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June 11, 2012

I'm Committed To Enjoying This While It (Briefly) Lasts

Because I know how this show works, I fully understand that for some reason the fact that Jason was telling Sam the truth today about having gone to the hotel to tell her he was sorry, the fact that he did try to call off (by voicemail) the beating of McBain, the fact that the baby isn't really dead, and the fact that Jason is actually the biological father -- well, all of these facts added up are obviously meant to somehow absolve Jason of his total and utter dickishness at some point in the future (not that it follows logically, but we've all been watching long enough to know Jason's never held responsible for anything for long, since he is the Saint of Port Charles and All Mob Enforcers). But for now? Can I please just savor Jason being told off? Can I please savor Jason getting looks like these from his wife?



I mean, sure, people should be looking at him like that every day. And those looks should be accompanied by dialogue like, "Wait a minute, you're a hit man? But this whole town looks to you for moral guidance?" "Hang on, you're a mob enforcer who is routinely called in by the local police force to rescue people and solve crimes?" "Just a second, you chose the mob-enforcing job over your first child, but everyone still treats you like the local child-whisperer?" "Hold up, your wife got raped and made the brave choice to raise her rapist's biological child and you decided to handle it by being a dick about some dude who was offering her more emotional support than you were, since you were offering none?" "Whoa, whoa, whoa, explain to me how you became a hit man because you had some sort of brain damage that took your emotions away, so you were able to injure and off human beings without feeling anything, and yet you frequently weep alone over a box?!"

But I digress. He still got a deeply, deeply appropriate guilt trip today. And I'm sure by the end of summer she'll be apologizing to him and praising him for all his wondrousness, but I'm damn sure going to love this while it lasts!

And when Sam confronted Jason about having had McBain beaten up, he totally just waved it off.

Jason: Sam, I wanted him out of the way! He was just going to be a problem. [Ah, Jason, this kind of thinking makes you such a stellar candidate for fatherhood. --Ed.]

Sam: No, Jason, John was not the problem, he was never the problem! It was you! You couldn't love my baby, and instead of admitting it you had those men beat him up, to punish him for helping me! 

Jason: I tried to call it off, it was too late! [Oh. Well then. No biggie. Bygones! I mean come on, you left a voice mail! --Ed.]

Sam: Too late for what, Jason? It was too late for John. And it was too late for my baby.

And I do hereby thank Scott Sickles, who wrote today's episode. (Oops, I never did send him that gift basket last fall!) And I hereby praise him in advance for any more dialogue that you write that enables people to look at Jason like this:




In other "things I know will be all too brief but I'll have fun with it" news, guess who got the actual light, romantic "love in the afternoon" scenes today?

Get it, girl!

She even had a little comic bit when Steve walked in on their little kiss.


Elizabeth: Is there something you want?

Steve: Uhhh, I'm on rounds. Why, is there something you want?

Elizabeth: You to leave, is at the top of my list!


Huh. Somehow the head bandage doesn't seem all that un-hot when combined with the shirtlessness. And all the twinkly-eyed Aussieness of it all.


Liz: (clearly wishing otherwise) I should let you get dressed.


Are you crazy, Liz? No you shouldn't! Don't ever let him get dressed again!

So I'll enjoy his giddy infatuated schoolboy thing he's got going on with her while I can, since I'm sure eventually he'll turn out to be a serial killer or a child molester or something equally dark, because I don't really trust this show to give Elizabeth a romance that's actually fun and nice and isn't laden with incredibly heavy and depressing emotional baggage. So here I am, committed to appreciating what little time we have with these small glimpses of joy.

Otherwise, I was able to muster up zero compassion for Maxie (who didn't think to offer up a, "Oh hey, Matt, sorry I basically got you sent to prison for five years, which wouldn't have happened if I hadn't put this whole thing in motion") or certainly any for Spinelli and his puppy dog sad face again. And then Kristina is just the worst. And they took Matt away from me. And I really need for people to stop saying that Sam "lost the baby." No. Her son was born, he cried, she held him in her arms. And then a couple hours later, according to what she knows, her son died. For some weird reason they're making it sound like a stillbirth or a miscarriage, when it was neither of those things. All tragic events, but all very different events. I don't know why this point is getting under my skin so much, but it is.

In conclusion:


Cry me a freakin' river.


I, too, will take even a fleeting moment here and there when Jason and Sonny aren't immediately loved, forgiven, supported, and worshipped--because it's a fleeting moment more than we used to get.

That's right. You get a hell yeah and a high five!!! Even when it all comes out I want Sam to still hate Jason. NO ONE holds him accountable for anything. (Well, Tracey DOES call a spade a spade when it comes to "The Enforcer".)Regardless of paternity, baby switching, etc... I want Sam to stay mad at Jason. Yeah, she made mistakes but it all goes back to him not accepting the baby due to paternity and her leaving. If she never left NONE of this would have happened. So there. It's still Jason's fault.

