came by to give her support and friendship if he needed it and he obviously did.

I also felt it was totally natural for Elizabeth to help Patrick tell Emma. She HAS had to explain death to a child before, and besides that she is a very good friend of both Patrick and Elizabeth.

Beyond that, in reality it is often the case, when a mother dies, her sisters/friends help the dad out in telling the kids, dealing with the kids grief, because the men are so often so completely destroyed and lost. . . all of which Jason Thompson is expressing in his wonderful portrayal of grief stricken Patrick.

I enjoyed Sonny's reaction to MAC telling him about Robin, AND talking about Robin and his past (though I didn't like that it was Sam he had that convo with) BUT I cannot fathom why the scene with Kate was there. . . just to show us that Sonny doesn't know how to deal with anything appropriately? We already know that. Can do without the whole mess messing up the screen. thanks.

Am looking forward to seeing Carly's reaction to Robin's death. I see it going one of two ways, 1. Carly immediately thinks of Jason and what Robin's death will mean to his recovery. . something along the lines of "I just hope she finished Jason's medicine first" 2. Carly loses it because she has always been such a bitch to Robin and been so jealous of her and nasty to her and now she's feeling guilty. . . In which case, look out Patrick. Either way would be good but #1 more true to her character.

Oh, I forgot about my favourite scene which was Epiphany and Patrick. . . how good was that? Give her more scenes with more than archetype stuff. . .she's awesome!

Uhm should read above that Liz is a very good friend of Patrick and Robin. sorry. must remember to preview before I post!

I've started watching GH again after giving it up. I think the hardest part of all this is realizing how much better things would have been if Kim and Jason had this caliber of storyline during their run.

Everyone has been amazing, but Jason Thompson, Oh. My. God. He's like a walking open wound on screen.

JT is freaking fantastic. I am wondering where he is going in his mind to pull all that from. You would think this is all real for him. He is that good. MB could take lessons from him. I mean really, the tearless cry is really starting to bug me. Also, I don't mind Liz being there for Patrick. The vitrol for Liz in this on other boards is astounding to me. All she did was show up to comfort a friend and folks are immediately jumping on the "she wants to sleep with Patrick" or "she is disrespecting Robin" bandwagon (really? for real? she is disrespecting HER FRIEND by trying to be a friend to her husband in his time of intense, gut wrenching grief? OOKKAAYY).I wish Anna would have stayed to help him but she didn't so who else would it be to help? What if it was Carly? She and Patrick are friends. It could have easily been her. At least they made it someone who was a friend to both Patrick and Robin.

I too, understand why Liz explained it the way she did. You have to with a kid that young. I am an RN and I have seen parents explain the death of a loved one to young children with the same type of explanations. This was not surprising, nor disrespectful to Robin at all, IMO. Kids don't understand death as it is. You have to explain it in a way that they can relate to.

I watched the episode crying large, ugly tears while eating pizza rolls. This is what my life has become.

I, too, am looking forward to seeing Carly's reaction today. And to a lesser extent, Jason's. Look out for flashbacks when he finds out.

I haven't even watched the episode yet and tears sprang into my eyes reading the dialogue between Patrick and Epiphany. So, kudos to the writers.

All I can say is, even though it's been extremely emotional and heartbreaking, isn't it wonderful that we can even feel something other than hatred for this show and actually shed tears for our beloved characters and their awesome acting? This sentiment does NOT include Sonny, Jason, Sam, Carly or Kate/Connie.

Today I felt sympathy for Carly because Sam is a bitch. I hope Jason wakes up without any memory of her. If he wakes up and there's no consequence, why did we go through all this?

It would be sooo sooo cool if Jason woke up with ALL OF THE MEMORIES. Can you imagine how much Jason Quartermaine would hate himself for what he has become? And maybe he would atone. Maybe become a cop or something. Then Robin dying for him would at least have merit.

JT is amazing. When you look at early Patrick scenes - where you could see the potential but he was still pretty untrained and unpolished as an actor - compared to now. Holy CRAP. He's just soooo good now. It's awesome.

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