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July 11, 2012

The Bold & the SERIOUSLY?

There I was, going about my merry way, thinking, "Oh cool! Dayzee and Marcus have started turning up on the show more often, so that's good! Variety!" Being the skeptic that I am, I did wonder if we'd just get a few days of seeing them, a quick wedding, and then a one-way ticket to Backburner City so that they could continue torturing us with the only storyline they'd bothered to flesh out at all in the last year.

But then I noticed that some of the B&B actors were giving a real indication on Twitter that this is actually the launch of a legitimate summer storyline. And then the show actually acknowledged twice in one week that Dayzee and Thomas actually used to be a couple and treated that fact as if it had some importance at all.



There even looks like there might be a bit of longing wistfulness on either part there, yes? (And sure, they can't go too far down Memory Lane, since they'd then have to acknowledge that she dumped him because he pretended he'd had sex with his stepmother while high on boinkberries. Let's face it, the characters are really never going to mention that again, are they?)

And sure, sure, Taylor and Brooke had a scene in which they discussed Steffy, Liam, and Hope, but it was still a half-decent scene. There's no denying that Katherine Kelly Lang and Hunter Tylo have still got that onscreen spark in scenes together, and they even -- like grownups -- admitted they've seen too many similarities to their own decades-long love triangle to let their daughters follow in their footsteps.



Look at that! A rational discussion that still mines the years of history.

How refreshing that the show is getting more balanced and rational and finally moving forward, right?

Just kidding!

Steffy went over to Liam's house to talk to him about what happened in the hotel room before the wedding (and the probability of Hope finding out) and, I mean, I don't even.... this happened:

Steffy: I know you meant what you said... in the hotel room. If Hope hadn't come back, if she actually ended it, you and I would have been married right now. But it wasn't meant to turn out that way. Hope showed up in her wedding gown, and you did the right thing.

Seriously? Seriously?! So the idea really was that, if Hope really had never tracked Liam down that day, Liam would have just REMARRIED STEFFY? Immediately? What the hell is the matter with these people? If you're heartbroken because your bride walked out on you on your wedding day, YOU DON'T MARRY SOMEONE ELSE THAT DAY. Sure, I realize it follows their pattern, but hasn't anyone learned anything?! And why is that okay with Steffy to be treated like that? And why would anyone think it might be okay with Hope to learn that she was treated like that?

And that's only the first part of that dialogue. The second part tells us that marrying Hope five seconds after he apparently would have married Steffy on the rebound (of course, which woman is the rebound on any given day varies wildly) was... the right thing?

Man. I don't know a heck of a lot about morality (ask any of my exes, I'm sure they'll weigh in) but I know one thing. The "right thing" isn't to vacillate three times in one day on whom you're going to marry, the "right thing" is to STOP FREAKING GETTING MARRIED ALL THE TIME.

And then Brooke and Taylor showed up and Brooke insisted that she isn't going to "tolerate [her] daughter being married to a man who has divided feelings." That sounds great, but that's news to me! Everyone from Brooke to Taylor to Stephanie to Bill to Katie has each admitted out loud that they believe Liam is in love with both Hope and Steffy but just needs to make a choice. And of course each has a preference for that choice, because of course for their favored one, marrying someone with divided feelings is somehow... okay? Until now? I mean, seriously?


And of course they couldn't let the episode end with one of my favorite punchlines, which was Steffy telling Liam that "the ring is on [Hope's] finger, and she's married to a wonderful, wonderful man. She just needs to focus on that, okay? How lucky she is."

And then they did their usual about-to-kiss-but-can't faces at each other.



Mm-hm. Lucky, lucky Hope. Gee, what woman wouldn't want to be in her place? (Right, and where's this wonderful, wonderful man she mentioned? I... don't see one.)


Poor, poor Scott Clifton. I mean, realistically, he's pretty much the male star of the show, and he gets to be the "prize" of all these hot women after playing misfits and romantic losers, but... couldn't he be a character who wasn't a douche? He deserves it! He's so good and so adorable!

Word Bourgeois Nerd. Loved Scott Clifton so much as Sky on OLTL, but by all accounts, he's the Rex of B&B.

Wow - that's right on, C. Except that, if anything, that's an insult the strong character of Rex Balsom.

Seriously, Liam sucks that much.

This clip of Stephanie slapping Liam and chasing him around a table, however, is very cute.


You just know that Liam or Steffy will tell Hope, she'll forgive Liam and then start popping the pills again. And can we just talk about the "Hope's Perfect Wedding" collection? As this girl not learned about putting her personal life out there for public consumption after the whole "Abstinence unless your hot fiancee is still lusting after his wife" campaign debacle?

Yay for Taylor & Brooke's convo....that's all I'm really interested in at this point, and I was SO surprised that they brought up the whole Thomas/Dayzee thing again....and you're right, Louise, the reason that she dumped him is LOST forgotten--maybe they'll even laugh about it and say, "I can't ever remember why we broke up."

I think Dayzee's new 'do' ages her ...not in a good way either. And I loved when Liam screamed for Brooke and Taylor to get the hell out of his house! Wait! Is that...? Could that be a backbone forming?!? Lol.

I dont know which part is more disgusting, Taylor claiming if Hope leaves LameNuts, he and Steffy can pick up where they left off or Rapist's little chat with Lame about understanding being in love with two women. He really doesnt have any idea what his life time waffling did to Brooke and Taylor, does he? And now turkey necked Rapist is playing the "understanding daddy". Disturbing...

Not more disturbing than Steffy blaming Brooke for wanting to Hope or Liam blaming Deacon... We are supposed to believe Brooke is crazy because she refuses to shut up when she knows that her daughter is betrayed on her wedding day!

PS: Taylor didnt let Rapist go. Rapist dumped her because she cheated on her with James.

Sorry it should have been "for wanting to tell Hope".

Yo estaba muy decepcionado de que los escritores craptastic no fue la referencia de la muy obvia 'góndola', y han Steffy flotando por la ceremonia en una ... que se encuentran en Italia por amor de Dios. yo

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