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July 06, 2012

The Magnanimous & the Procrastinating

I have to admit I wasn't even a little embarrassed watching yesterday's episode of The Bold & the Beautiful. Not even a little! Sure, it was a little silly that it basically had the same ending as the day before (Brooke's about to see the video of Liam and Steffy! I can't have been the only one who chuckled at Brooke's ethical qualms with watching it, right?) and, sure, it was all about the same three characters it always is. It's a distinct possibility that I just have Stockholm Syndrome.

Can I mention, though, how irked I am that Bill and Katie are having a boy? Look at that damn smirk.


He can raise another little misogynist now! Yay! He's so happy! I guess it's a good thing he's not having a girl because then he might actually have to learn something about women. That would be terribly emasculating.

To be fair, though, the scenes between Bill and Liam yesterday were actually quite lovely. As were the scenes between Hope and Steffy. I wasn't born yesterday, so I do realize that this detente between Steffy and Hope is only so that everything can blow sky-high when the pre-wedding events come to light and when they start this whole damn triangle over again from the beginning, but I can't help but find it a little delightful to see two people actually evolving and trying to behave a little. (Not that I'm really in a position to judge, as "behaving" really isn't in my wheelhouse.)

I admit I cracked up, though, at Steffy's one little attempt to try to rid herself of the newlyweds...

Hope: Oh god, I loved everything about Italy, the -- the people, the beauty, all that history.

Steffy: Well, you know, maybe you and Liam could live there, start branches of Spencer and Forrester publications.

Ha! If only all three of them would move to Italy, sort this out offscreen for a year, and return to new storylines.



There they were, talking like actual friends! Heartwarming, I tell you! And I guess it doesn't count since they're about to be stepsisters again, but it just made me glad because this show is seriously lacking in the friends department. People's entire social lives are their families (although in fairness, it's tough to break out of that when Dayzee is the only character who's not related to half the cast).

So have we seen the last of Deacon? I'm guessing that we have, but what a lame use of him.

Wait, I was concentrating on enjoying good things while they're on the screen, wasn't I?



I totally agree with you, Louise! The writer's really missed a golden opportunity to make $Bill actually appear to be a human of some form (though he is the only character I enjoy these days!) by making little baby Spencer (Two $ Bill jr.?) a boy. It would have been intetesting and sweet to see him love and fiercely protect a little girl. It would add a unique aspect to his brash, all ego personality to have a female in his life he can't bang, blackmail, or manipulate. Kind of like a light bulb over his thick brain of reflection "Hey! I pulled that shit on someones DAUGHTER! "

***interesting ...oops.

I can't wait until the next generation when Steffy and Hope's daughters fight over Katie and Bill's loser son.

(Given this show's timeframe and ability to condense/revise history in order to tell the stories they want to tell, I'm sure that will be in three or four years.)

(And yes, I do realize that Liam might be the father of either of those hypothetical daughters, making a triangle with Bill's male spawn unlikely... but seriously, consider the show we're talking about here.)

**Kind of like a light bulb over his thick brain of reflection "Hey! I pulled that shit on someones DAUGHTER! "**

Oh my god, that would have been FABULOUS to watch!

I'm still hoping that the ultrasound is a mistake and that they will end up with a girl :denial:

I do agree with you, L, that B&B seriously lacks in the friendship department! I am looking forward to the moment when Hope & Steffy pull a Thelma & Louise and join forces to kick Liam to the curb, lol. Even if it would be temporary, it would be lovely to watch.

Louise, I totally chuckled at Brooke's ethical qualms to watch the video, esp. with Katie being all like, "Of course we have to watch it." LOL

I love how Brooke tore into Liam; she was so outraged you'd think that he had done it to her.

Also, I'm sure this was mentioned before, but how on earth did Liam not know Hope's handwriting, to notice that it was different from Deacon's? BIZARRE

I quite enjoyed the fun Logan girls scene from earlier in the week with Brooke, Katie, and Hope. There was laughter. It was a lovely respite.

Why Hope bothers to talk with that snake is beyond me...

She should have known by now that nothing good will come from Stuffy. She will learn it the hard way... again...

I have long, long wanted Bill and Katie to have a girl, and for Bill to have an "omigod, I've done awful things to people's daughters!" moment. I'm holding out hope for a "ack, we have a totally blue nursery but the ultrasound was wrong!" moment. That having been said....I strongly suspect that the reason that Bill and Katie are having a boy is that Heather Tom is expecting a boy (as per Soap Opera Digest), and the show wants to give her the option of having her baby play Katie's baby so that she'll come back from maternity leave earlier than she would otherwise. Which I have to get behind, because 1) Bill sans Katie is unbearable; and 2) can you imagine how cute Heather Tom's baby is going to be?

And yes, boy babies have played girl characters in the past....but that often doesn't work out for long, and it limits the ability of the baby to play a character past small babyhood.

Anyway....I don't think anyone, even the B&B writers, would argue that Bill and Katie having a boy would be better dramatically than Bill and Katie having a girl. We already get to see Bill interact with one son, and while having a baby boy would allow Bill to be shown doing things with a small child, soaps don't tend to feature a lot of that. But I think the gender choice for Baby Spencer is being driven primarily by real-life events, rather than by dramatic considerations. YMMV.

Maybe they are planning for Bill and Katie's baby to be a boy so in five years they can SORAS him to hook up with Thorne and Darla's daughter (name?) who by then will be in her 40's? Lol. I don't pretend to understand much the writers do these days!

I think its for Steffy. If she waits long enough she can have Bill's other son :-)

Yo estaba muy decepcionado de que los escritores craptastic no fue la referencia de la muy obvia 'góndola', y han Steffy flotando por la ceremonia en una ... que se encuentran en Italia por amor de Dios. yo

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