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July 26, 2012

So Much Hand Flailing

Dear readers, the past couple of weeks have been crazy. The kind of crazy that perhaps deserves three syllables, really; cuh-razy, or cay-razzy, whichever is your preference. Some of it was the good kind of crazy (vacation!), some of it the bad kind (stress!) and some of it the kind of crazy that comes from having an electric system that goes out immediately as soon as a fair mist starts (whatever they did to fix my week long outage last year during Hurricane Irene seems to have involved little more than a piece of twine and some Elmer's glue judging by how frequently the power goes out, costing me two--two!--live episodes of True Blood this season). Crazy.

Let's pause for a moment and reflect on how little crazy seems to resemble a real word after seeing it repeated that often. SO little.

Anyway, my DVR had a folder full of General Hospital episodes just about ready to burst and I sighed a heavy sigh because watching a huge chunk of General Hospital is normally like having surgery with a Mike's Hard Lemonade as your sole source of anaesthesia. But I caught the last half of today's episode and I found myself wanting to begin a slow clap because this show has finally--finally!--embraced the power of old school soap. The final few minutes were filled with the sort of moments that had me impatiently muttering, out loud because I am crazy, "WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT 24 HOURS TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? WHY?!"

For example: TODD knows the TRUTH about JOHNNY being responsible for the deaths of Cole and Hope and he is a tightly wound ball of hatred and fury at this point and I cannot wait to see him exact his revenge upon Johnny, with either his words or his fists or, perhaps once he's calmed down, a hilarious roast filled with pithy zingers.

AND: STEVE has a HEAD INJURY. At least, I think he does. He has to, right? Because how could a person in possession of his full mental faculties say, about Heather Webber--Heather Webber whose time in Port Charles has basically been a decades-long spree of craziness and horror. A spree that sees her topping herself in terms of sheer life-ruining and insanity every time she floats back into town--"I can't believe what my mother's done". You can't, Steve? Do you not remember THE ENTIRETY OF THE 80s and EVERYTHING your mother has done, EVER? I look forward to tomorrow's episode in which we see the extent of his brain injury.

AND! AND! Ewen has a personality! It just turns out that his sole personality trait is now EVIL, because it turns out that HE is the one holding Robin captive and torturing her. I mean, I'm sure that he is not the main evildoer here and is merely following orders from someone more evil and powerful than he and it will probably be Jerry, because villainy is almost always connected to Jerry (if it's not Jerry, it's the possibly/probably undead Diego) and because that will get me to stop complaining about how they dropped Ewen's weirdness about the Jacks family and that will all be one hell of a letdown but for now, HOW SOAPY WAS THAT? Especially since the reveal followed a very tense conversation between Heather and Anna, who had Heather at gunpoint and ordered her to confess what she knew about Robin.

Anna: You were mistaken. It was someone that looked like her.
Heather: I saw her. I saw her face, just as clearly as I'm seeing yours now. She was with a nurse, Nurse Fletcher. But there was someone telling that nurse what to do.
Anna: Who?
Heather: I didn't see his face.
Anna: It was a man? What was his name?
Heather: Fletcher just called him Doctor.

[Immensely pathetic Austin Powers joke REDACTED because I could not live with the shame of having made such a joke in a public forum. Even alluding to such a thing likely caused my street cred to diminish considerably. And it started out as basically nil!]

I think what got me the most excited about all of this was Finola Hughes who, as ever, was excellent in these scenes--she's equal parts angry, confused, vulnerable and just a tiny bit hopeful, and it broke every single piece of my heart, especially since I know that Robin IS alive and is being tortured, and I just want this mother/daughter duo to be reunited because Hughes deserves the opportunity to cry happy tears for once.


I liked the Todd stuff, but I didn't need to see Robin actually tortured. Felt exploitative to me. :(

"The final few minutes were filled with the sort of moments that had me impatiently muttering, out loud because I am crazy, "WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT 24 HOURS TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? WHY?!"

Then, I too, am crazy Mallory, because that chant has come out of my mouth several times recently after watching episodes of GH. It truly amazes me how different (and good!) this show is from what it had recently been!

It takes a lot after years of soap (and regular tv viewing) and considering the last mystery novel I read I figured out who did it before the murder happened. I say kudos to Cartini for literally shocking me and making my jaw drop with that reveal. This whole week has been rapid fire great story.

Oh and Todd with his hopping up and down mad bit (literally)? AWESOME!

Someone said to me the other day, "Oh soaps. You can go five years between episodes and they're in the same story and you know what's going on." I waved my finger and said, "Not true about General Hospital anymore. At least not right now." I literally cannot wait to watch each night. I haven't felt that way in eons!

Mallory, don't forget how Ewen came on the show in the first place...treating Helena's daughter. I think she's a logical choice for the puppet-master.

The show was really good yesterday. My favorite line came from Todd when he was talking to Kate about what happened to Olivia:


Thank you Todd...for the first time in almost forever I laughed out loud!

LOVING the show right now. I can't wait for each day's epis.
But I have to say, Ewen better be taking orders from some GH rich history character like Faison or Helena or maybe he is a DVX agent.

The most shocking thing about yesterday's reveals was that they happened on a Thursday. There used to be a time (I believe it was a couple months ago) where half reveals would only happen on Friday and then you'd have to wait all weekend to find out there was no reveal at all. I am loving the current GH.

The only issue I have is now Liz will look 100% completely justified in not giving Ewen a real chance even though everyone knows it was all really because of Jason.

I just don't get Steve being befuddled that his mother would do the things she's done, given her history. When Siobhan died, the first thing he did was accuse Elizabeth of murder. There are no words for how dumb he is. And everybody should be dragging him right now, not coddling him. I hope Olivia gives him hell.

I love Todd. That's all.

