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June 12, 2012

What Show Am I Watching? My Equilibrium Is Totally Off Kilter Now!

It's not that there was never truth telling in Port Charles; there always has been a small but determined chorus of residents willing to say things like "Sonny is a plague on our society", or "Killing people for profit is wrong" or "For the love OF, Spinelli, can you speak an actual human language for five minutes in a row?".

The problem is that these residents were usually supervillains mere moments away from their inevitable deaths, or the show's designated square characters, and either way, their perfectly reasonable assessments were meant to be scoffed at and ignored. "Oh, a killer who kills out of hatred, not monetary gain, feels like that?! Then I sure can't!" "A hot, charming financier with an amazing accent doesn't like Sonny? I'd die before I got lumped in with a loser like that!"

But Sam's utter devastation and profound grief has led her to be the most honest person in all of Port Charles, cutting down Jason and anyone defending Jason bluntly and unemotionally. Which on its own is strange enough, because that's happened between once and never. And, most shockingly of all, I think we are supposed to believe what Sam is saying wholeheartedly and perhaps, if you are the overly excited and overly invested kind of soap fan, cheer out loud and make encouraging faces at your television screen.

I know that it's sort of a cheat to highlight every single bit of dialogue this woman had today because hello laziness, but really, every bit of it is too perfect to let it go without comment.

Elizabeth: I saw Jason yesterday. He's pretty destroyed.
Sam: Was he?
Elizabeth: I think if the two of you got together and talked about it, it would help a lot.
Sam: Oh, yeah? Me or him?

Elizabeth: I didn't mean to upset you. I just think jason wants to be with you. He wants to mourn with you.
Sam: Oh, right. All of a sudden, he's confident he could have loved the baby.
Elizabeth: He seems genuine.
Sam: You know when else he was genuine? He was genuine when I begged him to try, when I begged him to let us be a family, and he said no.
Elizabeth: He's struggling.
Sam: And I wasn't?

Sam: No, actually, this is good. These are things that I should have said a long time ago. I-I get it. I get it. Jason's finally coming around and everything. But we needed his love from the start, not now that the baby is just conveniently dead.
Elizabeth: Sam --
Sam: What?! Am I making you uncomfortable right now? I mean, god forbid if I make anyone uncomfortable, especially jason. I mean, I've got to tiptoe around his feelings. I can't tell him how scared I actually am, how hurt I actually am. Oh, it's like a knife through my heart every single time he looks at us, and all he sees is Franco.

Sam: It is Jason's fault that my baby died. Did he tell you that when he was unburdening himself?
Elizabeth: He told me you hold him responsible.
Sam: Jason is responsible. John would have had time to get me to the hospital if it hadn't been -- when my baby got sick, the doctors would have been able to do something. They could have. He could be here with me right now, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Sam, there's no way the doctors could --
Sam: Are you defending him right now? I mean, of course you would be defending him, because nothing is ever Jason's fault. My baby died because of him. It is his fault.

I only wish that Sam's epic honesty was taking place under happier circumstances along the lines of drunken shenanigans or a post-breakup catharsis. The grief and Kelly Monaco's gutted faces are keeping this from being an utterly rewatchable classic...almost. COME ON! When was the last time someone said ANYTHING was Jason's fault?! It's too good.

DividerAlso, I would like to go on record as saying that if Kate's hunch is correct and that she is pregnant, I will be forced to take drastic measures, like angrily blogging and huffing loudly at my television. And don't think I won't do it!


Mallory, if Kate is pregnant, then they better go the "Alien" route and have whatever is in there eat its way out and latch onto Sonny's face with it's teeth. Of course it will probably lose its grip with all that tanning oil.

That's the ONLY kind Sonny offspring I'm interested in seeing.

But it would be glorious if she were pregnant with Johnny's baby. That would make Carly and Sonny's heads explode.

I'm trying to enjoy every second of Sam's Jason-hatred before she inevitably ends up on the floor, yes, on the floor, begging for Jason's forgiveness.

I don't think Kate is pregnant, I think her alter Connie is telling Ewen through her Connie alter as a teen that she was pregnant! Wasn't Kate under hypnosis from Ewen?

Why would the writers skip the Sam/Heather and Jason/Liz scenes started at the end of Monday's episode. I think those scenes would have been interesting.

