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June 21, 2012

Heat Stroke or Hate Stroke?

I can see why you'd assume that my default mood is irritable, since so many of my blog posts are soaked with irritation and eye-rolling, but I tend to be a very calm, even pleasant, person. Until it gets hot; then, all bets are off. My patience dwindles as my hair expands and I find myself grouchy to the point of hysteria at the slightest bother. My phone autocorrected "Dunkin" to something asinine and I practically wailed. I never felt more of a kinship to Sonny than I do in a heat wave.

Needless to say, the following bit made me actual cry from frustration.

Jason: You know, I wanted to help, and -- and I thought, for a second, that she might let me. But she can't get past what happened.


My brain would not let me process the rest of the episode*. I saw some (hilarious) shenanigans with Heather and Luke, who delight me, and some excellent police work with Padilla and Anna, which is SO weird to say, sarcasm-free, but I remember absolutely none of it, mostly because I spent the entirety of their scenes saying, out loud because I am crazy, "She can't get past this horrible, life-altering tragedy?! The one that happened THIS MONTH?! FLARRRRR*."

*Also, I fell asleep a few minutes after that.

**"Flarrrr" is the best approximation of the sound I made, although not a perfect one.


I really wish my ex would park his butt on my sofa to whine about the woman that he married who deliberately tried to get rid of his infant son, twice. My foot would be so far up his nose that he would be walking around with my foot sticking out of the back of his head! Liz/RH deserves better than this crap.

Ewen is smoking hot. Sigh.

Ladybug, I most certainly agree; Elizabeth definitely deserves better. She could have found Cam's baseball bat and knocked the crap out of him with it and that would have been fine with me. He admitted to her that he went to pay respects to Sam's baby; where the hell was he at Jake's service--oh that's right sitting with Joss. As a matter of fact, she could have shot him and I would have been ok with that too. Jackass.

If I remember correctly, Jason was going to Jake's memorial but Sam talked him out of it. Whatever. Jason spewing all of that crap to Liz was all kinds of wrong. Here's hoping that Lizzie Webber comes out and she kicks Jason, hard!

FREE LIZ! Jasam is such a pathetic, lifeless, tedious sack of crap. Why must so many characters be utilized over their phony rank angst. We all know Sam will be back to kissing Jason's ass in a matter of weeks. Reunite this played out pairing and allow other characters to go on with their lives.

Finally, Liz is ready to date a man who is smart, sexy, single. A man who has expressed an equal interest in her as she has in him and instead of seeing their date, we get whiny ass Jason crying over the sheer stupidty that is his marriage/wife? Why would Liz ever give a feck about either of these assholes or their replacement baby?


Sam went to Jake's memorial. She did not talk Jason out of it. I believe she asked him to go with her.

Jason as well as JASAM make my head EXPLODE. I too support the FREE LIZ MOVEMENT!!!! RH is great as Liz, or she used to be when she was allowed to have her own damn storyline! And if she does get to date Ewen, don't turn him into a knife weilding maniac with major past issues please! Bring back a little romance to daytime and give Lizzie a break!

You do realize it's just a silly TV show, right?

Hate stroke would certainly be appropriate. Where was Jason's desire to help before the baby died? Sam's already walked through the hell and is coming out on the other side. Why does she need his self-absorbed ass now? His motive has not changed. He's trying to do that which will make him feel better about himself. Any benefit Sam would get would be ancillary.

I have to disagree that Sam "deliberately tried to get rid of his infant son, twice." There's simply no truth to it.

Afterall, it's like that quote from "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance:"

When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.

I WAS a self professed Liason shipper but right now I want Jason NO WHERE NEAR Liz. RUN LIZ, RUUNNNNN! Sorry my Liasonites who read this and know that I love them, but Jason sucks monkey balls right now and Liz deserves better.

And re RH (Liz); she has said in an interview that she loves this material and is enjoying all the story she is getting. Likes the writing.

Where RC and FV are concerned, I have learned that they usually have a trick or two up their sleeves and what you see rumored as happening may not be happening at all. So maybe there is a Liz/Jason reunion in store and maybe there is not. Nothing lasts forever on Soaps-not even death.

I think Liz deserves a real storyline, with a strong lead character, unfortunately on this show there are only two (and one who is slowly creeping up). Sonny and Jason are IT, and Patrick is a distant third when it comes to the storyline and the writing.

Sad since it's a show called General Hospital, and it would be really great if, ya know, a Doctor was the lead. sigh.

Todd and Blair forever is what I feel like screaming to the writers because for Todd, there is nobody but Blair. BUT, (and I can't believe I'm saying this) Todd might be an interesting pairing with Elizabeth.

I don't want Todd with anyone but Blair, BUT if they are determined to have him have a "romantic interest", and determined not to give KDP a contract, then it should be someone with as much (albeit very different) baggage as him.

