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June 07, 2012

Maxie Read a WHOLE BOOK, Y'all!

No really, Matt should be endlessly impressed with her because, as he explained, she read an entire legal textbook. At least up until the point where she learned about marital privilege.

Oh yeah, let's not forget that she WENT TO PRISON FOR MATT. I mean, sure, the case was closed and a dead woman was down as the killer and Matt was at no risk of being charged or imprisoned. But Maxie went and got the case re-opened and ultimately was responsible with his name being associated with it... FOR HIM. She's a freakin' saint, y'all. (Oh and that fun bit where in order to "protect" Matt, she made a deal with a mobster and got an innocent woman killed. I'm going to start calling her Maxie Gandhi.)

Upside? She's still in low-key prison makeup!


Yay! Jen Lilley looks so much prettier this way than in the pre-prison three-inch-thick situation.

You know, like someone else we know:


(And I can't even get into those scenes because I just can't with Starr these days. In any way.)

 Alas, Matt flashed back and miraculously remembered killing Lisa.


Which makes me sad because I loved Drunk "We're on a BOAT!" Matt. He was my very favorite Matt. And apparently he now recalls that killing Lisa was not in self-defense. Which MartyrMaxie knew all along. No mention of the probability that he killed her in defense of others. She was a fugitive trying to kill people on that boat but, no, apparently drunkenness just causes some perfectly nice people to randomly go around murdering for fun. Gosh I love this storyline.

To make matters worse, Spinelli spent the episode throwing himself a one-man pity party. Because really, he's been so wronged here. He "selflessly" helped a stupid woman who put herself in prison out of guilt for something totally unrelated, and now she's been released and even though he broke up with her ages ago and she most certainly did not say anything to him to give him hope of a reunion, he has been HORRIBLY WRONGED by the fact that she did not run out of the prison gates and right into his arms. And the fact that he expected a romantic reunion in exchange for his "favors" doesn't make his favors any less selfless, right? Oh wait. But all he cares about is her happiness, and therefore he is insulted that she might find said happiness elsewhere!


And according to Spinelli, who is on mob payroll and besties with a hitman, Matt is "despicable." Spinelli, who helped plan the murder of a police officer who happened to be the boyfriend of one of his closest friends. Well done to pass judgment on the doctor who drunkenly killed a crazy lady on a murderous rampage.


And Felicia and Mac totally enabled his nonsense, as most people on this show generally do. This was, of course, after Felicia and Mac had a little almost-kiss moment. Hey, you know how the whole "we explained Kristina Wagner's departure from the show by retconning her into the worst mother in history who abandoned her children and never looked back so that she could pursue romance and adventure with Frisco" thing? Have they even bothered to tell us that Frisco and Felicia are apparently not together? Because really, way to ruin my only happy place with that little adjustment! I need to believe that Frisco and Felicia are together off-screen somewhere! Can't they have Felicia explain this one way or the other, while absurdly over-pronouncing each word of the dialogue? Come on now!


I'm really going to need Sam to stand by her conviction that the dead baby isn't hers (I loved all the, "No, this couldn't be my baby, my baby was beautiful!" implying that Téa's baby had a face only a mother could love.) because I can't deal with too much of the sad.


I just want her to be on the hunt and doing some sleuthing rather than grieving. If for no other reason but Kelly Monaco's sanity.

So only a few hours have passed and Todd now knows that the mother wasn't trying to abandon her baby and is in fact devastated -- how about instead of just showing him with the mild sads about it and trying to jet out of town, they show us that there's some small chance he actually might do the right thing? Can we get that Todd back? You know, the one who always did the wrong thing but did occasionally try to fix it by doing the right (and difficult) thing? All they've let Todd do since we got him back last year is one terrible thing after the other and then try to cover it up. Any chance of showing viewers new to Todd that he's not just a self-hating, out-and-out villain?

And seriously, after the way Jason's been treating her Sam was still going to name her son after him?! Great. This means once they finally find out and get her kid back, we'll have yet another anointed Jason on the canvas. Please please please let her hate that jackass forever when she finds out it was his fault John couldn't drive her to the hospital? And then she can retract the name? And also, world peace? Thanks.


I'm sad to report that yesterday I once again resorted to FFing a large portion of the show. I just couldn't with the whole Spinelli thing, and Matt and Maxie just make me sad now. I can't listen to Felicia for more than 10 seconds without getting the shivers (her pronunciation GRATES on me).

Essentially the only stuff I watched was Todd, Tea, AssJason, Sam, Star (better now that she's not screaming) and Kate (but not the mirror convo. . . not fun and just annoying yesterday). So, Sad that I had to do it but I couldn't watch the whole thing.

