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July 25, 2012

The Ewwww & the PSA

It's not that I mind Ridge and Brooke as a couple so much. It's fine, it's done, too many years of back-and-forth on that one. So despite his pretty heinous past, I can accept them as a tentpole stabilizing pair. BUT THEY NEED TO CUT OUT THE DIRTY TALK. Because really? 


Ridge seriously used, "Want me to upload something to your hard drive?" yesterday as sexual innuendo. Was the week-long olive-based dirty talk not enough? I ask you! 


And after she called him her "sexy computer geek," he returned the alleged compliment when it turned out she knows about desktops and folders. Seriously? I'm one of the biggest luddites around (case in point: the only music I listen to is on my record/CD/tape/radio player, and the CD player is the component I use the least) and even I know about freakin' desktops and folders. (Thanks to Serial Drama I did learn how to make screencaps, though! Trust me, it was a serious feat.) 

Of course the purpose of all this technology talk was just to lead to Ridge finding and watching the not-so-deleted-after-all video of Steffy and Liam before the wedding, but... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The main event right now is really the hard-to-make-soapy in-show PSA about the dangers of texting and driving. I don't mean to sound glib about it because of course texting and driving is dangerous and has absolutely been the reason for many accidents that led to injury or death. But unlike other "issue-based" soap storylines like those on drinking and driving or about abuse or disease or what have you, I'm not sure where I see any real longevity in this story. Unless they're really going to try to make an argument that texting is a legitimate addiction, the only possibility here seems to be about the secret he's keeping. But since it looks like an arrest is going to happen, even the secret can't last long enough to have that much fallout. It's not as if Anthony is a regular character on this show who's now going to turn around and start plotting revenge.

So we're back to my standard fear that this will last two weeks and then we're back to Hope/Liam/Steffy all the time.


Ah, the happy newlyweds. It cracked me up that Thomas didn't want to ruin their wedding night and that Caroline didn't want to ruin their "honeymoon night." Aren't those two different things? And shouldn't the second one be longer than a night? Oh who am I kidding, no one on soaps goes on honeymoons unless the actors are getting time off or there's some big danger lurking in their honeymoon locale. 


Anyway, poor Anthony is all banged up and broken and he is not feeling very forgiving toward Marcus. He has demanded that legal recourse be taken, and Thomas has reacted... 


Well, he looks mildly confused and not entirely with-it. So, for Thomas it's a day ending in "y." 


Rapist and Thomass, thats the ewwww part for me! Creeps! Run Brooke run!

But what happened to Marcus?

Good grief. I was all excited about characters other than Hope/Liam/Steffy getting story and it's Marcus. Geez. Marcus has never been much of a character but the actor is not very charismatic to make up for his lack of ability. I hate to sound so mean but it's true. The actor playing Thomas is just as bad save for some charisma. Both men are attractive and play dim-witted to a T!

Funny, after seeing him in the hospital interrogating Marcus, I realized that I sorta missed the ole grumpy detective character (can't recall his name!)

I love anything light that Bridge get to do, so i always find their (usually) lame innuendos hilarious. It's actually been a while since they've been to the steam room, LMFAO!

I thought the way Brooke looked dead asleep when Ridge came out of the shower was hilarious. IDK, the camerawork felt so extreme.

I'm all for Marcus getting a storyline, but why does he suddenly have to do be so deceitful. Wouldn't running over a guy and risking going to jail be enough of a storyline?

If you go on your honeymoon on the same day as your wedding, wouldn't honeymoon night and wedding night be the same night then?

Oh y'all, the PSA is getting even worse... "the average driver takes his eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds." And all these factoids about the possible sentence. Yikes!

At least Texas Battle is hot. That's all I have to say about this. LOL.

I'm confused as to why "cool former homeless dude with a guitar " is being such a tool. Throw the book at Mushmouth and his 'gizmo'? Huh? Mope was priceless yesterday...crying and throwing (sort of) the computer...oh my perfect day!!! Puke.

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