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July 24, 2012

Notes On A Great Rack

While I would love to write a great big long post on yesterday's General Hospital because it was one of those old-school, jam-packed episode that was a fantastic mixture of hilarious camp and heartbreaking realism, it ain't gonna happen -- to say my real life has gotten insane lately would be an understatement of Jason Morgan proportions ("I just protect the people I love!"). But there are just a few things that simply cannot go unaddressed.

When Anna "saved" Luke from the fire (and I put that in quotes because obviously the action isn't over yet), I was thrilled not only because it was a woman saving a man (even though I personally think Luke's abduction has been the weakest part of the Heather story -- frankly I stopped caring about Luke's myriad abductions years ago, and I don't buy this great connection between him and Anna any farther than I can throw this skyscraper I'm sitting in) but because it was law enforcement saving a civilian! No mob assistance, no mob relevance!

Speaking of Heather's story, she managed to inject Olivia with LSD and I cannot tell you how happy this made me. This was such old-school soapy camp! 


Lisa LoCicero must have been having one hell of a blast doing her best Blanche Dubois/Helen Hunt impression and getting dragged off in a straitjacket while screaming about seeing red everywhere. AWESOME. 


But as much fun as she was clearly having, my primary question to the actress is just how on earth someone's cleavage can look this freaking good while she's having an LSD freakout?? 



I mean how does one do that?! It is a feat, to be sure.

And it's taking all my will power not to write another post extolling the wonder that is Todd and Blair, but suffice it to say that yesterday's scenes between the two of them were pitch-perfect. 


And more heartbreaking than I can say. They slay me every time. And I'm so glad they let Blair say that she does love him but explain that she thinks she has to do this to protect her heart. "Glad" in the way that there was so much anguish there that I need to protect my own heart for a while now. Ow!

And while Lulu's involvement in Patrick's addiction storyline was extremely abrupt and a little odd, I'm liking it now. Jason Thompson and Julie Marie Berman bring a level of realism to the show that not many others do (which has in part to do with their acting, but also how their storylines are written -- and I like it, because while I'm a fan of soapy hyperbole, we need balance!), so they work astonishingly well in scenes together. (Dear soap gods, I am not asking for a pairing!!!)

Some days it's hard to believe that they're actually still addressing Patrick's grief half a year later -- sure, they've had interminable vengeance or scorched-earth story arcs that last ages after a character's death (or "death"), but just legitimate grief that paints every move and every choice? Incredibly sad as it is, it's refreshing.

Also, when is it time to give Jason Thompson all of the awards?! I would like it to be very soon, please.


Poor Olivia - seeing not just red, but "sticky" red = and purple! everywhere. Hope she survives with less damage than Heather obviously has.

And poor Todd. I get that Blair feels she needs to protect her heart, but to do it by "upgrading from an amateur murderer to a professional assassin" who she doesn't even really love? Not that Todd is even that amateur murderer. But oh, how thinking that has caused him to make some really bad choices in the last months. But this will be a real good reason for him to go scorched earth on everyone since we know when Todd's hurt, he makes sure he isn't suffering alone. Such great work by both KDP and RH.

Word on the comment about Anna. Competent woman. Competent law enforcement. Will wonders never cease. She is just awesomeness personified. She has just rescued the show for me. Sort of a palate cleanser -- wipes the bad taste of Sonny and Jason out of your mouth. Also the Sonny/Kate love scene -- blech.

I watched OLTL only briefly and sporadically over the years, my most recent foray being when I shipped Kyle and Oliver, so many of the resonances of Todd and Blair's conversation were lost to me. I do like RH and what he's added to GH. As for KDP, she seems to be a good actress, but I was distracted by how incredibly thin, almost rail-like, she looked in that dress.

Yesterday's GH was delightful heartbreaking exciting soap. Valenti & co are kicking ass and picking up steam :-)

I cannot believe what a powerful and real actor JT has become. He was just a charming hair model when he joined GH about 7 years ago. Whoa, has it been that long?!?! Now he hits all the gritty real emotional scenes with true grace. Why he wasn't or isn't a lead, along with Kimberly, is beyond imagination. Such wasted talent. But I'm with you 100%, pairing him with Lulu would be a horrendous mistake. Fingers triple crossed that NEVER happens.