Not a Sam fan but Kelly Monaco is bringing it, way better than her usual crying whine, and even AssJason was less cyborg than normal yesterday.

Todd totally needs to fess up, but ya know that's not going to happen.

And I'm sad to say I may have to abandon my recent descent into denial, and accept that GH killed off another baby! Sucky.

Please bring back the fun. What a depressing episode.

Mac/Felicia are totally getting the Cord/Tina treatment, which is fine by me because they're cute.

But I need them to stop propping Spinelli. I mean, doesn't Mac hate Spinelli? Didn't he faint with happiness when he and Maxie didn't get married?

Although I recorded the episode and FFWDed much of it, it still felt like a very long episode.

I kinda liked Mac and Felicia, they look good together. I don't like how Mac has not even dated offscreen and referred to Diane and Alexis as if they were actual options that he did not pursue because they were not Felicia. BS! I hope Mac is just spitting game!

Spinelli is a waste. Matt looks better with a beard. And just because Maxie and Matt married to prevent Matt from going to prison, they do not have to "celebrate" a honeymoon or not be truthful with each other. Their interactions make no sense. One moment they are declaring undying love/devotion and behaving so awkwardly. Why is it that Matt was so drunk that infamous night because he was medicating his feelings for Elizabeth and that fact is NEVER mentioned?! So long Jason Cook. I barely knew Matt Hunter but I assume he'll be confessing to the police any day now.

Sam: Naming her baby Jason? Really?! After Jason's behavior throughout her pregnancy, the fact she would even consider it is absurd. Hell, it'd make more sense that she'd name her baby boy John or Mick (McBain). Perhaps when she is reunited with her baby boy, she'll name him after John or even her brother Danny.

Tea: Victor? Really?! Her husband was a rapist and psycho who was named after a horrible man who raped his own daughter for years. Wow. Argh. I hate the name Victor but knowing the history of Victor Lord and Victor Lord, Jr. from OLTL made that moment a real WTH?

Soapbaby, you're so right, I totally forgot about "Victor." I heard her say that and thought the exact same thing -- time to STOP that poison legacy! So now her kid's going to be, what, Victor Lord III? What a gift! Ugh.

Soapbaby, I was hoping for Thomas (a nod to Todd, who I know she hates, but she does believe he saved her son, AND her brother Tomas) alas GH went the weird and easy route.

I found yesterday's episode so boring and it felt so long. Well it was boring and odd. I'll get to the odd part later. The boring part first. First off, GH needs a suicide storyline, quickly. I nominate Spinelli as the person that needs to kill himself. And to be a proper storyline, Spinelli should be successful in his endeavor. I also nominate hanging since he needs to be tortured on his way out, the same way I was tortured all day yesterday listening to him whine. I was good with Spinelli last year/year before when he was going through his Dante hate, calling Lulu out on being all up in Dante's butt, not giving a crap what Maxie was going through because at least he had some self-awareness and wasn't constantly sniffling all up under Maxie. But Spinelli is such a waste of a character right now and I'm still trying to understand how Spinelli has gotten to this level of being this pathetic because it was never any build up on how Spin has fallen back in love with Maxie to this level of worship to where he's delusional to the type of person that Maxie is.

Mac and Felicia. I got nothing. I got no chem. I didn't care. And then it really got bad when they went to bolstering Spinelli up.

Now the odd.

Why in the hell is Matt caring that much that he killed Lisa? And yes, I'm probably one of the minority that actually liked Lisa, but even I can admit that no one should feel guilty for killing this woman. Him on this guilt trip about killing Lisa was so asinine.

Another odd moment. Tea going back and forth with the "who do you look like" and the "you're so fair skinned" was so WTF to me. We get it. It's not Tea's baby, but seriously, from my experience, when babies are born, majority that I have seen don't look like anyone on the first day of birth. Usually on the down the line, but not the very first day. On that note, majority of babies I have seen are light when they are born and darken a little over time. But with that being said, it's not like Victor and her were that dark themselves.

Sam and her whole baby issue. I didn't feel anything. I didn't feel sorry for her grief, I didn't feel sorry for Jason, and I don't think I'm going to feel bad for her when she finds out that the thugs Jason hired beat up John. And I will admit I've never been fond of this character especially after she asked Jason to threaten a grandmother and a teenage mother so that she could keep Hope. But my problem with Sam is when will we or are we ever going to see her acknowledge her faults in all this. I'm use to seeing on television as well as in real life with my own mother that when a child is hurt or even killed and the mother was around or even not around, initially the mother's first thought is "why didn't I do". We experienced it with Anna right after Robin's death. A lot of 'why didn't I'. We saw it with Elizabeth right after Jake died, a lot of 'why didn't I'. Even selfish Carly, she's had moments of 'why didn't I' when her child was initially hurt. But Sam's thought is 'where was John, why didn't he come back'. Not 'why didn't I knock on another motel door to see if someone would help me', 'why didn't I try to drive myself to the hospital', 'why did I leave my child outside in the elements in a dirty planter'.

