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July 05, 2012

Please Let This Be a Cliffhanger

I am really hoping that this was less a statement of fact and more a lead-in to some sort of spectacular putdown on tomorrow's episode:

Atlantic City police officer: What about him?
John McBain: He's clean.
Atlantic City police officer: You sure?
John McBain: Yeah, I'm sure.

I hope Friday's show opens with a gravelly voiced tantrum, like, "Yeah, I'm sure that the sweaty, coke-eyed ball of RAGE is a-ok. Look at him standing there, shaking and muttering. I bet he's muttering about law-abiding things. Yeah. He's clean".

Otherwise, my imaginary boyfriend and I will be in a fight (notice that I did not say an "imaginary" fight, because arguments with fictional characters are very real; Jason Morgan knows what he did), because I can't stomach ANOTHER character just shrugging off the fits of violence and crime that make Sonny Sonny. I am hoping that this is a one-time freebie and that he at least gets in a few quality jabs at Mr. Corinthos tomorrow, because the number of characters I can tolerate in Port Charles is ever dwindling* and I'd hate to have to cross John off the list, especially because that would mean the list is populated only by Sam, Josslyn and Cameron.

*Like, I want so badly to write a really long, really profane rant about how utterly freaking AWFUL Kristina is in every single way, but every time I try, all I can type is hate, hate, hate, like father like daughter, hate, hate, HATE". AWFUL.


I was so heartbroken when John told those cops that Sonny was clean. I wish I could give a free pass since it was the man who killed his sister, but he wanted to take Sonny down...why not this POS?

John had a good opportunity to get rid of Sonnny, but we all know that MB is the star of the show and that shizz was not going to happen. I would have rather seen Jason and Sonny at Pentonville forced to fend for themselves while Anna / John tear down the what's left of the mob. Jason shot two men in NO and John did not turn him in!

IMO RC/FV are stuck with the mob element of the show and can't just fire a few of the actors even though it would probably bring back millions of fans that hate the mob.

So my annoyance is growing. Like I said, I was not an avid OLTL watcher. Watched it on and off. I did watch maybe for like a summer when RH was originally on as Todd when he had the just below shoulder length hair and I remember him being mean, snarky, dirty. So because I didn't have a complete full history of Todd, I wikipedia him and yes I know that any joe blow can come on and change things in Wiki and I did stop reading about Todd when TSJ took over since you can't give RH's Todd credit for what TSJ's 'Todd' did because we find out toward the end TSJ's 'Todd' is really Victor Jr.

Now with that being explained, can someone tell me if they just blew his status on Wiki into more than it really was? They have him as a rapist, a murderer, a man attemped to murder other people, a hostage taker, a kidnapper, selling a child on the blackmarket, and much more. Because I'm trying to understand why this man who has done some autrocious things to people he knew and love has become a blithering guilt ridden idiot whenever Sam graces his domain. Sam, who is a damn stranger to him. I don't get it how someone with Todd's history is this 'guilty' that he becomes a blubbering idiot. I don't get it and I don't like it. To me it comes off as another character being stupified just for Sam. And for me, enough characters have been stupified for her.

I am in the minority with the whole "oh John let Sonny get away with what he did annd ugh..how could he do that". It's a soap opera. There are going to be shades of gray with characters and I get people are against SaSon. I'm not, but I get that people are. But this whole "they need to pay for their crimes" just kills me becaue please, let's not stop with them. Make EVERYONE pay for their crimes. Let's not just single out SaSon. EVERYONE. That way we'll only be watching a show with Joss, Cameron, Emma, and Aiden because I think that they are the only three in that town that has not broken a law that is jail worthy. I'm just saying, stay equal with everyone going to prison for their crimes. Not just the ones that you don't like.

Now with that being said...the only thing I really found laughable about the whole John/Sonny/Joe Jr/AC police scene was John threatening Joe Jr that if he doesn't get locked up, he'll wish he did because of course Joe Jr isn't going to be locked up and it's not because he's a villain. It's simply because that's a weak case. It's decades old case with no physical evidence built on heresay so for John to threaten him with vengence was so RME to me.

For me, it was too much of the Davis clan on today's show. I just can not with that family. Alexis doesn't know how to control her bratty ass daughters and really if we are supposed to feel sorry for Alexis because her daughters are so unruly, I don't. She could kill that with one good pimp slap and throwing those bitches out of her house because they have no money and no where to go but instead I have to endure the Bad Girls Club because Alexis can't woman up and be a damn mother. Like really say what you will about Sonny, but Krissy sure as hell straighten up when he took her credit cards and her car away from her and made her go on curfew.