Outrageous. This episode was actively annoying, with the stupid dialogue between Liz and Sam. What was that? Sam was ugly toward Liz (but she gets a short-pass because of her recent loss) but Liz going on and on inappropriately was completely unnecessary and out of character. I am beyond tired of Liz pimping JaSam. Disgusting.

Tracey and Luke's disgusting food-sex, Ethan/Kate drivel and Michael/Starr dryness. ARGH. Johnny acting crazy as ever. Admittedly, I do think Lulu and Johnny have chemistry but he's so despicable and a lost cause, why should I bother investing?

I haven't seen the episode yet because like many of you, Sam's devastation is hard to watch. It's some good acting but as a mother, it's just painful at times.

I did enjoy the use of the adjective "square" in the column. Maybe we can bring the word back into popularity?

Count me in on the Liz pimping JaSam hate! Why are they doing this to my girl let her have her own storyline that doesn't involve them. I wish I would go to the woman who caused me so much pain and try to get her to take back the guy that chose her and a life in the mob over me and our child. If I ever did that I would hope someone near and dear to me would knock me over the head and have me thrown in Shadybrooke next to Kate/Connie maybe even give me Laura's old room since it was decorated so nicely. Even though I don't like Sam I feel sorry for her and she has every right to her pain and anger just leave Liz out of it!

See, I was going to give Sam a pass but, boy, she is one of the least sympathetic characters in soaps. We know when she's hurt, she'll find a way to blame Liz or she'll f*** her mother's husband or she'll hire goons to draw guns on a mother, preschooler and toddler. Only when Sam's hurt she'll see Jason for who he is but when she's over it, she'll prop herself on his couch with cheap takeout and her rose-colored glasses. And I get hearty laughs of all of the close-ups of the cheap Chinese restaurant party favors to represent JaSam's "love."

I am really holding back regarding Sam because Jason has been worse and Sam believes she was raped and baby is dead. I was rather appalled about her reaction to Liz's considerate and benign, "is there anything I can do for you?" Sam asking her if she could bring her baby back was outrageous, especially considering Jake is dead. Now, Liz should have walked away versus defend Jason. Just phooey! Remembering those scenes makes he want to spit out my coffee!!

I was completely floored by these scenes...in a good way. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic here, but I do think the writers want us to be on Sam's side and actually view Jason's behavior as wrong. I can't remember that ever happening before, and this is the first time since Sam set foot in Port Charles that I've been a fan of hers. The ONLY thing I'm upset about right now is the continued Liz support of Jason. It's just ridiculous...I was actually siding with Sam over Liz in their conversation yesterday and that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If anything I want Sam and Liz bonding and both leaving Jason high and dry.

Erm, I did not think the Luke and Tracy "food sex", as it's been referred to, was disgusting at all. I found that whole scene charming and fun and was totally pleased to see Tracy being taken seriously by both the writers and by Luke, instead of being the butt of a "look at that silly middle-aged woman" jokes. Jane Elliot rocks and deserves all the good dialogue she can get.

I'm tired of watching Sam's pain and her nonstop crying that I feel nothing for.

Yeah, how devil damn dare Sam cry because her baby is gone-a baby she loved and wanted and fought for.

Tracy and Luke had serious chemistry and I have never said that about the pairing before. And Tracy even playfully slipped him some tongue - so funny. Food sex. Good times.

I cannot believe how many people are hating on Sam right now. Yes, she has done a lot of awful things. But who on this show hasn't? She certainly never SHOT/BLEW UP HER OWN KID or ACCUSED HER RAPE VICTIM HUSBAND OF CHEATING ON HER. If Sam were a real person, I might not feel so bad for her, but she's not, so she's easier to forgive. She wanted this baby more than anything and Jason was just a little bitch about it. It's not like it's HER fault it wasn't Jason's baby! And she's right: the baby DID "die" because of Jason. Sure, he's not really dead, but Sam would have been able to get to the hospital and everything would be fine if not for Jason's ridiculous vendetta against John.

Also, you realize that RC took over GH about three or four months ago and has already killed two OLTL babies? Like this show doesn't have enough of a baby body count.

I don't think that anyone "hating" on Sam is defending Jason. They deserve one another. But it's hard to feel pity for someone who's been so hateful to anyone and everyone, including her own mother. And her attitude towards Elizabeth yesterday just added to it--Sam tried to destroy/eliminate her baby.