Yes, Jason having John beat up took an option from her, but John getting her to the hospital was not her ONLY option. SHE walked past motel doors without knocking asking for help. SHE walked past her car without getting into it and trying to drive herself to the hospital. SHE walked down a road into the woods to a garden shed. This is what is stopping me from feeling all that sympathetic for her and when she rants and starts raving at Jason about him having John beat up, these facts are still going to make me do a WTFever.

As for her naming that baby after Jason. I have my doubts she was going to name that baby after Jason. Eppy before she was Uncle Jason numerous times, then all of a sudden she's 'I was going to name him Jason after his daddy'. So when baby was alive he was Uncle Jason and now that baby is dead, he's Daddy Jason. Something is ringing foul on that.

Standing ovation for kermitklein. Your posts are always SO on-point. I want to be you when I grow up ;-)

I would gladly sign a petition encouraging Damian Spinelli to end his life (and my misery.)

I was just gobsmacked when she said she was gonna name the baby Jason. I mean I know it's SAM, but you'd think at least she'd take into consideration that he's not the kind of guy to name a child after himself.

I only saw the end where Jason came in and was comforting her. WTF?????? He is the mother, father and brother of ALL HYPOCRITS that have been or ever will be born! His hench men prevented Sam from getting to GH. Maybe that's NOT Sam's "dead" baby but REALLY??????? He knows this is all on him. The mofo needs to go home and throw himself off a balcony and Sam should name the baby (the live one she gets back) John Davis McCall (in honor of mom and impromptu birthing coach). They can call him JD for short. I don't know but Jason and his "feelings" make me wanna barf. I swear Jason is going to turn me into a bulimic. (And the part about Sam saying this can't be her baby because her's was beautiful is probably because a living gigantic preemie IS beautiful compared to a fake lifeless tiny baby corpse.)

And as for SAM not getting in her car and driving... Well she did end up passing out. If that happened in the car she could have killed herself AND the baby. Also??? Where would she put the baby when they got in the car? She can't hold him and drive. I guess she could put him in the passenger side floor board so he doesn't roll off the seat...But then we would all bitch about how unsafe that is. Yeah, she walked in the wrong direction but I'm chalking that up to delirium from having just delivered the kid. Yeah, I'm totally giving her cop outs but in this instance I feel sorry for Sam. Maybe the Maritime Hotel isn't the kind of place where you knock on doors... Maybe the Maritime Hotel is more No-Tell Motel?

I'm going to be pissed if the rumor about Sam giving the baby the middle name Michael turns out to be true because then she'll have given the baby Jake's initials.

Jason Michael Morgan. I guess Brian Frons is sitting at home laughing his ass off.

Why couldn't some major players die in the storm instead of a Tea's baby? We should have seen Spinelli die in a car crash with the fans realizing that he tampered with the video and Matt did not kill Lisa.

What's up with getting rid of a doctor when the show is named General Hospital? Matt is very a very likable character.

I like Starr, but killing off Cole and Hope was way too much since KA seems to be struggling with the emotions of someone that has lost their boyfriend and daughter at the same time.

I have a nasty feeling that we're heading down the road to Spixie which sucks because JL and BA do not have any chemistry. Plus, Spixie only worked as a non romantic couple.

Since Sam never put any effort into getting that GED that she was supposed to have been working on six years ago, there is no wonder that she didn't stop at the hotel front desk and ask them to dial 911 for an ambulance, because she just bled all over their sheets to have said baby and left the placenta on the carpet.

I haven't seen today's episode...Is Sam's baby really named Jason Michael Morgan?

Oh, fuck General Hospital.

Every storyline on the show right now is awful, depressing, or disgusting. If Sam has any doubt that the dead baby was hers, how hard would it be to run a quick DNA test? Instead, they'll drag this story out for months. Between Anthony's corpse being paraded about, the body of an infant being carried around, Matt remembering how he murdered Lisa, and Starr talking exclusively of her child's and boyfriend's death for months on end, it's the most incredible bummer of a show!

I was starting to expect, the way Todd had been looking at the baby and acting, that the new (and now deceased) Lord baby was some sort of mutant. Now that would have been an unexpected twist!

