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July 19, 2012

Be Still My Heart

Yesterday was a difficult General Hospital for me to snark on. While I could complain about how we learned that the never-ending cycle of tedium that is the Maxie and Spinelli back-and-forth is in fact still in full swing, with Spinelli once again making sad puppy faces and Maxie deciding to try to make him jealous by using her "dead" cousin's widower because she is such a delight as a human (And it worked!), I just...

But y'all, I can't. I am helpless and hopeless when faced with Todd and Blair. I have other daytime couples I've loved enduringly and irrationally (Duke and Anna! Tina and Cord! Frisco and Felicia!), but Todd and Blair are truly the only ones who render me useless and damn near brain-dead. I mean straight from that entrance...





They really do know how capitalize on the best way that woman enters the frame!

And I'm thrilled that Scott Sickles was yesterday's scriptwriter because although the rest of the GH dialogue team are certainly capable of throwing together a couple of scenes in a room full of emotional landmines, Sickles did write some of Todd and Blair's greatest episodes of the final year on OLTL and he never fails to capture the depth of their connection. 

Not that it's necessary, of course. You could give Kassie DePaiva and Roger Howarth a few pages of Waiting for Godot and they could stick right to the script and we'd still understand Blair and Todd's history, their longing, and their love for each other that has simultaneously destroyed and uplifted both of their souls. It's not just actor chemistry and a comfort working with each other, it's a real understanding of the nuances of that relationship and damn, damn fine craft right there.

And then...

Blair: Look at you. Todd Manning, wow wow wow. Starr said that you'd really done well for yourself.


Todd: She said that? She never says anything about you to me.


And sure, sure, she's right to be angry. He "killed" Victor and then framed her boyfriend for it. Oh yeah, and kidnapped him and held him for some time. Bad, bad Todd. He'll never change. But she'll always forgive him. Always has, always will, and will do it eventually whether it's in the context of General Hospital or not (and I don't even need it to be).

And how adorable was he when he was all naively hopeful after her little visit? His "Johnny who?" to Carly while he watched where Blair had just walked down the hallway? His sideways dance when he got on the call to Heather? We all know Blair's not going to tell him she's coming back to him (what with her not being a regular character on this show) and that he'll be crestfallen, but giddy "I'm gonna get my love back!" Todd is certainly something to behold.


There were also some great just-plain GH moments yesterday that you didn't need to know OLTL history to love. How cute were Anna and Patrick and Emma having a little family moment? And Emma wanting to try on her Aunt Felicia's Aztec jewelry? I'm so glad Emma knows the insanity of Felicia being an Aztec princess! 


Ridiculously adorable. But not half as adorable as when Patrick tugged Emma away from her hug with Grandma Anna by her braid!


I die.

And finally, I'll just leave you with all of this awesomeness: 



Good episode! Good recap. Good LORD, Todd and Blair ...

Unfortunately, I feel like FV and RC care more about Todd & Blair than they do GH couples. Not fair.

Like it or not, Todd is a GH character now. Giving him story is not any more or less fair than giving story to any other current GH regular.

Also, it's just a few days.

I thought those scenes yesterday were particularly strong. I honestly think that if I had never seen either character before, that yesterday's episode would have made me want to see more of them both. I had a similar reaction many years ago when I turned on GH for the first time and saw Luke and Laura in a scene together (post rape, pre summer-on-the-run). I was instantly riveted by the chemistry and the strong sense of history that both actors infused into the scene. Similary, KdP and RH brought incredible nuance to those scenes yesterday.

Furthermore, the sense that I get is that FV and RC are invested in several characters right now, and the result is that there are actually many things going on. For the first time in years, if an episode focuses on something I don't care about, I have confidence that the next day will bring something that will interest me.

Finally, all things considered, I think that RC has done a masterful job of integrating Todd, Starr and John into the canvas. Much better than I expected, in fact. If these are the last days of GH, at least the show isn't limping to a tired, weak ending.

Todd and Blair, why you so amazing?

No comment on Todd's ringtone for Heather?

You could give Kassie DePaiva and Roger Howarth a few pages of Waiting for Godot and they could stick right to the script and we'd still understand Blair and Todd's history

So if somebody could get in touch with to the two of them and see how much $$ it would take to make this experience happen, I would gladly set up the Kickstarter and donate lots of money to it.

The way that you could hear tears in Todd's voice when he said the "Blairbonics" meant she still loved him really got to me. Roger Howarth is one of my main reasons to watch GH.

Having Roger Howarth joing GH was my main - practically only - reason that I started again after all these years. Him, and my optimistic hope that KdP would join up too. I had seen what RC and FV could do for them, and I hoped they could do it for the whole show. And I think they have, for the most part. (Spinelli needs to be donated, alive, to medical research, and the Quartermaines rebuilt, and Sonny neutered and put in mine shaft, but otherwise....)
I still hope that KdP will join the show, and I won't stop hoping for that. Roger Howarth has fitted in beautifully, and so could/should she.

THEEE Blair Kramer?
Todd and Blair forevah and EVAH!

KDP needs to be on contract at GH stat. Todd and Blair belong together, and Kassie and Roger are acting soulmates.

I was not at all happy when RH came on GH as Todd. TSJ was "Todd" for me most of my time watching OLTL, and I quit the last year or so, so didn't see RH's comeback/storyline.

That being said, I am starting to really dig the Todd character on GH and that is mostly thanks to Heather, whom I also did not like when she first came back. Even though they will never be a romantic couple, they are the best pairing on the show right now.

Crazy calling...crazy calling...crazy calling...

