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March 04, 2012

Welcome to Port Charles, Where Your Children Will Die and You'll Look to Hitmen for Moral Guidance

That's a mouthful, but it's really what you'd need to explain to anyone arriving in town for the first time, as Blair Cramer did on Friday. If you watched One Life to Live and ever read any of the Serial Drama posts on the show, you may have gathered that Blair is one of my favorite characters (you know, just a little). So I was looking forward to seeing her. I've missed her. And while it was great to see her, it really just made me miss Llanview even more than I already do (especially because she's only in six episodes anyway). But seriously? Watching Anna DeVane and Blair Cramer both cry for their children and grandchildren all in the course of one episode? Too much for my fragile heart. 

Of course the episode offered up more than just that. It's still the morning after the hospital benefit at the MetroCourt, and all the people who found the fights and the shootings and the attempted murders and the exploding labs a big turn-on were busy getting re-dressed after their sexcapades (I love that Sonny being shot can't even stop him from getting laid -- someone might want to mention this to Dante to illustrate how Sonny's big "sacrifice" was more like a "minor inconvenience"). And in the vein of "We're trying to actually make the sets and the background actors and the shot selections, like, a specific thing that we do on purpose now," we saw Kelly's from angles we'd never seen before. 


And it's daylight outside! Which we could see not only from the Kelly's windows, but the windows at Crimson and the windows in Johnny's apartment. Bright daylight. I'm so disoriented!


Kate and Sonny's scenes were just the worst. Those two are just... I'm trying to think of words that mean "gross" but aren't "gross" but Kate and Sonny are the grossest. And the six inches of makeup they put on Kate (that probably requires a trowel to remove) help nothing. Friday, Kate gave us such pearls of wisdom as:

Kate: Someone once said those who don't learn from their pasts are doomed to repeat them. 


Really, Kate? Someone once said that? Thanks for explaining! From what incredibly esoteric source did you get that? You must be very well-read because nobody has ever heard that before!

Oh and she also offered up this gem:

Kate: Fear is scary.

I am intimidated by her savvy and her enlightenment. I'm also super-scared of her alter ego who wears just as much makeup as she does, but a lipstick color one shade brighter than her usual.


She also seems to be channeling Mae West circa 1936. This is going to be a long story arc, isn't it? And now at least three or four people know that she's toting around her blood-stained wedding dress and it hasn't occurred to any of them yet that it might mean she's completely insane.

Fortunately the episode also gave us some really lovely scenes between Luke and Anna and between Edward and Tracy (I'm still loving how instead of one big episode where everyone learns, they're parsing out the characters learning about Robin's death, showing how far-reaching it is and how much she means on that canvas).


John Ingle just gets me every time.

Ooh! And a fun battle between Sam and Carly. Granted, I thought the reason for the battle was a little forced (I don't believe even Carly would insist that Jason be informed of Robin's death the second he wakes up), but considering Carly's fixation on Jason it makes sense that these two women be adversaries and it's a rivalry I can enjoy. (As much as I can enjoy anything that's fundamentally about Jason, but considering the whole series is fundamentally about Jason I have to work within that paradigm.)

I'm already bored with the car accident story because people are accusing Sonny of having shot out Anthony's tire and therefore causing the accident that allegedly killed Cole and Hope, and since this is General Hospital we all know Sonny didn't do it -- he only actually gets accused of things he didn't do, because people accusing Sonny of things he actually did and exposing him for said things would be too much like right. So my suspense in the "Omigah did Sonny cause the accident?!" question is about as high as my suspense in the "Omigah will Jason survive?!" question, which is to say there is less than zero suspense.

But who really cares, when it gave us Blair!


It was weird to see her in HD (not in a bad way, of course), and I feel like they laid on the makeup a little too thick (what else is new at GH?) because Kassie DePaiva certainly doesn't need much of it. I'm looking forward to seeing her more integrated with the other characters in the episodes to come, but I confess to totally breaking when Michael told her that Starr seemed strong and Blair cried and talked about how he has no idea how strong her little girl is. I've never been crazy about Starr-as-leading-heroine, but I've always been crazy about Blair and Starr's relationship, so they got me with that one. And I loved that hearing about the accident made her all extra-Southern and that she demanded to know where this Zyke-aira guy is. And when she sternly corrected Michael when he erroneously called her Mrs. Manning, that certainly gave us one clue about her status back home with Todd. I look forward to learning more next week! But I'm still so heartbroken that we won't be able to follow them all back to Llanview after the crossover episodes.

On the bright side, the Friday cliffhanger means something most excellent:


Scorpio/Spencer scenes on Monday!


I'm VERY afraid that, with the big hair and red lipstick, that RC is taking Kate to Tess town which...no.

John Ingle is wonderful, isn't he? I really hope RC builds the Q's back up.