Woo Hoo! Lizzie girl actually was able to get a little action after two years of abstinence! You go, girl! Ewen is hot!

Sam and Jason? Pfft. What Sam did to Liz, Cam, Jake and Jason was done maliciously without any care or thought as to how disgusting it was to go after a two month old baby. I will never, ever give two poops if Sam is in misery, no way, now how. I remember how Sam refused to allow LnL2 to use her TV show as a way to find Jake, when she knew who kidnapped the baby in the first place!

Sam is reaping what she sowed. Why sit around waiting on John, when as my cousin knock on the doors of the other guests stated, scream your freaking head off or looking for help? What idiot takes a baby out into a storm, walking in the woods and then dumps said baby in a planter? Jeez. Sam really needs to get that GED!

Why is General Hospital getting rid of a doctor versus that twit Spinelli?

What idiot puts a baby in a planter? I suppose one who doesn't have access to a tree in a snowstorm. But I digress.

I'm thinking getting raped (even though we're now back to mayberape) is never reaping what you sow. Ever.

So, yup, I'm enjoying Jason being rightly called out, and I enjoyed the Webber sibs, and I'm enjoying crazy Heather. I'll take it.

I think Jason should have said he had a moment of weakness to see if it rang any bells with his lovely wife.

Jason thought Sam was worth marrying after all the stuff she did, and he took vows. And has treated her terribly, so it has nothing to do with the sins of her past. Has to do with how he treats his wife who he's supposed to love.

" What idiot takes a baby out into a storm, walking in the woods and then dumps said baby in a planter? Jeez. Sam really needs to get that GED!"

Robin was a doctor...pretty sure she put Emma in a lot more danger.

And since there was nothing wrong with Sam's baby and she was dizzy and weak after the birth, the planter was pretty safe. Todd found him quickly.

Kemo is so wooden. I can't sympathize with Sam and her same one expression.

I realize that some people will never forgive Sam for whatever she did (I dozed off and missed it) but the show has Jason totally forgiving her and wanting her to be his wife. So,it's a blank slate for both of them with the marriage and at this moment in time, Jason is an ass. He had a man beaten up because he didn't like him helping Sam. At this moment in their marriage, Sam is the one who did NOTHING wrong and Jason is the one who behaved like an idiotic jealous fool. When Carly tells you revenge on John is going to bite you, you do a little more than leave a voice mail (Please, if you haven't started beating John McBain, can you let him go? Thank you.) Idiot.

Exactly, marz, MD. Yes, Sam did a despicable thing. And guess what? Jason got to be really angry with her over it for a really long time. Less time than you'd expect in real life? Ok. But this is a soap opera. The bottom line is that he did forgive her and he did marry her and then he did act like an enormous asshole.

I'm sure she will forgive him too -- and much quicker than he forgave her. But she more than deserves her time to be angry at him first.

I am with Lisa regarding Jason took vows to love and cherish HIS WIFE and has essentially abandoned her after her "rape." I cringe everytime Jason mentions "Sam's baby." Um, these people are married! I don't like the couple but they are married and Jason treats Sam like he doesn't even like her let alone love her. It's sickening to know they will eventually reunite after this.

And I was beyond tired of Heather talking to herself and I kinda love Heather but enough already.

And Steven Lars should only be featured in either one of two modes: 1.) competent doctor or 2.) joking big brother to Liz. I actually liked Steven Lars for the first time in years with this episode!

And as wooden as I think the actor is, there is no denying that Ewen is GORGEOUS. He works so much better for me when shirtless and smiling. I just can't buy him as a psychiatrist. He and Liz do not have much chemistry but, boy, they sure are pretty! All I could think during their scenes was "Get it, girl!" ;-) I wish for Liz and Ewen to have a wonderful, fun, sexy romp with lots of sex before he leaves town to never return.

FFWDed all things Spinelli, Olivia, Maxie, Kristina, the missing Ford Brother and Alexis, so I missed anything Mac, Felicia, Matt and most of Patrick. I hate how Matt is going out. Couldn't he just have accepted a new position in a different city/country because of his groundbreaking medical research? Remember, he made some medical breakthrough. Oh, that was dropped in favor of him being written as the killer of a homicidal maniac. Argh.

Or we could just stipulate that Sam and Jason are both pretty despicable people. I too feel no emotion for her. We know her baby is alive, we know she likely wasn't raped, and we know that she's had no problem with Jason hurting people before. But now that it's about her, he's a bad person. I don't care.

