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June 07, 2012

SPOILER, Alexis: It Gets So, So Much Worse

Let's be honest: how many of you made a fist pump of triumph when Alexis ran into Jason and gave him the most minimal amount of her attention, during which she had some harsh and simultaneously not-harsh-enough words about how he is, if I can sum things up quickly, a wretched person? I have no secrets from you dear friends, so I feel not even a little ashamed to say that I totally did.

Alexis: She's doing as well as can be expected. I'm looking for Dr Lee.
Jason: I haven't seen her.
Alexis: Well, Sam has a lot of questions. I think I'm going to have her paged.
Jason: I'm sorry about the baby.
Alexis: Are you?
Jason: I'm sorry Sam lost her son.
Alexis: Her son, not yours? Sam made it clear that you weren't going to accept Franco's baby. I wonder if maybe you had shown just a tad more generosity, just a little more compassion, she would have been with you last night and not in a lousy hotel giving birth in the middle of a storm. And that I would have my grandson right now.

Jason responded the way Jason always does, with a blank stare that I think was shooting for "profound inner pain" and instead hitting "I am making a tremendous effort not to let even the slightest whiff of guilt hit my face, because if you are this upset about run of the mill abandonment, how will you react to the news that not only was she giving birth in the middle of a storm at a dingy motel, but she was stranded there alone because I had her new friend beaten to a bloody pulp since I'm a territory-marking, violent asshole?"

I am eagerly--EAGERLY--anticipating the scenes in which the Davis clan learns that particular part of the story. Hopefully, they will all get a chance to hurt him with either their words or their nails; Molly, in particular, seems like she'd be adept with both. But with my luck, it will all take place offscreen but for the tearful scenes of the women eventually apologizing to Jason. So I should really take this Alexis greatness while I can get it, right?


Ehh...I personally laughed at Alexis trying to have the tirade against Jason. Her self-righteous indignation was just too funny to me. The first part that was laughable to me is the 'generosity and the compassion part' because Sam chose to move out the penthouse. It's not like Jason threw her out the penthouse. In fact, he even gave her the option of him moving out the penthouse so that Sam wouldn't have to. After all Sam moved out less than 24 hours after dropping this bomb on Jason then wanting him to make a decision right then and there if he could accept her baby without giving him any chance to process even though she had a week to process it.

But back to Alexis. Her trying to huff and puff like Jason threw Sam out and made her move into said lousy hotel when Sam had many options is too funny to me. On top of that, I don't remember Alexis trying that hard to convince Sam to move in with her. I don't remember Alexis visiting Sam in said lousy hotel just to check it out or check on Sam. If Jason hadn't called Alexis today to tell her about Sam being in the hospital, my question is, would Alexis even have thought to bother to call Sam at said lousy hotel to see if she's weathered the storm alright or would she still be at home in her pjs having that asinine conversation with Krissy about her reality show and how much she doesn't want to be on it even though she's allowing the camera men in her house because she doesn't want that spoil brat to leave. (side note: Krissy has no job, no money,no place to stay, and no means to support herself. LET HER GO. Trust, when she goes hungry and homeless for a few days, that bitch will be back and docile).

I get it. I get that the show wants to place all the blame on Jason's shoulders on how Sam ended up in this perdicament. But for me, just no. I can't really go whole hardly in that chain of thought when it's other people that also fell down on their jobs in this situation.

But on to a subject that brought a smile to my face. And really was all I truly cared about when it came to this eppy. Dare I hope. Dare I dream. Dare I wish that Olivia has probably helped Spin get killed by putting him in Heather's sights by getting Spin to investigate Heather. Can I just ask that both Spin and Olivia piss off Heather enough to do a two for one on them? I love Heather already, but if she takes out both Spin and Olivia, Heather will never be able to do any wrong in my book.

Sam found out that Franco was listed as the father the same exact day that Jason did. She knew there was a possibility, but she told him about the DNA test result the same day she got the results.

And Alexis was calling her-Sam said to John that she was avoiding Alexis, because she did not want her to know. Alexis asked Sam to move in-Sam said "No."

Great post, Louise. I share your love for Alexis ("Alexa") in Mama Bear mode.

++++Dare I hope. Dare I dream. Dare I wish that Olivia has probably helped Spin get killed by putting him in Heather's sights by getting Spin to investigate Heather. Can I just ask that both Spin and Olivia piss off Heather enough to do a two for one on them? I love Heather already, but if she takes out both Spin and Olivia, Heather will never be able to do any wrong in my book. ++++

KermitKlein, from your lips to the Soap God's ears! If only! I wouldn't mind if she ended up donating them both to the high school lab for frog dissection.