The show still has a long way to go...wasn't Thursday's show wonderful without the whole mob faction?...but I'm starting to see a flicker at the end of the tunnel. Maybe there's hope yet.

Todd and Blair are the bomb and the reason I have been tuning into Gh. Always wanted Blair to return and be with her soulmate. Pls no Todd and Carly, it doesn't even make sense. She would always be second to Blair and she and Blair genuinely like each other. Todd and Blair forever.

Todd and Blair FTW!

And Anna and Patrick and Emma! And Anna and Lulu! I almost like Lulu again, when she has a personality outside Dante. LOL

The show yesterday and today was really well done all around, imho.

I do love that they're making Luke have a karmic bite in the ass for his years of being a sudden unrepentant asshole. I almost feel like TG is playing up Luke's realization that it's been so easy for Heather to get away with kidnapping him because people expect him to walk out on them.

Good stuff lately.

Kassie needs a contract. She fits in like she belongs there.

Roger Howarth is phenomenal!

Todd and Blair are magnetic so for GH to have this dynamic couple and not capitalize on it is insane especially when they need the ratings. Bring Kassie onboard full time, give TnB a story line where its them against the world and still back to watch the ratings soar. I'm just sayin.

I don't think KdP is all that interested in relocating to the West Coast, but hopefully RC can bring her back a lot. It would almost be better, since Todd and Blair by definition can never be a stable pair. But I don't really ever want to see Todd with anyone else, and I think it would be jarring for the show to try and recast him as a romantic lead anyway, so tantalizing visits from Blair could work on multiple levels.

Anne, I'm in total agreement with you. There's no one for Todd, but Blair. They tried with Tea and I pray that there is no attempt to make Carly anything but a friend.

I have a question for you OLTL fans. If Blair is NOT permanently moving to Port Charles, and Todd IS staying in Port Charles, then we either have him be celibate or he has to get involved with another woman. Which is it? Not having watched him on OLTL, but thoroughly enjoying him now, I think he deserves to have a woman in his life. If not Carly, then who? (I'm not rooting for a Carly/Todd connection).

And where's Liz?

It would be nice if Kassie were on the show full time because everyone is right...she and Roger have amazing chemistry. However, I doubt if that will happen since she lives on the east coast with her family and has a singing career besides an acting career. I did read somewhere that she will be making semi-regular visits to GH so I guess we'll just have to settle for that for the time being.

I don't want Todd & Carly together either.

Kassie has also said that she doesn't want to relocate while her son is still in school.

That being said, the one thing that Blair HATES is when Todd starts showing interest in other women. Can you imagine her reaction when she comes back & sees Todd has moved on to someone else? I also find it interesting that Tomas hasn't shown up, yet. With any luck, he'll turn out to be either Luis or Lorenzo Alcazar and that'll make several heads explode.

I am not against Todd and Carly or Todd and Sam, he has great chemistry with his acting partners imo.

I don't think Todd does "deserve" to have another woman in his life. I realize it's unusual for a major soap character to not get a love interest, but it's not unheard of, and Todd is a character who could add a lot to the canvas without necessarily getting a big love story. The fact is, he's a deeply damaged man who committed a horrific act of sexual violence, and has done a lot of other terrible things over the years. Unlike other soap rapists, Todd never really made the full transition to romantic hero (at least not while played by Howarth - and I wasn't watching regularly enough during the recast years to be able to comment). All of which is to say, I have no problem with the idea of Todd Manning living in PC, keeping an eye on his daughter, acting as Carly's co-conspirator, forming various alliances and making enemies, generally stirring the pot, and pining for Blair. She can show up periodically to give us all our fix, but Todd is a great character on his own. In my opinion, so was Luke Spencer, but the writing for him was dreadful for a very long time. But what I'm really getting at is that many great soap anti-heroes have one real, defining love story, and it hurts the integrity of those characters when the show tries to turn them into traditional leads with multiple love interests. In my opinion. Of course.

I don't disagree Anne but soaps don't work like that not anymore (back in the day Holly was the only one for Roger and for at least the first years he was on the canva Sami was the only one for Ej then they gave him multiple love interests which has weaken his character imo..sadly) moreover they already show some glipses of attraction and jealousy from Todd towards Carly..it is in the cards..like it or not..me i guess i will not mind and go with the flow because right now i think Howarth has great chemistry in his scenes with partners, female and male..a Todd Manning bisexual imagine that ? lol but seriously i can see him with others women because it will happen eventually and these scenes are quite enjoyable to me.

Lucy D, I don't know what the plans for Todd are on GH but on OLTL, he actually was largely celibate when his character wasn't with Blair. He was even married/involved with another woman (Tea) for about two years during which he didn't sleep with her.

He slept with Tea, once, years after their marriage when they were stuck on an island together. He immediately built a raft to go back to Blair to try to win her back.

Like I said, I don't know what GH plans but OLTL kept him rather celibate even when celibacy just wasn't really done.

I loved seeing Blair on GH. Guza pretty much dismantled everything I loved about GH so it would take Blair being on to get me to watch. I'm a sucker for the history of that couple.

Thanks Kendra. Don't know much about Blair and Todd, but their scenes at the Haunted Star were really chemistry laden.

I have never watched OLTL, but your recaps (& screencaps) make me root for Todd & Blair like crazy. I LOVED the opening shots of her legs.

Todd and Blair would make a great couple and I believe in that. Why can't Todd see Blair that she's the one? As we saw on the past episodes, Todd tried so many relationships but failed. I think he should open his eyes wide so that he can see Blair clearly.

One of the series that I don't dare skip. I watched every epi of this one!

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