I only started watching GH again after a decades long absence because Frank V. and Ron C. took over the show, and because the Cramers were coming to town. (Blair and Todd, Starr,,,,not so much.) And I've been more pleasantly surprised than I had expected, due mainly to Robin's storyline and to the return of Anna and Robert. I have no interest and a strong dislike of Ethan and all he represents, but that looks like it's being wrapped up. I don't care about Jason or Sonny AT ALL - actually dislike them too, though Sonny more than Jason. But that, at least right now, has been balanced out by how much I've enjoyed Johnny (okay, the upset about his mother is getting a little old), and I've enjoyed the side of Carly that isn't a raving bitch. Spinelli is intolerable, but then there are Alexis sightings that make me happy. And then they've given us some wonderful Edward and Tracy seenes.

And now Blair Cramer is in town. That alone would have made me tune in. And Todd is showing up soon. Unfortunately, we will also have to deal with Screaming Starr and that odious twit Michael and their unfolding love story, but I swear even that will be tolerable - or FF'd-able, if they keep up the pacing and the storytelling as exhibited in Friday's episode.
With any luck, BSC Kate will flame out sooner than later, and maybe the obnoxious Kwak Carey imitator, Olivia, can take her back to Bensonhurst and they can open up a B&B for all the crazy exes of Sonny, and do it off screen. And leave us with the wonderful Patrick, Alexis, Carly, the Q's, the Cramers, and all the most excellent reasons to keep this show on the air.

So far, so good. (MOST of the time, anyway).

I had the EXTREME pleasure of talking to Kassie DePaiva on the phone a few years ago. My mom met her on a soap cruise and as they were talking she told her that her granddaughter (my daughter)was hearing impaired and that I was considering having a cochlear implant done for her but I was a hesitant about the risks and if it would actually work. Kassie told her to call me right then and she would talk me about the benefits of it since her son had one. I could not believe I was on the phone with her when she called. She is the most fantastic person ever. She spent about 15 talking to me and she told me that I could make no better decision for my daughter and she was right. Getting my daughter that implant was the best decision I ever made and KDP was instrumental in me coming to that decision. I adore that woman so I am ECSTAIC about her being back on my screen, even if it is only for a few episodes. Hopefully it will turn into more. Some are angry about the OLTL coming in but in the case of KDP I am very happy to see her there.

Louise, I love the things you notice, as it makes me seem less crazy. I'm watching this episode and with all the drama, intensity, crying, etc, I'm thinking to myself, my isn't it a bright and sunny day in Upstate New York...

Why? Why in the heck is RC doing another DID type story when we hated seeing Jessica dawn that persona for the billionith time last year? Ugh. Why not let a pissed off Kate go after Sonny for the sleazy way that he treated her after she was shot for the second time? Now that would be soapy drama!

Yeah, it's Blair! I, too, love me some Blair Cramer and was all torn up thinking about all of the other citizens of Llanview that we will never see again. Well, I hope to never see Rexx Balson, ever again!

As happy as I was to see Blair Cramer on my screen again I was equally sad to her calling herself Blair Cramer and not Blair Manning.. Sigh if RC screws up my T&B happy ending I know I will have no reason to support GH for him.

Oh Louise, I'm so happy you mentioned the sunlight/angle thing--I noticed it too! And I was thrilled the show finally made the effort to produce 'water noises' while Robert stood by a bridge.

Yeah, my heart rather sank at Blair's emphasis on Blair CRAMER, too. Six or seven episodes with Todd and Blair will be like crumbs to a starving man for me. And the rest of this show will do nothing to feed that hunger, I'm afraid. Doesn't look to me like this appearance by Todd, Blair and McBain will do much to give "closure" to this OLTL fan if all we learn is that Todd's still being charged - and believes that he did it - in the murder of his un-dead brother. And on top of that that he and Blair are once more on the outs. Rats! is all I have to say.

Yes! In addition to the lighting and editing and background extras, I've also been really impressed with the ambient sounds ... particularly in the outdoor scenes. Almost to the point of distraction because it's been so long!

Scenes have such new life to them. Which is nice when some of the content (almost anything with Sonny) still makes me want to throw things.

I am loving the pacing of the Robin's "death" story but still wish she was actually IN it! The shockwave hitting PC as a result of Robin's "death" is being extremely well done.

I'm HATING sonny and kate but that's nothing new. A DID story is presumably not an easy one to do, and in reality requires a really good actor to carry it, and the actor playing Kate/Connie is NO Erika Slezak that's for sure, or at least has yet to show us she has that quality.

My heart also broke into little pieces when Blair pointedly called herself "Cramer" not Manning (and NOT CRANE as the credits listed her). And why are KDP and Michael Easton listed in the credits but Roger Howarth is not??