And with that being my opinion, I do hope everyone had a Happy 4th.

Kermitklein, I laughingly agree with you on the total overload of the Davis 'Bad Girl Club'. I do hope that you included Sam in that group. One can see that the Davis daughters are related -- they all display a full range of spoiled, angry, entitlement issues. Since the previous 'creative' staff all but decimated the Quartermaine Clan, perhaps it is time for TIIC to start taking out some of the more annoying members of the Davis Dynasty.

BTW, am I the only one that, every time they mention 'Joe Jr', pictures the 'Joe Jr' character from the Sandra Bullock movie "While You Were Sleeping"???

^^Thanks for continuing my 4th celebration with one of your beauteous posts. You're a firework! Lol. ICAM with your opinions, specifically your take on Alexis. Her character is such a shell of what she once was, it's a crying shame. She's just there to prop three lesser characters and wrong her hands, contort her face and babble about the lives of her insipid daughters. Nancy Lee Grahn is fine actress capable of both comedy and drama, yet we only see her play Alexis in a state of exasperation to comedic effect. Enough already. IMO, The Davis Clan was most interesting when Kristina, played by Lexi Ainsworth, was the focus and even then the collective was not that interesting! These women aren't cutting it and surely do not need to be the primary family unit on GH (because The Quartermaines, Scorpios, Webbers and Hardys are barely there while the Spencers have been reduced to Luke and Lulu.)

^^Oops. Excuse my typos and my comment thanked kermitklein for another excellent post. I'd like to add thanks to Darcy now that i just read her/his post!

Yea Darcy, Sam is surely included in that grouping. I'm tired of all the Davis women crap and this is just aside note and a pet peeve for. It irks me that Molly's name is Molly Lansing Davis considering that Ric and Alexis were married when this child was born and her name was Molly Lansing until Alexis divorced Ric and decided to tack on that Davis. But anywhoo...yea, the Davis family, I can do without. I just really don't want to talk about Sam that much because I don't like this character yet I'm forced to have to watch her 4 or 5 days a week because she's constantly on with her whispery voice, if I bend over any lower my breasts will completely fall out of this tank top, annoying self.

As for hearing Joe Jr and thinking about 'While you were Sleeping', I'm about to date myself even more because when hearing his name, combined with how the actor that portrays Joe Jr. looks, I flash back to Jim Carrey playing Joey Buttafuoco on 'In Living Color' and all while he was sitting there strapped to that chair, I was waiting for him to say "Hey, Joey Buttafuoco, over heeeerrrre"

I've read a lot of comments on the Internet that Todd being this guilty and simpering around Sam is ludicrous. IMO it doesn't matter whether it was Todd or Victor switching the babies, both men would have brushed it off and moved on to the next drama in their lives. I hope RH is reading his scripts and going,"WTF" as it relates to being guilty around Sam.

I have to disagree here. I think Molly was not acting bratty, but like a normal teenager. Alexis overreacted, especially after she heard the truth.

If you want us to care about Trey, the actor needs to step up. And is he so resistant to Christina because he knows about his dad and Sonny's connections, or maybe he's gay. At any rate, I think he's a fairly poor actor, and not very sexy or appealing.

Aren't Trey and Dante supposed to be the same age?

I'm giving McBain a pass on this. At least he didn't let Sonny shoot Jr when he learned that Jr killed Teresa. And (small) props to the writers for Ur's comment to Sonny asking what he'd have done if Sr'd told HIM to off Theresa, at least Sonny didn't say he'd never shoot a woman blah blah blah. Speaking of the Davis girls, BRING BACK RIC LANSING! With Molly and Krissy both in revolt, it's the perfect time two bring back our favorite Sonny-hating DA.

You guys used to gush over Kristina's bad behavior now that she's not the crying victim all the time she's the worst character ever?

Anyone who has watched RH playing Todd over the years has seen how guilt constantly derails him. The last scenes of OLTL were Todd feeling so horrible about how he was lying to Blair that he was almost unable to be with her. Todd is feeling guilt over Sam because he knows that he was sucked into Heather's sick revenge and the only way he can fix it is to break Tea's heart. He had no idea until he actually saw Sam's pain how much his actions have destroyed her. This is very much in character for Todd. He gets caught, because of guilt-every damn time. He was hustling Tea out of PC because of guilt. He hired Sam out of guilt. That combination of arrogance and vulnerability that RH nails with his walk, his expressions, his halting words is very much Todd. JMO.