But more important, the long-rumored Sonny/Connie love child exists. It has to be someone Dante's age. Does that eliminate Spinelli?

Umm, Sam's as bad as Sonny, Jason and Carly. The woman hired goons to draw guns on Liz, Cam, and Jake; watched Jake be kidnapped and rutted on the floor like an animal with her mother's husband for revenge. Sam's awful actions are completely whitewashed and ignored on the show and she is treated as a 5-day-a-week heroine whose life is so tragic we are supposed to sympathize with her. I think she's going through horrible events in life right now, and I think a lot of the posters (including myself) have lightened up on her negative criticisms. Jason has been reprehensible and when he refers to his wife's baby as "her baby", I cringe, but because he sucks so bad doesn't absolve Sam from poor actions. She's terribly unsympathetic and never takes personal responsibility.

+++But more important, the long-rumored Sonny/Connie love child exists. It has to be someone Dante's age. Does that eliminate Spinelli?+++

That is a terrifying thought - UNLESS Sonny shoots him in the chest too and this time no-one saves this irritating little lab-experiment-gone-wrong. Having Spinelli TRULY eliminated would be such a joy!!
On the other hand, having Spinelli turn out to be Sonny and Kate's love child might just be the punishment the Tan One so richly deserves.

boes - You are WINNING with referring to Spinelli as "irritating little lab-experiment-gone-wrong!" So accurate.

Of course, this is the same creative team who have recycled so many of the same stories from OLTL to GH. Spinelli being the long lost son of Sonny would be a redux of Rex (another irritating little lab-experiment-gone-wrong) being the long lost son of Clint Buchanan. They must save a ton of money taking old OLTL scripts and crossing out the characters' names. ;-) Port Charles shouldn't be the only town with multiple personality-having-Blondes-who-are raped (and possibly pregnant) by pigs-but-it's-okay-because-her-alter-is-slutty. Oh don't forget about the psychotic long lost twin brothers, switched paternity tests and Starr singing.

Good times.

Sam (who I have no love for. . .I just feel like I have to keep saying that as a reminder to myself)

anyway. . .Sam you GO with your TRUTH TALKING SELF!!! Whoot Whoot.

I have no use for AssJason now that Robin is gone and there is literally NO CHANCE that they will get back together. . . it's the only reason he sorta got a pass all these years. . . the hope of Robin Redemption.

Liz you deserve the hottie shrink. . . who will probably be the next to go and we'll have to suffer through that creep producer/director of the 'reality show' hellmess instead of hottie shrink Ewen.


++++this is the same creative team who have recycled so many of the same stories from OLTL to GH. Spinelli being the long lost son of Sonny would be a redux of Rex (another irritating little lab-experiment-gone-wrong) being the long lost son of Clint Buchanan. They must save a ton of money taking old OLTL scripts and crossing out the characters' names. ....... switched paternity tests and Starr singing.++++

Soapbaby, doesn't it all make soap amnesia sound like a good thing?? If only we could forget Rex, forget the Fords, forget the horribly mangled rape storylines....

In the midst of it all, you hit on what is WORST of all sins - Starr singing again. We should have been spared that, at least, when we lost OLTL.

Why IS Spinelli still on this show? I don't get it. Matt was a hot doctor and the show keeps lame butt Spinelli?

Rebecca Herbst needs more to do on the show besides having her character pimp Jason, Sam and JaSam. Enough!

"++But more important, the long-rumored Sonny/Connie love child exists. It has to be someone Dante's age. Does that eliminate Spinelli?+++"

Turns out it wasn't. And nothing in this storyline recycled at all from OLTL. Sometimes rumors are just made up stuff that never happens.

Now we'll have to suffer through Sonny and John teaming up to take down "Joe Jr." who I'm thinking we've never heard of before. . .please correct me if I'm wrong.

Kate/Connie/youngconnie was again excellent today in some extremely emotional and probably draining stuff.

Just sitting here wondering if Heather is going to hold all the secrets or if Todd is?? And who will blow it all up!

If it turns out for one minute John will join Sonny in anything except putting Sonny in a small deep dark dank cell, they might as well cancel the show now.
I will never believe the way things are going that Guza is gone This is the same garbage Guza wrote for years.
Poor Sam but, we all know Jason will end up with SAM again.
Sure the baby is not dead but, Jason was the one who kept John from taking Sam and the baby to the hospital.

they had people flying to london, to seattle, to wherever jarad died....

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