I'm really hoping that Todd arrives, continues to lie as he always does, tries to blame everyone for his behaviour (as he always does) and then John arrives to tell them that he wasn't lying, just brainwashed by his psycho mommy into believing he had killed the non-dead Victor. And Todd and Blair live happily ever after!

If Todd and Blair don't end up together I'm going to have to learn how to make those youtube videos so I can splice together my own Todd and Blair fairytale ending.

I have to say -- even if the truth about Victor has already come out back in Llanview, Blair has plenty of reasons to not be 100% pleased with Todd right now. It's been probably less than a month, soap-time, since she opened her heart to him again and then immediately found out he'd kidnapped and framed Tomas. I would be supremely surprised (and feeling a little cheated) to find that all the bad feelings from that had been already resolved off-screen...

So Sonny used Robin's death to have sex with Kate... and we have DID Kate hitting on Johnny... I applaud BB for not falling over and laughing himself into a coma over this ridiculous storyline.

At least we have great scenes with Patrick, Epiphany, Mac, Robert, Anna, and Edward. I think the scenes with these characters expressing their sorrow over the loss of Robin have really made me care about GH again. Robin was such an important part of the canvas, and it makes sense that so many characters would feel her loss.

"Kate: Fear is scary."

...Yes, Kate, b/c emotions are very emotional.

LOL Forever! I can't believe this is where it's going with her, esp. after Jessica's DID was just needlessly played to death on OLTL. If she keeps dropping knowledge like that, we'll all be better people, I'm so sure.

Yay, Blair has arrived! I've missed this Cramer woman! I'm okay with her firmly establishing her last name's not Manning (yet, anyway). I want to see them actually have some resolution onscreen b/c we know how much Blair and Todd love each other. I like the conflict right now. I have to say, though, even though we've seen Blair and Starr's relationship through the years, I didn't actually FLOVE their relationship until Starr got pregnant, b/c then she got to see what an awesome mom she has. Before that, she was pretty mean to Blair when she didn't get her way (Todd and Cole). It's definitely matured.

Thank goodness for Edward, Tracy, Anna, and Robert. I would say Luke, but I can't help but see him as such a loser now. I hope the Spencer/Scorpio scenes will change my mind.

Well it is still assumed that Todd killed Victor because that is why McBain initially shows up in PC. Just read this interview with Michael Easton. Knowing this I doubt seriously that Blair and Todd will be on good terms in the time they are there. :(


You know what would be awesome? An appearance by Dorian!!

Wishful thinking, I know....

Good lord, the Pocket Mobster would have skid marks on his Underoos if Dorian got a hold of him.

Wait!!! I'm confused and totally spoiler free. Are Blair, Todd, Starr and McBain gonna STAY in PC or are Blair and Todd just passing thru? I want them to stay. Morally ambiguous Todd stomps morally ambiguous Sonny everyday and twice on Sundays.

@MsC funniest thing I've heard (and pictured) all day. I would PAY to see that.

Blair and Todd are just passing through. :(

I watched my first Kate scene in a month today because it was with Johnny. Glad I did...hilarious! The look on BB's face when she was describing hooking up with Sonny in her office was priceless.

Kate's scene with Johnny was like watching Rizzo from Grease take over...and it was odd, the way she kept talking about Kate in third person. I don't remember Viki/Niki/Jean etc. or Jess/Tess/Bess doing that. Connie would have been the original personality (I think) and I thought they normally didn't know about the alters.

Look on the bright side of Blair only being on the show for about 7 days, at least she won't be infected by all things Sonny & fall into the nearest bed with him!

I surprised myself by not only watching the Carly/Johnny scenes, but actually enjoying them. But then Carly showed up at the hospital and got all up in Sam's grill and !!!SO!!MUCH!!HATE!!!

I'm pretty sure that Connie is the alter and not Kate. Kate legally changed her name and lifestyle and was fine with it. Getting shot at her wedding is the trauma that created Connie. Being the alter, Connie would know all about Kate and the stupid stuff she does. Connie is there to protect Kate and YAY she wants to protect her from Sonny!

My only problem is that they are writing Connie to be almost exactly like Tess. Yuck. Why can't Kate have a classy, sweet alter? Why does she have to be low class sleaze?

I just can't accept Starr not getting Hope out of the car. It ruined her for me. I also get distracted by her huge melon head and her screeching.. although warranted. In soap digest, a writer called her "the troubled beauty" LOL! She is not a beauty and not a leading lady. Starr only does well with her parents and other adults. Oh well.

Well Todd came back and was true to Todd! All in a state of "you love me, I don't care what you say". I just wish they would FINALLY acknowledge that he didn't kill Victor. What would be the point of them even being around again (like KDP has said they might)if they don't bring some closure to that?

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