Alexis must know in her heart what a worthless tool Jason is. It can only be for Sam's sake that she tolerates this talking vegetable to begin with. I hope that this is not the last blast that empty haircut gets from her.

@Kermitklein: My hearty gratitude for posting the things I feel.

@marz: Mallory authored the piece, not Louise.

Sam new it was a possibility that Franco was the father way before Jason did. She visited Heather, found out about them being brothers, got the DNA test done on a different day, and got the results on a different day so she had way longer to process the what if Franco was the father of the baby then Jason did. Maybe if she had let him go through the process the same way she did, things might have been different.

As for Alexis, one try. That's it. That's all. You know your daughter is living in a lousy motel and you ask her just once. And I know that Alexis tried to call Sam and she was avoiding the calls. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about how not once did Alexis even visit or attempt to visit the hotel to see Sam.

*It's knew, not new. I hate when I forget a letter on something. Just like know and now. Anywhoo, thanks Soapbaby.

You are welcome Kermitklein. I had a tirade against Pod-Alexis a few GH commentaries back. The current Alexis Davis is a shell of the woman I used to love in the early 2000's. The character used to have a backbone and a soul then. Now, she's empty and weak. I hated when Sam McCall was made her daughter. That was a lame plot-point which only benefitted the character of Sam and weakened (and aged) the character of Alexis. Geez.

Has Alexis ever mentioned Sam's father?

Can the decision to make them mother-daughter be reversed like OLTL's Jessica Buchanan being made Clint's bio daughter at the of that show's run?

I'm trying to figure out if Jason Morgan is the worst character on the soaps or the most vile character on the soaps. I go back and forth.

Soapbaby, I so wanted it to come out that either Stefan or Stavros was Sam's father. I know, giant YUK! moment, but look at how crummy the soaps have gotten over the last 10 years or so. It would explain why Alexis was scared of Stavros & jumpy around Stefan.

Personally, I think Alexis started losing her mojo once she fell into bed with Sonny.

@boes, I almost spit out my Coke when I read "talking vegetable" and "empty haircut" !!

Mallory, we are as one on Alexis' great take-down of that jackass Jason, but alas I think your final instinct is correct: sure, some people will learn that Jason sent those thugs after John, but as soon as the whole baby switch is revealed it'll be a line of people apologizing to Jason. As if somehow his wife just THINKING her baby was dead because of a switch that was enabled by Jason's douchery won't be bad at all, and he'll probably be given some sort of Congressional Medal of Honor.

We all make choices in life, and Sam chose to move out of her home and into a flea infested hotel. I still think Sam was being just as manipulative with this baby as in 2004 when Sonny wanted to go back to Carly and Jason stepped up to help her out. Everyone clapped and cheered at Jason doing the right thing when Sonny ran like a little punk after knocking Sam up. We all know if Sam's baby had been born alive back in 2004, Sonny would have yanked that kid out of Jason's arms and ended up back with Sam.

Alexis needs to shut the eff up. Seriously. Alexis kept her clap shut when pregnant with Kristina years ago and has no reason to get in Jason's face about Sam's baby.

The major issue with JaSam 2.0 is that Jason would have never taken Sam back after the BS that she pulled with Jake. Yes, it's a soap opera, but when Sam wanted a mobster's baby son killed on two separate occasions, that man or any parent would not take your butt back no matter what.

I have liked Sam more in the past few weeks than I ever have. I have had so much more respect for her as a character than I ever have. I think it's terrific that the show is finally allowing some ambiguity around Jason's behavior. Sam left Jason because she can't bear to stay with him if he can't promise to love her child. And while I think Jason's been a complete jerk about Sam's connection with McBain, I think his fear that he can't love this baby is logical and realistic. I wish the show's writers had let the conflict between Sam and Jason be more about that and less about McBain; or made it more clear that Jason is obsessing about McBain because that's less painful than really addressing what the (maybe) rape and (possible) paternity issues have done to his marriage. I also think it's worth remembering that (a) Sam believed she still had weeks of pregnancy left - she had no reason to think she'd go into labor yet, and (b) in soap time she hasn't really been at that motel all that long.

As for Alexis,I'm with Mallory - fist pump all the way.

Yeah, I realized it was Mallory, not Louise.

So what. Just because I can't read a name doesn't mean that my defense of a woman who has been raped by a monster and threatened by a psychotic Heather is not correct.

And soap time is not real time. Until yesterday, we were on the same day as Starr's trial for over a week. So. There's that.

Great post, Anne...hope I got the name right...

Kudos to the Alexis love, MALLORY!

