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July 30, 2012

The Good & the Better!

Holy crap holy crap holy crap, y'all! My prayers have been answered! Finally someone told off that waffling douchenozzle Liam Spencer and it was glorious.

Wow. I need to collect myself a bit. It really was a special experience. And while in a way I'd rather it have been Steffy (since she's been playing the role of "I'll pine and do whatever you want forever and ever" for so long), it doesn't even matter at this point. Steffy, Hope, Hope, Steffy, it makes no difference because for him they both represent the same thing -- as Hope aptly pointed out today!

I am seriously stunned and thrilled.

Shall we review just a bit? I mean for one thing, Hope told Liam she's glad they're not married. And then let's review some highlights...

Hope: I remember how everything seemed to be my fault. I was weak, I was too busy, I was too afraid of sex, I was just too emotional. Now here we are again and you're trying to make me the problem this time, too. [...] But the truth is, there is something wrong. There is something very wrong. With you. And you can't even see it. 

Sweet mercy what a gift. But it didn't stop there!


Liam: The way that you feel now, after having watched [the recording], it's kinda how I felt when I thought that note was from you. But I'm here. And I really believed that we were done.

Hope: Why did you believe it? Why didn't you have any faith in me? Oh, that's right, that's right, because I'd done it before! When I caught you making out with Steffy

She makes some most salient points. And it got even better...

Hope: You thought the note from my father was actually from me, so that makes it somehow logical for you to jump into bed with Steffy five minutes later? WHAT KIND OF A PERSON DOES THAT, LIAM? [A douchenozzle, a douchenozzle, that's what kind of person, Hope!!  --Ed.]

I mean at this point I could have just smoked a cigarette and called it a day. But there was more! She figured out that she'd been the one to interrupt Liam and Steffy's hookup and that Steffy had heard everything they said. And so what did she do? Tore up their marriage papers!!!


Oh and I cannot let one of my favorites from the day go unmentioned:

Hope: Why am I the unstable one? Why am I the one who overreacts, when your intense need to have a girl adore you makes Steffy and me almost interchangeable to you?? So much so that on our wedding day you went from me to Steffy, then back to me and it was as easy for you as changing a channel.


I am giving zero blog space to any of Liam's dopey, "Who, me?" looks today and certainly none to any of his pathetic excuses.

Three cheers, y'all. That felt awesome. If we could only follow it up with Steffy chewing him out similarly for the same crap and for keeping her on the hook, I'd throw a party. 


I have to say when I read the synopsis today, I almosy thought I'd come here to find you admitting that you'd been hired to write for B&B and today was your first air date.

**cheering for Hope** You go girl!

But knowing Bratley, it wont last...

The interesting part is Bratley is mocking himself, his own writing.

Today is the first time in a really, really, REALLY long time I was hoping the show would last longer than half an hour. I am usually Camp Steffy (btw : her cat and mouse with Brooke today was awesome! Anyone else sick of the "omg!" shocked brooke face?!? As my mom used to say, its going to stay like that!) but it was a refreshing change to see "perfect pwincess hope " have some dignity and not shrink back into "yes, yes you're right Liam.....my fault dear...." I wonder if TPTB are reading any /all of these sites...certainly seems like a total 180. Unless Hope found a 'magic pill ' and once it wears off she'll be horrified she stood up to the waffler.

Patrick Mulcahey wrote this script...our Emmy winning former writer of GH, GL and SB.

I just started taping this show again while DOOL is off the air, and I'm so glad I saw this episode. I hope Hope is going to the dark side. She's milquetoast and needs to get her bitch on!

I also enjoyed the Steffy/Brooke scenes. Steffy, you go girl.

Hope going dark may be interesting. Her wreaking havoc on Slutty the stalker would be a must watch TV.

LogopolisMike, that is hilarious! It really did feel like wish-fulfillment for me. If only they would hire me.

I want Hope to go dark, too, but I hope if she wreaks havoc it's on the Spencer boys and not on any other women. I like it when they direct things at the guiltiest parties!

Hell yeah Patrick Mulcahey!!!!! Santa Barbara <3 <3 <3

I love how it was SO clear to us that this was standout dialogue very unlikely associated with Brad.


However, i am dreading Liam becoming mopey and Steffy taking him back. RUN, STEFFY, RUN!!!

Also, what did i miss? Are Liam & Hope not really married? Because she ripped the papers or because it was in Italy and there was an admin glitch or Bill paid someone off????????

I am SO glad Hope finally said what WE'VE ALL BEEN THINKING!!! I've been waiting for what seems like an eternity for someone to call Liam out on his ISH & Hope finally did it. Yes, he waffles between the two women like he's changing the channel. Yes, he can't make up his damn mind & will make out with either one interchangeably. Yes, Liam is one of the most detestable characters I've ever had the displeasure to watch & yet NOBODY seemed to see it. I'm SO glad Hope finally has & I hope TO GOD she never changes her mind & takes him back. He deserves to be thrown out with yesterday's garbage!

Dont get me wrong, i want Hope to kick some Spencer butt but i dont want Steffy to weasel her way out, she skates through everything.

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