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June 27, 2012

The Finally & the Probably Not

So it happened. Color me surprised. Liam and Hope actually got married.


They really did it. And they did so in front of five hundred of....


Well, five hundred random complete strangers. (Romantic, right?) And naturally all of this happened while Steffy looked on. You know, from the side of a cliff. You know, like you do.


 Naturally, they couldn't resist. And so Steffy fell into the water.


This was, of course, after they'd already had seagulls poop in Steffy's hair and then played wacky music. You know, to show us what a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day she was having. Or more likely... 


More likely the whole thing was an excuse to get Jacqueline MacInnes Wood soaking wet and have her crawling out of the water in a skimpy outfit. (And the girl is smokin' hot, for serious, but really? I'm pretty sure straight dudes make up about 0.00001% of the B&B viewing audience.)

Anyway, Bill continued his miraculous turnaround and told Hope he'll love her as a daughter, the point of which I suppose is to up the ante when his shenanigans regarding Deacon are eventually revealed. But honestly, in show time it's been about an hour and a half since he was last twirling his mustache and plotting her demise. Come on now!

My very favorite moment of the wedding was when Hope vowed to always let Liam go have "a night out with the guys" and I almost died laughing when I remembered that his bachelor party was attended by his father, his father's friend, his romantic rival, and a bunch of strangers. Yeah, that Liam, he's really a guys' guy! Thank goodness his latest wife won't try to interfere in his many, many non-existent friendships!

As for the title of this post, let me be clear: the "finally" is not because I'm thrilled for Hope and Liam. As for the neverending Triangle of Doom, I have no dog in this hunt. I think they're both lousy couples because they both include a spineless jellyfish of a douchebag, one Liam Spencer. So I say "finally" only to mean... this should put a cap on this storyline. Triangle over! Great! Move Hope and Liam to a nice happy backburner and give Steffy a new storyline! But let's face it, this isn't over. And therefore the "probably not."

But it won't kill me to fake relief. Till tomorrow anyway. And so I leave you with some pretty pictures, because at least we got that:





All right y'all. I'm going to be out of town (not on some glamorous vacation -- I'll be workshopping a new play of mine at an excellent theater upstate) for the rest of this week. I will do my best to keep up with the soaps and throw in a brief post or two if I can, but if it's radio silence it's only because it cannot be helped! If you're starving for snark, remember that Ridge's speedos and the boinkberries are always there for you to look back on and feel great joy and amusement.


Wait, no olives? No GONDOLA? What kind of wedding was this?!

Thanks for the recap Louise and best with the workshopping!

I had hoped to watch this episode but missed it (like I usually do with B&B.) I have been enjoying B&B in Italy. I am of the unpopular opinion that Kimberly Matula is a fine actress and real beauty who actually makes Hope a watchable character. I think Kimberly Matula and Scott Clifton have chemistry but Hope and Liam do not, if that makes sense. IMO, the biggest problem with the triangle of Hope/Liam/Steffy is that Steffy doesn't fit because she should be involved with Bill and Katie, oh and the writing is shit. ;-)

Every post about this show makes me sad that Scott Clifon, so loveable and great as Schuyler on OLTL, is basically playing B&B's version of Rex. Boo!

Who were all those people? They look more like attendees at a rock concert than a wedding.

Poor Steffy. Hope got a gondola, Steffy got stuck on a cliff with bird poop in her hair.

I was very disappointed that the craptastic writers didn't go for the very obvious 'gondola' reference and have Steffy floating by the ceremony in one...they are in Italy for Pete's sake. I mean everything else for the past God-awful how many months has been trite and predictable...why start now?

As much as I don/t care for Hope & Liam at all, I loved Hope/s wedding vows, and they were both terribly adorable. It was all SO pretty by the sea, and my Bridge were pretty too :) I love that cap of them dancing. thanks for the recap and the caps, Louise! And i agree they should go on the backburner for a LONG while now!

The wedding was gorgeous. They did miss the boat at trading one gondola for another though, LOL!

***Why STOP now....oops

Brooke is gorgeous, Hope is gorgeous, the location is gorgeous. Rapist and Liam ruin the scene though. Poor Hope will only suffer with Lame :-(

On another note, why cant they just let Steffy die... What a waste of space...

See you later Louise... Take care :-)

Yo estaba muy decepcionado de que los escritores craptastic no fue la referencia de la muy obvia 'góndola', y han Steffy flotando por la ceremonia en una ... que se encuentran en Italia por amor de Dios. yo

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