Let me just say that in fairness, ASSJason was pretty good the last few days. I've seen reactions from SB that I haven't seen from him in a hell of a long time. Is it because they are giving him some emotions besides "perfectly right and completely righteous" to act these days??? hmn???

Sam (who I have no love for) has been VERY good in the last few days also, so kudos to them.

Alexis is awesome. Even when she's given drivel to do (as has been the case for the last while) she is excellent. . .because Nancy Lee Grahn is excellent. Loved her as Julia many many years ago, still love her as Alexis and regardless of what they have her doing, more Alexis on my screen and less Sonny is always a good thing.

Also in defense of Alexis, she only found out that there were REALLY SERIOUS problems between Sam and ASSJason on May 25th when she learned about Franco and the "rape". In soap time that's like two days ago or something. LOL!

Finally, the reality is that there is no way Franco is this baby's father. In fact Franco isn't even Jason's twin. HEATHER is MUCH too invested in crazy FRANCO. . .Heather is Franco's mother - Jason is the baby's father. Heather lied to Sam from the start and is just "going with it". That's what I think!

Of course, the day before yesterday I was positive that the baby wasn't really dead. So don't listen to me. . .( I'm still holding out some miracle "hope".)

Kermitklein, I think I love you.
Bethie, you could be right. Heather's reaction the other day when someone (Olivia?) said Franco was nuts was a bit over the top if he were just her cousin.
Alexis is too inconsistent in her hatred for/taking money from the mob. Though I love Nancy Lee, the character could be a strong female role model, and isn't.
Loved Anna "warning" Jason today.

Alas, I think it is going to be even worse than people lining up to apologize to Jason once they learn that he was the reason that John could not take Sam and the baby to the hospital. They are going to excuse his actions the say way people excused Sonny when he shot an unarmed police officer in the chest. "But you didn't know he was your son." Same song, different verse is all.

That's why I cannot look forward to the reveal. I would prefer that the truth never out rather than have Sam, Alexis, Monica, Elizabeth, et al., assure Jason that it is not his fault that the violent crime he commissioned caused a delay in Sam and her baby receiving medical treatment. He didn't know, you know. Gah.

I simply adored Alexis on Thursday, I do most days but she was particularly amazing this Thursday!!! I loved the way she cooly and calmly chewed him up and spit him out!!! Then she just dismissed him and walked off much like he has done to her daughter the past few months. Alexis in mama bear mode is one of my favorite things about this show, so yes I did indeed fist pump the air quite a few times after those scenes!

Also, just to add my 2 cents to the above comment about Alexis being destroyed when they made Sam her daughter, I agree with the poster who said she was more destroyed after she hopped in bed with the mobster and became a member of the-not-so-exclusive "Sonny's baby mamas" club. And talking of that little brat, I'm hating this Mob Princess nonsense, I hate how Alexis is clinging onto her for dear life. Let her go and believe me, she'll come running back before sun down! But back to Sam destroying Alexis, I don't understand the argument that it made her older, do you mean they actually aged her? Because they aged her by a year which is hardly anything to complain about (she was 37 in 2002 when she had Kristina, she was 42 in 2006 when Sam became her daughter, both of which make her younger than NLG actually is in real life!) if you mean we all just suddenly start thinking she's older because she has a grown up daughter then I don't see that either, but maybe that's just me? And as for it only benefitting Sam- this is the storyline that resulted in the infamous "SOS" storyline in which she slept with her step-father while her mother had cancer, which only took place so that Jake could be conceived and we all know how much Sam was thrown under the bus because of that! In my opinion, "SamLexis" only happened so that Guza would have yet another excuse to make someone hate Jason and have him come off as the poor little mobster angel all the while making Alexis look like the mean old devil for trying to protect her child from dying in a similar fashion as to how her sister had died just a few years prior. But anyway, I'll end my rant here by saying that Alexis was and always will be awesome and is the most gravely underused character who could really use some loving damn it!

I will never understand why the "ride and die chick" was sitting around waiting on John to go to the hospital, when she could have knocked on several hotel room doors, visit the front desk, or (gasp!) pull the fire alarm button that is a must on each floor of a hotel and waited on emergency help right away.

I've read a lot of posts blaming Jason about the baby, but Sam even admitted before she left the penthouse whether or not she could love Franco's baby and wanted Jason to immediately accept the child within a few hours of learning the truth.

Yay for Alexis!

I don't really care for Alexis, but anyone who calls Jason or Carly out is my hero. Who else remembers the way Alexis tore into Carly when Jax was presumed dead? I just love how Carly whines to Sonny to fix her self-created problems and then cries "Uncle" when something goes wrong.

I assume Franco is the baby's father, and Jason couldn't handle it and made it ALL about him.

Go Alexis! And i dont even like her.

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