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June 04, 2012

And BOOM Goes the... Oh, This Again.

Oh Todd, you big dumb lug. Every time you are given the chance to make a choice, you make the wrong one. 

First of all, I love this adorable alien-baby they've got playing Sam's son.


And I have no idea what's coming (and for the love of god, don't tell me about spoilers in the comments please!), but this is a highly recognizable little fellow. A lot of babies look alike, sure, but I don't think Sam could very easily be convinced that another kid is this kid. (Of course, maybe she won't want to look? And maybe Téa won't notice that her son hasn't got a trace of Latino in him?)

Now, adorable as this little baby "actor" was, it was kind of hilarious how jarring it was when they would switch back and forth between the real baby and the prop baby.

Less hilarious and totally utterly morbid and something they should have fixed?


Fake prop baby? "Dead baby?" (I put that in quotes because this is a soap and there's always a way this baby can still be alive and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it still be alive for crap's sake because this is like the fortieth dead kid on ABC soaps in the past 14 months.) Uh, tuck the freaking leg in. That is some morbid shit. Nobody wants to see that. We know it's just a prop, but good lord. Please be soapy and not outright macabre, thanks. It reminds me of the prop baby on OLTL when Tess had Chloe and Bess drove the baby to the hospital and they just kept showing little parts of the prop dead baby's head. KEEP IT IN THE DAMN BLANKET, PEOPLE. We WANT to suspend our disbelief here! Come on now.

Also, who stands there and exposits for a half hour while they're holding a dead baby? Come on now.

Also, I know it's not fair after watching a genre every day for three decades to expect storylines not to be recycled over and over again, but AMC just did the "happens to find a baby to scoop up and give to mother because other kid is dead" baby switch story! It was like one of their two major stories that wrapped up the damn series! Come on now.


Although to be fair (and I enjoy Téa and I adore Florencia Lozano, don't get me wrong), if Téa were screeching and howling at me like that, I might just tell her whatever she wants to hear, too. And also to be fair, Todd's been in the business of messing with babies before and not feeling guilty about telling a mother that her child was dead -- and he loved that woman. And his only remorse for that came when he realized that the child was his, not when he got some sort of empathic clarity. (After all, I did suggest last year that Todd should really have a beer with Sonny "I wouldn't have shot him if I'd known he was my son!" Corinthos, with that kind of logic.)

But for serious, y'all. What must Kelly Monaco think when she gets her scripts? I definitely prefer this kind of story for Sam rather than her usual support-for-Jason role that she's been relegated to for years, but I imagine Ms. Monaco gets her scripts and prays that she has some cheesy scene with Spinelli at their P.I. agency or a nice scene chilling with the other Davis girls. 

I can't even get into how giant a prick Jason is being -- he yells at John for saving his pregnant wife's life, and then he yells at John for delivering his pregnant wife's baby. What the hell will it take for Jason to offer up a reluctant, "Oh, thanks." And he seems to feel nothing about the fact that his thugs beat the crap out of John, thus eliminating Sam's assistance and ride to the damn hospital. I really hope they bring on some character who is just awful in every way so that I can be a Jason-and-awful-woman-in-every-way 'shipper since that's the only kind of woman I'd want stuck with that jackass at this point. He's related to Heather, so I guess that leaves Kristina?

Speaking of Heather, one awesome thing that has come out of this whole thing? Robin Mattson and Roger Howarth having scenes together.


Todd's the very opposite of a saint, but he is really dealing with the devil here. I hate what Todd's doing, but I love that it means these two will likely have more scenes together! Robin Mattson really just gets better by the day.


Another baby switch story is pretty lame....but at least Sonny/Jason or some other mob wanna-be didn't shoot the mother in the head while she was giving birth! So I guess we can call that a win?

Yes, the baby swap story has been done to death -- and I hope it's not dragged out forever before Tea and Sam learn the truth. But as cliched as it is, GH is actually INTERESTING because they are giving good actors a chance to work in an ensemble. As opposed to every single story line revolving around the same two characters having the same conversation every &%^$ing day.

I haven't seen the whole episode because my dvr stopped taping halfway thru???

I'm going to refuse to believe the baby is really dead. . .

No dead babies here. . .What? sorry didn't hear that. . .(fingers in ears) lalalalalalalalalalala!