It would be weird and difficult and full of angst (considering he is a former rapist and she was formerly raped), and yet, I'd really like to see these two characters, played by actors who, as someone said earlier, would have chemistry with a lamp - in a scene together. And Howarth with kids is always a treat. . .can you imagine Cam and Todd???

Finally, I'm so sick of ASSJason and Sam. He is awful and Liz propping him up (almost literally) is making me tired, angry and sick. Elizabeth Webber needs something good in her life. A little romance, a little fun, a little something. She is too wonderful to be wasted as ASSjason's fangirl.

I want to see whirlwind, swept-off-your feet romance with Liz and hot doc Ewen. She deserves it. She's gorgeous he's gorgeous. They can be gorgeous together...as long as he's sane.

And is Elizabeth brain dead or what??

What part of JASON HAD TWO GOONS BEAT UP MCBAIN does she not get? Sure, Sam wandering the woods after giving birth wasn't the brightest idea, but she wouldn't have been doing that if McBain had made it back with the car. There is only one reason he didn't, and that's because JASON HAD HIM BEATEN UP. Elizabeth doesn't seem to realize that trumps everything.

The baby isn't dead, we know that. But even so, the switch could never have happened except for what Jason did. He's responsible.

On another note,does the guy own any clothing other than black teeshirts and jeans? Is that the usual funeral attire in Port Charles? Did he lose all sense of what's appropiate as well when he got bopped on the head all those years ago, or was he always a clueless and classless doofus?

On an unrelated note, has anyone noticed the skyline of Port Charles at the front and end credits lately? I can see the metro court building sign, the ELQ sign, and the GH sign with pier something in the foreground. Have these always been there or is it new?

"On another note,does the guy own any clothing other than black teeshirts and jeans? Is that the usual funeral attire in Port Charles? Did he lose all sense of what's appropiate as well when he got bopped on the head all those years ago, or was he always a clueless and classless doofus?"

I'm still wondering what doctor authorized and which nurse did the deed of dressing Jason in his BLACK T SHIRT when Jason had his brain surgery and was still unconscious and woke up with i.v.'s and needles still in his arms.. fully dressed and ready to get out of bed? How in the world did they get that shirt on with all those needles and lines in him? Anyone who has ever been in the hospital knows that you don't get your clothes on until after you've been signed out. I'm still laughing. Is it in Steve Burton's contract? So terrible.

Sam knew Maureen was emotional after not being able to save one of her children in a house fire, so she hid (!) behind a bush and let the woman walk off with Jake. Sam also went out of her way to hire two thugs with guns and stood behind them as they terrorize Liz, Cam and baby Jake in the park. What part of the above does not mean that Sam didn't want Jake dead?

McBain told Jason at Kelly's diner that he was coming after him in order to get to Sonny. Jason is arrested and taken to Beaches Corner. Jason (a mobster) should have beat the crap out McBain like he did Ric six years ago in the parking lot.

The old ride and die chick (LMAO) left a hotel full of people and never once screamed for help, walked out into a stormy night with a huge premature baby, and dumped his butt in an outdoor planters box. McBain offered to take Sam to the hospital and she refused. Liz is not brain dead. Sam is now living with her mother and two sisters which would have been fine she after first left the penthouse, but NOOOO she wanted to live at the motel. My point is this, Sam and Jason both made choices and now the Jake replacement baby is dead (well, Tea has him) which really ticks me off that Tea's baby had to die just to give Sam a story. Boo!

+++Liz is not brain dead. .... My point is this, Sam and Jason both made choices..+++

LadyBug, I see your point, but frankly IMO, we can add Sam and Jason to the braind dead count along with Liz and have a threesome. Away from Jason or Sam, I like Elizabeth. And after what Sam did, Elizabeth should have nothing to do with her, other than offer the generic sympathy her character seems would offer to even the worst person. But blathering on to Jason how the baby might have died anyway, obviously attempting to make him feel good, is pretty idiotic. Following that line of reasoning makes everything relative. Talk about grading Jason on the curve. And yup, Jason is a mobster - a pretty stupid, yahoo one, but he's a mobster and she knows that. But she's fine with him having a guy beaten up like he's squashed a fly, and we're supposed to see Elizabeth as this beacon of goodness? It dents her, badly, because her blindness to this particular sociopath is a willful one. She knows better, and we know she knows better. It does her character no favors at all. I wish they'd keep her out of his orbit completely.

Jason & Sam should reunite and move to Llanview...end of story.

Uhm Roger Howarth just did the impossible. . . he made me enjoy a scene with Spinelli in it.

Val, Todd & Blair started out as friends,but as soon as she found out about the inheritance, she went after him full throttle for the $. I'm just surprised that he forgot about Moose!!!

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