Anna is amazing as usual.

Nurse Fletcher, a la Nurse Ratchett played by Louise Fletcher in "Cuckoo's Nest." Not the subtlest of references, but that's totally highbrow for a soap.

I too am loving how things are going. I think the "Robin's still alive" thing is happening a bit too quickly, though. It hasn't even been a year, and is Kim Mc already back on contract? I guess she's got bills to pay.

I only say that's it's going coming too quickly because the whole story arc of her death has been fantastic. Not a false note was hit. Now it seems like it's all going to be flippe don its head a little too quickly.

Is she back on contract?? Has that been confirmed? I thought she was only coming back to shot scenes for right now and for later on to wrap Robin's story up, not come back for good.

I have mixed feelings about Robin being back on the show even with just a few scenes. When an actor (KMc and JJ) voluntarily leave the show let's wish them well and then focus on those actors that decide to stay for whatever reason instead of constantly begging these actors to come back for little scenes that leave fans either wanting more or wishing the characters had been killed off (Robin) with the actors blessing.

Jason Thompson and Rebecca Herbst deserve better than stuck in limbo because TIIC refused to plan ahead and bring on new romantic partners for their characters.

Now to be totally hypocritical, I do enjoy seeing Robin back on the show and hope that her story pulls in more characters.

I love Robin, and was completely torn up when she died. The storyline, the acting, the writing was all fantastic. BUT, now I feel I cried for nothing. I agree with Jimbo that Robin's return is too soon. I feel I was taken advantage of (I know that sounds dramatic).

Bummer that hot Dr. Ewen is evil. When will Liz get a decent, wonderful man to love her?

GH has improved significantly with the new writing team. I love the old-school soapiness. I also like that more people are being featured. My favorite, though, is that scenes are no longer 5 minute long discussions of how great Sonny is.

Well, I guess I'm the opposite--I knew, KNEW right away when they showed us that burnt to a crisp body as Robin's that she wasn't dead. No way, no HOW. Plus, right after her funeral, we were shown that Robin was indeed, still alive. It was just like JJ's Luck's "death" back in 1998. So seeing Kimberly back after 6 months was a joy, as I watched her grow up on this show.

And, Kimberly has said, that she was willing to come back for short return--the new regime upped the timetable for her "death" and shoved its OLTL characters down my throat, and had HopeandCole's death at the same time--so only a few piddly people showed up Robin's funeral, while people like Monica and Epiphany decided to "honor" Robin, NOT by paying their final respects at her funeral, but to WORK at the hospital. And F'ng Sonny got a court FULL of extras for his stupidass "trial."

That said, I hope the new team can convince Kimberly to stay. It's known from various articles I've read that that bitch JFP had no love for Kimberly and thought Robin was too boring for the hotness that was Patrick. Maybe, just maybe under this new team, if they can convince Kimberly to stay until this show is cancelled, they'll treat her better.

Also, RobertF!Scorpio needs to be with Anna for their search for Robin. He totally does. So, instead of paying for other OLTL character that I don't give a shit about, use that money to pay Tristan Rogers. And have him Kick Luke's douchey ass from here to the next world for lying about Ethan, making him miss being with Anna while they grieved and have that disgusting, gross sex between Luke and Anna. YUCK.

So I'm looking forward to Anna, Robert AND Robin reuniting.

I really appreciate it when they go ahead and let the audience see when a character isn't sincerely dead. It wouldn't work if they always did it, but it was a great way to get Lucky off the canvas without closing the door, and I thought it was a nice callback in Robin's case.

I am sure that if Robert even gets a mention, Anna will decide he's too fragile - but it's annoying. Because Tristan Rogers very well might come back - he seemed willing enough, he just clashed with the now departed Powers That Be. So bring back Robert, even if it's only briefly. Then he can be offscreen looking for both Robin and Ethan, if they don't want to keep him around.

Hughes deserves to cry happy tears SO MUCH!

Anything to get Anna away from this contrived romance with Luke is a good thing. Here's to hoping she calls Robert and they track down Robin together.

Has anyone seen Thursday's episode online? OMG! Anna was totally kickass the way she had the gun cocked and in Heather's face! It was cut off in the tv showing, but is available on hulu.com. I understand they cut it out because of what happened in Colorado, which I think, wasn't necessary, but whatever. You could see Heather finally feel some fear, and the way Anna told her that killing Heather, Anna would get a commendation, it was...AWESOME. THAT'S My Anna. Not the one who keeps schmooping over Luke. If they forget that ever took place and bring Robert back, I will forgive, maybe the stupid powers that be.

I can't be the only person to notice how suddenly the show improved simply because Steve Burton wasn't on the canvas for a week.

Old school soap? The acting was horrible in that epi and I wound up changing the channel halfway through.

I greatly appreciated the last two weeks because Sam and her dumb storyline wasn't on the show. Very refreshing not having Sam on my screen. We actually got to watch other way more entertaining storylines than what's going on with Sam continuing to play PI.

Still not completely happy with Lulu's involvement in Patty getting treatment. I get why they didn't get Elizabeth involved to the very end considering that they kind of wanted to prolong Patty's drug storyline and Elizabeth would have looked dumb not knowing that Patty had a drug problem considering she lived with an addict and head to help an addict out. What gets me about Lulu involved in this storyline is that she doesn't come off as a caring person. Partly because in the past Lulu has never given a crap about Patrick or Robin and what was going on in their lives and the other part is because Lulu comes off very unfeeling and more like she wants to gloat and be smug that she was right about Patty having a drug problem then actually wanting to help.

I'm hoping that Ewen isn't a devious psycho. I'm hoping that he's being blackmailed into doing the things that he's doing to Robin.

Can Todd PLEASE do a version of the "hell no" to Johnny that he did to Blair years ago?

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