Oh, Mallory, I am so with you on McBain in every way.

Kermitklein, Todd has done plenty of awful stuff in the past. And then he's felt guilt about it. And kept doing it anyway. That's kind of his MO. I haven't found anything he's done in Port Charles to be remotely out of character in that regard.

Marz and Elizabeth, I'm totally with you. Todd does horrible things, and then hates himself because of the guilt he feels. . .it's totally Todd and why I like him as opposed to liking Sonny and Jason who never feel guilt unless it directly affects them.

Todd's character has always been damaged because of guilt he feels, over what his adopted father did to him, over his biological father and what that monster did to his sister, and then guilt over all the crap he's pulled, from Marty to Jack/Blair to Victor (and no matter what he says, he's still reeling from the guilt of that. . .that's why he gave the baby to Tea). Guilt is Todd's constant companion.

That being said, Todd should have by now, figured a way to rid himself of crazy Heather. Todd always finds a way to get the upper hand. It surprises me that he hasn't here yet. He seems a little too careful with Heather for me. . .

And RH-he's the one who has always insisted that Todd is not to be a hero and that guilt and remorse are very much a part of his character. Remember when RHTodd was told that "TSJTodd/Victor" had been involved with Marty romantically. His reaction:"I would never have done that." That's Todd guilt.

Not having watched OLTL that much, I can tell that RH is playing Todd's guilt perfectly in character. Id Todd capable of heinous things? Yes. In the end, Todd will do what he needs to do. But my impression of Todd is that he is one of those people who if there is only one cow pattie in a 50-acre field, he'll step in it. With his best shoes on. Roger Howarth is brilliant in his portrayal of someone who is genuinely conflicted with his badness, but not really... but sometimes a lot. Which,(circling back around) unlike Sonny ... makes Todd a perfectly gray character. I adore Sam. I'm pissed at what Todd did. But dammit, he entertains me anyway.

Even though it may bug some, Kelly Monaco suffers hearing loss from a diving accident, and so she modulates her voice to avoid doing what many with hearing loss do, shout. She gets a pass from me, and I would kill to have her body.

*Please forgive typos. I'm edit feature dependent.

Sorry for going off the subject of the blog-so adding this note to Kristina...Trey's just not that into you. Really.

I do think that McBain's "I'd kill for a cup of coffee" was perfect as he walked into the room where gun toting, blustering Sonny was threatening Joe Jr. And kudos to Joe Jr for blaming John for the fact he HAD to shoot his sister. It made it very clear that Joe's memory of the Connie encounter is very flawed.

Yea, I'm still not feeling Todd being this guilty or hiding his guilt this poorly. I'm sorry. If he knew Sam prior to him switching the baby, maybe I would understand his guilt to the point where he literally becomes a blithering, rambling idiot whenever she walks into a room. But she's a STRANGER to him. I don't get how a person that has done some horrible stuff to his wives, sister, children, 'friends' ever got away with anything if this was his reaction (i.e. the stupid rambling and fumbling) every time he did something wrong to a stranger because I would think his stupid rambling would be even worse considering he's doing some horrible things to people he love. I'm sorry but the man that goes around gloating about how he killed Victor and got away with it, who pulled a gun out on Sonny in the middle of a court room, who was so nonchalant when John was arresting him for Victor's murder, who was all "I'm Todd Manning" when he first came into Port Charles as if that was supposed to scare the crap out of Sonny, and who I watched callously told Kate that she can't have Crimson back because of her DID and he doesn't know if she reformed is not adding up to this man who can't even stay 5 seconds in a room with Sam without feeling that he needs to confess, consequences be damned and start just idiotically rambling because he feels go guilty about what he has done to this woman he doesn't even know when he has found this woman not only snooping but caught her listening at his door. Maybe I should have watched OLTL better when RH played Todd to understand how he portrays his 'guilt' but what I'm seeing on screen whenever Sam enters a room and what I have wiki'ed or heard from people that did watch OLTL when he was on, is not adding up.

I could direct you to a lot of clips where Todd is rambling and blithering during the "baby in a box" storyline. Todd is not always in control and guilt lives in him. This makes him prime material for blackmail by people like Heather and earlier, Gabrielle.