And at first I didn't hate new Kristina as much as most people seem to, but today she was completely self-centered and selfish. I do think Alexis has been dumbed down significantly over the past few years, and way too indulgent a parent.

Is it that hard to fake cry if you're a trained actress. Maxie is horrible at it. The fact Matt is off to prison is ridiculous. There were, as Soapbaby mentioned, plenty of better ways to have him leave town without sending him to Pentonville for killing someone who was in the middle of a murder spree. That simply makes no sense. If it leads to Maxie & Spinelli leaving town together, though, it will be well worth it.

Considering Sam doesn't know Heather did anything wrong, she was a little mean to her when she went to say hi. And I agree, today was the first time I actually enjoyed Steve.

Ewen was hot today. I still wonder what his connection to the Jax family is--unless that's been dropped. Son of Jerry?

On Alexis - she has been dumbed down but that might be realistic because the older my son gets the dumber I feel I get, or at least the dumber he thinks I am!

AssJason is alive a kickin' and Sam, well yeah, she totally did all that really nasty horrible stuff and she totally deserves to be a town pariah (which she is not) and I totally get that AssJason LOVES her now and I want to hate her for all the reasons. BUT I love Todd Manning. Kinda hypocritical to love him despite all his terrible actions (and I would say his - cumulatively - are worse than hers), and hate Sam.

Having said that Todd IS Llanview's pariah, and has ALL SORTS OF REASONS to be a terrible person, and to make you feel for him. Sam just makes me feel stabby.

and having said THAT, she (KM) has been stellar in her performances of late. I like it!

And I agree, Steven Lars is wonderful with Liz. Then again, Liz is wonderful with everyone. . .she has chem with all.

"Considering Sam doesn't know Heather did anything wrong, she was a little mean to her when she went to say hi."

A little mean? She should have thrown a vase at her. Considering Heather has done nothing but threaten Sam ever since she forgot to deliver the letter to Steven Lars, and wish evil sh*t on her, Sam doesn't owe Heather anything but contempt. Especially now.

Liz and Ewen are so much pretty! They may not have the raging chemistry some couples have, but I totally buy their affection for each other.

Thank you someone for pointing out that Sam was a dumbass for putting her baby in that planter and taking the baby out of the warm safe motel room. Stupid bint!

I don't have a huge problem with the acting of Kristina and Maxie like some people do. They don't go ott with the ugly crying and I'm glad not everyone cries that way.For some reason on soaps peopel thinkcrying makes someone great.

I wanted to add that I am in love with Scott Sickles! As an OLTLer, I remember his penning the great scenes of Todd and Blair in the cabin (October 2011 I think.) Blair removed a bullet from Todd's shoulder and the dialogue was crisp and meaningful (there were flashbacks!) LOVE! There is a significant difference in the dialogue this man pens versus everyone else in the writing room. Where has he been?

Oh, and I love you too Louise. Viva One Life! (Sniffles, bites lower lip, fights back tears.)

Elizabeth and Ewen were the only beacons of light in Moron Monday, that's for sure.

And Heather was clearly the winner in the Monday brain power sweepstakes in Port Charles.

The slug Spinelli was in his sad Pinocchio mood today, feeling sorry for himself. Hard to believe the guy can be even less attractive than usual, but seeing that turnip face squeeze out tears does it.

I'm ready for someone to smother Maxie - a rock, a pillow, she can swallow her own tongue if that's what it takes. Not only can she not SHUT UP even to breathe, she's an idiot. So much for learning anything from blowing up Robin.

And the Mob Princess.....what's really amazing is that it too anyone this long to realize she only got in to Harvard after her father offered the Dean a lifetime supply of tanning oil, considering I've seen more vegetables (yeah, I'm talking about Starr) with more animation and more intelligence. Alexis should really find out where Heather was when she birthed this one, and force her to cough up what happened to her real daughter.

And Jason, can't forget him! Did anyone ever tell him that staring blankly with his mouth hanging open makes him more likely to eat flies than to inspire forgiveness? And you can see exactly how much losing that baby really meant, since the first thing he says to Elizabeth is "Sam lost her baby and I lost Sam". Poor Jason. All he did was beat up the guy who was helping his wife while she had her baby and now she's being mean to him. The baby may not be dead, but Jason is still a Lavery in every way that counts.

And we can't forget the reality tv show guy who is manipulating Christina. I have a horrid feeling that this is RC's attempt at bringing a Ford type to Port Charles. It seems he hasn't learned.

Regardless of past misdeeds, the woman who has been raped and also just told her child is dead is always going to get my sympathy. Every time. Without fail. Surefire formula.

I, too, fear that RC is trying to launch the next Ford. Luckily he's already got Johnny as his "dude who gets it on with DID alters," so hopefully this Trey fellow will avoid such things before his inevitable redemption arc begins. Just keep him out of a damn hot dog costume!