Considering how much time RC spent pimping Tea and Victor's magical tru wuv forever during the last few years of OLTL, no way in hell do I think he really killed their baby.

I semi-enjoyed this episode. My first enjoyment was Heather. She's bat shit crazy but she can do no wrong for me. Heather is just such a good time for me. And really I had to kind of agree with Heather's logic because if you really didn't know all that was going on surrounding this baby's birth, you would think that Sam was trying to dump a kid in the woods to not have to deal with it because it is no reason for Sam to be roaming the woods with this baby.

Which brings me to the fact that in my opinion, Sam continues to be one of the dumbest characters that GH has ever invented. Do she try to drive her car to the hospital or even see if it's running? No. Do she try knocking on other people's doors to see if she can get help from other patrons at the motel? No. Do she try the phone again to see if it's now working? No. Do she even notice Jason's car parked in the parking lot of the motel? No. And yes, I know that there was a road close sign up, but not all roads were close considering that the thugs as well as Jason were able to get to the motel, no problem and also the road close sign happened after Sam had walked herself out of the motel parking lot and made it down the road.

However, this dumb girl will walk with the supposed 'sick' baby in the damp weather with only a scarf around him, walk off the beaten path into the woods with said 'sick' baby, and put said 'sick' baby in dirty planter.

And I'm putting the word 'sick' in quotes because I question if the baby is really supposed to be having trouble breathing/sick and because it's a real baby and of course real babies don't know how to act sick (considering the baby is still looking around and making noises even though Sam is saying it's not) or if Sam is just too stupid to know that nothing is wrong with her baby. And I ask because when baby got in the arms of Todd, Tea, and Heather, none of these three said anything about the baby's breathing sounding funny.

And it still boggles my mind that two children died in order to give Sam a baby and a storyline and we probably have to go another few months with Sam on our screen 5 days a week.

I seriously can't wait till Johnny makes Carly end up looking like a fool once again by trusting him. I like lying, scheming, framing Johnny. He's interesting when before I found Johnny so boring. Johnny making a fool of Carly is such a good time for me especially considering that Carly's whole rationale to get back with Johnny is because Jason is going to try to make things work with Sam. Their situations are no where near the same, so since she wants to convince herself that Johnny just 'cheated' on her and discounting the whole fact that Johnny took advantage of a mentally unstable woman, I'm seriously going to enjoy when Carly is once again going to look stupid when she finds out the other things that Johnny has done.

Robin Mattson is great to watch. Put her with Roger Howarth and it was awesome. I FFWDed everything else.

I cannot stand Carly treating her casual relationship with Johnny as something that overcome the fact he raped a mentally-ill woman (Carly named what Johnny did to Kate/Kate RAPE to his face!) Argh.

Per usual, I agree with everything kermitklein has already stated, particularly Sam's unreasonably dumb and dangerous behavior. I dread watching her mourn another dead baby and not registering an ounce of sympathy for this forced character.

As a former OLTL fan, I just imagined this episode was an epilogue of OLTL and the GH players were supporting. It helped me invest in the "baby-switch" storyline. Then I became sad because I thought about Blair, Viki, Dorian (and I am ashamed to admit Dani) and what they were up to and how they would respond to Tea's baby boy :-(

Kermitklein--Amen to nearly everything you said.

Heather has been a hoot--it's easy to forget she murdered Maggie (as annoying as she was--it was still murder).

Not being an OLTL watcher, watching Todd has mostly been a new joy for me. And I was wondering how they were going to make him agree to the baby switch, and it seemed almost natural. Hysterical Tea. Guilt-ridden Todd. Conniving (and convincing) Heather. And a passed out Sam.

I agree with you soapbaby. I dread weeks of a weeping and whining Sam. I don't begrudge her for feeling that way, but I don't really care about her or her baby. Plan to o FF thru most of it.

Louise, do you really hate Kristina that much?

Kermitklein, you're right about how Sam is being written. She has only gotten dumber since CarTini started running the show. I believe it’s because they wanted to prop up Tea, but the only thing they have succeeded in doing is make me hate Tea, and I used to like her on OLTL. ## I don't agree with all your comments about Carly & Johnny. I happened to like them together and truly hate the way CarTini totally changed Johnny's character overnight. But I know your prediction of the outcome will probably be right. I just want Carly to be the one to kick him to the curb without being made a fool of again. (I'm a rare Carly/Laura liker.)