Heather is a sacked out villainous treasure, great soap camp.

Blair & Todd ripped my heart out, but I am a OLTL fan and not sure I'd love them so much if I didnt know and adore their whole insane history.

As for the rack that LSD should claim as it's own :-0 Wow! LLC is a riot. I follow her on twitter, so I've seen her in many self posted pics. And this woman never fails to vamp for the camera! She strikes a sexy over the shoulder pose in every shot, no matter if she's pool side in a bikini, posing with her son, at a grocery store or on a red carpet. So her breastacular "trip" comes as no surprise. Too funny ;-).

Louise, you know I was a through and through, dieh-hard OLTLer and Blair/Todd's reconnection during the last few months of OLTL was beautiful, so I must go online and watch these GH episodes featuring this couple. The chemistry exhibited by Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva has grown ten-fold since their beginnings. I hate how things will end up as KDP is not being brought onto GH as a regular. I'd take a Blair Cramer over the majority of the GH characters! In fact, I recently tuned out because of all of the characters I don't enjoy being frontburnered in unlikeable stories (Jason, Sam, Sonny, Kate, Kristina, Trey, Starr, Luke) and my favorites being backburnered (Liz, Alexis, Mac, Tracy.) The past two episodes of GH sound promising and worth viewing.

Oh, and I loved the Helen Hunt clip from that 80's after school special. Tricia Cast (Nina from Y&R) is in it! Despite how I feel about Olivia Falconeiri most days, Lisa LoCicero is a strong actress show I am sure she nailed her scenes. Now, Scott Reeves is a trainwreck to watch so I cringe imagining his reaction as Steven Lars.

@Ella, I try very hard not to think about the stories that Kim and Jason could have been doing now, instead of the (mostly) dreck they were saddled with under Guza, because if I do I want to go into the ugly cry.

I read a fan fiction a few years ago that had Patrick befriending and still teenaged Lulu and being that big brother figure to her because Luke was always gone and Lucky, was, well, Lucky. It also had Lulu being a sounding board for Patrick and his problems (Robin was very much the love of Patrick's life in this story). Ever since I read that I have been wanting there to be scenes on the actual show between Patrick and Lulu just to see how that dynamic would work (as FRIENDS, so some don't get their panties in a bunch). I have to say I am liking it. Lulu has dealt with addiction (Lucky's, Luke's and almost her own)so I can see why they put her as the one who sees what is really going on with Patrick. Liz would be able to see the signs (because of Lucky) as well but folks seem to lose their damn minds if Patrick and Liz mention each others name in a sentence. I am enjoying these scenes and I do not think they are going to cross the line with them. I think it is just Lulu seeing the signs and trying to help.

Yesterday's episode was pure joy. LOVE Anna saving Luke-- I like that they are beginning a relationship with HER as the rescuer...And I agree that Patrick and Lulu's scenes were wonderful in a very non-romantic way. Lulu is, like Emma, the daughter who lost her mother at a very young age (to the mental ward anyway), and had an emotionally absent father (due to addiction)-- so it made perfect sense that she would stress the importance of Patrick's responsibilities as a father...and one last note-- I LOVE that what both Todd and Johnny are doing with REAL GUILT-- their performances are so compelling that I almost want them to get away with their crimes...

As much as I'm no fan of the Anna/Luke pairing, it was such a pleasant change to have the woman do the rescuing of the man after so many years of misogyny.

Olivia's rack is the stuff epic poems are made of. Couldn't they have made a low cut straight jacket?

Call me crazy :) but I am really enjoying this show lately. Especially the last few no Jason, no Sam shows. Now if Sonny would take a long vacation, that would cap the deal.

I can't stop thinking about how Heather could possibly know anything about Robin--and that just shows how intriguing the story lines are.

I second the nomination...give JT ALL of the awards. The guy is just riveting to watch. !

yep these last episodes were great soap, great performances by the actors even with characters that i usually don't like (olivia)



Hi thank you for the theme, I have installed it on my WordPress, but it doesnt show in my site, its too heavy for site or I dont know whats the problem.

They are sounding very good to me into my FRFR using the speaker emulation / record out. I miss some of the power amp and cab/mic variations (maybe there is / will be an IR based cab/mic box available soon?), but generally pleased with my results.

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