I also think that since he actually has no real memory of shooting Victor, it's easy to be cavalier about it. Since, you know-he didn't shoot Victor. Todd has been blindsided by Heather and he's struggling to make some sense of the situation. Will he eventually defeat her-yes, temporarily. The other constant is that any victory by Todd is always short-lived. He's a mess, but he's our mess. And RH is dead on in this portrayal.

@marz: As a long-time viewer of OLTL and Todd Manning, this portrayal of Todd is spotty and inconsistent. I love Todd but the stumbling, rambling idiot is not the Todd I've known whether played by Roger Howarth or Trevor St. John. Todd's behavior toward Sam and Heather feels as "out-of-character" as when Todd was shirtless and flexing before opening his door to Carly (Louise posted on it.) I enjoy many things about Todd but the writers are playing a bit fast & loose with the character's nature. The Todd Manning I am seeing in Port Charles resembles post-2001 David Vickers. And I loved David Vickers!

Kristina is the worst these days. I would prefer her becoming the ultimate Cassadine to spite her parents rather than being a brat, but that would require GH giving a woman some sort of agency and cunning that isn't tied to shrieking as a form of protecting a man that has probably shot her in the head.

*Kermitklein* - I think part of the reason for Todd's guilt is that he was just removed from his family for 8 years while having someone else play his part to all of his loved ones and is essentially doing the same thing to Sam that his mother did to him - removing the child and giving him a substitute family while she's left mourning what is still out there. Also, whenever he had uncomfortable feelings about anything, he would ramble.

I think Todd is one of those characters that either you get him, or you don't. And if you don't get him within a few episodes, you probably never will. I also think both Todd and John have been the infusion this show desperately needed. More facets, more sparkle.

LuLu, that's just dead on analysis of Todd's behavior. The 8 year imprisonment factors in so much in all of his dealings with people. Actually, Heather is very much like his mother in the way she manipulates him and the only way he got away from her was to shoot her, which re-birthed her in a much more deadly incarnation in his own mind.

Afterall, exactly. Loving this show a lot because of the new infusions of spark, snark and strength.

I didn't want Todd on OLTL, but I think it absolutely makes sense that Todd would ramble and feel more guilt with a stranger than people he knows/loves. If he did something terrible to someone he had history with, changes are he could find a million things in his mind to attempt to justify the bad thing. It doesn't get rid of the guilt, but he could definitely keep himself straight-laced around that person much better.

On the other hand, all he knows of Sam is the intense pain and sadness she is exuding, plus the lies Heather told him to convince him to switch the babies in the first place. Those "facts" he's now discovering are unfounded, and since he has absolutely nothing to justify the behavior, no wrongdoings towards him by Sam, his guilt is ENORMOUS!

That's JMHO, anyway.

Oops, that first line should have said I didn't WATCH Todd on OLTL! Ooops!

As a oltl watcher and a longtime gh watcher i'm enjoying too, obviously. I do agree that the shirtless flexing was off, but i think it's spot on with the baby thing.

Also, we can't forget that this isn'tthe first time he has taken a newborn from its mother and given it to someone else, only the last time he did it to Blair, his "one true". He knows the pain and suffering he caused her there. He knows how badly it all blew up in his face. He is still paying for it with Jack to some extent. that's gotta be shaking him to the core too.

Also, he WAS imprisoned and mentally and physically tortured for eight long years, by his mother dearest. So, he likely had lots of time to think about all the bad crap he's pulled and maybe wants to do better??

it likely won't last for long, and when it all comes out, he'll blame everyone else. . . but the guilt is spot on. . .the mumbling, bumbling is spot on. . . the not finding a hook with heather yet, not so much spot on. But he will find a way to come out on top.

if only for a little while . . .

[b]kermitklein[/b] the difference between sason and everyone else's crime is that Sason's profession is literally criminal, and that their crimes are 5 times worse than everyone else's, except for Luke. If any other characters had shot a cop in the chest or had one beat up, they would be off the show or declared as straight up villains by the other characters. They don't have to go to prison, but they need to get out of the mob or lose all their money or *something*.

Todds guilt is absolutely in character, and it always has been. I get the feeling that the people who say it isnt in character havent really seen much of it.
Its also obvious to me that he hired Sam as a way tyo punish himself and not let himself forget what he did. Todd is a complete masochist in that regard.
I do agree, it is out of character for him not to be able to do anything about Heather.But the guilt and remorse is very much Todd.

nice observation Bawoman. . . hiring Sam is a way of punishing himself by having her ever present, and that might account somewhat for him not dealing with Heather yet. . .he's punishing himself by having her around constantly.

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