Anyway, I am really hating the show right now. I FF so much of it so I might be missing some things, but it's necessary to retain my sanity!

I'm not sure what I feel about the show overall. I'm happy to see Florencia Lozano again, and Tea was always a favorite of mine, but all that yelling...wasn't good. I hope there's a time lag before she finds out the truth and starts in again. Tea is so superb at snark and irony, there's more to the character than sounding like FogHorn Leghorn.

Heather and Todd together! Pure black magic all the way. No matter what detente they have now, there's explosions coming with those two and I don't want to miss it. Jason is just a giant black hole of awfullness and there's nothing bad that could happen to him that I would't relish. But I would also be fine if he just disappeared, never to be seen again. Sam.....I wish I could care, I guess.

I don't know if I'm liking the show, but I can't stop watching either. But, like Soapbaby, it makes me miss OLTL even more than I already did.

No,no, no no! When did dead babies become a thing? This show has had 3 dead babies/chidren in the last year. Is there some sort of warped fanbase for these stories? Are there people who sit around and think " Ya know, I like soap operas but there is too much sex and romance and intrigue in them! Why can't we see characters we've developed an emotional bond w/ over the years suffer the most unbearable loss any human can imagine...REPEATEDLY? Then have the writers cheapen it by making a half assed baby swap or murder mystery out of it!"

I believe that if women (or people w/ basic understanding of human behavior) still wrote for daytime this wouldn't be happening. It used to be that the death of a child was something that had to be "earned". Meaning that the resulting story and it's consequences had significant impact on the entire show. Even then it was a risk. My poor father never forgave Ryan's Hope for killing little Edmund. And he never watched again. I've stopped watching shows for killing characters for no good reason, and it might be time for me to do it again.

The only reason I have watched this show in recent years is to look at Brandon Barash. (Not for any storyline he has had, I just find him...compelling) And I was very excited that Roger Howarth was coming to town. But after what they've done to both of those characters and another dead baby I might be out for good this time.

I have to look at it this way. Sam has the preemie with gigantism. Certainly Tea will realize that this jumbo baby can't be hers since her's looked like those creepy "baby dolls" they sell in the craft dept at Wal-Mart. Or maybe she just thinks the baby started breathing and gained at least 5 lbs of breath. I don't think baby Delgado is dead. I think Heather wants it for some nefarious purpose.... And if this baby story isn't over by June 29th (the last Friday of this month) there will be HELL TO PAY!!!!! HELL TO PAY!!!! Don't make me repeat it again!!!

One other thing! I think Jason needs ANOTHER brain fever or whatever and this time he has amnesia AGAIN!!! And he can't remember Sonny or Carly, etc... And this AmnesiaJason has a conscience and doesn't want to kill people. He becomes a nurse! Yeah, it's dumb but I am just sick of Jason treating all women like shit unless her name is Elizabeth Webber.

As annoyed as I am with this type of story, I will say that RH and RM did some good work. And this version of Heather underscores why her last return didn't work: 2004 Heather was written to be a garden-variety schemer with only vague hints of her mental instability. This Heather wears her crazy like a badge of honor, and yet she's also very clever and devious, which makes her a great villain. There's nothing scarier than someone who knows they're insane and doesn't bother hiding it, and yet has the intelligence to make your life a living hell.

And we all know Heather's the one leaking to the papers and siccing the BCPD on Jason, right?

Tea is a white Latino what traces would she be finding in her son?

Todd + Heather = Genius.

Whoever got the idea to put these two characters in a room together is brilliant. Can't wait to see them continue to run into each other around PC (it is a small town!)

At some point you KNOW Heather is going to find out or realize who Todd Manning is and the blackmailing will begin. :D That should be fun.

You've all said it so well.

Only one question - Would AssJason have any different expression on his face if the baby had lived??

Is Steve Burton capable of another expression, or did he die years ago and have his face frozen like this? They could save a ton of money, let him go, and let a canned ham take over the role.

Boes, maybe it's that 90-day Visalus shit that's making his face like that. I can't imagine that all these pyramid schemes he's been involved in for the past five years hasn't caused some weird physical changes.

Robin Mattson is BEST when she plays crazy! LOVE LOVE LOVE

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