"There is a significant difference in the dialogue this man pens versus everyone else in the writing room. Where has he been?"

He's been writing a lot of the shows for weeks
-often the ones connected with Todd Manning. The day they hired him was a good day for GH fans. He really does write great dialogue.

At least David Gregory was hot. The guy who plays Trey? Does nothing for me.

If Trey showers with a bucket, all bets are off.

I really do hope that Alexis remembers she's an excellent attorney and sues his ass off.

And Maxie, you opened a closed case. If anyone is to blame for Matt going to Pentonville, look in the mirror. But I did love Patrick pointing out that Lisa took the same oath "First, do no harm" and harmed everyone she saw. Hoping for a prison break.

@Bourgeois Nerd: You are absolutely right. Trey is like a bootleg Ford Brother. While I despised the Fords, there was no denying that they were all hawt as hell! This guy, not so much.

soapbaby, yes, Matt getting five years for killing a woman who was IN THE MIDDLE OF ABOUT FIFTY FELONIES was a ridiculous exit story. The only upside is that it only took Matt about a day to step up and do the right thing. At least they let him have a conscience about it -- I'd been terrified something would screw up with the marriage's legality and he'd get arrested (and Spinelli could be all judgey and smug). I was glad they had him turn himself in so quickly.

I'm hoping they'll decide they want Jason Cook back and have him save someone's life and get a gubernatorial pardon in a few months or something!

Louise, that 2nd paragraph was hilarious! That totally sums it up with Jason.

I loved when Alexis said "Troy," and he said "Trey," and she said "Whatever" !! NLG is great with that kind of dialogue. I wish there was more of it. Everything she said to "Troy" was a delight!

So Matt gets 5 years in prison, and Sonny and Jason and Johnny commit many crimes including MURDER, and yet they walk free. I know, the show wouldn't put any of them in prison for life unless they were being written off forever. I know Jason Cook was leaving, but why did they have to make him the killer. I wonder who the killer was originally really supposed to be when whoever (Guza or Wolf) wrote this dumb "Who killed Lisa Niles" story that has dragged on for an eternity. I'm not happy Matt is taking the fall for this story and that Maxie had to open her big mouth when it was a closed case. We don't even know why Matt killed her. We're expected to believe a decent guy who happens to be drunk decides to bash in Lisa's head. He said himself it wasn't self-defense. It hasn't been said that she was attacking Liz or Robin or Patrick at that moment, so why would he do that? The alcohol made him evil? I'm really hoping Matt gets out in a few months for good behavior even if it's off-screen! Good bye, one cute and decent doctor. I'll miss you. In your place we get a slimy reality show producer, and soon another mobster.

"What idiot takes a baby out into a storm, walking in the woods and then dumps said baby in a planter?"
Sam had just given birth. Most of the women that I know who've been through labor and delivery would agree that you're not in top form afterward. So I really don't think it's reasonable to go on about her terrible judgement. If Sam had thought the baby was experiencing respiratory distress, and had just sat in the room fretting about it, I'm sure people would be howling about how stupid THAT would have been. But I don't see why any soap viewer would take any of this as a referendum on Sam's intelligence, since it's all fairly standard soap contrivance to get both babies into the same cabin at the same time. And as far as those contrivances go, this was...not as idiotic as Matt getting five years for drunkenly killing Lisa Niles and forgetting about it when if Jason had only killed her deliberately, no one would be serving any time at all.

Those Ford brothers were buttafaces.

I can't remember the last time Jason was wrong about something -- as in, he did something bad and the show actually acknowledged that it was bad -- and called out on it, let alone by Sam of all people. When she was going off on him (and rightly so!) I wanted to stand up and cheer.

So they aren't going to prosecute Maxi for conspiring with a known mobster to cover up a murder by committing another murder? That poor boat captain will never get justice.

Way to go PCPD!

I hope and pray that Alexis fights HARD against this Trey person. She totally has the law on her side. Kristina can keep her contract and have them film her while she craps for all I care, just get the hell out of Alexis and Molly's house! I will never understand why she doesn't just call the police on this film crew.. just like I never understood why Starr didn't get Tea, Todd and Blair involved with breaking that sleazy contract that she NEVER SIGNED.

I just watched yesterday's show and I was SO THRILLED with Sam telling Jason off. Of course it'll end up with him being the savior of all the world but whatever. For now, I love that Sam pretty much hates him and I love that he feels guilty. He should. Dick.

Also, Maxie? Boring.

@Louise - if they are creating another Ford, does that mean that the chandelier makes its way to Port Charles for a cameo appearance? I could think of a few people it could take out...

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