I don't LOVE GH right now-- I don't like what they've done to Johnny. Or getting rid of Matt. Please make Spinelli go away, and have him take Starr with him. I'm not that fond of Olivia either. And the LAST THING I want to see is Sam as a heroine on my screen 4 or 5 days a weeks. I am sorry she thinks her baby is dead, but I don't care. I have no sympathy--and the fact she said she was going to name it Jason just reinforced what a bad character she is. And sorry, KeMo is not one of GH's best actors.

On the other hand I like the show more than I did before Frank and Ron got there. Todd is entertaining. Elizabeth is not written as the villain so Sam can reign supreme. They've made Luke tolerable--and Finola is back.

Hej Jag är så glad jag hittade din blogg sida, jag hittade dig av en slump, medan jag söker på Yahoo efter något annat, Iaf jag är här nu och vill bara säga tack för en fantastisk tjänst och en allround trevlig blogg (jag älskar temat / design), jag har inte tid att läsa igenom allt just nu men jag har bok-märkt det och även lagt till din RSS-flöden, så när jag har tid kommer jag att vara tillbaka läsa mycket mer ska du hålla uppe det fantastiska arbete.

Louise, that person in the foreign-language comment likes the blog, they found it through Yahoo, they like the theme and design and have bookmarked it for future reference. They said keep up the wonderful work! Apparently you have a friend in Sweden! (Thanks Dictionary.com Translator)

Back to GH...if Matt goes to prison for life, I am going to be very upset. Somehow I don't think that Matt was supposed to be the killer from the beginning. I thought for sure it would be one of Anthony's many crimes. Just because Jason Cook is leaving doesn't mean we have to make him the murderer. Why did he kill her? He just picked up a wrench and smashed her head in? The fact that Maxie opened her big mouth and confessed to killing Lisa opened this whole can of worms. How come former "good" guys like Matt and Ronnie have to take the moral fall for Sonny and Jason? I knew Ronnie would die. Yes he did beat women which is terrible, but the punishment isn't death. Matt inexplicably kills Lisa so he has to go. Lisa was terrorizing a boat full of people, but Matt wants to go to prison for life for killing her? I know they can't send Sonny and Jason away forever (well, they could, but won't), but I feel like the few good guys on the show end up paying for crimes that the baddies never have to.

I am amazed at the gyrations some fans have to go through to make Sam the bad guy in a storyline in which "her" baby is dead. Yeah, yeah, Sam sucks all the time and anything Jason does to her, for her, about her, with her or otherwise is all her fault and no more than she deserves for any previous ridiculous storyline she ever had. I swear, if the Liz haters and the Sam haters ever got together, we could power the eastern seaboard with the energy of the crazy hate.

Janet B., thanks for the translation! That's so funny.

Michaela, what are you, some sort of rational human being? You get to wear the "excellent comment" badge for the day!

I'm sorry to be the first one here to bring up the following...however it needs to be said. NuKristina is awful. Was the point of re-casting Kristina to make her annoying, snotty & just plain bad?? Cause if that's what they were going for...Bravo! Wow - I can't believe they would bring a recast in with such a shitfest storyline. I mean it seems kinda like she has the snarly acting down...but I'm wondering how much range she'll have. I also find it jarring that she is now taller than everyone else in her family (not that it takes much to pass her daddy) and that her Puerto Rican heritage has shown up over night after 19 years. As have her boobs.
On another note, I'm such a Todd fan now. I never knew OLTL, but he and Tea are freaking awesome!
Now, I'm going to have a nap & hopefully when I wake up I'll have grown 3 inches & have lovely exotic bronze skin.....

FV asked Lexie A to come back after the previous regime fired her. She politely declined, because she is working on other projects. That's why they recast. This was verified by both NLG and LA.

Let me know if that nap thing works out.

Oh yes marz - I know they asked her back.....I'm not banging the drum for Lexi. I don't think they should've gotten rid of her, but I'm not devastated about it. I might've mis-typed...I merely meant to point out that I think they could've chosen a better recast....only my opinion but I'm not feeling it for this new chick. It certainly isn't her fault that she has come into a stupid storyline (like you can't force TV cameras out of your house?) and is being written as a snot. I just hope the acting ability is there, GH is known for finding great talent - maybe we'll see it soon!
Sadly, I'm still pasty white & 5 foot 2.

I thought nuKristina was much better yesterday, so I have hope. (I know-Hope is dead.)

Damn...I was so optimistic about the nap treatment.

Kristina doesn't have PuertoRican heritage it's Cuban heritage and Kali was latina herself. Half Mexican which this new actress is as well. It's about time diversityless Gh reminded peopel that Sonny was raised Cuban.

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